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Let's see... Things about me...

  • I am [a/an:
    1. DK21,
    2. Asian who you 2-meter-tall beings call small,
    3. NEET who hates the sunlight and the 3D world,
    4. Irritatingly Honest,
    5. English-speaking Female,
    6. LSS-ic (Last-Song-Syndrome...ic),
    7. Lethargic towards normal people, and yes,
    8. Ecstatic towards fellow Otakus


    Okay, so this is how it works:

    1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.).

    2. Put it on shuffle.

    3. Press play.

    4. For every question, type the song that's playing.

    5. When you go to the next question, press the button.

    6. Don't lie and pretend to be cool... I WILL KNOW!

    Opening Credits: Kuusou Mesorogiwi (English Cover) by JubyPhonic (...Bloody Much? - OP in Mirai Nikki)

    Waking Up: A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night by IA (well... that's one good long sleep...)

    First Day At School: Lost Destination by Len and Kaito ('kay - so does that mean I'm in the wrong place?)

    Falling In Love: Romeo and Cinderalla by Rin and Len Kagamine (No... just no...)

    Fight Song: This will be the Day -RWBY ( * *)b

    Breaking Up: INNOCENCE (...uhh... okay- let's try again...) Just be Friends by Megurine Luka (...)

    Prom Night: A Whole New World - Acoustic Ver. by Osamuraisan (Kinda works...)

    Life: Imagination Forest (Okay- who's my Seto?)

    Mental Breakdown: WITCH HUNT English Cover by JubyPhonic (...being seen as someone wicked and crazy ehh... really works...)

    Driving: Hot Air Baloon - Mandora OP (MANDORAAAAA!!!!!)

    Flashback: The Love-Strucked Kitty Won't be discouraged! by Gumi (what am i flashback-ing about...?)

    Getting Back Together: Children Record by IA
    (sings: "Boys and Girls- It's Time to MOVE AHEAD!
    Time to fight that sun and live tomorrow,
    Bring it back- around, bring it back- AROUND-")

    Wedding: Shiawase Neiro by Orange Range ("Mad Happiness"... really phone...)

    Birth Of Child: Tell Your World by Hatsune Miku (; w ; so nice...)

    Final Battle: Yobanashi Deceive (Finally! A decent song...)

    Funeral Song: Heat Haze Days - Nico Nico Douga Classical Ver (Does that mean that my loved ones would keep seeing me dying?? QAQ )

    Final Credits: Konoha's State of the World by IA (STILL ALIVE - and continues dying for more than 100 cycles)


    A - AVAILABLE: I am Single and I intend to stay single.

    B - BIRTHDAY: August 1

    C - CRUSHING ON: no one

    D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: water


    F - FAVORITE SONG/S: ...2M2M \(;A;\)


    I - IN LOVE WITH: no one

    J - JUGGLE: I guess I could manage to juggle a ball. A ball.

    K - KILLED SOMEONE: i dunno

    L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: i'm not that sure... (maybe 11 hrs?)

    M - MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: French Vanilla

    N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: a younger sis and a younger bro.

    O - ONE WISH: none, as of the moment

    P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: my grandma

    R - Reason to Smile: My fandoms

    S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Diagnosis: Lovesickness (by Honeyworks sung by Gumi)

    T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 6:07 AM


    V - VEGETABLE(S): whut...

    W - WORST HABIT: ... mentally fangirling over my male classmates... whom I ship...

    X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: three

    Y - YOYOS ARE: toys that are so shitty and doesn't work if I try playing them

    Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Leo


    Spell your name without vowels: DNLL KLN-DMNDS (OC name)

    Your favorite number: 21

    What color do you wear most?: Black/Red/Blue/White

    Least favorite color?: pink

    What are you currently listening to?: my mom's ranting about closing the PC since it's past 9:00

    Are you happy with your life?: how could I be happy with it?

    What is your favorite class in school?: MATH \(>3

    Who is/are your best friend: ...(I think I have only four...)

    Are you outgoing?: it depends

    Favorite pair of shoes?: shoes

    Can you dance?:

    Can you whistle?: yes

    Write with both hands?: i do

    Cross your eyes?: yes

    Walk with your toes curled?: can

    THE DO'S:

    Do you believe there is life on other planets?: in a different dimension, yes

    Do you believe in miracles?: there's no such things

    Do you believe in magic?: it's called illusion, misdirection and others

    Do you believe in Love at first sight?: nope

    Do you believe in Satan?: I'm a Roman Catholic, so I'm recquired to Uhh... yeah?

    Do you believe in Santa?: no

    Do you know how to swim?: Yeah, cuz my mom had me and made me take swimming lessons... Now I have a tan...

    Do you like roller coasters?: ...not that much

    Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: Yes


    Have you ever been on a plane?: Yes

    Have you ever asked someone out?:

    Have you ever been asked out by someone?:

    Have you ever been to the ocean?: Yes

    Have you ever painted your nails?: I used to


    What is the temperature outside?: It ranges from 32-34 degrees celcius

    What radio station do you listen?:

    What was the last restaurant you ate at?: i'm not sure of its name...

    What was the last thing you bought?: a ballpen

    What was the last thing on TV you watched?: The News


    Who was the last person you IM'd?: i'm not sure

    Who was the last person you took a picture of?: me and my friends

    Who was the last person you said "I love you too"?: my mom


    Ever really cried your heart out?: (Because of something in life?) no, I'm no cry-baby. (Anime?) Yes

    Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: not yet

    Ever cried over the opposite Gender?: ... i dunno (my dad maybe?)

    Do you cry when you get an injury?: nope (as I said I'm no cry-baby)

    Do certain songs make you cry?: a few certain songs


    Are you a happy person?: my friends say I'm depressing most of the times


    What is your current hair color?: Black


    Favorite eye color: Grey

    Short or long hair: I prefer someone with proper trimming

    Height: someone taller than me


    Been to jail: not yet

    Mooned someone: no

    Thought about suicide: a number of times

    Cried in school: no

    Thrown up in a store: not yet

    Done something really stupid that you still laugh about?: I've done a lot of stupid things; I'm not the kind of person who laughs at her mistakes

    Seen a dead body: Yes (you know, in funerals... and accidents... and you know...)

    Been on drugs: yes, my medicine

    Gone skinny dipping: (in a pool?) not yet, (in a tub?) of course


    Pepsi or Coke: Coke (Moca-Cola XD!!)

    McDonald's or Burger King: McDo

    Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla

    Strawberries or Blueberries: Blueberries

    Meat or Veggies: Meat (NO MEAT, NO LIFE!! XD!!)

    TV or Movie: Movie

    Guitar or Drums: Drums (though I'll admit I'm pretty shitty at it)

    Addidas or Nike: Nike

    Chinese Food or Mexican Food: Food (as long as it's food)

    Cheerios or Corn Flakes: Corn Flakes

    RULES You must fill out EVERY question! No skipping! Copy and paste this on your


    ARE YOU?

    1. Perfect?: C'mon, Nobody's perfect- except hot anime guys and girls

    2. Tall?: I'm taller than my mom, I'm fine

    3. In your pajamas?: Nope.

    4. Left handed?: Nope


    1. Friend you saw: Minkyang Lee-chwannn

    2. Person to text you: my... mom...

    3. Was today better than yesterday?: Maybe, if it wasn't so shitty


    1. Number: 21

    2. Color(s): Black.

    3. Fruit: Apple

    4. Place: Room, it's my haven.


    1. Are you missing someone right now?: Yeah, my classmates...

    2. Are you happy?: Not currently

    3. Are you sad?: Not really.

    4. Are you bored?: Isn't that obvious

    5. Are you nervous?: No

    6. Are you tired?: Yep.


    1. Real name?: * Danielle *a*u

    2. Nick names?: Dei Dei (don't ask), DK21

    3. Eye color?: Brown

    4. Zodiac sign?: Leo

    5. Male or female?: Female.

    6. Slut?: No

    7. Smart?: I am.

    8. Hair?: Brown.

    9. Long or short?: Shoulder length

    10. Sweats or Jeans?: Jeans.

    11. Phone or Camera?: Camera

    12. Drink or Smoke?: Neither

    13. Righty or lefty?: Righty


    1. First best friend?: Someone called Joana Sanhez...

    2. First crush?: Guy in my old school... back in prep...

    3. First pet?: A dog named Blossom... Yeah, I used to love Power Puff Girls- then I saw the doujinshi version

    4. First big vacation?: Some trip in our country that needs travel by airplane


    1. Eating?: Graham Cake

    2. Drinking?: Tea

    3. I'm about to: take another bite from le cake while answering all of these

    4. Listening to?: Lost One Weeping (English Cover by Juby)

    5. Plans for today?: Do things similar to this and write some stories and chapters.


    1. Shorter or taller?: Taller

    2. Romantic or spontaneous?: Little of both?

    3. Sensitive or loud?: Why not neither?

    4. Hook-up or relationship?: Neither. If I had to choose, relationship.


    1. Drank bubbles?: ...what...

    2. Lost glasses/contacts?: Lost my glasses... when I was riding a zipline...

    3. Ran away from home?: Nope.

    4. Broken someone's heart?: I don't think so.

    5. Been arrested?: No...


    1. Miracles?: I guess.

    2. Yourself?: No, I can't even trust myself

    3. Heaven?: I don't really-

    4. Santa Claus?: No.

    5. Love?: No

    6. Do you like someone?: No.

    7. Do you believe in God?: I'm required to.

    8. Answered the truth on all questions?: mostly.


    (Be honest no matter what.)

    1) Have you ever been asked out?: Yeah.

    2) Where did you get your default picture?: The internet.

    3) What's your middle name?: Querido

    4) Your current relationship status?: Single.

    5) Does your crush like you back?: I haz no crush, as of the moment

    6) What is your current mood?: Sleepy

    7) What color of underwear are you wearing?: violet

    8) What color shirt are you wearing?: Brown

    9) Missing something?: Not really. I think... Right?

    10) If you could go back in time and change something, what would you change?: My name I guess.

    11) If you must be an animal for one day, what would you be?: Let's be a black cat...

    12) Ever had a near death experience?: Almost drowned... nearly got roadkill... and


    13) Something you do a lot?: Drink coffee and sleep

    14) The song stuck in your head?: none at the moment...

    15) Who did you copy and paste this from?: NekuSakuraba101

    16) Name someone with the same birthday as YOU?: Nagisa from Free! (that's currently the only character I know that shares the same birthday as me...)

    17) When was the last time you cried?: When I watched this Korean Movie (psst, watch "Hello Ghost" it's good...)

    18) Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?: Yeah...

    19) If you could have one super power what would it be?: DECEIVE!!

    20) What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: Their facial expression

    21) What do you usually order from Starbucks?: I don't go to Starbucks -HikiNEET

    22) What's your biggest secret?: ...I'm a virgin

    23) Favorite color?: Black

    24) Do you still watch kiddie shows?: Yeah...

    25) What are you?: some dumbass answering this shit

    26) Do you speak any other language?: Yes; English, Filipino, a little Korean, a little Japanese, a little Spanish...

    27) What's your favorite smell?: French Vanilla

    28) Describe your life in one word what would it be?: Boring.

    29) Have you ever kissed in the rain?: Nope.

    30) What are you thinking about right now?: Mekakucity Actors... and how ugly the art is.

    31) What should you be doing?: ... writing stories... updates...

    32) Who was the last person that made you upset/angry?: People who can swim really well

    33) Do you like working in the yard?: What yard, oh, that yard... WE HAVE A YARD?!

    34) If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?: ...Anderson

    35) Do you act differently around the person you like?: I don't have someone I like currentlyyyyyyy...

    37) Who was the last person to make you cry?: It's not a person, my pc actually, since it froze earlier... I cried 'cuz I haven't saved my story file yet...



    Achluophobia - Fear of darkness. (uhhh, it's a little scary at times...)

    Acrophobia - Fear of heights.

    Agliophobia - Fear of pain.

    Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or crowds.

    Aichmophobia - Fear of needles or pointed objects.

    Amaxophobia - Fear of riding in a car.

    Androphobia - Fear of men.

    Anginophobia - Fear of angina or choking.

    Anthrophobia - Fear of flowers.

    Anthropophobia - Fear of people or society.

    Aphenphosmphobia - Fear of being touched.

    Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders

    Arithmophobia - Fear of numbers.

    Astraphobia - Fear of thunder and lightning.

    Ataxophobia - Fear of disorder or untidiness.

    Atelophobia - Fear of imperfection.

    Atychiphobia - Fear of failure.

    Autophobia - Fear of being alone.


    Bacteriophobia - Fear of bacteria.

    Barophobia - Fear of gravity.

    Bathmophobia - Fear of stairs or steep places.

    Batrachophobia - Fear of amphibians.

    Bibliophobia - Fear of books.

    Botanophobia - Fear of plants.


    Cacophobia - Fear of ugliness.

    Catagelophobia - Fear of being ridiculed publicly.

    Catoptrophobia - Fear of mirrors.

    Chionophobia - Fear of snow.

    Chromophobia - Fear of colors.

    Chronomentrophobia - Fear of clocks.

    Claustrophobia - Fear of confined spaces.

    Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns.

    Cyberphobia - Fear of computers. (as if...)

    Cynophobia - Fear of dogs.


    Dendrophobia - Fear of trees.

    Dentophobia - Fear of dentists.

    Domatophobia - Fear of houses.


    Elurophobia - Fear of cats.

    Ephebiphobia - Fear of teenagers.

    Equinophobia - Fear of horses.


    Gophobia - Fear of marriage.

    Genuphobia - Fear of knees.

    Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public.

    Gynophobia - Fear of women.


    Heliophobia - Fear of the sun.

    Hemophobia - Fear of blood.

    Herpetophobia - Fear of reptiles.

    Hydrophobia - Fear of water.


    Itrophobia - Fear of doctors.

    Insectophobia - Fear of insects.


    Koinoniphobia - Fear of rooms.


    Lekophobia - Fear of the color white.

    Lilapsophobia - Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.

    Lockiophobia - Fear of childbirth. (heyyyyyy, not my fault I could die if I gave birth!!)


    Mageirocophobia - Fear of cooking.

    Melanophobia - Fear of the color black.

    Microphobia - Fear of small things.

    Mysophobia - Fear of dirt and germs.


    Necrophobia - Fear of death or dead things. (What are they gonna do, kill me?)

    Noctiphobia - Fear of the night.

    Nosocomephobia - Fear of hospitals.


    Obesophobia - Fear of gaining weight

    Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8.

    Ombrophobia - Fear of rain.

    Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes.

    Ornithophobia - Fear of birds.


    Papyrophobia - Fear of paper.

    Pathophobia - Fear of disease.

    Pedophobia - Fear of children.

    Philophobia - Fear of love.

    Phobophobia - Fear of being afraid. (Afraid of being afraid, nice...)

    Podophobia - Fear of feet.

    Porphyrophobia - Fear of the color purple.

    Pteridophobia - Fear of ferns.

    Pteromerhanophobia - Fear of flying.

    Pyrophobia - Fear of fire.


    Scolionophobia - Fear of school.

    Selenophobia - Fear of the moon.

    Sociophobia - Fear of social evaluation.

    Somniphobia - Fear of sleep.


    Tachophobia - Fear of speed.

    Technophobia - Fear of technology.

    Tonitrophobia - Fear of thunder.

    Trypanophobia - Fear of injections.

    Tychiphobia – Fear of accidents. (I'm pessimistic, lawl)


    Venustraphobia - Fear of beautiful women. (Why would I fear them...)

    Verminophobia - Fear of germs.

    Wiccaphobia - Fear of witches and witchcraft.

    Xenophobia - Fear of strangers

    Zoophobia - Fear of animals

    (Awwwww... EIGHT phobias all in all...)

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    Aikurou begins working under Dr. Mankanshoku as a pain therapist for his unfortunate patients. Now living under the same roof as Ryuuko, the two piece together their feelings for each other. Unfortunately, Ryuuko's not well versed when it comes to matters of the heart. Mikiryu. Slight Iramako, Sanasatsu, Inuja and OOCness(?).
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    In the back of his mind, the monster speaks. It says that this is nothing but a lie- that his feelings are nothing but a lie, just like his whole self. At the moment, he doesn't believe, and shoves it all away. Because there's no way something strong as this is a lie, right?
    Kagerou Days/カゲロウデイズ - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,348 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 4 - Published: 3/21/2014 - Kano S., Kido T. - Complete
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    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    Now That I'm You Again reviews
    Sequel to another fic of mine: "If I Were You". Basically, an extension of it. Setting is like 23 hours or so after "Summertime Record".
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    A story about Ayano
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    Kagerou Days/カゲロウデイズ - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 6 - Words: 6,848 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 1/2/2014 - Published: 10/30/2013 - Kano S., Kido T., OC - Complete
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    Reluctant in accepting his wife's death, Kenjirou once again visits her grave, Ayaka's grave. In search for answers to his questions, and questions to the answers he held. But, most of all, to remember her last words, her words that he did not heed.
    Kagerou Days/カゲロウデイズ - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,435 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Published: 11/22/2013 - Kenjirou T. - Complete
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    I Should Just Disappear
    Reminiscing that day, I remembered that I woke up in horror. It was directly after everything that had occurred on that particular night, the fifteenth of August. I wasn't in the center of its aftermath, but I felt that the corpses, ruins, and all of it... surrounded me... a small whimper cried, "I should just disappear" Implied Character Death.
    Kagerou Days/カゲロウデイズ - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,373 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 11/10/2013 - Kido T. - Complete
    Kido as a WIFE! reviews
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