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Hello, I'm Taromaru, formerly known as the Shaman Priest. if you want a chance to know me better feel free to read my profile. Careful though, it's a loooong read and has become an online journal of sorts.

Age: Um, I'd like to keep that confidential if it's all the same, thank you. chuckles sheepishly


Occupation: Aspiring, if extremely lazy, fanfiction writer and an employed carpenter.

Marital Status: Happily married to the greatest woman on this Earth.

Location: United States, Wilmington DE

Likes/Hobbies: watching anime, Supernatural, Charmed, Smallville, Terminator movies (sans 3) and its spin-off TV series, The Librarians, Grimm, track running, golf, skydiving with my wife and cousins(I've only done it three times; it's the rush you get is exhilarating!), reading fanfiction, anime, playing DDR, anime, the Spawn comic/show/game(the original SNES game, not the subpar ones that were released on Dreamcast, PSX and PS2), Playing FF7 to 10-2, 13's trilogy and 15 (FF12 can burn in the depths of Tartarus and I haven't play FF11 or 14 yet), Sonic X(subbed version), soccer, hockey, DMC 1,3 and 4 (2? *twitches* silly goose, there was NEVER a 2 nor a hackneyed reboot made by a company that openly mocks the very fanbase that would ever consider buying it.*smiles forcefully*), Lost Odyssey, Rogue Galaxy, the Sly Cooper series, Disgaea 1-4, the Ratchet and Clank series, the Blue Dragon game/anime series, Halo, Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, the Legacy of Kain series, oh and did I say anime?

Dislikes/Issues: Racism, Kotaku, GameFAQs' forum(a cesspool of ignorance and a den for internet trolls), ANN/MAL Reviewers and forum members(look to my comment on GameFAQs, only add "pretentious, closed-minded elitists" to the description), National supremacy(people who know what's going on Washington know what I mean), FOX News(a program that facilitates lies and prejudice), Stereotypes, Politics, Certain alternative couples(Bleh!), KKK, Scientology and Satanism(deluded, abhorent lunatics); religious zealots in general (don't pervert people's religion by using the name of God to justify your warped views and practices that cause harm to others, you deranged cultists), Yaoi Fangirls(They'll pair the the male characters that aren't homosexual or have never shown an attraction to males whatsoever, but they won't write about the characters that actually ARE gay! O_o Yaoi fangirls are perplexing, paradoxical creatures), Incest(this is another category that I detest. Granted, I support Shinji/Rei, but that's only because of the extreme dubiousness of their relation, and all romantic hints prior that make me a fan of it. It's the one of the few exceptions).

I also have a thing against Harem/multiple partner couplings. Sorry, but I just don't see the appeal; it just seems to be an unrealistic cop-out that does nothing but show just how weak-willed, selfish, and indecisive the male lead is if he makes the decision to marry all of the girls in his harem rather than choose one to avoid repercussions (Hello, Tenchi Muyo and To-Love Ru *snorts*). Not to mention no self-respecting man or woman would ever accept an arrangement that involves "sharing" their spouse/lover with someone else. Hell, it's a common fact in real life that "friends with benefits" or "open marriages" always end terribly.

Youtube commentors regularly exasperate me with their inane insults, condescending attitudes, and overall infantile behavior.

I'm also not a huge fan of Buffy Post-Season 5. Sorry Joss, you're a good guy and an amazing writer, but you jumped the shark with that series from Season 6 onwards.

And I am so grateful that Dragon Ball GT has finally been swept under the rug thanks to Dragon Ball Super. It was a horrible spin-off and even Xenoverse denies its existence in canon.

Oh, and Joe Quesada can go straight to hell for erasing Peter and Mary Jane's marriage, retconning over 50 years of Spidey's history and character development. Then he had the unmitigated gall to write his daughter into the comic's Post-OMD timeline as a love interest to Peter. So, Quesada, you didn't like the Peter/MJ relationship because you think he was better when he was single, yet you think it's fine to write a self-insert comic version of your own child as a possible love interest/fling, you hypocritical hack of an editor? I hope and pray for the day Marvel sends your ass out on the street.

Dan Slott, You need to step back and let someone else write Spidey. Seriously, Silk? You make a unoriginal love interest for Peter who is almost literally a carbon copy of him(except with stronger powers, naturally), creating an initial set-up for the introduction that looks like something out of a Mary Sue fanfic, including her first reaction to Spidey being that she wants to sleep with him? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you two? For god's sake, just put him back with MJ.

Also, Dan, you're a thin-skinned childish reprobate because you're constantly stalking other websites so you can look up any who dare criticize your work, then go to Twitter to insult them as well as distort their characters to make them seem reprehensible. All because they don't like your books. The fact that you're writing one of the most sympathetic and inspirational icons of heroism when you possess this narcissistic, and toxic personality sickens me. Even more when you've written Peter as an incompetent, obnoxious manchild (who's additionally a wannabe Tony Stark). You've effectively destroyed what Stan Lee has created and boy, am I beyond relieved that you're being replaced by Nick Spencer. Hopefully, he can not only restore Spidey's reputation as a relatable, beloved hero but revitalize Peter and MJ's relationship.

Non-writers(people who only favorite stories but never write one of their own) are also another pet-peeve of mine. I find it contemptible how they believe they're in the position to make haughty criticisms of one's work that supposedly doesn't match up to their standard, when they themselves haven't written anything. Hypocrisy like that is sickening.

Now, I'm not talking about the reviewers who don't write fanfiction, but still provide helpful and insightful criticism. No, I'm talking about the presumptive malcontents who try to cut down the efforts put into the author's work with thoughtless comments like "This is horrible!", "You f*)king suck!" and "Never write a story again!" without ever explaining why the story is bad or offering suggestions on how the author can improve. Of course, there are those overly sensitive writers who will take any account of flaws in their works as a slight against them, instead of the constructive criticism that it is to assist them in growing, but that's not always the case.

I especially dislike those idiots who flame the author for the story premise itself, which is outlined in the summary. Why in the world would you even bother to review a story with a concept that you have no interest in reading to begin with? What logical sense does that make? That's like someone hating Harry Potter just because it's magical fantasy. Why would you read it in the first place if you hate the story's genre? People who do things like that are just so unbearably stupid.

To fellow authors, I say this: If some pretentious snob goes into your review box and ridicules your fanfiction(whether it's with petty insults or inane blanketed comments that don't really address the content or anything relevant to your fic), go to their Profile, observe the lack of written stories(or the poorly-written ones) on their page, laugh and move on. To you, pompous non-writers: either lead by example by writing something noteworthy or keep your asinine remarks to yourself; you'll just expose how foolish and hypocritical you are if you go with the latter option. Of course, this also applies to childish flamers as well. If you kids find a story you don't like at all, use the common sense you were born with(provided you aren't the product of a drunken tryst, and weren't constantly beaten over the head with a five-iron while growing up), with just a small tab of basic maturity and silently look elsewhere to find whatever appeals to you. It's what most people over the age of 11 have learned to do.

And if you're fanfiction writers that showcase any of the inflammatory and bashing tendencies I just mentioned, then wow. Wow, you should be freakin' ashamed of yourselves. If you can't maintain objectivity when examining someone's hard work, be informative with your opinions, and offer constructive advice or ideas in order to help those with less experience than yourself improve, you should just stop writing. Because that implies you yourself wouldn't be able to handle the same treatment and therefore, will never grow beyond what meager talent you have.

I emphasize these words in bolded font because they are what it is expected and required of a reviewer, whether they're writers or not. If you can't manage even two of the three, then you should keep your petty thoughts to yourself or just remove yourself from literature altogether.

Certain anti-anime fanatics are also ridiculous. I'm not talking about the ones who aren't interested or just dislike anime; but the ones who go around accusing anime of encouraging theft, rape, violence, pedophilia, etc. Really, this level of ignorance is just intolerable and irresponsible. If someone does something stupid because they saw it in an anime, that only exposes that the person was already unhinged and was apparently neglected by his or her parents in their upbringing(such as teaching them the difference between fantasy and reality, right and wrong, etc). It's the same tired accusation that's used for video games, comics, cartoons and other forms of media entertainment (ironically, because the parents or parental figures' are too lazy to properly raise their children).

What I absolutely hate: People who try to shove their opinions down others' throats and claim them to be irrefutable fact. And to Yaoi fangirls(the prickly, irrational ones that are known to get self-righteous and jump down the throats of anyone who questions or makes a call on their favorite fandom), SHUT THE HELL UP! No one's threatening your precious fanbase by simply pointing out that large portion of the Yaoi pairings that exist today are flippin' stupid, nonsensical,hormone-driven messes that are not supported by the official material. And it's really pretentious and childish to call people "homophobes" if they voice their opinion that X and X don't go together, because that sort of label doesn't make you better than others; that simply shows your own immaturity. It's also annoying that Female Yaoi fanatics think we always base these opinions on the Bible; no, we simply believe if so and so are not explicitly portrayed as homosexual(or have not expressed interests toward males that might imply homosexuality),that they should be left alone because by changing the sexual preferences of the character, you essentially ruin part of what makes up the character and ruin the relationships already established. If I have offended any Yaoi fans, I'm not trying to attack you. This is simply me voicing my frustrations towards those who have demonstrated the type of behavior and attitude that I have just described. If I find fanon pairings written for a series to be ridiculous, or canonically unfeasible, I will point it out(because, frankly, I'm a brutal, merciless bastard when it comes canonicity winks). That goes for Heterosexual couplings as well, so don't think I'm being discriminatory towards only ONE aspect of any given fanbase.

And I also want to say something to FMA fans about an observation that I've made in portrayals of Edward Elric in fanfiction: Edward does believe in God and has a spiritual side. He has verbally acknowledged a handful of times in the manga and Brotherhood the existence of God, but he does not worship or entrust himself to God because of his strong independence and belief in himself. He is an atheist in the sense that he does not worship a God, not that he doubts that they exist(that is agnosticism, not atheism)or criticizes spirituality in itself. Hell, he's already seen living souls in their immaterial form and has met a being from a higher plane of existence. In other words, this is a fanon misinterpretation of Ed's beliefs. It's not a pet-peeve or anything approaching that level, but it's something that I notice a lot of fanfiction writers seem to misunderstand about Edward.

On a grossly harsher note, I also want to say that I harbor a personal disgust towards Dark/God Naruto fanfiction and the "hero gets abused by his OOC cast and becomes evil" trope itself. They're nothing more but shamelessly contrived wish fulfillment fantasies that use Naruto as a device for authors to project their negative thoughts or deranged fantasies upon. The concept has not only become stale (especially with all of the existing analogues of "Dark Naruto" such as Nagato, Obito/Tobi, Gaara, Sasuke, Menma and y'know, Yami Naruto already existing in the canon series), but it's hypocritical. This is essentially the baseline of every Dark/God Naruto fic as a friend of mine neatly summarized.

"Man, I hate that Sasuke guy. The girls like him though he doesn't deserve it. He has all these power ups he never did anything to get. I mean, he doesn't do anything but he gets powerful, and he steals techniques from others and is a psycho killer and expects people to give him everything because he thinks he deserves it."

"Well there is not going to be any of that in my story. No sir! Screw Sasuke! It is all about Naruto. Now from the beginning, first I need to make Naruto more powerful... I know! I'll give him a badass bloodline. That way the power comes naturally to him. Hell, I'll invent my own bloodline! It's going to be like the Sharingan, but better. That way Naruto is going to learn the attacks used against him. He's totally going to show up Sasuke, and all the girls will suddenly fall in love with him. I don't need to write a relationship. They are just in love with him because he is just that awesome. Now as for Sasuke, come to think of it I bet his house has technique scrolls his clan collected, those damn thieves, well he doesn't need those. He doesn't appreciate them. Naruto is going to take them away and learn them. Then Naruto is going to kill twelve year old Sasuke, destroy the village, and it is going to be awesome and cool. And I'll give all to Naruto, because he deserves it."

Quite a double standard, don't you think? Basically, they destroy every personality trait that makes Naruto unique, likable and inspirational to the fandom and replace him with Sasuke wearing a blonde wig, blue contacts and painted whisker-marks, only they surprisingly make him much more repugnant, usually reducing him to an immoral, embittered, spiteful cuss who will snap, kill or manipulate anyone who interacts with him. And remarkably, we're supposed to sympathize and root for the often sociopathic character that is written when he burns Konoha to the ground, dances on people's corpses and has sex with half a dozen women, whose personalities are reduced to the level of desperate, brainless whores.

Funnily enough, these are also the same people who go on about how they hate Sasuke for being a Gary Stu character since he commits atrocious crimes, gets power-ups from plot contrivances, is a one-dimensional character, and suffers no karmic punishment from what he's done. So what do they do? Write Naruto in a similar formulaic pattern with a little deviation here and there, and pretend that it's perfectly acceptable if he becomes a morally warped, murderous despot.

Yeah, because that's *certainly* a preferable characterization when compared to Sasuke and makes him look like the better person. It's not even Naruto anymore, just an overpowered OC/SI with his name attached and wearing his skin. And who honestly wants to read about a person's In Name Only character who wins every time? Drama, conflict, tension, and uncertainty is what attracts a reader to a story and its characters, and is what makes us root for the hero when faced against near impossible odds. And if the character becomes powerful, we wish to see the struggle as he attains that growth in strength. It is utterly lazy and boring when a writer depicts a character who is"just that powerful" without development. A character who always triumphs without effort offers nothing but candy for the mind. And candy, no matter how tantalizing and sweet it is, isn't good for you. Especially when he's being written as a self-righteous, violent, anti-social, hedonistic terrorist. That's how I view these "Naruto" stories.

Frankly, I don't know what depresses me more: The fact that the writers of these stories are simply that immature or the unfortunate reality that people seem to flock to these stories like flies to a pile of manure. Even if Kishimoto has done certain things to the story that I don't agree with(and believe me, it's a large list, which has only increased in quantity thanks to the stunts he's pulled post-chapter 699 onwards), his characterization of Naruto is still preferable(until the Last and Boruto, anyway) to the deranged pieces of literary lunacy I've seen churned out from the minds of fanfiction writers like the ones I've mentioned.

And to the people who callously accuse the current Naruto of not earning his strength: You are looking at the manga from a pretty warped of lenses or have selective amnesia (or have somehow confused Naruto with Sasuke). He has trained, fought and bled to earn every single ability that he has acquired from the manga through willpower, conviction, determination and hardwork. I read from a certain individual on this site that he's only relying on power given by Kurama. Ah, sorry, but how did Naruto gain Kurama's strength? Oh yeah, by beating the ever-loving crap out of him with his own chakra and techniques. Then he trains to better develop and utilize said-power. Later on in the midst of battle against Son Goku, Naruto gains Kurama's respect and friendship(along with full access to his chakra) through his actions. Y'know, that trait that epitomizes the core of Naruto? And this person miraculously forgot about the sennin training that Naruto had undergone so he wouldn't rely on Kyubi's chakra, but his own power. Not only that, but he was able to not only master the Sage Mode (something his godfather, a Sannin, was incapable of doing), but managed to complete and modify his father's unfinished jutsu, a man who was regarded as a genius. Heck, even in the Fourth War, he is explicitly shown using Sage Mode Kage bushins along with Jinchuriki Mode Bushins, and can now combine Sage Mode with Bijuu Mode at will. Not even getting into the fact that Naruto is repeatedly stated and shown to be a Chakra Monster without drawing on Kurama or Nature chakra, which is also the reason why Kurama was primarily sealed within members of the Uzumaki bloodline since their large reserves of chakra and unique lifeforce allowed them to maintain control over him. The manga has debunked the erroneous "Naruto is a weakling without Kurama" argument years ago. So, get over it.

I mean, seriously. One of the long-anticipated goals in the manga that fans have been waiting for was to see Naruto attaining full control over his Bijuu's chakra and becoming the most powerful character in the series. Well, guess what? he currently *is* the most powerful person in the series and demonstrating a mastery over his abilities that has never before been witnessed. And there're only a bare handful, both of his current and past generation, who can actually rival him as he is now. That is not something to scoff at. Throughout the series, Naruto has steadily progressed from being one of the series' major underdogs to one of its biggest superpowers. Anyone who looks down upon that has a problem.

Then I heard complaints about how Naruto used his Tailed Beast Mode full-time throughout the Fourth War has begun instead of using his own power and skill(neglecting the fact that he *is* clearly doing so in conjunction to whatever assistance Kurama can offer). Yes, how dare Naruto allow a supernatural being to help him by combining their respective strengths to battle against a godlike eldritch abomination that can quite possibly destroy the planet and one of the most powerful ninjas to ever exist in his world's history, whose powers are amplified by two broken doujutsus, an immortal body, grossly enhanced chakra reserves thanks to the cells distributed by one of the strongest Kages to ever live and the modifications made by Kabuto to make him even stronger. And following that, he had to fight a virtual Goddess. Yes, Naruto has truly fallen far to need assistance against that combo. *rolls eyes*

I just find it so delightfully funny how these people claim to like Naruto (the character), yet depreciate and outright insult his accomplishments, skills and personality within the same breath. And they whine about Kishimoto mistreating Naruto and not giving him his proper due(which he didn't get but that's beside the point)? God, how I love hypocrites and their inane double standards.

Well, that's enough ranting about disgruntled idiots and their out-of-context accusations. On to the couples!

Just to warn you guys that I'm very strict when it comes to couples; meaning there's no way you can sway me into writing anything but trad or official couplings(unless there's a good heaping amount of evidence of the pairings actually make sense). Here's a list of couples that I support:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Leonardo x Karai (2003/2012)

Donatello x April (2012)

Casey x April

Raphael x Mona Lisa

Michaelangelo x Renet (2012)

Beetlejuice(cartoon continuity):

BJ x Lydia

Kim Possible:

Kim Possible x Ron Stoppable

Shego x Draken

How to Train Your Dragon:

Astrid x Hiccup


Megamind x Roxanne

Kung Fu Panda:

Po x Tigress


Yugi x Tea(Anzu) - I really don't get everyone's beef with this coupling; it seems to be the most obvious and sensible one in my opinion. Yugi's clearly in love with her in manga AND anime.(Anzu even realizes she's in love with Yugi though it's late in the series, it's just a question of who she loves more: Yugi or Atemu).

Jou x Mai - You can obviously tell that Mai and Joey have had feelings for each other since Duelist Kingdom(and the DOOM saga totally clinched it) so I see no reason why they would go with anyone else.

Jaden x Alexis

Yusei x Aki

Jack x Carly

Yuma x Tori

Yuya x Zuzu


Ash x Misty: This is the OTP of the Pokemon anime. I will forever love this great pairing, as it has influenced much of my coupling sensibilities in anime/manga.

Drew x May

Kenny x Dawn

Clemont x Serena

Cilan x Iris

Red x Yellow

Gold x Crystal

Ruby x Sapphire

Final Fantasy:

Cloud x Tifa - Before Cleris fans dare try to disembowel me, hear me out. From an unbiased point of view, the Cloud/Aeris couple would have worked out if developed further. However, they seemed to only have achieved a sibling/maternal relationship before she died. Plus, balance out all the deep, heart-wrenching moments that Cloud shared with Tifa and Aeris and it becomes apparent who Cloud loved romantically, and who he loved platonically. The only reason Cloud put distance between them in AC was because he was still wrestling with the guilt of failing two of his good friends - whose deaths he felt especially responsible for - and thought that he had no right to be happy(thus wasn't in the stable mindset to be marry Tifa) until the climax of Advent Children. And before you give me that Kingdom Hearts crap, save it. Given what's happened in KH2 onwards, Cleris seems highly unlikely even there. KH2 Tifa is revealed to be the "light" that Cloud has unconsciously been searching for, but is hesitant to accept due to a past, unknown event( very much like how FF7/AC Cloud was reluctant to fully accept Tifa's affection towards him and settle down because of the guilt he felt over the death of his two friends, as well as the fact that he was dying from Geostigma). We also see that the two are engaged in Advent Children Complete since they are seen with rings on their fingers.

Cid x Shera

Barret x Elene

Squall x Rinoa

Seifer x Quistis

Zack x Aerith - I genuinely believe that Aeris still harvested deep feelings for Zack despite how she would deny it(why else would she cry like that when she got the news of his death?). They were also portrayed as a dynamic pair in Crisis Core and Aerith even sensed his death. Plus, she's with him in the Lifestream so she's finally happy.

Selphie x Irvine

Zell x Yomiko - It's a shame that Square didn't give his love interest a name. So, I've officially labeled her Yomiko Readman in my headcanon(suits her, I say).

Vincent x Yuffie - it's probably because they seemed to share the most dialogue between the two of them in the game and that it's been shown that Yuffie is the closest person to Vincent out of their gang and spends more time with him than anyone else(heck, Advent Children's bonus scene implies that Yuffie calls Vincent rather frequently, which is why he tells Cloud to tell *her* not call it). They also have their own short story depicting them handling the evacuation the citizens of Midgar after they defeated Sephiroth and how Yuffie saved Vincent's life from the collapsing Shinra building. Their personalities also complement each other perfectly. Dirge of Cerberus offers us even more hints of this pairing and Vincent's moment with Yuffie after he had saved her from Nero's darkness clinches it, along with Yuffie's expressive concern for Vincent throughout the Deepground crisis. I'm also hoping that the PS4 remake will offer us more moments and interaction between them so we can get more solidarity to support the coupling.

Zidane x Garnet

Steiner x Beatrix

Tidus/Yuna - Greatest. FF. Couple. EVER.

Lulu x Wakka

Rikku/Gippal - I've grown to like this coupling, it's even better that it's canon and semi-official("semi" because it seems like they have an off and on relationship).

Hope x Light - When he's older of course. And Kazushige(the writer of FFXIII) even made comments of them being good together if Hope was around the same age as Light, which he is by Lightning Returns. It's even been confirmed in canon that Hope has romantic feelings for Light as an adult and it's hinted that Light has feelings for Hope as well.

Serah x Snow

Noctis x Luna

Prompto x Cindy


William x Ctholly

Akashic Records Bastard Magical Instructor:

Glenn x Sistine

A Certain Magical Index:

Touma x Index - Out of all the women in his life, he tends to treat her with a certain quality of affection and emotional intimacy that he doesn't demonstrate with the other girls, both before and after his amnesia. Interestingly enough, he's been rather conscientious about the state of their relationship ever since his memory loss and actively tried to avoid her confession not because he wasn't interested, but because he didn't know if they were romantically involved or not when they met (which indirectly implies that he doesn't find the idea of them being together to be unlikely or undesirable). Whereas he doesn't really contemplate Mikoto in any kind of romantic light nor does he express any feelings that would indicate the possibility that he reciprocates her feelings aside from friendship. In the novels, this is particularly apparent after Index finds out that Touma has been hiding his amnesia from her the entire time and confronts him about it. Heck, he practically lost his will to live when he saw a reality where Index didn't need him anymore.

And another thing and completely unrelated: INDEX IS 15, GODDAMMIT! 15, not 12! I am so sick of reading fans' go on about how Index is too young to be with Touma because they think she's a little kid, especially when it comes from the people reading the LNs instead of watching the anime. It's mentioned in the first freakin' volume how old she is. She's at least a few months older than Mikoto for crying out loud!

A-hem* Sorry about the outburst, but this has become a real pet-peeve of mine.

Touma x Mikoto - I am also quite open to the possibility of Touma and Misaka becoming a couple, but the main issue is that Touma has expressed no visible interest in Mikoto aside from friendship.

Accelerator x Last Order - (Platonically, lolicons! Word of God has made it clear that their relationship is strictly father and daughter and they're honestly better off that way)

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? (Is this a Zombie?):

Ayumu x Eu

Sonic X/Adventure:

Sonic x Amy

Knuckles x Rouge

Shadow x Maria

Tails x Cream(Sonic mainstream) or Cosmo(Sonic X)

Archie Sonic/SATam:

Sonic x Sally

Antoine x Bunnie

Knuckles x Julie-Su


Gourry x Lina- No contest here. They were made for each other.

Xelloss x Filia

Zel x Amelia-These two obviously like one another(and they're not trying as hard to hide it as much as Gourry and Lina; Despite Zel's best efforts). There have been innumerable hints of their attraction(the Sea Dragon incident in particular comes to mind), but the most prevalent proof of all is Zel's devastated reaction to Amelia's death at the hands of Hellmaster Phibrizo.


Inuyasha x Kagome

Miroku x Sango

Sesshoumaru x Rin(when she's older, you lecherous pervs! )

Ranma 1/2:

Ranma x Akane- I mean, he's made it more than clear that he loves her (heck, he's said it a couple of times) and he sees all his other prospects as: a friend (Ukyou), a big sister figure (Kasumi) or annoyances (Shampoo and Kodachi). And no matter how agitated or angry she gets with him, Akane has denied all her would-be suitors and stayed loyal to her love for Ranma. She even risked her life for him on numerous occasions, whether it was protecting him or trying to find him a cure.

Shaman King:

Yoh x Anna - They are THE oddest couple I have seen in anime/manga, but despite the oddities surrounding their relationship, there's no doubt of their feelings for each other.

Ryu x Tamao - The epilogue hints that they are developing a relationship.


Guts x Casca

Ishidro x Schierke

Griffith x a Foursome consisting of Mutilation, Humiliation, a Second Castration and Death. In other words, he can go straight to Hell.

Voltron: The Legendary Defender:

Keith x Allura - I loved the pairing in the original Voltron and I'm finding that love renewed with the newest iteration of the series. Keith and Allura show that have a great deal of chemistry in the series and Keith has slowly become Allura's rock during his new role as leader.

Hunk x Shay

Lance x Pidge - I'm content with it either becoming a romance or remaining platonic friendship, even if I am banking on the former.

Zarkon x Haggar - What? They were a married and happy couple that loved each other before they died and were resurrected as insane Quintessence-mutated zombies, causing them both to lose their humanity. And Haggar seems like she's regaining her memories and love for Zarkon.

Tokyo Ghoul:

Kaneki x Touka - Hell yeah! It finally happend!

Nishiki x Nishino

Soul Eater:

Maka x Soul - Like the manga couldn't have made it any more bleeding obvious.

Black Star x Tsubaki - Ditto. I mean, he almost outright admits that she is his other half during their time spent at her parents' house, for goodness' sake. And do I really need to point out who Tsubaki's male appearance resembled when she was in the Lust Chapter of the Book of Eibon, or vice versa?

Kid x Liz

Oxford x Kim

Marie x Stein

Free x Eruka

Devil May Cry:

Dante x Lady/Mary

Nero x Kyrie

Sparda x Eva

Black Lagoon:

Rock x Revy

Benny x Jane

Chang x Balalaika

Garcia x Roberta - Don't judge me, blame the author for having the two of them make out and paralleling their relationship with Rock and Revy's. Besides, they're surprisingly the most normal couple in this entire series.

Azure Striker Gunvolt:

Gunvolt x Joule/Lumen - I loved this couple and feel no shame in saying that I cried after the ending of the first game(for those who haven't seen it, I will spoil nothing), and felt even worse after the second game(second verse, same as the first). God, Inti-Creates, give these poor kids a break and let them be happy together.

Copen x Lola


Musashi x Tsukihime

Kojirou x Takeko

Rokka no Yuusha:

Adlet x Flamie

Hans x Chamo

Nachetanya x Cancer - She's despicable and should die painfully, nuff said.

My Hero Academia:

Izuku x Ochako

Shouto x Momo

Kirishima x Mina

Guilty Gear:

Frederick x Aria

Sol x Elphelt - This has become my new favorite pairing after getting over Sol x Dizzy and has effectively replaced it in my heart. The two of them show a surprising amount of chemistry in their scenes together, and Elphelt shows that she slowly starts to have an impact on Sol throughout the course of the game, especially after telling him how he shouldn't be alone(much like Aria did). This all comes to a head when Sol emotionally tells her to fight back against the Universal Will's programming and prove that her words and feelings about him and their friends weren't an elaborate lie. He even swears that he will save her, and indirectly confesses that she's important to him (saying "I'm going to lose anyone else"). The fact that she not only makes him question his unyielding and steadfast beliefs, but causes him to reconsider his attitude towards the future and his relationship with others shows what a profound and positive influence she has on him. I also like the correlating symbolism that their relationship represents. Sol is a person who lives FREELY by his own principles and values without compromise, yet he is paradoxically enchained by both his headband, which conceals his true form and suppresses his full power, and his own will. Because of his deprecating opinion of himself as a monster, he tries to discourage himself and others from becoming close to him out of fear of harming them should he lose control of his Gear side. He also does so out of guilt for creating the Gears that have ravaged humanity and remorse for having to slay those Gears in spite of knowing that their sins were not committed of their own free will. Sol is, in his own way, imprisoned by his own self-loathing and fear of himself, which prevents him from enjoying life and finding happiness for himself. Elphelt contrasts him in this sense, as she is seemingly free from the Universal Will and oppresses her creator, while appearing uninhibited in her adoration for friendship, love and life. However, it is later revealed that she is a sleeper agent whose personality and thoughts were being manipulated by her 'Mother' without her realizing it, the programming embedded within her subconscious prohibiting her from truly pursuing her desires and wishes, no matter how much she struggles against it.

Even their personalities are purposely mirrored by one another. Sol is outwardly pragmatic, dispassionate, rude, callous and arrogant, wheres Elphelt is idealistic, warm, compassionate, thoughtful, kind and sensitive. Yet we know that behind his harsh pretenses, Sol is a benign, understanding and self-sacrificing person who cares about others and the world. Elphelt, once dominated by her Valentine persona, becomes literal-minded, stoic, emotionless and practical in her perceptions of people and the world.

I also don't think it's a coincidence that Sol is called the Flame of Corruption while Elphelt wears a virginal white wedding dress; "White" meaning that the bride is unsullied and pure, which represents Elphelt perfectly and creates another layer of contrast between herself and Sol.

The point is that Sol and Elphelt share many similarities and differences on several levels, but the main ones are that they are good hearted "prisoners" that long for "freedom", but Sol's imprisonment is largely self-imposed while Elphelt's enslavement is more conventionally forced upon her by another being. Which is ultimately why I feel that Sol's desire to save her holds so much importance both thematically and romantically, as she encouraged him to break the shackles that he placed on himself to prevent him from living a life with family and loved ones and to have greater faith in his humanity, and he in turn wishes to free her from her enslavement so she can become a true human being that follows her own will and accomplish her heart's desires to have friends and fall in love. After everything that Sol has been through in his life and the hand dealt to Elphelt by the Universal Will that prevents her from being free and experiencing love, I hope he and El will find happiness with each other, along with the friends that they have come to see (though Sol will probably burn off his own tongue than admit it out loud) as family when the Guilty Gear storyline concludes in future installments.

Ky x Dizzy - At first, I was surprised when I found out that Ky and Dizzy were made into a couple in Overture, but after playing Accent Core Plus in Story Mode, reading Dizzy's Drama CD side story, and Ky's Overture short story online, it honestly makes a good deal of sense. Besides, I appreciate the irony of a man who considered Gears to be the root of all evil against humanity at one point in time marrying the daughter of his greatest foe, the greater irony being that Justice was the one who opened Ky's mind to the truth of Gears as much as she forged his original preconceptions of them as monsters in the first place. Plus, who better for a man of God to marry than an almost literal Angel? I was so glad to see Dizzy break free of her seal and reunite with her husband and son. This scene really touched my heart. I hope to see more of their relationship in the next title or expansion.

I was happy to see Father, Mother and Son kicking ass in REVELATOR and hope to see more of that in future, hopefully in a more united manner along with Grandma Justice.(grins)

Sin x Ramlethal - His attempts at getting her to make her smile and open up are both heartwarming and entertaining to watch, particularly when Sin first gave her the mage hound as a gift. We also see that Sin becomes someone precious to her and Sin may have similar feelings to her as we see when they sat beside one another, looking up at the night sky and he spoke of the beauty of the world that proved that God existed. She also seems to care about Sin's opinion of her when she questioned whether or not Sin liked her to Elphelt. Sin is also the one who teaches her the value of emotions and how she is unique as an individual. I think they have the makings of a good couple. By Revelator, they grow even closer to one another and are even outright flirting with one another at one point until Sol ruins the moment when he comes into their room completely drunk. She also desperately wanted Sin to see her smile before her presumed "death". Sin was hit hard when he believed her to be dead and flew into a berserk rage when the Universal Will insulted her. Lucifero, Ram's familiar, has also insinuated that she is falling in love with Sin.

Additionally, I can't help but appreciate the continuous irony of Kiske men falling in love with women who were regarded as harbingers of doom, and being the offspring of the greatest female antagonists of the series. Of course, this is also mirrored by him and Sol trying to get through both of the Valentine sisters by awakening their humanity.

Zato-1 x Millia - According to the Drama CDs, it seems Zato and Millia actually DID have a strong, if conflicted relationship pre-series(they even kissed on one of their assignments while Venom overheard them. Poor bastard). With Zato's revival and his current status as one of the protagonists, maybe he and Millia will have another opportunity to be happy.

Milla x Stalker-kun - It is hilarious and endearing. Wish they would give the guy an actual name, though.

Johnny x May - Since she is now in her 20's, maybe Johnny will take her affections towards him more seriously.

Bridget x May - They have become close friends since Accent Core Plus. Assuming that her relationship with Johnny remains platonic or she simply gives up on pursuing him, they would make a charming couple.

Bridget x Jam - Assuming that their mutual endings in Accent Core Plus are canon.

Bridget x Kum - The crossdressing duo lol.

Izuna x Nekomata

Zappa x S-ko

Axl x Megumi

Slayer x Sharon

Tyr x Mizuha

Anji x Baiken

Chipp x Erica

Sol x Dizzy - It is NOT confirmed at all that she is his daughter! I swear, it's ridiculous how so many people can't grasp the small,but glaring fact that only way this is possible is if Sol was HUMAN for it. Besides that, it' s been officially stated in the Drama CD's that Justice is her mother. Now, please think about this, do you see Sol sleeping with JUSTICE of all people? And before you say it, No: Sol was not aware of Justice being a copy of Aria until he found out in Revelator from Raven, Jack-O and That Man. So, it's still debatable. She's also been been confirmed in Accent Core Plus R and Overture by Crow and Paradigm to be Justice's genetic copy, which puts her very conception in question. I also think the reason why she associated Sol's embrace to that of a father's is because her human stepfather was the only male to ever hug her(since she obviously didn't have any other male figures like a brother or male friend, it was probably the closest equivalent she could come up with). Of course until Daisuke-san gets out the next GGXrd game and gives us more hints to the father's identity(or at least can plausibly confirm if Sol is the father somehow), this debate will never end. Right now, the only thing that's clear is that he enjoys toying with the fanbase with this mystery.

As for my reasons, c'mon, Dizzy's the ONLY one--that we knew at the time--that Sol showed affection and protectiveness towards. I say that speaks high volumes right there. Not to mention they're practically reflections of each other("Guilty Gear,"Innocent Gear" ya see?). Also in GGX Plus, when observing the dialogue they share after Sol beats her, it almost seems like he's trying to flirt with her(even moreso in earlier skits). It's a real shame that virtually no one writes or even considers this coupling.

Ky x Jam - The first woman in the game that he shows an actual interest in. She would've easily loosened Ky up given enough time.

Note: Yes, I am fully aware that Ky x Dizzy is canon and that Sol x Elphelt - or the revival of Frederick x Aria - is possible canon. I respect and adore those couplings wholeheartedly as I've made perfectly clear. But I also still harbor some preference to my old fanon ships.

One Punch Man:

Saitama x Tatsumaki

Attack on Titan:

Eren x Mikasa - It's pretty much canon at this point.

Armin x Annie

Levi x Petra/Hanji

Connie x Sasha

Gargantia The Verdurous Planet:

Ledo x Amy

Flame of Recca(the MANGA. I HATE the piece-of-crap anime version! It essentially ruined everything good about the series. Goddamnit, Pierrot! How could do such a superb job with shonen titles like Bleach and Naruto yet screw up with Flame of Recca?! Arrgggh!)

Recca x Yanagi - Probably one of the cutest couples in shonen manga.

Domon x Fuuko - Yeah, you read right. So what if he's not a bishounen, or some other fangirl dreamboat, the guy has HEART, and that heart belongs to his Fuuko-sama(whom shares those same feelings for him, whether you To/Fuu fangirls want to acknowledge it or not). I'll prioritize that over stereotypical emo-ness anyday.

Kurei x Neon - I DARE any of you to read Volume 17 and tell me he doesn't have feelings for her. I DARE you.

Higurashi/Umineko no Naku Koro Ni:

Satoshi x Shion

Keiichi x Mion

Battler x Beatrice

Xeno Series:

Fei x Elly

Bart x Margie

Rubedo (aka Jr) x MOMO

KOS-MOS x chaos


Shulk x Fiora

Reyn x Sharla

God Eater:

Yuu(The Protagonist) x Alisa

Lindow x Sakuya

Shio x Soma


Kazuma x Kanami - Who else is going to keep this hothead in line? Plus, given ten more years, they'll probably be together anyway(and according to what my japanese penpal from high school has told me about the novel sequel, Kanami actually kisses Kazuma! O_O ) .

Ryuho x Mimori - Before the Upheavel, I would say no chance in hell, but since the amnesia and after his time spent with the Inners, I'd say he's more deserving of her love now(not as much as Cougar though).

Cougar x Mimori - Really, he's the guy I felt belonged with Mimori(and what did he get? An ambiguous death scene). I think they would've made an awesome couple(plus Cougar's not a prissy, antisocial, egocentric nut who desperately needs to get a sense of humor and hire a good psychologist while he's at it).

Ben 10:

Ben x Julie - Pre-Omniverse

Kevin x Gwen - Ditto

Max x Verona

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi:

Kenichi x Miu - The canon couple of the series. It's rare and refreshing in an shonen action manga where the guy is rather open about his romantic feelings towards the girl(who is absolutely oblivious but shares those feelings all the same). It's nice to see a Shonen anime where the female lead (hell, the females in general) isn't left in the dust by the hero's development; in fact, she still kicks Kenichi's ass during sparring. The KING arc, D of D tournament and every other subsequent arc has only served deepen their character development as fighters, individuals, and most importantly, as a couple.

Apachai x Shigure - Same as Manta x Tamao.

Ukita x Kisara - I'm actually a little surprised this coupling is actually plausible and hinted at (not as a one-sided romance either). I honestly thought Kisara was one of the girls who would like Kenichi, but she's apparently falling for Ukita(Ukita's affection for Kisara is as obvious as Kenichi's for Miu). Heh, I have to say, it's an intriguing pairing and I hope to see it developed further on. Now if only Ukita could work up the nerve to ask her out.

Sakaki x Jennifer


Yukito x Misuzu - God, this is one of the few couplings that have ever made me cry.

Ryuuha x Kana - Same with their previous incarnations. Damn those bastard monks for cursing her.

Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars:

Soma x Erina


Ichigo x Rukia - They're just such a hilarious and adorable duo. Though it can be really difficult to see at times (considering how these two normally act around each other), there is quite a mountain of evidence that hints at them having romantic feelings for each other. Even in the earliest chapters/episodes, they seemed to understand each other on a level that bordered on telepathy (e.g. Grand Fisher). She's the person who managed to stop the rain in Ichigo's world and is the only one can ever motivate him, no matter how depressed or insecure he is. The Hueco Mundo chapters of the manga also seems to further solidify Ichigo's feelings towards Rukia given how upset and worried he was when she was nearly killed by Grimmjow(he practically ignored Inoue's presence and was fully concentrated on Rukia, which Orihime notices with a sad glance while she was healing her) and when she proclaimed that she was going with him to rescue Orihime. Even moreso when Ulquiorra said that Rukia was dead, which shocked, then enraged Ichigo to the point that he was willing to forgo a confrontation with Ulquiorra (and temporarily abort his mission) to rescue her. Then there was the emotional goodbye between the two of them with both Rukia and Ichigo vainly trying to conceal their sadness over the inevitability of never seeing each other again. Even in the time-skip, she was the primary person on his mind when reminiscing about the last two years of his life(with him wishing she would visit) and whose voice he heard from his shinigami badge.

Then we have the chapter where Ichigo is visibly happy to see Rukia again, and their subsequent reunion supported the hinted fact that he was quite unhappy without her around. And it seems he's even more protective of her than he was before the timeskip (as the newest chapters show us). And when Chad mentioned that his powers are activated through love, who was literally his biggest thought when that came to mind? Heck, this is even paralleled by Isshin and Masaki's relationship, where their meetings, interactions and situations are similar to Ichigo and Rukia's and they even perform the same introduction to one another.

Then there's the fact that nearly all of their friends and colleagues comment on their relationship and see that there's something exclusive between the two of them. Heck, Orihime is the one who's been frequently taking into account Ichigo's attitude towards Rukia ever since the beginning of the Soul Society arc, noting in her thoughts that Rukia was not just a friend to him, but a very important person. She even stated that Rukia makes him happy. Even Nel, who only just met Ichigo and Rukia, outright asked what their relationship was (and never coined the same question towards Orihime). Isshin even calls her his "third daughter" and anyone knows what that implies. He and Yuzu even tried to eavesdrop on their argument behind a closed door, which sounded rather suggestive in nature from their perspective, blushing because they thought something was going on between Ichigo and Rukia. So, we know Isshin doesn't see Rukia as a sister to her son.

Even Grimmjow assumed that the real reason Ichigo wanted to fight him in Hueco Mundo, aside from saving Orihime, was so he could avenge Rukia's near death at his hand. And Ichigo outright admits that he's right.

Ichigo even goes as far as to quote Rukia's speech during the incident with Grand Fisher when he found out about his father being a Soul Reaper. He quote her again when he faced Yhwach in the final battle.

Oh, and let's not forget the chapter where Ichigo was gawking and blushing over a naked Rukia's butt and Kubo makes a rather suggestive remark about it in the narration. And even back in the Arrancar arc, we even had Rukia express an hint of jealousy when Ichigo couldn't stop himself from peeking at Rangiku's exposed cleavage. (grins lasciviously)

Additionally, Kubo Tite himself refers to Rukia as Ichigo's "Ray of Light" . And in the Fade to Black movie, he told people in an interview to pay attention as Ichigo and Rukia's feelings for each other change over the course of the movie. More recently(well, recent to me since I just discovered this), which had my jaw on the floor is that I stumbled upon a page that featured a fan interview where he actually confessed to being a IchiRuki fan! That truly boggled my mind since I couldn't believe that he would so blatantly admit to it. Then there's this quote that he inserted that poetically articulates their relationship for SOULS & VIBES:

"The rain drags the black sun down, but the rain is dried by the white moon." If this wasn't a declaration of his intent on making Ichigo and Rukia a couple, then I don't know what is.

And here's another quote to emphasize from Resurrected Souls 6: "When the two that share destiny part and reunite beyond the frame of time, the ceased clock will and start to tick once again." Kubo even states that Ichigo has inherited that "love and destiny" from his parents.

There's also the "Sand and the Rotator" title that is attributed to them by Kubo.

Then we have Ichigo's romantic little monologue towards Rukia about how he can't "keep up with the speed of the world without you". Which further indicates that every time she leaves him, he's always depressed and just going through the motions of life until she comes back.

Kubo also gushed like a fanboy over the Bleach musicals. Why? Because according to his Twitter, his favorite scene was Ichigo lovingly cradling a seemingly dead Rukia and crying out for her. He also illustrated the famous honey moon spread featuring Ichigo and Rukia together.

So, really, he was NOT being ambiguous about which ship he's sailing for.

Actually, the earliest indication that Rukia is in love with Ichigo dates back to Soul Society during the wait for her execution, where she mentally agonized over the things she left behind in the Human World, including a "a chance at True Love" (where she actually has a flashback to a previous conversation she had with Tatsuki, Orihime and the other girls about whether Ichigo was more than a friend to her). Or how Hanatarou mentioned to Ichigo that Rukia spoke of nothing but him. So, it's really no question at this point that the two of them are in love.

Sadly, he chose to go with Orihime, which I heard is either because of: A)Retaliation against the horrible fan reception she received since the HM arc(which is honestly his own fault since he didn't follow through with any of his ideas that would've allowed her to become a respectable heroine in that arc). Or B) A final "FU" to WJS for rushing him to complete the manga. Whichever reason it is, It disappointed and outraged most of the fanbase. On top of that, he reduced Ichigo into a stale character with no aspirations of his own, in addition to a trophy husband and a negligent father considering he didn't even know or seem to care where his own son was.(sighs)

And Orihime doesn't come out of it any better since she apparently dropped out of high school according to the new novels because she couldn't afford to continue school while paying the rent for her apartment and went to live with Ichigo. Yeah, a pitifully contrived set-up that's full of holes. Like she couldn't move in with Tatsuki, her best friend? Or Ishida, the man who has been with her and supported her throughout the manga? And Orihime had dreams and aspirations of her own before her obsession with Ichigo became too prominent to her character, but now she's little more than a house wife.

What the Hell, Kubo? Why would you ruin such a beautiful relationship? Because even after you stuck them with people that they have canonically never expressed a romantic interest to, they still behave like an old married couple. Even the recent LA Bleach movie that's in the production depicts them more along the lines of lovers than friends and you personally expressed your consent for that portrayal of their relationship. You only make fools of not only your fans, but yourself as well.

Gin x Rangiku

Urahara x Yoruichi

Uryuu x Orihime

Hitsugaya x Hinamori

Shinji x Hiyori

Kensei x Mashiro

Byakuya x Hisana

Isshin x Masaki

Ryuken x Katagiri

Jinta x Ururu/Yuzu

Yuushirou x Soi Fong

Kenpachi x Unohana


Riku x Daisuke

Dark x Risa - Keeping up with both the anime and manga, Dark definitely has feelings for her(and it's not simply because she resembles her grandmother). But since Dark knows once Riku finds out(and accepts)that he and Daisuke are the same being he'll vanish, he tries to keep his distance from her to avoid the hurt he would cause her in retrospect.


Kite x Black Rose

Haseo x Atoli

Ovan x Shino

Elemental Gelade:

Coud x Ren

Cisqua x Cruz

Rowen x Kuea

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

Kyon x Haruhi

Artemis Fowl:

Artemis x Holly

Harry Potter:

Hermione x Ron

Harry x Ginny

Draco x Pansy

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles:

John x Cameron


Ragna x Noel or Rachel - On the fence with these two couplings since Ragna is highly compatible with both of them and vice versa. So, it's tie in my mind.

Jin (Hakumen) x Tsubaki

Bang x Litchi

Carl x Makoto

Jubei x Konoe (Nine)

Kokonoe x Iron Tager

Kazuma x Trinity - It's a shame that Terumi warped Kazuma into having a cruel, sadistic personality similar to himself and had him betray everyone, including Trinity. If only the kid could've reached out and trusted people more...

Terumi x Junko Enoshima - Why not? She loves despair in all aspects(even if it means causing despair on herself) and being an aimless troll, he loves inflicting despair and being a vindictive troll. Plus, they're both dead. Sounds like a match made in Hell to me.

Dragon Ball Z:

Goku x Chichi

Gohan x Videl

Tien x Launch

Bulma x Vegeta

Trunks x Mai - Younger and Future versions.

Krillin x 18

Shadow Hearts:

Yuri x Alice - A truer love in RPGs if I ever saw one. I really like how Yuri was always so single-mindedly dedicated and open with Alice, and how Alice supported him in every way possible. Their relationship wasn't forced or rushed, it unfolded so naturally that you could feel they were in love. Even when he went temporarily insane from the fusion with the Seraphic Radiance, she stood by him. She even helped him face his deepest fears and accept his monsters as part of himself. Yuri even admitted his feelings towards her. In the end, she made the biggest sacrifice of exchanging her soul so that Yuri would remain himself despite the serious repercussions of it(now that's love). In Covenant, Yuri stood firm and remained steadfast to Alice despite Karin's advances and her confession of love. He even died so the Mistletoe curse wouldn't make him forget about her.

Anne/Karin x Ben - Hey, we wouldn't have Yuri if it wasn't for these two. They were a happy, loving couple(from what little we learned about them). I wish we could've seen more of their history together.

Kurando x Anastasia

Shakugan No Shana:

Shana x Yuuji - These two are on the "no duh" list along with Ranma/Akane, Gourry/Lina, and Inuyasha/Kagome. They're just so obvious, and if you've read to the novels, Yuuji's romantic intentions towards her are increasingly more evident than what's presented in the anime(in fact, he already proclaimed that he had chosen Shana by volume 16). Of course, Yuuji, being the self-deprecating idiot savant that he is(I would call these traits "Shirou-esque"), needed to have an epic physical brawl with Shana until he finally realized that Shana found him worth loving. And y'know, it almost makes me consider the possibility that Shirou Emiya is Yuuji and Shana's biological son (because the more I think about it, the more sense it makes).

Eita x Matake

Keisaku x Margery Daw

Ike x Kazumi

Johan x Pheles


Subaru x Emilia

Roswall x Ram

Black Clover:

Asta x Noelle

Fana x Mars

Domina x Fanzel

Yuno x Charmy - Yeah yeah, it's mostly played for comedy since Charmy mainly likes him because he gave her food, but I want to see if it will develop into anything serious in the coming future.

Gauche x Grey - There's definitely potential there from what I've seen from their interactions and Grey is definitely holding a candle for the guy. Now if only he could put aside his siscon obsession...


Aladdin x Kougyoku Ren - It is interesting to see how a romance could potentially spring forth since the two of them fight like cats and dogs yet there is a playful undertone of friendship between them in spite of their arguments. In the most recent chapter, when Kou confides in Aladdin about her fears and insecurities over becoming empress, it's telling how she would entrust her feelings someone she seems to have a rivalry with. When Aladdin goes as far as to wonder if she likes him over Alibaba, she doesn't answer directly and just tells him not to get cocky while sticking her tongue, which flummoxes Aladdin. Sadly, the ending doesn't allow us to see if this relationship goes anywhere.

Alibaba x Morgiana

Seven Deadly Sins:

Meliodas x Elizabeth

Ban x Ellaine

King x Diane

Arthur x Merlin

Gilthunder x Margaret

Griamor x Veronica

Gowther x Guila

Blood Lad:

Staz/Fuyumi - You see, Stephanie Meyer? THIS is how you properly develop a romance between a human high school girl and a teenage vampire that people, whether tweens or young adults, can immerse themselves with and be entertained by.

Wolf/Bell - The gullible, strong yet honest wolf and the deceptive, capricious catlike treasure hunter. I guess opposites really do attract sometimes. I'm enjoying the development and direction of their relationship so far and I can't wait for the moment when they realize that they have feelings for each other.

Richarz/Maria Blood


Blue Exorcist:

Rin/Shiemi - The two of them are so sweet that they give me cavities just reading about them. I just hope that one of them steps up to the plate and makes a move.

Yukio/Shura - Age difference be damned, these two have incredible chemistry. And Yukio is literally Shura's type if you look up her favorite kind of man in her manga profile. Hell, in the recent arc, he pretty much stated that he wanted her to have his baby, even if it was a ruse to throw off the enemy and she didn't seem too opposed to the proposition.

Renzo/Izumo - Given the recent events of the manga, I believe there could be grounds for the beginning of an actual relationship. Well, once Renzo stops playing both sides as a spy. Only time will tell.





Family!Hiyori/Yukine/Yato - Because they are clearly a good family unit. Yato and Hiyori seem to embrace Yukine as their son and Yukine seems to to view them as surrogate parents. Of course, he'd never admit to Yato's face that he sees him as a father anytime soon.

Detective Conan/Case Closed:

Shinichi x Ran

Heiji x Kazuha

Kaito x Aoko


Allen/Lenalee - Really, this is an absolute no-brainer. They are hinted at rather frequently in the manga (the anime tones down the romance a bit but it's still evident even then). Even the mangaka semi-confessed that she planned on pairing them up eventually. And now...

IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED! WHOOOOOOO! Go Allen! Go Lenalee! Sure, it was a bittersweet confession, but the point is that they confessed. Now I can only hope they can get their happily ever after. (Cause if they don't...*punches a fist into his palm and glares threateningly at Miss Hoshino*)

Elfen Lied:

Kouta x Lucy/Nyuu - Kouta loves Lucy(despite the pain Lucy's caused Kouta in the past), and Lucy loves Kouta(she was willing to die just so he and the rest of her new surrogate family would be safe). I don't care how the actual manga ended(and it personally irks me to no end for what the creator did to Lucy and Kouta); As far as the anime's concerned, they belong together. Period.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Ed xWinry - Die, you Elricest FREAKS! Get it through your deluded, hormonally-hazed SKULLS that he's in love with WINRY, not his little brother, Mustang or bloody Envy! God, if you watched both anime series, seen the movie, or hell, even watched that depressing OVA, it's pretty obvious! Or better yet, if you want real, solid proof; READ THE ORIGINAL MANGA/WATCH BROTHERHOOD! Which I may add, has utterly annihilated any delusions of that those nonexistent pairings ever happening in reality.


Manga FMA - Al x Mei - Al is very obviously taken with her to the point that Winry even noticed, and she nearly confessed to Al before she left. I'm happy to see them as a couple after the manga's conclusion.

Greed x Martel - There had been some interesting hints here and there. Though, this is only hinted at in the first anime.

Ling/Ran Fan - Definitely one of my favorite couples in FMA. Both are very dedicated to one another, even when Ling was trapped within his own body, he seemed to only think about her.

Roy/Riza - C'mon, These two were probably more obvious than Ed/Winry.

Tales of Symphonia:

Lloyd x Sheena - MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COUPLING IN THE GAME! Even though Namco intended for Lloyd and Collette to be together, I still consider them #1(with Colloyd being a close second).

Lloyd x Collette - Second Fav!(even though Collette's ditziness can annoy me at times. Though, those moments are very few and far inbetween since I generally find Colette to be quite an endearing and lovable character.)

Genis x Presea

Regal x Alicia

Kratos x Anna

Emil x Marta

Tales of the Abyss:

Luke x Tear - It even tops Shelloyd and Colloyd IMO. They're definitely one of the cutest couples that Namco has introduced into the Tales of series(and the fact it's official makes it all the better). It always amuses me how Tear seems to counteract everything Luke says and acts so strict with him; though, it's something a sheltered kid like him really needs at times. I also like how Luke acts as her emotional confidante in her weaker moments, like when she was sick due to her contaminated fonons. They always seem to confide in one another. They are also one of the few couples to actually make me cry: Like in Eldrant when Luke made his heartfelt promise to Tear that he would come home and when Tear silently confessed her love for him.. Not to mention it's hilarious when their friends tease them about their relationship (like how Guy made fun of Luke for being so whipped, or how Anise and Natalia teased them about being alone together in Tataroo Valley). And I was so glad that Luke fulfilled his promise and came home, not Asch (not that I dislike Asch or anything, but I would've been really upset if Luke's personality was the one sacrificed in the Big Bang process after all of the crap he went through, leaving Tear alone and heartbroken).

Asch or Guy x Natalia - It's really hard to decide between these two. On one hand, Asch, while a gruff guy, genuinely seemed to care dearly for Natalia and vice versa. But since Asch died at Eldrant, Guy seems like the next best choice (especially since they were forming a connection with each other during the course of their journey). Plus, he's always been the first to defend Natalia and supported her despite her treatment of him.

Vandesdelca Grants x Giselle Oslo (aka Van and Legretta)

Ion x Anise - I hated how these two couldn't be together because of that bastard Mohs making Ion read the Score and blackmailing Anise into spying for the sake of her parents' welfare. Che, I don't care if he had 'good' intentions, I won't forgive him for causing Ion's death and breaking Anise's heart. While I like Florian and all, he's no substitution for Ion (Heh, ironic statement I know, but I'm sticking to it).

Sync or Original Ion x Arietta

Tales of Vesperia:

Yuri and Estelle - Loved this pairing since the beginning, and I especially enjoyed their indirect confession scene at Aurnion before the final battle.

Nan x Karol - I really wish we could've seen more of these two. Karol's affections for her are so obvious and she shows her care for him in her unique and harsh fashion. She even hinted--in a classic tsundere fashion--that she liked him when they fought each other in the arena and that she wanted him to be more manly and assertive(shame it went over Karol's head).

Flynn x Sodia

Tales of Graces:

Asbel x Cheria

Hubert x Pascel

Richard x Sophie

Tales of Xillia:

Jude x Milla

Alvin x Leia (Platonically or Romantically)

Gaius x Muzet

Ludger x Fragmented Milla

Tales of Zestiria:

Sorey x Alisha or Rose

Mikleos x Edna

Zaveid x Lailah

Shin Megami Tensei Persona:

Minato x Yukari

Souji/Yu x Yukiko

Kanji x Naoto

Yosuke x Chie

Star Ocean:

Roddick x Millie

Ronyx x Ilia - I loved this couple almost immediately because they're so entertaining to watch. Yet another great coupling that gave birth to another incredible hero.

Cyuss x Phia

Claude x Rena

Ashton x Precis

Fayt x Sophia or Maria

Albel x Nel

Cliff x Mirage

Roger x Peppita

Edge x Reimi

Faize x Lymle - Gotta say, I was a little surprised that Tri-Ace would slip in a relationship that borders on lolicon(Yeah, I know in light of Lymle's unique situation it's not truly lolicon in the traditional or literal sense, but you understand what I'm saying). But despite those minor complications, I found it to be a enjoyable experience to watch their relationship unfold from an awkward acquaintance to a cute(and for those who watched the PA scenes, hilarious) romance. To be frankly honest, I was more captivated by the dynamics of their interactions than I was with Reimi and Edge(though I love their relationship as well, Faize and Lymle had a tendency of keeping me entertained). The Faize Ending did my heart good to see them reunited.

Crowe x Elevyna - I'm repeating myself at this point but let's face it, I love seeing a couple that leads to the birth of a cool hero later in a series(though in their case, it takes a couple hundreds of years before Riddick takes his place in SO history). My only complaint is that we didn't get a little side-story or anything to see how they got along. Given Elevyna's personality, it certainly wouldn't be a dull and conventional courtship.

Resonance of Fate:


Fairy Tail:

Natsu x Lucy

Gray x Juvia

Erza x Jellal

Happy x Charla

Elfman x Evergreen

Romeo x Wendy

Gajeel x Levy

Laxus x Mirajane

Sting x Yukino

Rogue x Minerva

Zeref x Mavis


Kurohime x Zero - These two are what I consider the Gourry and Lina of a new generation if guns held a more prominent role in their universe(and seriously, why haven't magical guns been introduced to Slayers yet?). It would be hell on Earth if Kurohime and Lina ever met.

Marvel Universe:

Spidey x MJ Watson

Ironman x Pepper Potts

Daredevil x Electra

Wolverine x Storm

Captain America x Black Widow

Cyclops x Jean

Nightcrawler x Shadow Cat

JLU and Young Justice:

Green Lantern x Hawkgirl

Superman x Lois Lane

Batman x Catwoman or Wonderwoman (depends on the continuity)

Terry x Maxine - Nothing against Dana, but I've always felt that Terry and Maxine had a stronger and more natural chemistry together.

The Flash (Wally West) x Artemis (YJ)

Green Arrow x Black Canary

Superboy x Miss Martian (YJ)


Akira x Miki


Kuro x Keita - I love these two together so as you can probably surmise, the anime's conclusion left an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I mean, Kuro is left alone and isolated at the Pure Place while Keita hooks up with the girl who was for nearly all intents and purposes, his big sister despite the fact he never showed an inkling of reciprocating her feelings. Seriously, what the hell? And they expected fans to buy that type of bittersweet, lackluster ending? I hope the manga doesn't go down a similarly tragic path.


Hero x Demon King

Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil's a Part-timer!):

Sadao x Emi

Ashiya x Rika

Suzuno x Hanzo

Sword Art Online:

Kirito x Asuna

Recon x Leafa

Eugeo x Alice

Accel World:

Haru x Kuroyukihime


Vash x Meryl

Nicholas x Millie

Knives x Marianne - This is a fanfic-inspired concept, courtesy of the authoress thatwomanlisa.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen:

Orphen x Cleao - This couple has more vitriol and passion than I've seen in any anime coupling, save maybe Sadao x Emi. They drive each other absolutely insane and bicker over the most trivial of subjects, but they deeply love and respect the other. Cleao gives Orphen clarity and has the ability to dispel his doubts as well as his fears with her personality and Cleao steadily grows from being a pampered(albeit tomboyish) heiress who happens to be good at swordplay to a fearsome warrior who can stand on her own in a world filled with assassins, gods, dragons, demons, homunculi and demented sorcerers. It's amazing how much the two grow to depend on the other, to the point that Orphen has called Cleao "the most important person" in his mind and vows to kill anyone who dares put her in harm's way. When I found out that in the novels, Orphen and Cleao decided to live out in a private estate to raise their children (with Orphen even opening his own magic school), I felt like I died happy. I hope the rest of the novels are translated soon so I can read it for myself. And even if it's a far-off wish, I remain optimistic that there will be a anime reboot that's more faithful to the novels coming out in the future. This faith is mostly bolstered by the author's Tweet back in 2016, when he hinted that there was a new development involving Orphen

Samurai Champloo:

Mugen x Fuu - C'mon, anyone who watched the series and paid close attention(ESPECIALLY to the last episodes) can see that these two have the hots for each other. How else can you explain why Mugen always seems be the one who has to rescue Fuu the majority of the time? Manga even hints at this further.

Jin x Shino - Even if she was a one-shot character, he truly loved her. And since Jin doesn't seem like the type of guy who gives away his heart freely, I don't believe he would give up on her so easily.

Ar Tonelico:



Aoto x Saki - Sure, you can pick any of three girls but the story, from the onset, seems heavily supportive of the Aoto/Saki pairing(even when you choose the Finnel or Tyria paths) and it's indicative that it's the intended OTP of the game. He also expresses the most emotion when it comes to Saki. This is best exemplified in Archia, where he lets out an outburst of rage and anguish towards Archia for denying Saki her last moment of happiness with the children(where it even gets to point that he begs and pleads with them to let her have even a tiny bit of time to herself). In a following scene, Aoto completely breaks down in front of Saki due to his inability to keep his promise to her. This outpouring of emotion is something that NEVER occurs when it came to Finnel and Tyria's fates(hell, you NEVER see Aoto this emotive at all sans this scene). Sure, he was obviously outraged over their roles as the Wills of the Planet but he never CRIED for them the way he did when it came to Saki's situation. He also admits(in the epilogue of "Saki's True Ending") that she's the one he can confide in, even in his weakest moments. Again, he doesn't admit as much when it comes to Tyria or Finnel.

Teen Titans:

Robin x Starfire

Beastboy x Raven

Cyborg x Bumblebee

Jinx x Kid Flash

Rurouni Kenshin:

Kenshin x Kaoru

Sanosuke x Megumi

Aoshi x Misao

Yahiko x Tsubame

Shishio x Yumi

One Piece:

Luffy x Nami

Zoro x Tashigi/Robin

Usopp x Kaya


Tai x Sora

Joey/Izzy x Mimi

Davis x Kari

Ken x Yolei

Takato x Rika

Takuya x Zoe

Marcus x Yoshino

Outlaw Star:

Gene x Melfina

Jim x Aisha

Suzuka x Mazren - The author of "Outlaw Star: Ryunoken Sword" deserves many a bow for creating such an awesome OC character to pair Suzuka with. It's a shame that he couldn't be the scenario writer for the second season for Outlaw Star. It would've have been glorious to see animated.

Nier Automata:

9S x 2B


Laharl x Flonne - Heh, an arrogant, demon Overlord and a crazy, Love Freak angel trainee. Strange how the most screwball combos can develop into something so perfect.

Adell x Rozalyn

Zetta x Salome

Mao x Raspberyl

Valvatorez x Artina

Gordon x Jennifer


Elsword x Aisha - It's like Ash and Misty reborn IMO. Hopefully, we'll get more development between them.

Raven x Rena

Eve x Chung


Shinji x Rei - Honestly, I believe they're absolutely perfect for one another and the series (both original and Rebuild) seem to support them as well. Shinji demonstrates an attitude that is seldom seen when in the presence of other characters. With Rei, he's less apprehensive, is more open with his thoughts and displays an almost chivalrous nature when it comes to her and her well-being. She also seems to be his source of courage and confidence.

Heck, the girl makes him feel proactive enough to go and fix up her apartment.

In other words, she brings out the best qualities in our young and insecure Shinji.

Also, out of all of the Evangelion cast, she's also among the few who cares about him without any other underlying motive. In Rei's case, her interactions with him have allowed her to exhibit more emotion and helped her evolve as a person thanks to his care towards her. He was the first person she ever thanked, and probably the first who ever made her feel shyness and embarrassment when he stated that she would make a great mother. Eventually, thanks to his influence, she begins to appreciate her life and attains new-found independence(no longer seeing herself as an expendable tool or copy). Heck, in Rebuild, she even attempts to socialize with her peers, thanks in part to Shinji, and tried to help him get along better with his father.

Even when she sacrificed herself, she did it out of her volition to protect Shinji, not for Gendo, NERV or even the world (as her last words evidenced "Do I desire to be one with Shinji?" before she self-destructed). Even as a shell of her former self during EoE, she still held Shinji above her purpose as the catalyst for Gendo's plot, even rejecting Gendo altogether because she wanted to be with Shinji. Rebuild 2.0 has practically made the two of them a canon pairing.

I hope that in Rebuild 4.0, it's revealed that she's still alive somewhere or that Kuronami (her clone) actually does retain her soul and memories, even if they're in a dormant state. if Anno screws Shinji and everyone else out of a happy ending again, Japanese heads will roll.

Shinji x Asuka - While I still hold a torch for this coupling, it's been dwarfed significantly thanks to Rebuild for all of the Shinji x Rei goodness.



Full Metal Panic:

Sousuke x Kaname(DUH!)

Shinji x Kyoko

Kurtz x Melissa - I always knew there was an attraction between them no matter how many times Mao would deny it. But it still surprised the hell out of me when I found out they had not only begun a relationship, but had even started sleeping together later on in the novels.


Master Chief/John x Cortana - Halo 4 has finally shattered any ambiguity of the feelings shared between these two. It's a true shame that it led to such heart-rending tragedy. And while I'm happy that she survives in Halo 5, it seems the rampancy has taken a toll on her personality. I'm sorry, Chief. I hope you can pull her back to her senses so that the both of you earn your happy ending *sheds a tear*

Kingdom Hearts series:

Sora x Kairi - People have to be blind, deaf, or suffering from a massive case of denial if they can't or refuse to see how much these two love each other. One of the true defining moments (among others) was when Sora actually got down on his knees and BEGGED Saix to return Kairi to him; he even said that Kairi was more important to him than ANYTHING. If that doesn't make his feelings for her crystal clear, I don't know what does. Xion's very APPEARANCE(which is based directly off of Kairi's because his memories of her are said to be the strongest) is literally physical proof of how much she means to him.

Roxas x Namine - It seems even their counterparts are irrevocably drawn and bound to one another. They also ship their original selves if only so they can be together too, heh.

KH Leon x KH Yuffie

Axel x Larxene - I always had my suspicions about these two, but RE:Chain of Memories and the KH novellas completely confirmed my theory that they did have something of a romantic attraction towards one another. Since it's been confirmed by Nomura that Larxene slated to return in KHIII as either her original self or a Nobody, I'm hoping to see if they might have a chance at reconciliation with each other.


Kujo x Victorique

Iron Knight:

Teppei x Tsubasa - This is hands-down one of--if not the--cutest preteen pairing I have ever seen. I fell in love with these two in the first chapter, especially after Tsubasa said she would be his bride when they grew up. Their love for one another is simply pure and innocent. Shame that the manga headed down such a dark path.

Eureka Seven:

Renton x Eureka - Is it just me, or do these two seem to resemble and behave similar like Shinji and Rei(especially Eureka, at least in the beginning)? O_O

In any case, I consider them the epitome of "Love Conquers All".

Rolland x Talhou

Dominic x Anemone

Charles x Ray

Hilda x Matthieu

Bear x Mischa

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang x Katara: So much evidence, but the whole "You will marry a powerful bender" statement should have tipped people off long ago. Seriously, who can be more powerful than the Avatar. Or how on two occasions Katara has exhibited jealousy whenever Aang was with another girl in the Warriors of Kyoshi Island and the Headband? Or the famous Cave of Lovers episode where she actually seemed to look forward to kissing him and was rather upset when he said he wouldn't. The creators, Mike and Bryan, even stated in an interview that Aang and Katara were the planned main couple from the start(in fact, they said it's "The DNA of the series"), and said in no uncertain terms that they couldn't honestly care less what pairings the fans want since it was their story.

Then we arrive to the DoTBS movie which has proven BEYOND a shadow of doubt that Katara shares the same feelings for Aang by kissing him back. I don't think they could make any clearer that Aang and Katara love each other unless you've had your head in the sand for the past 61 episodes. And while she said that she was confused(an obvious lie), she finally resolved her feelings in the end with the kiss that SHE initiated.

Sokka x Suki

Zuko x Mai

Blue Dragon:

Shu/Kluke - Yet another obvious couple. Jiro really doesn't stand a prayer before the bond between these two. Sure, Jiro is more open about his affections, but Shu knows when to express his feelings in both his actions and words towards Kluke when it truly matters, and notice how Kluke is always most responsive and happy when he does(especially when she's worried or depressed). Not to mention how jealous she was when Bouquet was hitting on him in the anime version. Similarly, in the games, she becomes increasingly overt about her feelings when Sahlia takes an interest in Shu. And by BD:Awakened Dragon, no matter what choices you make, Kluke's love becomes blindingly obvious.







Okami-san and her Seven Companions:

Ryouko x Ryoushi

Otaru x Otohime

My Life as a Teenage Robot:

Sheldon/Jenny - Don't you dare glare my way, J/B fans. From what I've seen in the series, Jenny and Sheldon were far more hinted at romantically than her and Brad. He's the only one out of the core cast(on more one occasion, I might add), who she ever explicitly confessed--even if it was to herself--to seeing as a potential boyfriend. Then there's the fact that he was the only person who believed in her during the holiday incidents when even her mother and best friend/fan-perceived love interest Brad turned against her.

And I don't think I need to mention that she always glomps and kisses him on the cheek despite supposedly not being interested in him.

Oh and my numero uno reasoning for supporting this coupling? Rob Renzetti himself stated that it was always his intention to make Jenny and Sheldon into a couple before the show was cancelled. And with recent news of a possible revival, ShelxJen supporters may just get that wish.

Legend of Zelda:

Zelda/Link - How can anyone possibly forget one of the first Action-RPG romances ever created? No matter how many incarnations they have, they are simply the best(WW Link and Tetra/Zelda are among my favorite renditons).


Saber/Arturia x Shirou - Best OTP in TYPE-Moon fandom next to Shiki x Arcueid.




Shiki x Arcueid

Ryougi x Mikiya

Angel/VV x Gun God

Hakuno (male) x Nero

Sieg x Jeanne/Laeticia

Ritsuka (male) x Joan(Alter) or Mashu

Wild ARMs (That's how I choose to spell it. Screw you, Sony! *pulls down his lower eyelid and blow a raspberry at said company*):







Jeanne D'Arc:


Ys/Sora no Kiseki/Falcom(Trails in the Sky):








Pumpkin Scissors:

Randel x Alice

Martis x Septieme or Webner

Oreldo x Lily


Lancaster/Ruby x Jaune

Black Sun/Blake x Sun

Icy Waters/Weiss x Neptune

Renora/Ren x Nora

Yatsuhashi x Velvet

Fox x Coco

Winter Bird/Qrow x Winter

Ozpin x Glynda

Star Wars:

Rey x Finn

Han x Leia

Luke x Mara - Hope that can be re-introduced in the new canon.

Ezra x Sabine

Pairings I am disinterested in, mildly dislike or generally "meh" about:

Ren x Pirika - I don't agree nor disagree with it. I just accept the fanon and move on.

Ash x Serena - Put bluntly, she's the only girl since Misty to have any amount of chemistry with Ash. However, I will always view AAML as the OTP as far as Ash shipping is concerned.

Zelos x Sheena - I admit, it DOES remind you a lot of Miroku and Sango. Though Sheena doesn't really seem to reciprocate his feelings(she seems to be much more interested in Lloyd). This is a couple I can only tolerate (specifically, if they're secondary) if it is written in a fanfiction, rather than one I like. So, you most likely won't see this in my Favorites.

Sokka x Toph - You'd have to be blind (yes, pun is intended) not to see the humongous crush Toph has on Sokka. They actually remind me of Wakka and Lulu from FFX.

Sousuke x Tessa - Well, their interaction is certainly cute in an adolescent way(especially if you watched Ep 13). Though I'm a 100% Sousuke x Kaname supporter, Tessa's not a bad candidate either(though the complications it would bring to their working relationship would be cataclysmic).

Ed x Rose - I don't think anyone can argue against the fact that Rose does seem to harbor affection for Ed that could be interpreted as romantic. Though I don't know how or truly believe it would work out, I still think it's slightly cute in spite of the sheer unlikeliness of Ed ever falling for Rose.

(Winry, put the wrench down! I'm just saying under different circumstances...no wait!CLUNK!)

Inuyasha x Kikyou - (frantically dodges flaming garbage, arrows and cannonballs) Whoa, Whoa! I'm talking about Pre-Kagome here, people; calm down! From what I observed from the Inuyasha/Kikyo special, they did obviously love each other. They also served as a catalyst for one another(Inuyasha was slowly becoming more open towards her; while Kikyo was becoming less reserved, serious, and began to act more feminine and, dare I say, cheerful). Had Tsubaki not put that ridiculous 'love curse' on Kikyo(and of course, if Naraku hadn't screwed things up further by impersonating them and planting seeds of distrust and hatred between them), who knows what would have developed. Too bad, we'll never really know.

But it's just as well since Kagome has proven to be much more compatible with Inuyasha and always had a stronger bond with him. Plus, she fully accepts him for who and what he is and doesn't perceive him as a possible meal ticket out of her duties.

Hated pairings:

Roy x Ed - I wanna know where the HELL this came from! Ed barely respects Mustang initially, let alone LIKES him(not even as a friend). Sure we see that by the end of the series he seems to understand Roy better(maybe even trusts him enough to consider him his friend now or even a father figure), but where was it ever remotely hinted at that he was in love with him(or vice versa)? Hell, in what way was it ever implicated that they were gay to begin with? Everything points either Roy/Riza, or Ed/Winry(even small hints of Ed/Rose too, at least in the first anime).

Ed x Al - ...You people are absolutely revolting, blasphemous and deplorable for writing this pairing. You turn a beautifully touching relationship between two brothers and warp it for your own incestuous sex-filled fantasies. That's just despicable; you shame Arakawa Hiromu-san's work by writing such things.

Ed x Envy - I KNOW fangirls must be either insane, delusional, or crack addicts for even conceiving the notion that this couple would ever work. This is even worse than Ed/Al(but for totally opposite reasons), these two absolutely HATE EACH OTHER. You think Ed would forgive Envy for all the crap he's caused(do I NEED to remind you that this was the homuculus who killed beloved FMA character Maes Hughes and left poor Elicia without a father, and Gracia without her loving husband?)? Or that Envy would never, ever let go of his unlenting hatred for his former half-brother and his family? Unlike all the other Homunculi who had reasons and motives for behaving the way they do(except for Pride, and maybe Sloth) that people could sympathize with, Envy simply lives to see humans and those he hates suffer and writhe in agony(not to mention his sole purpose in life was killing his creator/father and ruining his brothers' lives).

In Brotherhood/manga, it's the same situation without the half-brother deal.

I'll never nor do I want to understand how people could put these two together.

NaruSasu - Again, they are "best friends", but are also the fiercest of rivals. Naruto has never shown an interest in Sasuke beyond friendship(especially since he's had his sights set on Sakura since, well, FOREVER) and vice versa. Did everyone just tune Naruto out when he said that Sasuke was like his brother? Or how bloody disgusted they were when they accidentally kissed or Naruto's sickened reaction to seeing a naked Sasuke and Sai when Konohamaru showed him Yaoi no Jutsu? Sasuke also never seemed to have an interest in ANYBODY romantically. Well, maybe Karin, but that's a pretty screwed-up relationship so...

Yuri x Flynn - Gah, yet another brotherly relationship taken wildly out of context by goddamned fangirls.

Rita x Estelle - Female equivalent to the above(just replace "brotherly" with "sisterly").

Yuri x Judith - Meaningless flirtation and playful banter does not equate romance. There was never a moment between them in the game that implicated that they felt more for each other other than friends.

Sol x Ky - Again, where was it hinted at that they were homosexual or even interested in each other beyond rivals? Even in the Drama CDs, novels, short stories and manga(all of which are canon to the games), I haven't seen anything to hint at such a relationship(unless you're basing it solely on the alternate future where things are DRASTICALLY different, and Sol was quietly sobbing when Ky was killed at the end of it. Still, that's an ALTERNATE future, and Sol and Ky were comrades since Sol didn't leave the Order in that timeline. He was crying because the Ky of that future was his FRIEND, not his LOVER or secret romantic interest. Besides, Sol sees Ky as a kid who he thinks needs to tone down his suffocating sense of idealism and justice; not to mention he finds Ky's conformist attitude to those who don't follow HIS sense of law and order very annoying. From his perspective, Ky is an overly idealistic kid that has a buttload of growing up to do(and who needs to stop being so uptight and easily riled up over everything). Ky also can't stand Sol because of how totally opposite the two of them are, in both beliefs and personality(though they don't hate each other as much as they appear to, they still don't like each other). Later on, it doesn't seem so much about Sol stealing the Fireseal sword anymore, but more about him testing his own strength against Sol, and gaining his acknowledgment of both his strength and that his sense of justice is right. Hell, when you take all of the supplemental material into context, Ky tends to look to Sol as an older brother and role-model, even when he doesn't approve of most of the things he does. Ky even accredits his current maturity to Sol by teaching him that, destiny, order and laws are not infallible nor absolute. Sol similarly treats Ky as an annoying little brother along with Sin.

And really, Ky is officially and hopelessly in love with Dizzy and even had a child with her, whereas Sol is committed to the memory of his lover, Aria. And after the endings of Xrd -SIGN and Revelator, he will quite possibly move on to Elphelt or the New Aria. Fangirls, give it up. They are rivals and currently friends who are as close as family to each other, nothing more. Stop beating a decayed and buried horse.

Kouta x Yuka - Just...no. If Elfen Lied was your basic rom-com anime, I'd have no issue with them being a couple(cousins or no). However, given the case of Elfen Lied's characters' backgrounds, I find Lucy more suitable for Kouta.

Hao x Anna - The HELL? She hates his freakin' guts! And most of his short-lived attraction towards her stems from the fact she reminded him of his mother from his original life(which is pretty creepy).

Ragna x Jin - Outside of those gut-busting, hilarious gag endings and omakes like Help me!/Teach Me!/Professor Kokonoe/Miss Litchi, this is also ludicrous. ARC even came out and said that Jin didn't have any feelings of that nature for Ragna in an interview since the NA release of the first game and he certainly doesn't show anything but a desire and hatred to kill his brother in the actual story, though he still retain scraps of brotherly love for Ragna. And needless to say, Ragna DEFINITELY doesn't have amorous feelings for Jin.

Jin x Noel - Surprisingly, this makes even less sense to me than Ragna x Jin. At least you can argue (by Bizarro Yaoi fangirl logic at any rate *bleh!*) that the Gag Reels set up a semi-plausible basis for Jin to have an attraction towards Ragna, but he shows absolutely no respect, let alone affection, for Noel at all. He routinely refers to her as an "obstacle", "trash" or "a waste of space". He refuses to even call her by her name. I have no clue why people feel so endeared to this couple because it rings of abuse. I've read people use the Tsundere argument, but that is garbage. Pay attention to how he behaves with Ragna, Tsubaki and Makoto: THAT is a tsundere. A tsundere is a person who is typically abrasive, harsh and cold towards most people but shows their gentle/caring side to people close to them. Jin has NEVER been kind or opened up to Noel at any course of the series. Hell, on more than one occasion, he's been all for chopping her head off. He tolerates her AT BEST.

For crying out loud, it's like Sasuke and Sakura all over again, except thankfully, Noel is not deluded enough to chase after someone who obviously dislikes her and Jin kept himself from being the detestable asshole that Sasuke became.

Rin x Yukio - (Urge to dash fangirl brains with a pipe...Rising!)

Sora x Riku - (sighs) This is so freaking ridiculous, they're like brothers for goodness' sakes! If people(aka obsessed yaoi fangirls) are basing this on his reaction to seeing Riku alive in KHII, well, what do you expect? With Kairi, he had the peace of mind in knowing that she was safe back on the island(before he found out she was kidnapped by Organization XIII later in the game). With Riku, he scoured across the galaxy trying to find any hint of him, not knowing if he was dead or alive(especially since the last time he saw him, he was presumably left trapped in the realm of Darkness). And Roxas made matters worse by implying that he killed Riku during his duel with Sora. The stress finally got to him by the end and he broke down, which is a pretty realistic reaction when everything's considered.

Roxas x Axel - Same as above.

Roxas x Xion - *bangs his head on a wall repeatedly* SHE. IS. SORA. AND. ROXAS'. FREAKIN'. GENETIC. CLONE. WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. YOU. PERVERTED. CLUELESS. IDIOTS!? DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT THIS IS LIKE A BROTHER GOING OUT WITH HIS SISTER?! *finally breaks through the plaster and passes out from the pain and frustration*

Luke/Asch - Can we say "Narcissistic Incest", people? I knew you could. Gah, horny immoral fangirls. This is even worse than Al/Ed or Ed/Envy.

Luke/Guy - Ugh, almost as bad. He's Luke's big brother/father figure next to Van. Plus, Guy is unambiguously attracted to women(he even said he loves "looking at beautiful women"), his gynophobia the only thing making it difficult to for him to have physical intimacy and he seems almost cured of that late into the game.

Lina x Xellos - I simply can't fathom how this couple came to be, nor why people would support it(or why it's so freaking popular in first place!). Xelloss doesn't care about Lina, he uses her for his own ends and views her as a form of personal entertainment. PERIOD. Likewise, Lina is also VERY much aware that Xelloss is an evil, manipulative, and conniving Mazoku no matter how amiable and friendly he acts towards her and her party. She knows that he would betray her in a seconds notice should he no longer have a use for her(recall when he was willing to sacrifice her life in order to get Valgaav on his side and how she wasn't in the least bit surprised when Filia informed her of his "betrayal"). I've read fics where Lina has gone either completely insane or becomes so depressed she seeks solace in Xelloss, then willingly becomes a mazoku servant under him. Excuse me but WTF! Lina would NEVER sink to such a level that she would abandon all moral integrity and hope and go to XELLOSS of all people; there's no way she would ever become THAT desperate. This in itself demoralizes and blatantly disrespects Lina's strength of character and integrity. I wish I knew who thought up this weird-ass couple so I can drag 'em out into the street, and smash some sense into his/her head with an aluminum baseball bat.

Ranma x anyone else besides Akane and vice versa

Luke x anyone else besides Tear and vice versa

Tidus x anyone else besides Yuna and vice versa

Serah x Noel - People's overreaction to the male lead of FFXIII-2 at the time had honestly made me question(more than ever) the rationality of people on the internet. Like the probability based on what information Square offered about Noel that he could've been Serah and Snow's descendant from the future. And why would she break up with her fiancee, only to hook up with a guy who's basically his clone, character-wise? Not to mention that he already had a love interest named Neul, who died only a little while before he comes to FFXIII's timeline at the beginning of the game. How the hell could anyone believe they would become a couple under those given circumstances? Please, fellow Square fans, just stop and THINK about it instead of always jumping to wayward conclusions. And as for them not marrying in the past two years(though they are still engaged and living together), hello, Lightning was MISSING! Why would Serah get married without her big sister at the wedding? Especially when she's worried sick about her since her whereabouts were unknown since the end of FFXIII?

And finally, anyone who's ever been in a genuine relationship knows that one needs to learn to live with their prospective soulmate first in order to see if they can truly get along within the same dwelling, before tying the knot. One of the primary reasons marriages tend to fail is because a person can't tolerate or compromise with the other's habits, interests, etc because they rush into it headfirst without testing the waters. I can't believe people don't take these kinds of things into account. *shakes head in dismay*

Ichigo x Orihime - Originally, I found that Orihime's overactive imagination, cheerfulness, and bubbly nature made it hard NOT to consider her to be a potential candidate for Ichigo at the beginning of the series. However, it's also became rather apparent to me that most of her romantic inclinations stem from her idealized perception of him being a hero. This was exemplified by her horrified reaction to Ichigo's Vizard form and her reluctance to believe in him - which negatively affected his confidence and performance in battle - until Nel convinced her that he's still himself. Hell, she was still nervous and required reassurance when he used it in the battle against Yhwach. Her reaction is even worse when he transforms into a full Hollow out of his desire to protect(there's also the fact that she was begging his corpse to save her when he was the one on the floor dying); and FYI, according to the direct translation of this scene and confirmed by Zangetsu, he did not transform specifically to defend Orihime but himself. These incidents have proven that she lacks the ability to positively support Ichigo on an emotional level and doesn't truly understand him as a person, unlike Rukia. Even at the end of the manga, she simply lacks any capacity to support him as a loved one should. The best she can do is lament and apologize for her inability to help or give a half-assed encouragement by asking him not to die. For a girl who claims to see him as her hero and the person she loves, her faith in him is starkly low.

I mean, What does it say when a person that's only known you a day expresses more confidence and trust in you than the person that claims that she has enough love for you to last five lifetimes? Furthermore, it's also been pointed out that her infatuation with Ichigo didn't bloom until well after Rukia's arrival and that she was in love with the changes in his character that were influenced by Rukia after she was indoctrinated him as her substitute Soul Reaper. IOWs, she wasn't in love with him before he met Rukia.

And Kubo fully realizes this, as he has used Orihime's internal monologue to note that that discrepancy between Rukia and herself in relation to Ichigo, which is why he had Rukia go over and comfort Orihime after Yhwach destroyed Ichigo's Zangetsu instead of Ichigo since we all know that Rukia always brings Ichigo back from despair with her boundless encouragement and her innate ability to rile Ichigo's fighting spirit.

IH shippers keep using the pilot chapter as their go-to defense but as we know, ideas change all the time and the finished product will often deviate from the original concept. If IH was really his intention, then why is it that it never received even a tenth of the development that Ichigo and Rukia have? Why did he deliberately tell a SJ interviewer back in 2007 when he was questioned on whether he would make Ichigo and Rukia a couple, he responded that he would neither confirm nor deny it(if IH was his goal, then the answer would've been outright no)? Whenever he's with Orihime, he never addresses her with casual ease but instead he maintains a one-dimensional attitude of politeness towards her. He's rarely personable with her at all. This is in sharp contrast to his interactions with Rukia, whom he argues with on a daily basis and feels comfortable enough around to display his full personality, emotions and opinions without restraint. On top of that, Orihime puts him on a pedestal due to her idolization of him, meaning she can't perceive him with any level of objectivity and it implies that she does not see herself on equal footing with Ichigo(meaning that she will never interject to keep him grounded since she believes he can do no wrong), which is a poor stance to have in a relationship as both partners are equals and accept the virtues as well as the vices of each other.

Ichigo also hasn't betrayed any kind of affection for her that can be (mis)contrued as romantic nor have they had any moments that would hint at them potentially becoming a couple (unlike the moments he's shared with Rukia). And as his first battle with Ulquiorra implies, he doesn't completely trust her as he assumed that her leaving to Hueco Mundo was of her own volition. Similarly, Orihime didn't think to give him the benefit of a doubt or offer even the slightest bit of support during the debacle with Tsukishima in the Fullbring Arc. Heck, even BYAKUYA has proven to trust Ichigo more than that even under Tsukishima's influence and the two of them aren't exactly friends. Timeskip has further cemented that she has taken absolutely no initiative in furthering her relationship with Ichigo and her love remained unrequited(and according to a relationship chart made by Kubo himself at one point, that status quo would remain static). She makes a comment about how she always wants to be reflected in his eyes, but she never is - unlike a certain midget shinigami.

Even the chapter with Orihime's new outfit does little to gain Ichigo's attention(which she specifically wears for that very purpose). Ichigo doesn't pay her a second glance until Chad asks him what he thinks of her new appearance, which causes Ichigo to say that her outfit is too revealing and he simply looks uncomfortable. He didn't even address her directly, and treated her like she wasn't in the room. Unlike a *certain* scene with Rukia where Ichigo needed no coaxing from anyone to give her his undivided attention and blushes up a storm. And it's funny that Orihime, who supposedly understands Ichigo, would even think of buying Urahara's suggestion of wearing it since it's no secret how Ichigo feels about scantily dressed women.

He even told a fan back in 2010 at the San Diego Con that he would include more romance between Ichigo and Rukia. And when promoting the third movie, he explicitly states the feelings between Rukia and Ichigo are changing in nature into something much more intimate throughout the film. And remember, he stated in an earlier movie that preceded the film by couple of years that they were "more than friends, less than lovers" before this point.

So yeah, Kubo really was hammering it in where Ichigo's attractions lie in the grand scheme of things and who is honestly the better woman for him.

I also hate this disturbing idea that just because Orihime is in love with him, he is somehow obligated to return her feelings. It's the same kind of logic that rules the NaruHina fandom as well. Kiddies, that is not how love works and anyone who actually follows this perception in real life will be sorely disappointed when seeking a potential love and be left very lonely. Unrequited love is a fact of life and no one is ever obliged to give you anything that they do not share. It bothers me because a majority of IH shippers seem to treat Ichigo as if he is a "prize" for Orihime and never seem to care about what Ichigo wants. Instead, it seems like the male fans use Ichigo as a proxy so that they can live out their fictional fantasies with the supposedly "perfect woman", while female fans likely sympathize with Orihime since they've been in the side of unrequited love and want Orihime to get her man. Neither side of the spectrum of that fandom gives a damn about Ichigo and it honestly pisses me off.

Sadly, IH shippers got what they wanted. Ichigo is a stay-at-home husband who works at his father's clinic and Orihime is a high school drop-out who uses her fairies to watch her kids. Ichigo, who wished to be a protector to many, is a couch potato and a lesser clone of his father whereas Orihime is just Hinata 2.0; meaning that she no longer has a thought or dream in her head that doesn't revolve around Ichigo.(sighs)

Hitsugaya x Karin - They only knew each other for one day and he spent most of that time reminiscing about Hinamori and himself. No basis of attraction whatsoever. Not to mention it's pure filler to begin with.

Renji x Rukia - While Renji harbored feelings towards her, we see perfectly well throughout the series that Rukia didn't reciprocate them at all and they maintained a purely platonic, sibling-like relationship with no sign of it ever becoming more. He also wasn't looking to push their relationship either. And like Orihime, Renji doesn't know how console Rukia over her insecurities whereas Ichigo has always been a support for Rukia as she's been for him. But regardless, they were implausibly made a couple.

Oh, and Rukia apparently doesn't let people call her by the Abarai surname because it would cause her to faint if people called her that.

...No, I am not kidding.

...Yes, I am perfectly aware of how unbelievably out of character that is for her and sounds like something only Orihime would do.

...Yes, most fans of Rukia are disgusted by it and want Kubo's blood.

Oh Tite-san, why did you become Kishimoto 2.0?

Kevin x Ben - Ugh, this pairing disgusts me on several levels. They are friends who're practically brothers and have two wonderful love interests in Gwen and Julie. Honestly, fangirls, stop messing with a good thing.

Keith x Lance - This is as bad. Why do Yaoi fangirls have this delusion that rivals who openly express their dislike towards one another are secretly in love? Lance perceives Keith as a rival and always seeks to one-up him at every opportunity due to his own sense of inferiority while Keith wants nothing of it, but gets dragged into it because Lance won't stop annoying him. Whenever they are together, they are constantly irritated with each other and this was made even more clear in the second season when they were stuck in an elevator together. They can get along occasionally and see each other as friends, but that's all there is. On top of that, Lance, like his original counterpart, is an unconscionable flirt towards women. The second and third season has established that Keith is hinted to have a romance with Allura in the future. Even Jeremy Spada, the VA for Lance, stated that Keith and Lance are simply "bros" and a more recent interview from the cast has completely friendzoned this "pairing". And Steve Yeun, the VA for Keith, said a little too much about Keith and Allura's relationship by letting it slip that it would grow into romance.

On a slightly different note, Klance shippers are among the most vile, arrogant, condescending and toxic fandom I have ever witnessed in a series. Seriously, they go out of their way to harass any other ships in the community for the sake of conformity towards their supposed "canon" ship, and they've had the audacity to go after the cast members of the show on Instagram, Facebook ,Tumblr and Twitter to pressure, harass and even threaten them to make their stupid coupling reality. There was even a jackass on Tumblr months ago that supposedly held screen shots for the third season, who tried to blackmail Dreamworks by stating that they would release them to the public unless they made Klance canon. That worked out as well as expected (spoiler: Not at all and the poster was in turn threatened with a copyright lawsuit).

I mean, these bastards care *only* about Keith and Lance hooking up and nothing else. They don't care about the story, the plot or even the development of the characters themselves. I've heard that the Klance fans have threatened to leave the VLD fandom if Kallura becomes canon, and I hope to God they keep to their word. The interaction within the fan community will feel much more inclusive and happy once this poisonous element of the fanbase is removed.

Akira x Ryo - What is with people and advocating relationships seeped with emotional abuse? He orchestrated the destruction of not only the human race, but Akira's life as a person. All so that Akira would have no choice but to rely on him after he lost his family, his true love, and any true motivation for him to fight for humanity after it was pushed to the brink of extinction. The guy shamelessly asked Akira to join him, uncaring of Akira's grief and despair as he cradled Miki's head in his arms. The man is self-righteous, deluded, obsessed, hypocritical psychopath. Yaoi fangirls, you guys are truly insane if you think that these two are "cute" together.

Tokiya x Fuuko - I've grown so sick of the epidemic known as To/Fuu in FoR fandom, it's horrendously superficial, cliche and monotonous. Hell, it's not even supported by canon to begin with! Yes, Fuuko likes to tease Tokiya, but that's all it is, TEASING. He's the only tight ass in the group and she wants him to loosen up. Likewise, Tokiya ignores her for the most part unless she forces him to pay attention to her(usually by beating him up); their whole relationship is sibling-like at best. Then let's consider the fact that they both have romantic interests in other people; For Fuuko, it's Raiha and Domon, the only two men in Fuuko's life she's ever had honest-to-God feelings for(though, she did confess to having a big crush on Recca for most of her life near the end of the manga, but let's not split hairs about it). Then there's Yanagi, who Tokiya loves, but acknowledges and respects the fact that she can only love Recca. He also acknowledges that the only reason he loved her was because she resembled his dead sister.

Seriously, this is definitely one of those pairings where the clause of "Opposites Attract" is taken too far.

Naruto x Hinata - It's a relationship born of pity, Kishi's own words. It is woefully forced and lacked any real development to push them into a romantic relationship and even Naruto in the Last novel admits in his introspective narration that he only got together with Hinata out of guilt for not realizing her feelings. I don't think I need to explain any further why this is a bad romance, or rather, why it isn't romantic at all. It's no small wonder why we rarely see the two of them together after the timeskip and why they generally look miserable most of the time. And the fact that Naruto, the boy who has always wanted a family, does not even spend time with his own son is revolting and betrays everything about the character. We know he could just use a Kage Bunshin to do his work while he took the time to be with his son, and that is something that Naruto would characteristically do. But no, he doesn't. The fact that he doesn't even understand why his son acts out is even more pathetic and OOC, given that Naruto is indisputably the most empathetic person in the entire series. He has always been attuned to people's emotions and thoughts, and this bordered into the realm of the absurd by the end of the Fourth War, so the fact that he can't comprehend the reason why his child is behaving the way he does, which is for basic attention, is unbelievable. And when he DOES try to mend the rift with his child, who does he go to for advice? His wife?


gasps for air and vainly attempts to stifle giggling* No, no. Why would he do that? Especially when she does absolutely nothing to scold or reason with her child(don't give me that filler scene in the Boruto anime either; We know it's non-canon). No, he goes to the psychopath who betrayed him, tried to kill him on numerous occasions, threatened to kill his previous love, and abandoned his own wife and child for over 12 years. Because isn't that the kind of person you would go to for help on family matters?

And Hinata doesn't even wish to address the dissonance reverberating within her family. She is an ineffectual mother and a terrible wife that sits in the background and allows her husband to continue his neglect without a word to address the obvious dysfunction aside from making feeble excuses for him and crying when her own son cuts through her enabling complicity. She can't even make a half-hearted effort to discipline Boruto when he speaks out of line about his father or skips class frequently, often making excuses for her child to his principal instead of taking him to the side and telling him to knock it off. She even tries to guilt Boruto by comparing his experiences to his father's, indicating Naruto should get a pass for his negligence and even said that she didn't want to "burden" Naruto with this.

In other words, she doesn't think that her son's feelings of abandonment are worth "burdening" her husband with. Mother of the fucking year, everyone. Also, trying to demean Boruto's feelings like that is texbook example of emotional abuse. I may hate Boruto(the show and the character), but that is disgusting.

As for Naruto, not only does he refuse to go to his daughter's birthday party in person, it is more than implied in the manga that he rarely sees his daughter as it is; the only time she sees him around the house, he's usually sleeping on the couch with a hangover. Naruto doesn't even want to sleep in the same bed as Hinata after work, instead preferring to sleep on the couch and get drunk after coming home from work. As a husband myself, it is a horrible sign of a stagnating marriage when you don't even wish the comfort of your own wife after miserable, grueling hours at a job.

So, tell me, NaruHina fans: Was it worth it?

Also, spectacular job, Kishi. You prove your words true when you said that you have no idea how to write women or romance, in spite of the fact that you had a well-developed relationship, complete with hinted context and subtext right in front of you(Naruto and Sakura) and nixed it because of your inflexibility and your odd notions about the female mind. Even your own wife and personal staff told you to stick with NaruSaku couple because it flowed with the development of the story, but you refused to listen and lost a significant number of your eastern and western fanbase because of it, on top of the fact that you murdered Naruto and Hinata's personalities and retconned their history in a vain attempt to make their union look feasible. And failed miserably.

You probably should've had your brother as an assistant writer since he knows how to write believable relationships. And in the recent interview, you're seriously trying to convince people that you planned out their romance from the start? You aren't fooling anyone, man. Even Naruhina fans don't buy it.

I don't know if you're trying to convince us, yourself or even trying to cover your ass with Studio Pierrot and your former editors, but you need to drop the pretext.

I mean, you even pour the salt in more by recently featuring Naruto running into Sakura and the two of them non-verbally exposing how much they regret their life choices. If you acknowledge via narrative, interviews *and* panel shots that your characters are so miserable, why the hell did you do this to them?!

Though now you aren't alone in this kind of farce since Tite pulled a similar stunt and is arguably receiving far more rancor for it than you since you didn't string your readers along as tightly when it came to pairings when compared to him. But in the end, you both paired your protagonists with the most underdeveloped and least suitable women for them, and your manga lost something significant because of it. Not even going to get into how both of your male protagonists have failed to accomplish their goals in life. To say the least, I hope future mangaka look at your respective travesties and resolve to never repeat them.

Yuuji x Kazumi - She's a great girl, but she wasn't the one that Yuuji was thinking about that entire time he was being mentally disssected by Hecate, or who he pledged to become stronger to remain at her side. Plus, he barely even knows her. And as of the sixteenth volume of the novel, Yuji rejected Kazumi and chose Shana. Ike is far more suitable for her anyway.

Zuko x Katara - For most of the series, they had a grudging, adversarial respect for each other as Benders, but it didn't extend beyond that. Before the last few episodes of Avatar, Their interaction consisted of nothing but trying to kill one another for Pete's sake! _ (and not in "I do it to hide my feelings for you" fashion but the "I despise you so much I could just kill you!"). Like Sasuke, Zuko used to only be concerned with following his own agenda and shows contempt to anyone who wasn't Iroh(Katara and Aang being the main targets of his ire) or his bastard of a father; the joining with his vile excuse of a sister proved that. Even the events of CoD where Katara was talking to Zuko in the cave have shown that nothing had changed them between (except the barest inklings of friendship and sympathy). And, aside from their similar feelings of responsibility, they have no other basis that would have possibly led to them being a couple.

I doubt the creators would've gone through the trouble of throwing out so many hints pointing to Kataang just to satisfy the stereotype of Zutara. Heck, they'd already fooled Zutara fans twice with their previews showing scenes of Katara and Zuko together, only to end in disappointment (for the Zutara fans anyway snickers). The Southern Raiders hug was yet another example of a scene that was seemingly romantic taken wildly out of context, so they went for three. It was simply a platonic (also to note very brief)thank you/I forgive you hug. It was only to demonstrate that she's beginning to accept Zuko again, not suggesting anything romantic about it. Furthermore, in prior episodes she'd adamantly stated that she would personally kill Zuko if he ever hurt Aang, which solidified her disdain for Zuko and the devotion and love she feels for Aang. They may have eventually become friends at the end, but lovers? Only in fanfiction and the deluded minds of fanboy/girls.

Hell, Mike and Bryan, when asked about Zutara, compared it to the likeliness of a Appa/Momo romance. And Dee Bradley Parker told a Zutara fan at '07 Comic Con that: "You know that's not gonna happen, right?". Not to mention every time the topic is brought up, they look annoyed or exasperated. I can't blame them to be honest.-_-

For goodness sake, the "Canon" Zutarians (snorts derisively at the oxymoron) treat the pairings of Avatar like a massive conspiracy rather than simply accepting the relationships as they are. The creators nor the show itself are trying to speak in double entendres or deceive fans. Tease? maybe; Deceive? No. Because in case people have forgotten this minute detail about this show that as wonderfully structured and intricate as the story can be...


Yes, it's gained the attention of age groups outside of its intended demographic, but it doesn't alter the fact at all that it's a show meant for 11 year olds. So, people need to stop projecting their teenage hormones into it like it's some stupid teen drama or what have you. Geez, it's ridiculous!

The relationships are all made to be extremely obvious and the creators treat them as such, especially when questioned about them. They are genuinely shocked whenever a fan--mostly teenagers--blatantly misinterprets a certain scene like Zuko bribing Katara with her mother's necklace as "romantic"(clearly because those individuals are overexposed to trashy romance novels, movies or certain types of anime), rather than how it was actually meant to be presented: a typical badguy scene. Really, if you met them at conventions, questions or statements like these always confound the hell out of them. Again, I don't blame them. It also looked like they're making fun of the Zutarian fanbase with the Ember Island Players episode before Sozin's Comet premiered by addressing the weak arguments for Zutara/against Kataang.

And as the final nail on the head, they stated this when interviewed by Toon Zone back in April '08:

DIMARTINO: And I never would have thought that the potential Katara/Zuko romance was going to be so ... you know, so big for people? Because honestly, that wasn't our intention from the start (laughs).

KONIETZKO: We knew about it...

DIMARTINO: We knew there would be some tension, but it wasn't like we were going to play that up too much, so it's cool to see people getting into that romance stuff.

KONIETZKO: I think we've met some people where when he has her necklace in episode 109, people were like, "Oh, they're going to get together." (laughs) We were like, "Whoa! You guys are jumping ahead!" But, whatever...people see what they want to see.

I rest my case.

I hold no vindictive feelings towards Zutarians(heck, some of them are my friends both on and off-line). If they like the couple and know that it's fanon, more power to them. It's the delusional ones that keep claiming "ZUTARA IS CANON! ZUTARA'S GONNA HAPPEN! KATAANGERS ARE CRAZY FOR THINKING AANG AND KATARA WILL BE A COUPLE! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!" that have a tendency to peeve me off. Especially when there's very solid evidence to the contrary, even the creators' own word of mouth.

Not that it matters anymore since in the end, Kataang and Maiko won the day.

Yuri x Karin: I'm sorry, but Yuri wasn't in love with Karin at ANY point in the game and given what we find out, I'd say it's a good thing too...unless you're into incest. Not even a hint or snippet that would even suggest that he wanted to be with her. I mean, sure, he checked her out in the beginning of the game, but then again this is Yuri we're talking about. After that, he didn't even pay her much of a second glance and treated her like a comrade. And what really irritates me are how the fans who've only played Covenant tend to downplay Yuri and Alice's love for one another and insist he move on to Karin.

This isn't like bloody Inuyasha or Final Fantasy 7, people!

What's even worse is how they talk about how she was a helpless, selfish shrew who needed Yuri to save her all the time(when, in the end, SHE'S the one ultimately saved his life AND his soul). That shows how ignorant they truly are to Alice's character and that they know nothing of how she helped Yuri in Shadow Hearts other than what they've seen in the sequel. And in the end, it doesn't matter. Why? Because Yuri's a one-woman guy to the extreme. He chose his love for Alice in the end, just as Karin has chosen to follow her own fate as Anne, and the eventual husband of Ben Hyuga and birth mother of our hero. Nothing's going to change that. And I would honestly think less of him if he decided to just find another woman two years after his previous love's death. Sorry folks, but Alice is his one true love and--quite literally--his soul-mate. He made it clear that she's the only person he will ever love and wants to be with her for eternity.

I also had to resist the urge to slam my palm into my forehead ala Kyon when Karin had the nerve to ask him if he loved Alice after she heard how he dug up her grave with his bare hands in the beginning of the game. I mean, I like Karin, but that was a thoughtless question to ask.

Vanille x Fang - I predicted that this would spread within the circles of the more perverted members of the FFXIII fanbase but people, give me a break. Their relationship is explicitly shown to be platonic and boasts a maternal mother/daughter or sisterly relationship.

Steve x Bucky (MCU) - The two characters are best friends that are as close as family and brothers-in-arms. They are not interested in each other romantically, and the actors of the movies themselves straight-out state that they don't have such emotions for one another nor was the script trying to imply such. The fanon theory of them together is all just projection from the audience.

Gilgamesh x Arturia - There aren't words in the english language for me to fully articulate how much I absolutely despise this coupling and cannot fathom for the life of me why anyone could get behind it. Gilgamesh sees Saber as an object - a toy. He disregards her wishes and opinions once he states that he will make her his wife and wants to dominate her by any means necessary, even through pain. He openly states that he enjoys her anguish and self-loathing after the Fourth HGW banquet and continues to express as much in all of their interactions. Excluding Enkidu, he has stated that he does not love anything other than himself. People, places, and the world itself are only possessions to him. There's also the fact that the bit of history from the original myth that he was a rapist that bedded the wives of his subjects remains intact, as was implied when he made a remark of Saber's expression after being chastised by Alexander. So, I don't know what this says about people that want him with Arturia. It is a pairing that truly perplexes me like no other.

And if people pair Arturia up with Gilgamesh because they think he's "misunderstood" and that Arturia can somehow "fix" him so that he can be a proper good guy, you're more distorted than Shirou.

Sasuke x Sakura - He has done NOTHING to earn her affection, whereas Naruto would willingly sacrifice his own life, his dreams of being Hokage, and most importantly, his HEART for her happiness. All he's ever done is put her down, called her a useless ninja with no talent(yeah, I'll bet a girl would LOVE a guy who 'encourages' them like that) and tried to murder her; sorry, but that just doesn't ring romance to me. Sasuke has also never betrayed an iota of interest that he would ever consider Sakura anything more than a teammate(and following his defection, not even that) throughout the entirety of the manga. And honestly, I don't think Sasuke deserves a pairing; he's a selfish, traitorous, revenge-obsessed bastard who places the prospects of power and vengeance over his own friends. And of course, we have Sasuke attempt to kill Sakura AGAIN just so that he could cut down Madara, if not for Naruto's intervention. He's also gone back to calling her worthless and considers both her and Kakashi as expendable dead weight. He also symbolically stabbed her in the heart, even after she tried to appeal to him with her feelings and their former bond as comrades on Team Seven and effectively mind-raped her.

Yeah, doesn't that sound like such an enchanting guy for a woman to be with? I mean, if you were drunk, stoned out of your mind, and had little value of yourself as a human being?

And if I hear about that stupid departure scene ONE MORE TIME...

Then, we have Sakura end up in a loveless marriage with a man who leaves her to raise a child that he's only seen once, and that was on the day of her birth. She is barely even able to support herself and the hospital that she developed, which is disturbingly laughable considering that she is close friends with the Hokage, the protege of the previous Hokage and is a world-renowned war hero. Sasuke even has the gall to tell her when he returns, that Sarada is the only reason he's back. Yeah, and where was he for the first twelve years of his child's life and his marriage? Oh yeah, going on a selfish pilgrimage for his supposed redemption without providing financial support for his family. It's downright despicable how he would be the one to imply that Sakura was the problem in their relationship, given all of the heinous bullshit he pulled.

What's worse is the sheer denial from the SS fandom over this. Whenever people point out how seriously wrong the relationship is, they basically tell you to ignore everything Sasuke has ever done to Sakura and focus on how he was Pre-timeskip. It honestly scares and repels me how deluded they are and makes me wonder if these supporters are even in genuine relationships. Even Kishimoto admitted in an interview that he couldn't come up with an actual reason why Sakura would love Sasuke, implying that there is nothing about Sasuke that would ever make a woman plausibly fall in love with him. Or at least there's no grounded reason why Sakura would still "love" Sasuke after everything he did to her.

Hell, the VAs - English and Japanese - find the pairing of them unattractive and disturbing. Even when Sakura's Japanese seiyuu congratulated Sakura for her "happiness", she's since redacted those statements and even beforehand. Kishimoto himself stated that he doesn't understand why Sakura is infatuated with Sasuke after everything he's done to her and that it was possible that they may file for divorce, one day0.

Really, I just can't comprehend why people are even attracted to this coupling when it has all the marks of an abusive relationship. It is positively toxic and what's worst of all? The fact that Kishimoto still allows Sasuke to get away with causing suffering and misery to the people around him while going unpunished.

Characters I hate:

Phibrizo - The manipulative brat got what was coming to him. He kidnapped and brainwashed Gourry, resurrected and cruelly enslaved the spirits of Sairaag, killed most of the Slayers gang and threatened to finish off Gourry if Lina didn't cast the Giga Slave. He got what he deserved in full.

Azula - The woman is a pure, undiluted, irredeemable psychopath who needs to be put down! I laughed when Mai stood up to Azula and boldly stated that she loved Zuko more than she feared her, and all Azula could do was stutter in utter belief. The Coup de grace was when Azula was paralyzed by Ty Lee of all people! You go, Mai and Ty Lee! Though, I'll admit, I felt a tinge of pity for Azula when she was reduced to a paranoid, insane heap of a woman.

Naraku - The bastard finally got what he deserved!

Terumi - He is a disgusting, vile, sick, insane, duplicitous, EVIL, MALCONTENT. I'm sure people could write extensive essays on his character traits, personality, motives and actions, but those seven words are truly all you need summarize Terumi. Thank God, he dies a suitably poetic death.

Gilgamesh - He is an obnoxious, arrogant, hypocritical, monstrous, sexist, morally bankrupt, self-indulgent tyrant who needs to be blown off his high horse; preferably by the deities and some of the higher-end heroes from DC and Marvel comics to show him just how low he rates on the totem pole as a hero and a super power. "King of Heroes", my ass; the bastard is scum. Seeing him die in all three of the FSN routes brought me nothing but exquisite joy. Really, it's surprising that Lancer is considered the "Kenny" of F/SN when Gilgamesh died just as often, usually by his own stupidity and pride. And it sickens me to the depths of my stomach how he looks down on Shirou for being a "Faker" when he never earned the weapons in his treasury through combat nor trial or even learned how to fight with them. Everything was given to him on a platter. Whereas Shirou constantly puts his life at risk just tracing those Noble Phantasms that Gilgamesh carelessly throws around like a child does with his toys. He's the ultimate pampered, spoiled rich kid and I hate him for it. There are times that I hate him more than Sasuke and Terumi.

Gil-ko, OTOH, has my respect. It's a such a shame knowing that a good kid like that will grow into an incredible douchebag. Even *he* doesn't know how Adult Gil becomes as bad as he is and he retains all of his original self's memories. Hell, I like the original concept of Gilgamesh from Fate/Prototype(nicknamed, "Proto-Gil" by the fans) better than the final product. He actually seemed kind of cool IMO.

Alaya and Gaia from the same series should also be erased. Or have Philemon, Nyarlathatep and Lucifer from the SMT series come over and introduce them to the back of their hands.

Shinji Matou - He sexually and physically abused his own foster sister to satiate his own misguided jealousy over the fact that he wasn't chosen as the heir to his family, then used Rider to drain innocent people--including his classmates and teacher--just so he could feed his own damaged, self-entitled ego. There was one idiot who even tried to argue with me that he was a victim and that Rin was more diabolical than he was. Yes, Rin, the person who gave up her precious father's heirloom to save a person's life. Rin, the girl who compromised her own chances at winning in the Grail War by teaming up and assisting a clueless, inept magus, in spite of the fact that it has nearly gotten her killed several times. Rin, the girl who risked her life to save the aforementioned bastard after he tried to kill her friends and rape her when most people would have felt vindicated to leave him to his death. Rin, the girl who chose to let herself be killed because she couldn't bring herself to harm her baby sister, who had become an avatar to All of the World's Evils. Funny thing is that this guy says that he sympathizes with Shinji but doesn't care at all about Sakura. Guess that explains everything, doesn't it?

I told that individual that he needs to stop getting high off of jello shots. That or he seriously doesn't know a damn thing about the characters he defends and demonizes. If someone thinks that a person who was just disregarded by his insane grandfather deserves more pity than a girl who was sold away by her father like a slave and forbidden to see or even speak to her mother and sister; *raped* at the age of 6 by phallic worm familiars, was continuously abused and violated by said-worms and her foster brother for most of her life, cruelly regarded as a stranger by her twin sister, and was fated to die by her seventeenth birthday by being turned into an omnipotent wishing cup, your moralistic priorities are fucking backwards. Then again, this guy's a moronic hypocrite since he apparently hates Sasuke who, as much of a despicable punk that he is, is not as bad as Shinji.

The only version of Shinji I can say I *like* is from Fate/Extra. He's about the only version of Shinji with redeemable qualities, especially in Fate/Extra CCC where he actually gets a few good moments of heroism. So, kudos to him.

Tokiomi Tohsaka - Because when you think about it, a majority of what happens to the characters in Fate/Stay Night is his fault. I already made my rant about the effect his decisions had on Sakura, but let's delve even deeper. If he hadn't summoned Gilgamesh, he wouldn't have influenced Kirei to awaken his inner sadism, which in turn caused him to orchestrate his "mentor's" and his wife's deaths and make a wish to Angra Mainyu to burn down Fuyuki; leaving Shirou a broken amnesiac and orphan(twice over), Rin in a similar situation (minus the memory loss), and Illya, a homicidal yet pitiful young girl bent on revenge for her believed abandonment by her father.

And don't even dare feed me that crap about him doing it so Rin and Sakura wouldn't fight over their family's crest. One: It's made explicitly evident that they would never fight--let alone kill--each other over the inheritance of their family's magecraft. Two: If Tokiomi had a brain, he could have simply split the Crest between them like the Edelfelt family do with their heirs; heck, since they're related, it makes considerably more sense that he should've allowed them to raise Sakura. He could've also have raised her as a mundane or at least run a background check on Zouken. Magi are supposed to be incredulous and suspicious about each other by nature, yet he couldn't so much as research just what the Makiri's magecraft is and the procedure on just how it's passed on. So yes, I hold him accountable for the majority of the main cast's suffering and trauma and I hope he burns in Hell(Sorry Rin, but Daddy ain't good enough for Heaven).

Kami Albarn - Yeah, now that the manga's over, I can officially say that I dislike this woman. She is a virtual non-entity in Maka's life and there is absolutely no excuse for it. Spirit is a perverted cheating louse, but at least he's proven to be a supportive and reliable parent towards Maka that can be depended on whenever she needs him. You can't even say that much about Kami. She wasn't even there for her daughter as moral support during the most cataclysmic battle in history with her daughter right in the center of it. She couldn't even bother to show up for Maka's graduation ceremony. And what's sad is that Maka still idolizes her mother. I seriously question just who was ultimately the worse mother: Medusa or Kami. At least Medusa paid her child some attention (not the good kind by any means, but it's still more than what can be said of Kami).

And yes, I'm aware that I sound exceedingly harsh and possibly unfair towards her and I can understand if people disagree with me here, but god, it just drives me crazy that she never once makes an appearance at any point in the series, especially when her presence would have made a crucial impact at several pivotal moments. As it stands, the series just doesn't leave me with a positive impression of her. I don't hate her as much as I feel disappointment in her.

Sephiroth - He doesn't deserve one ounce of sympathy after what he's done. And no, he doesn't even have the excuse of Jenova manipulating his actions since that theory was soundly crushed by Square-Enix in the FFVII Ultimania Guide. He made his bed, now he can sleep in it.

To be clear, I *like* him as a villain and antagonist, and even enjoyed his role as a deuteragonist in Crisis Core, but I don't pity him at all like most fans tend to. Not unless the FF7 Remake can change my mind by exploring his descent into madness more explicitly.

Mayu's stepdad - Of all the people that were killed in Elfen Lied, how did this monster escape unscathed!? Mayu's mother is also a negligent whore who was actually JEALOUS of her daughter because she was the one who was being raped instead of her? WTF! Yeah, lady, because it's clearly your daughter's fault that you have a blind eye for men and didn't know that your new husband was an immoral bastard and shameless pedophile. O_o

Well, I can only hope he was one of the numerous people she might've slaughtered when her vectors engulfed the Earth.

Sasuke Uchiha - What can be said? I hate him. Not only as a character, but because he ruined Naruto's credibility in a literary sense. Let's see: He betrays his friends and village by joining up with several criminal organizations for the sake of power and vengeance, nearly kills his best friend on multiple occasions, had designs to destroy his village despite the fact that they were innocent of the crimes against the Uchiha clan, has nearly killed two girls that are infatuated with him more than once for his ends, planned to kill the Kages, seal the Bijuu to use them as batteries and forcibly attempts to establish himself as Hokage. Yet in spite of all that, he gets off with a slap on the wrist, marries his rival's love interest (while still treating her like trash as he leaves her for years and left his kid to be raised by her mother for her entire life) and suffers no repercussions whatsoever. Bravo, Masashi. Bravo.

While I've distanced myself from it and moved on to other series, I know I will always like Naruto because it's a part of me that I can't let go of, but the final two chapters and The Last left a critical blow to my love of the series as well as my respect for Kishimoto. I agree with those who state that the last two chapters felt like a fanfiction writer hijacked the story and wrote them. Part of me wishes that everything past Chapter 698 is a hallucination caused by the Tsukuyomi, and lord I would forgive Kishimoto if he used that plot twist, but I doubt it since he stated that the Boruto novel would be his last contribution to the Naruto series. I feel that he has truly betrayed this series and ultimately, himself with how he ended it. Even his wife and writing staff were against his decisions on the ending.

It also bugs me how a faction of the fandom tries to justify his actions as a warped form of kindness when it came to Sakura and justified retribution for the sake of his self-destructive desire for vengeance. It truly makes me wonder who is more deluded - Sasuke or his fans.

Nachetanya - Manipulative. Demented. Psychopathic. BITCH. I instinctively disliked the character from the beginning - even when I tried to resist the temptation - because I think I sensed that she would do something to make me loathe her. Lo and behold, she betrays her comrades, frames and nearly kills Adlet, tosses Goldov aside despite his fervent loyalty to her, and cheerfully talks about sacrificing half a million people. ALL. WITH. A. SMUG. SMILE.

I hope she gets what's coming to her.

Favorite Fanfiction Scenes:

A Certain Unfortunate Christmas

"Touma, you have a potty mouth." Index frowned, not a bit happy about the 'F' bomb being dropped like that, even if the situation had called for it.

"Uh, Index-san... I swear, I didn't mean to say it. You see I was in a lot of pain, and uh-please don't bite me!" Touma covered himself, since her favorite spot was usually his head. He opened one eyelid, and saw she wasn't even moving. Unknown to him, she felt her eyes mist and since it was night time, the darkness made it hard for him to see her face. Seeing how Index was not doing anything, he took this time to speak. "Index, there's something I want to talk to you about."

Index quickly got off of him and sadly looked at him. "No, Touma, I have something to say." The brunette looked at her confused, but he let her contiue on for whatever she wanted to tell him. However, he had a strong feeling that this wasn't good since her behavior wasn't giving any good signs. She let out a sigh, "I've been thinking about going back to England." Touma felt everything stop, even with the shock look on his face, Index contiued. "I just noticed... that I've been nothing but a burden to you. I've done nothing but caused harm to you. I... don't deserve your friendship."

"What?" Touma choked out, this was not the usual happy Index he was used to hearing. The words she was saying gave him a heartache.

"So, I won't cause anymore harm. Index... will leave." She hiccuped, holding back tears. "Thank you... for everything Touma. I shall go now." The girl was about to walk away when she felt a hand grab onto her. She turned back to see Touma, with his hair covering his expression as he held onto to her arm.

"What the hell are you talking about? You're leaving me? That's it? After all we've been through, you're going to walk out on me? !" his grip tightened.

"I've done no good. You keep saving me, yet I have not done anything to help you." The depressed nun tried pulling away, but it did no good.

"Shut up! You idiot, who the hell told you all these things? I'll punch them out!" Just when Index thought his grip couldn't get any tighter, he grasped her arm harder. Though he made sure not to hurt her, he was struggling to hold himself back.

"Touma, please, let me go." She sobbed.

"Never!" Touma then used both of his hands to pull Index closer.

"Touma, why do you want me to stay? It's my fault you lost your memories! It's my fault that you almost died again! It's my fault that you're in this state... I'm a sin to your life." She cried harder.

"Shut the hell up! I don't care about that, that's why I never blamed you! Not once, so you're not at fault for anything. It was all my choice. You're not a goddamn sin! Whoever told you that should learn to shut the fuck up!" Touma knew he was swearing too much, and people would probably complain again, but at that moment, he really didn't give a shit.

"But...Touma, I-"

He didn't let her finish. "Not another word. That's all bullshit! Why can't you understand, Index, that ever since that day...when I couldn't remember anything... you were there since the beginning. You never left my side, so why now? Huh? I've fought so hard to get you back... I'm not losing you again!" He had half of mind to tackle her, but if it came down to it, he would do what he had to in order to keep her from leaving him.

"Why, Touma? Why go so far for me?" she turned back to look at him.

"That's simple: I love you, Index." Whether it was romantic or not, he still spoke the truth. Index stopped pulling away as Touma pulled her into a big hug. "You are so important to me... why is it that everyone else, inculding me, can see that but not you? You wanted a place in this world, right? Well, here it is, with me. I don't know about any of the religious stuff, but I do know one thing: being with you is all I need. You simply cannot just leave me alone, Index!"

Index finally hugged Touma back. "I'm sorry, Touma..."

"Me too. Just... please, stay with me." He held her closer.

"I was so lonely without you. I wished you never left me, Touma." She muffled into his shoulder.

Valentine's Day Disaster (A Yugi/Tea fic)

“Oh Yugi. I’m really enjoying our date. We should really do this again.”

Rebecca turned her full attention to Yugi and gazed into his eyes. Then, she felt something hit the back of her head. She yelped and looked around. She looked down by her seat and saw a bread roll sitting on the floor. She looked up and glared at Tea, who was drinking from her glass and grinning.

“Oh that’s the way it’s gonna be!” Rebecca yelled.

Yugi gasped as he saw Rebecca grab a roll from their basket. He quickly tried to reach her arm, but she had already hurled it into the air. Tea ducked down as the roll came towards her and hit her drink. Water poured all over and table and dripped into her lap. Tea stood up and yelled, grabbed her basket and began throwing more rolls at Rebecca.

The other guests ducked for cover as the two girls had an all-out bread war. Waiters and waitresses saw this and rushed over, trying to stop the insanity.

“YOU TWO!” they yelled, “stop now or we’ll throw you out!”

Just then, Bakura’s yami took over and saw the action that was going down. He smirked madly as Miho stared at him. He grabbed a roll and stood up out of his seat.

“FOOD FIGHT!!” he yelled, throwing it at Yugi’s head.

Soon, the restaurant was filled with flying bread rolls and people ducking for cover. Kaiba grabbed his glass of scotch and tossed the liquid all over Joey. Joey wiped the scotch off his face as he threw his entire glass over at Kaiba. Kaiba ducked and it hit the wall behind him, causing glass to fly everywhere. One of the waiters got out his cell phone and called someone.

“MR. TSUNAMI!” he said in panic, “WE HAVE A SITUATION!”

Tea had wrestled Rebecca to the ground, and began shoving a bread roll into her mouth.


Yugi desperately tried to pull Tea off from her. He looked around the restaurant and saw that everything had fallen into chaos.

Duke jumped over a table and knocked Tristan to the ground. They both wrestled as Serenity watched in horror. Serenity poured water on them, trying to stop it, but it did no good. Yami Bakura punched Kaiba in the face and attempted to stick his head into the fireplace. Kaiba quickly freed himself from the thief’s grasp and pushed him onto the ground. Joey took a bottle of gin from behind the bar booth and threw it towards Kaiba. Kaiba ducked and it flew into the fireplace, causing a small explosion in the dining area.

Yami appeared next to Yugi, and looked around in shock.

“This isn’t romantic in the least!” he exclaimed, “what is wrong with this generation!?”

Bleach May Cry: Chapter 2

She looked at Nero, then at Ichigo, then back at Nero. “Are…you two…related?”

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Nero and Ichigo yelled at the same time.

“You honestly don’t hear that?”

“Hear what?” they asked at the same time. They looked at each other. “Stop doing that!” They walked at each other quickly, literally going head-to-head.

“I’ve got half a mind to kick your ass, kid!”

“Hey, that’s my line! And just who are you calling kid, anyway?!”

“Enough already!” Rukia said, exasperated. The two were a lot alike; as such, they were both fairly easy to anger. “Do you want an explanation or not?!” They backed off, and as Rukia got out a pen and a pad of paper, Ichigo rolled his eyes.

“Not the drawings again…” he said.

“They want answers, so I’m giving them answers!”

Ichigo held his tongue for once and let her draw. She explained the basics to them: the Soul Society, Soul Reapers, Hollows, wholes…a spirit crash course. When she was done, she heard Dante chuckle. “What?” she asked.

Dante struggled to keep a straight face. “So…the rabbits try to kill the bears…while at the same time helping the bunnies to pass on?” Before Dante could react, the notepad Rukia had written on crashed down onto his head. “Hey, what the hell?”

“You dare to mock me, you insolent fool?!” Rukia shouted, livid.

“What? That’s what’s on the paper! What am I supposed to think?”

“Weren’t you listening to a word I said?”

“Well, yeah, but the kindergarten-level quality of the drawings doesn’t really get the message across, does it?”

“Tell me about it…” Ichigo sighed.

Rukia rounded on him. “What was that? Are you siding with him?”

Ichigo rolled his eyes, picking his ear unconcernedly. “I’m just saying he has a point. And he did kill a hollow, after all.” He stopped picking his ear and stooped down to Rukia’s height. “Maybe we better hear what he has to say, instead of arguing about your little kiddie drawings.”

Rukia grabbed the back of Ichigo’s hair. “You…”

Dante looked at them, amused. “You know, if you’re gonna make out with each other, let us know first. We’ll look away.”

Rukia let go of Ichigo’s hair and looked down, blushing furiously. Ichigo looked away from her so she wouldn’t see him; he was blushing just as hard as she was.

Dante, seeing them finally stop, continued. “More importantly, what was the big deal with killing one of those hollow things? The kid…” he indicated Nero, “…the babe…” he pointed to Lady, “…and I cleaned up a good twenty or thirty of ‘em earlier.”

Rukia and Ichigo turned to gape at Dante. He, in turn, gaped at Lady. “Aren’t you gonna shoot me for calling you a babe?”

She shrugged. “I am a babe. What’s wrong with that?” she asked, smiling mischievously.

Dante was, for the first time in his life, at a loss for words. Did she just…not shoot me? She actually took a compliment for once? No way…the only time she’s ever warmed up to me was when she got drunk and said that she…

Rukia interrupted Dante’s musings. “You…killed over…thirty hollows? But…how?” she asked, amazed.

Dante pulled Rebellion off of his back. “I handle my weapon pretty well. The kid’s not bad either, but mine’s bigger.”

Nero pulled Red Queen off of his back and stabbed it into the ground. “You got something to back that up with?” he challenged, revving the blade’s engine twice as a challenge.

Ichigo turned to Nero. “Dumbass! Are you trying to wake everyone up?” He heard noise from his father’s room, and the lights began turning on. “Hide for a minute! And don’t do anything else stupid!” The five nodded and scattered to find their own hiding spots. Nero lead Kyrie into an alleyway, putting their backs to the corner in shadow. Lady raced to hide behind a dumpster, but tripped on the sidewalk next to it and fell on…Dante.

He grinned. He’d come here to hide, and Miss Devil Hunter here just had to copy him. He’d caught her again, but in a more…risqué position than last time. Lady lay on top of Dante, faces so close that they could feel their own breath. She opened her mouth to protest, but Dante clamped a hand over her mouth. “I’m not exactly psyched about this position either, but we’ve got to stay still and be quiet.” She stopped struggling, and Dante peeked around the dumpster, waiting for the kid to come back out. He could see shadows moving in the house; from the looks of it, the kid was talking to his father about the noise he’d heard outside.

Lady, meanwhile, was confused. “What…” she whispered, “did you mean by ‘you’re not exactly psyched about this position’?”

Dante grinned, looking at Lady’s mismatched eyes. “Truth be told, I’d rather be on top. But beggars can’t be choosers, I guess…”

Lady bared her teeth. “If we weren’t hiding and your arms weren’t keeping mine away from my guns…”

Dante smiled even wider at that. He knew she’d fly off the handle if he’d let her even touch her guns, so he’d taken the opportunity and wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug. Not that he was complaining, though…hugging her like this pressed her body closer to his. Her…curvy body. He sighed. “Boy…you sure grew up after Temen-Ni-Gru. A bit mentally…and a lot physically,” he added.

She sighed as well. “Stuck with you until the kid gets back…where’s liquor when you need it?”

He snorted. “Tell me about it. The first place I’m hitting up after the pizza joint is the nearest bar.”

She looked into his eyes, which confused him a little; Lady was never this…personal with him. “How about we make it a date?”

Dante’s mouth dropped open in shock. He was taken aback, to say the least. Did…she…no way…Unfortunately for him, his arms also went slack from shock, and she wriggled out of his grasp, peering around the dumpster. She saw lights being turned back off, and after the house was dark again, the kid came back out.

Ichigo looked around. “Hey!” he said in a loud whisper. “Weirdos! The coast is clear!”

Dante walked up to him in a huff. “Who are you calling weirdo? I’m a Devil Hunter, thank you very much!”

Rukia came out from behind a nearby house, rounding on Ichigo as well. “Weirdo? Is that the nickname you give me after saving your life?!”

Ichigo sighed. “I was talking to the weirdos I didn’t know, actually. But now that you mention it…you could go easy on the Chappy the Rabbit stuff.”

“How dare you drag that into this? Chappy the Rabbit has nothing to do with the current conversation!”

“Like hell it doesn’t! You obsess over that damn rabbit! I don’t think I’ve seen any other being give that much attention to something in my life!”

“Why? Jealous?”

Ichigo opened his mouth to say something, but then he was too flustered to think of something that should come out of it, and so it just hung open.

Dante and Lady had watched their little verbal sparring, and Dante grinned at this latest development. “Oooh, she got you good!” He patted Ichigo on the back. “You did good, though, kid. Real good. Don’t feel too bad, women are naturally better at arguing. Ladies, (with this, he waved a hand in Lady’s direction) on the other hand, tend to make a statement by shooting you in the head or gut; whichever they feel makes a better point.” He looked at Lady, getting worried about the fact he still didn’t have any bullet holes in him. Maybe she was waiting until they were on their way to the bar, where she could knock him out and steal his wallet… “You…uh, haven’t said anything yet,” he said, looking at Lady inquisitively.

She shrugged. “I’ll stop you when you start telling lies. And after I do that, I’ll kick your sorry demon ass.”

Dante prepared to respond, but stopped. “That reminds me…where’s the kid and his girlfriend?”

Ichigo sighed. “Um…we’re right here.”

Dante cocked his head. “Oh, so it’s official, then? Actually, I meant the white-haired kid with a girlfriend a bit older than yours.”

Ichigo turned away with a snort, trying to hide the fact that his face was red. Rukia noticed, but decided to leave the subject for now; she could torment him all she wanted later.

Dante walked in the direction of the alley he’d seen Nero and Kyrie hide in. He found them there…but they were kissing each other quite passionately.

Revenge to Vampire:Chapter 2

Kokoa and Tsukune walked together to school, wondering if Moka was okay. The way she behaved the other night had the pair concerned. There was rarely a time when she would be this angry, and it usually wasn’t a good thing. Along the way, they saw Outer Moka along the trail. Kokoa hid behind Tsukune, afraid that she’ll attack her again. Last night, Kokoa was her main target.

“Relax Kokoa. This Moka isn’t mad. Besides she couldn’t hurt a fly. She hates violence.” Said a reassuring Tsukune. Kokoa thought about it and remembered that the only time where Outer Moka was mad at her, she merely scolded her like she was a baby. Even though this irritated her, she felt that she had nothing to fear. And with that in mind, she bravely went to speak confront her sister. She would tell her not to harm a single hair on Tsukune’s head, or she will be very angry. Right. Like that’ll do anything.

“Hey, Onee-chan! I want to talk to you!” said a brave Kokoa. But when Kokoa spoke, she heard something come from Moka. She begins to soften up hearing this. All she wanted was to look brave for Tsukune, no scare the poor girl. But as Kokoa thought this, the noise got louder. Kokoa turned her sister around, and was shocked by what she saw.

Moka’s emerald eyes were slits identical to her inner self. A maniacal smile was plastered on her face, equipped with a maniacal laughter. Her youki had flared like crazy, filled with malice and killer intent. Her eyes directed themselves to Kokoa and her youki seemed to grow wilder, and her laughter became louder.

“Kyaaaaaaa!!” screamed Kokoa, completely scared out of her wits. Tsukune had heard the scream and hoped Moka hadn’t been hurt by Kokoa. But when he reached the girls halfway, Kokoa ran past him faster than his eyes could see. He looked back to see her running away from the school.

“Kokoa?! What’s wrong?!” called a concerned Tsukune.

“DON’T GO NEAR HER!!” replied a hysterical Kokoa.

Tsukune was confused by these actions. Since when was Kokoa ever scared of Outer Moka? Just then, a massive youki erupted behind him. He turns to see Moka, her features never changing. The adorable Outer Moka that he knew, became a vision of horror.

“Kyaaaaaaaaa!!” screamed Tsukune, unable to stay brave. He ran past Moka and headed for school. Moka merely watched him pass her by.

“You belong to me Tsukune!! I will not let Kokoa have you!! I will make you mine again!!” yelled a crazed Moka.

Man. I never thought I’d see the day when Outer Moka would be scary. I’d hate to see Inner Moka. Anyway, during school, Tsukune had to watch his back, seeing as how Moka seemed a little out of it. His first class for the day would be homeroom. Which means he would be in Nekonome’s class. With Moka. When he entered the classroom, he noticed the look of fear on everybody’s faces, including Nekomome. What could havebeen bothering them? It was then that he noticed it. A massive youki filled the air, and surrounded Tsukune. He recognized this youki, and knew who it belonged to.

His eyes scanned the classroom for the source, and that’s when he found her. Akashiya Moka, in all her glory. Her adorable features started to resemble her inner self. She looked over to Tsukune, and gazed at him with a seductive glare, that caused the young man to want to run back to his dorm, and barricade the door. He definitely did not want to sit by her in this state. His life could be at stake.

“Nekonome-sensei? Is it okay if I change seats?” asked a desperate Tsukune. Nekonome probably would have said yes, but a quick glance from Moka said otherwise.

“No! All of these seating charts are permanent!!” said a frightened Nekonome. Tsukune, being defeated by authority, had no choice but to head to his seat in front of Moka. Oh how he wished he had eyes behind his head. As he sat down, Moka’s youki danced around him, trapping, and holding him. His body began to shiver with fear. As class continued, Moka’s constant movements put everyone in fear. While Nekonome was trying to speak, Moka leaned her head in to Tsukune’s ear.

“Tsukune. Why would you choose Kokoa instead of me? It’s really confusing, you know. But it matters not. For you see, you and I are connected. For you see, we have shared blood with each other. You’ve given me your delicious blood so many times. And I have shared mine with you. Kokoa will never break this bond. She will never have you. You belong to me. In the end, you will always belong to me. No matter how much you fight it. You will never escape me.” said Moka, in a seductive whisper. Tsukune felt his body shiver by her words. Through his fear, he tried to put up a brave front. But not even he could mask the scent of fear coming from him. His smell caused Moka to purr with excitement.

“I am the shield that protects you. The heat that keeps you warm. I am what sets your blood, and soul ablaze. And as always, you will crave more. But you’ve hurt my feelings Tsukune. You’ve tainted your lips with another girl. And for this, you will be punished. And when all is forgiven and you submit to me, you will never even look at another girl. You will always crave me. One two...Moka’s gonna get you.” Moka licks the outer shell of Tsukune’s ear, causing him to jump in shock, and shudder in fear. Everyone around him reacted in fear at his actions. They thought Moka had done something bad. Soething they did not want to experience. When homeroom ended, everyone including Tsukune, and Nekonome, dashed out of the classroom. Moka merely took her time, observing Tsukune. That evil, seductive smile never left her face. She wanted complete control over his heart. And she swore that she would have it.

Revenge to Vampire: Chapter 3

“Onee-sama? Not that it’s not a pleasure seeing you, but do you know what time it is?” asked a sleepy Kokoa.

“Yeah I know. I just really need to talk to you. It’s about you and Tsukune.” said Inner Moka. Kokoa begins to back away from Moka, fearing that she’ll attack her.

“Relax Kokoa. I’m not here to hurt you. I just want to know what’s going on.” said Moka.

Kokoa was still a little unsure of whether to trust Moka or not. But she can’t recall a time when Moka went back on her word.

Uhh, yeah. Last story, anyone?

“Shut up.”

“Well...You know I really like him. I know I didn’t at first, but, after each day, I saw how kind and sweet he is. And he’s strong to boot. He’s very brave, and caring. Who wouldn’t fall for him? So when he beat you, I was certain that he was worthy, and I told myself that I would do anything to get what I want.” said a lovesick Kokoa.

As Kokoa looked ahead of her, Moka noticed the look of a woman in love. She recognized it, for it was the same look she had, whenever Tsukune came to mind. She sighs outward and gets ready to leave. Kokoa looks toward her and wonders if she’s okay. Moka looks back to her sister, and smiles at her.

“You really do love him, don’t you?” asked Moka, receiving a nod of the head from Kokoa.

“It’s good to know he has so many people who love him.” Moka leans her hand on Kokoa’s Lava lamp. How’d she get that?

“A gift from Fa-”

Kokoa is interrupted when Moka grabs her head and slams it into the table, breaking the lamp in the process. Kokoa screams as loud as she can, as the contents of the lamp splash all over her face.

“I guess no one told you that all he needs is me!!” said Moka as she continues to pound on Kokoa. She kicks Kokoa in the knee, snapping it like a twig, and repeatedly punches her in the gut. Moka grabs Kokoa’s face and knees it repeatedly, breaking her then throws Kokoa to the ground and punches her face repeatedly.

“Stay away from him!! Do you understand me?! He belongs to me!!” screamed an enraged Moka. She then picks Kokoa up by the legs and slams her body against the dresser, and against her mirror. She drops Kokoa’s legs and grabs her by the hair. She drags her towards the sink and threw her head under the faucet. Knowing how this will affect her, Moka turns on the water and lets it run on Kokoa’s head for a while, eliciting a scream from the young vampire. She turns off the water and Punches Kokoa a little more before tossing her away. Kokoa breathes in shallow breathes, trying to recover from the thrashing she received.

“If I ever see you with Tsukune, your life is forfeit.” said a cruel Moka.

“You’re out of your fucking mind!!” said a freaked out, battered and bruised Kokoa.

“Clean up this place while your up. Goodnight sister dear.” said an evil Moka.

After Moka left Kokoa, one of the girls from a nearby dorm walked in to see what happened. She rushes in and helps Kokoa to the infirmary, hoping she’s okay. Where the hell were you guys when she was getting her ass kicked?

The next day at club, Tsukune and the gang were treated to the sight of Kokoa with a cast on her leg, bandages covering her from head to toe.

“Oh my god!! Kokoa, what happened to you?!” exclaimed a concerned Tsukune.

Before Kokoa answered, she noticed Moka giving her a death glare.

“Umm... I fell.” lied Kokoa

“How the hell do you get all of that from falling?!” cried Kurumu

“Suspicious.” Said Mizore, who somehow popped up behind Kokoa, sending shivers down everyone’s spine.

“I said I fell! Don’t you believe me?!” asked a desperate Kokoa.

While everyone was interrogating Kokoa, Moka managed to sneak out without anyone noticing.

That was a very cruel thing you did to Kokoa. That’s your sister!! Have you no shame?!

“No one will have Tsukune but me.”

If this is how you treat people you love, Tsukune has a better chance with one of the others.

“Are you going against me?! You support their relationship?!”

Uhh...Look it’s Koumori!! And he’s got a Tsukune and Kokoa forever shirt!!


When Moka turned around, sure enough there was Koumori with no shirt, but Moka was so pissed off, she didn’t notice. Koumori looks towards Moka’s direction and sees her charging straight for him. Fearing for his life, he takes off flying.

Hey don’t look at me that way!! It was either him or me. I don’t like that flying rat anyway.

Just a Coincidence


The guns fired water out into the Bonta-kun's mouths, and Kaname smiled evilly as the balloon began to increase in size. Sousuke kept his perfect aim up and watched his balloon swell up. Eventually, he heard the sound of a balloon pop, and he looked up to see that his balloon had popped.

"A winner!" the attendant said, and placed a Bontakun plush in his hands. Sousuke raised his eyebrow at the plush.

"Why is my prize a child's plush toy?" he said to himself, and looked up at the attendant. He nodded and left the stool with Kaname, who stared bitterly at him, but Sousuke turned to her, "You can have this Kaname; I have no use for an object like this."

Sousuke placed the plush in her hands, and Kaname raised an eyebrow, "It's your plush Sousuke, you won it!"

"Negative, I have no need for a large plush and I figured you may enjoy it."

Kaname stared in wonder, "Gee...thanks," she said. Her eyes still stayed locked on Sousuke and she noticed his cold steel eyes staring into her, before any of them could react however, Kaname closed her eyes in shyness and dragged Sousuke by the arm towards a water balloon stand.

"Watch this," Kaname said, then she grabbed the gun (filled with blanks, obviously) the attendant offered her and fired at the water balloons moving back-and-forth. Once she was done, she realized she didn't hit all the balloons. She sighed, "Better luck next time," the man said, and Sousuke stepped forward.

The attendant handed him a gun, but Sousuke stared darkly at him, "I have no need for a gun, for I have my own," referring to the Glock in his pocket. Sousuke whipped it out and fired, destroying all the water balloons. Sousuke took out the empty case and put in a loaded one before turning his head to look at the attendant, who had the face of pure shock on him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Sousuke said, and then he felt the harisen slam down on his head. He plummeted face first onto the ground and Kaname started to kick him down.

"You don't use a real gun in those kinds of games, lame-brained dumbass!"

A crowd started to gather around the blue-haired girl kicking down the brown-haired man, and Kaname stopped when she heard whispers going around. She put her foot off Sousuke and turned to see the crowd, she gave a nervous grin in response, her cheeks splashed with crimson.

"Err...he was...doing..." Kaname bit her lip and looked at Sousuke, who raised his head up, "That hurt."

"It's supposed to, idiot," Kaname hissed towards him but she raised her head up to the crowd, "Err...nothing to see! He's just being a bit silly, that's all!"

The crowd started to move out, muttering to themselves about those two crazy teens, and Sousuke got to his knees only to be dragged up to his feet by the collar and right up to her face, "Listen here Sousuke, I saved your ass from public humiliation this time around and if you do shit like that again, I will KILL you!"

Sousuke's eyes narrowed, "Roger, I will not use my Glock."

"And what's with the stupid backpack? You've got food in there or something?"

"Negative. It contains various means of protection," Sousuke said.

She knew what he meant. Kaname stared at him, her pupils reduced to mere pinpricks in the whites of her eyes and she lifted a trembling hand to cover her mouth in shock. She felt this shock transform into rage, she raised her hand from her mouth and curled it up into a fist.


Kaname was about to strike when a familiar voice cried out all of a sudden, "AAAAH-CHAA!!"

A green blur zipped across Kaname and straight into Sousuke, who rolled down straight into a Bontakun stand. Kaname turned her head to Sousuke, who was rubbing the back of his head, both visibly annoyed and grateful for whoever decided to attack him at this time.

The blur suddenly landed on the floor on his feet and Kaname knew who this was. Issei Tsubaki. He turned to Kaname and smirked, his tight mouth and slit eyes with revenge in them. He then turned to Sousuke and pointed a finger at him.

"You there! Sousuke Sagara! I will finally avenge my defeat in your hands, and take the hand of Kaname Chidori while I'm at it! Accept my challenge, or fear the consequences!"

Kaname put a hand to her forehead, "Issei, just give it up. What do you mean about taking my hand anyway?"

Issei blushed from that question, and looked deep into Kaname's eyes, "I...err...I love you Kaname Chidori and I want to take your hand and make you mine! Not Sousuke! Nuh-uh!" but his blushing turned back to a vengeful stare at Sousuke, "But now, I will defeat you Sousuke! You have no place to hide now; you can't play any of your cowardly tricks you coward! The day has finally come for me, Issei Tsubaki, to defeat his arch-rival Sousuke Sagara and claim the love and affection of the beautiful Kaname Chidori as well! So now...have at you Sousuke Sagara!!"

Issei took a step back, but Sousuke stood up, "Issei, I must warn you that a straight-up attack is a poor strategy."

"And why's that, my hated rival?"

"Look below you."

Issei narrowed his eyes at Sousuke before moving his head down, and he noticed a strange small circle. He adjusted his glasses and he realized what it was...it was a landmine.




Favorite quotes:

Gates: You little shit! Just who in the hell do you think you are?!

Sousuke: Who, me? I'll tell you exactly who I am. (powers up Lambda Driver) I really couldn't care less about Mithril... (slowly starts walking towards Gates) I'm Class 2-4 at Jindai Tokyo Municipal High School.
Gates: (uneasy) Hey now, I've still got a hostage here!
Sousuke: I'm student no. 41. (energy field starts forming around his fist) I'm in charge of waste disposal and umbrellas.
Gates: Hellloooo?! Shit...
(Sousuke's fist is enveloped in energy, he starts running towards Gates who screams out in fright)
Sousuke: I'M SOUSUKE SAGARAAAAA!!! (finishes off Gates with an insanely cool Elemental Punch)

Greed(FMA:Brotherhood): Why don't you come on in kiddies, the water's fine! Nice and hot just like the flames in Hell! I'lll send you all a postcard so you'll know what it's like! And when the rest of you get there, I'll be waiting for you!

Rachel(Blazblue: Conundrum parody): The point is, you vulgar imbecile, that when you take revenge, you'll become just as reprehensible as the person you seek to harm.

Ragna: No Rabbit, the lesson is: Never put down your weapon. *he sprints forward, threateningly waving his Blood-Scythe at the oblivious Terumi, who is calmly eating an egg* REEEEEEVENGE!

Alucard(Hellsing Ultimate): Get up! Attack me! You've only suffered the loss of your legs. Summon up your familars, transform your body, heal your severed legs and stand! The evening is still so young. Come on, hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Pull yourself together, the fun has just begun! Come on, HURRY!

Yuri Hyuga(Shadow Hearts): Sorry kids, but the only one eating her is me.

Inuyasha(IY): How in the hell do you expect me to wield such a heavy sword? One thrust and I have to stop and rest!

Abridged Kagome(Inuyasha: The Abridged Series): That's what she said. (Me: Yeah, I couldn't resist tying those quotes together. Blame my juvenile sense of humor)

Neptune(Hyperdimension Neptunia): Aw, Candywrappers! (Me: Best curse ever!)

Ky Kiske(Guilty Gear X): Your sin is beyond the grace of God!

Sol(Guilty Gear X): God? I don't want to have anything with him.

Izuna(Guilty Gear 2: Overture): Aw man. I really hate to fight, ya know...

I'm not like you at all. I'd rather be a coward and live in peace than fight to win. Mmm, but ya know,
you risked your life to save my friends, and now both you and Sin are my
friends. A person who won’t fight when a friend is in need is not a coward.
There's a different word for that...A Chicken Breast!

Sol: Chicken breast!?

Izuna: And I am no chicken breast, sir!

Draws his sword while Japanese music plays *

Izuna: This long thing is only an accessory. But if there's darkness, it's Heaven's
decree for an ornament to shine forth! From now on, anyone getting in my way
will suffer the endless cycle of death and rebirth!

Sol: That stupid freak...he was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Leo(Guilty Gear Xrd): Who dares stand against me?!

Knight: An utter fool, sir!

Leo: Who challenges me?!

Another Knight: Only the brave, sir!

Leo: WRONG! Both are fools!

Teppei (Iron Knight): Shut up, you eyesore! Going and getting a big head just 'cause you got your grubby hands on that filth of a power...just looking at a sleazebag like you makes me wanna puke. Go die in a ditch.

Zodd (BAM): The Crimson Behelit? This scrawny little fruitcake has the Crimson Behelit?! (starts laughing uproariously)

Guts: What's so fucking funny?

Zodd: What's so funny? What's so GODDAMNED funny? You dumbasses think that HE'S your friend and I'M the monster.

Guts: I don't get it.

Zodd: No, but you will. You'll get it, and they'll get it. And most of all, she'll get it. (chuckles)

Guts:...I'm really starting to dislike you.

Zodd: Fuck you! Zodd, out! (bursts through the ceiling and flies off into the night, laughing evilly)

Saber (Fate Cero): Dammit, we've been blazed!

Lancer: What does that mean?

Saber: Fair warning, Lancer. I have a lot of naughty slime rolling around in this noggin and I don't know how to use it.

Lancer: (showing off by twirling and spinning his spear rapidly) How did you know I was a Lancer? WHO TOLD YOU?!

Saber: I made a bangin' guess.

Lancer: Wow, you really don't know how to use it. And speaking of banging, check out my sweet-ass mole.

Saber: A charm spell? That won't work on me. The Saber class is resistant to magic.

Lancer: Damn, my masculine charms are useless here.


Current fic status:

Elfen Lied, Chapter 2-still pending.

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase lemon-in progress of being written.

The Crossing of the Tides that Bind, chapter 11-Pending. Currently considering deletion and complete revamp of the premise.


Tentative Projects:

I've been writing a rough draft for a new Soul Eater crossover with Kingdom Hearts. This will take place after Maka's first battle with Crona and directly after Kingdom Hearts 2.

I believe that this concept has potential and may help uncover my muse so that I can finish Crossing of the Tides.

Magna Carta II/Avatar crossover: Finally got started on the draft. Chapter 1 is 69% done and at 4013 words.

Alex Mercer takes the Multiverse: I am going to write a multi-crossover epic starring Alex Mercer(central protagonist and anti-hero of Prototype fame) in his neverending pursuit of his apocalyptic counterpart, PARIAH. This series will be split into four segments or 'books', each encompassing Alex in a different setting where he will find himself dragged into conflict with other heroes and villains. Just to note, I will be ignoring the events of Prototype 2 and the tie-in comic interquel.

The idea of a Blood Lad x Blue Exorcist x Is this a Zombie x Rosario Vampire fanfic has also been bubbling in the back burner of my subconscious.

Type-MOON Rant

Nasuverse fanboys (fanatical zealots of TypeMoon's Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime) are quickly gaining my rancor as well, particularly when it comes to fanfiction. Their prepubescent immaturity and laughable elitism towards any fanfiction that makes a slight (and I mean *slight*)deviation to the canon work is ridiculous. I, myself, am a self-proclaimed canonical freak yet I understand some liberties can be taken when incorporating your original ideas and interpretations to a series(as long as it's plausible and adheres to the foundations of the series). But noooo, if it's not exactly depicted to the last minute detail like TypeMoon's portrayal, it's labeled garbage by these freaks.

And these bastards call themselves DEFENDING Nasu's vision when they do it. No, snubbery and derisive commentary are not defending a person's work; that's being arrogant and promoting alienation within the fanbase. I can't comprehend how a person can justify telling an author to die or saying he should never write a story again simply because he or she makes a few alterations(even if their ideas and overall narrative are impressive). It's FANFICTION for heaven's sake. Anyone who would seriously curse a person like that over a piece of media entertainment needs a therapist or, at least, desperately needs a break from the internet.

I know that TM fans aren't all like that (hell, I'm one and I sure as hell don't behave that way) and it's only a small vocal portion of the online community, but it's seriously getting out of hand on this site. The added fact that I'm sure these people are within my age-group(20's) and possibly older is nothing short of revolting. If you inflexible morons don't like how a person writes the series and can't be constructive with your complaints, press the back button.

Also, I can't stress how much their clinging to narrative hyperbole (given by SHIROU of all people) as a basis for argument when it comes to comparing the power levels of Nasuverse characters to characters from other series astonishes me. For example: I'm supposed to believe that Servants are supposedly able to reach multi-mach when they are visibly moving at speeds far lower just because they occasionally appear invisible to the naked eye? Spare me. Spiderman, Batman, Kenshin and Daredevil pull the same tricks all of the time and none of them need to be supersonic to perform such feats. Or in some cases, claim that they move at the speed of light, again, because of a remark in Shirou's narrative or Fate/Zero LN's narrative hyperbole. If that is the case, then explain how the hell can people like Shirou, who is an abysmal magus with slightly above-average human perceptions and Rin, still track their movements as shown when they watched Lancer and Archer's debut battle? Or Shirou still being able to react to Lancer's attacks? Or how Iri had no explicit problems in keeping up with Saber and Diarmuid's fights in Fate/Zero. How about Waver being able to distinguish the Noble Phantasms that Archer fired at Assassin as different weapons while they were in flight despite how they're supposedly travelling at hypersonic speeds, which shouldn't be perceived by the naked eye?

Or how people like Kuzuki (who is only an exceptionally skilled human and only ever has his fists reinforced, rather than his entire body) managed to speed blitz Saber. Or hell, Saber having difficulty deflecting and evading machine gun fire from Lancelot in Fate/Zero? Hypersonic? Light speed? Only to idiots who have absolutely no comprehensive understanding of mathematical physics.

Or stating that Excalibur can erase a mountain when Shirou was clearly referring to the Grail in UBW when it became a massive mound of flesh. And I hope that I don't need to point out that the mound of flesh was nowhere near the scale of a mountain (CG pic and UBW anime shows us that it was the size of an office building at best).

Then there's other stuff like Berserker being capable of destroying houses with the air pressure generated from casual swings of his stone axe. Yeah, if that's the case, then why in the world was ILYA'S MANSION STILL STANDING AND INTACT WHEN HE WAS FIGHTING GILGAMESH AND ARCHER?! Or when he fought Saber both times? You would think the mansion, the surrounding forest and streets would be razed to the point of looking like Ground Zero, but lo and behold, it isn't the case.

Really, it's just like how some DBZ fans take Cell's dubious "I can destroy the Solar System." claim as sordid truth despite the fact that there is no evidence to support his statement. Or Broly's "Galaxy-busting" feat which is immediately contradicted when Goku teleported to a planet that is located in the galaxy that Broly allegedly annihilated into cosmic dust. Or the fact that Vegeta was visiting neighboring planets to find "The Legendary Super Saiyan" within the same galaxy. Or the fact that whenever the POV switches to outer space (usually to depict Comet Komori) within the aforementioned galaxy's solar system, we can see PLENTY OF STARS, INCLUDING A SUN, AND *PLANETS* present. Seriously, common sense, guys.

And most of these lauded "calculations" regarding the speed and strength of Heroic Spirits and magi are simply made up by fanboys who base them solely around Shirou's commentary, who we all know is hardly a reliable narrator and has a tendency to melodramatically exaggerate, and Nasu's prose, which is riddled with hyperbole and vague descriptions. It also doesn't help that he tends to contradict himself whenever people point out the numerous plot holes in his series. It should also be emphasized that most of the narration involves abstract surrealism and sensory input from Shirou's perspective, which means that the descriptions as mentioned are not to be taken LITERALLY.

So in summation, Nasutards: If you guys insist on going around saying things like "Nasuverse Character X could solo Character X and his universe", then you had better have ACTUAL concrete evidence to prove it than the exaggerated statements made by a guy who is infamously known not to be the brightest crayon in the box, character statements or just because "Word of God" despite his work depicting otherwise. Demonstrated feats will always speak louder than baseless hyperbole.

And just to make it clear, this also applies for a lot of fictional works. I get so sick of reading about people arguing about the supposed power levels of characters and base it on mere heresay by other characters, dramatic narrative filled with hyperbole to make the scenes seem more intense and phenomenal than it actually is, or because of what the author says when those characters never actually have feats that indicate that they are capable of performing on that scale. You see this in several mediums with several fanbases, but the Nasutards gain my ire especially because they're more obnoxious about this than most.

It's honestly pretty disturbing how toxic this fandom can be.

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Zootopia - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 22 - Words: 167,473 - Reviews: 278 - Favs: 306 - Follows: 432 - Updated: 5/20 - Published: 9/1/2016 - Judy H., Nick W.
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