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nationality - Korean
name - Soo Jung Lee (Huh) (a.k.a Amethyst, Crystal, puppy, Butwina (o.o;;), little froggy, Noodle (from John), Yankee, Terminator, doggie, Voopie, Twinkie...;;
age - 12
date of birth - September 22nd, 1991
hair - black, wavy, jaw length. :D
eyes - brown, hazel
height - maybe a little over 160cm. 162 or 163cm maybe...
weight - ^^;; uh well...uhm. >_>;;;;;;; -squeaks- maybe 46~47 kilograms -starts screaming and runs away-
interests - dancing, singing, writing, languages, Inuyasha, drawing, reading, role-playing, er...this guy... -goes red-

If you know how to pronounce my name, please don't spell my name wrong such as...
-Sie (oddly enough, I know someone that spells their name that way)

If you know how to write my name, please don't pronounce it like...
-'so' (with a long 'o')

It is spelled S-O-O and ryhmes with 'you'.

I can't write them. So sue Soo. (Excuse bad pun.)
But I will mention that in most of my fanfictions I think I'll write, is that Sango and Miroku usually don't come out in the same fanfiction. Apologies for those that search for Sango/Miroku love relations in fics. ^^;
Plot credit to Korea. I'm just a stupid little girl that gets inspired by Korean dramas and would like to share them with other people through Inuyasha. Does anyone mind? ._.

Fanfiction Status
Anything But This// Chapter 12 ~ 0.2%

Trust No One// If I get encouraging reviews, maybe I'll continue it. :3 Please?

Not like anyone knows me..or would want to contact me anyway...¬_¬ Ask me though if you want. ^^

My Life Story
O.o; Yup. I always end up rambling so I thought my life story fit more..
But anyway, in a week I go back to school.
I haven't done ANY homework...
I haven't done any service programs...
In a week..I have to do all of that.
Why didn't I do it in the last three weeks? Well. I'll tell you why.
My parents have been dragging me all over Korea and even to Thailand.
That's why.
and...other things.. >_ So my progress will be painfully slow. But I've already thought of a name for my new fic!
Three Long Years...
or something along those lines.. wait for more. ^_^

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Anything But This reviews
Streetwise and skilled fighter is Inuyasha, but he finds himself lost in some problems. A powerful man holds a grudge for him, exams are coming up plus he's already a year behind and a new tutor by Kagome is there to make his life hell.
Inuyasha - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 28,396 - Reviews: 67 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 8/21/2004 - Published: 4/24/2004 - Kagome H., Inuyasha
Trust No One reviews
One shot, or not? (No pun intended.) Kagome is a warrior with a mysterious jewel, her 'love' could be a traitor, Inuyasha is a blacksmith, her mother is a psychopath and the author is crazy. What's going to happen? Nothing good...
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