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Author has written 10 stories for Teen Titans.

This little piggy is one of the biggest fans of chocolate, only second to Chocolate Curlz perhaps. So if you love chocolate too, do stop on by and maybe we can have a chocolate tea party sometime, with cute tea dresses and gloves of course.

I heart C.C. forever and forver. So please, chocolate darling stop by and we shall toast a cup of chocolate!

Most recent ramblings on the TT world:

And Then There Was One-Tentatively titled of course as it is still a one-shot in progress. Basically, it's the Red X and Raven romance that's taken an angsty turn. Raven is the last Titan in the deserted Tower, Red X comes as she dies. Dramatic, tragic, and all that good stuff. You know: he loves her, she doesn't love him, she thinks he's someone else, he's scarred forever. . .yadda yadda. Do have a look-see when I post it, pretty please?

Current status is as follows:

Finished stories:

The Price-Dark, sinister and all things angst crammed into my beloved one-shot. Dedicated to ChocolateCurlz and her marvelous story Cookie Dough.

In the Air- A rather lengthy story though hopefully amusing about the woes of Raven. Content including though not limited to mentionings of streaking, extreme vanity and or narcissism, and Beast Boy getting his tongue stuck on an ice sculpture.

Madcap Girl-My quite odd songfic to Aqua's Barbie Girl displaying the very disfunctional relationship between Kitten, Robin, and Starfire. Altering of lyrics ensures insanity and randomness.

On hiatus to make way for my serious story or miscellaneous reasons:

Squeaky Wheel- I meant to write this during the Terra craze but seeing as how I procrastinate and now she's dead, well. . .I'm probably putting this at the bottom of my list, however it may pain me.

Babies, Get Back!-Title derived from the song, Baby Got Back, though the story has little to do with butts unless you count the unglamorous task of diaper changing. I have several more delightful tasks in store for Raven but unfortunately, this is getting pushed back.

Girls just wanna have fun-Still haven't got everything figured yet but the gist of things is that Raven is being transformed into a valley girl and the Titans must stop it. Appears to but quite angsty though it's really supposed to be humorous. I don't know, maybe I have a twisted sense of humor.

Macho Man- Another idea that I have yet to pursue. Hopefully, I'll get to working on this as the chances for Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg exploitation are quite high.

Mirror Mirror-Unfortunately, it is so. My first story is on hold. Really, I would like to finish it but looking at all the other projects I started, can't help but want to finish those too. Plus I've convinced myself I need to watch Miss Congeniality Two first.

Current Project

Welcome to Hogwarts-When Beast Boy is enslaved as a house elf at Hogwarts, Raven must take on a job to buy him out of debt. Introducing the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. . . Note, when teachers are the same age as the students, and said teacher being relatively attractive, disaster is bound to happen. Chapter 2 is up!

Pantomime-Ah, my very first serious story though it will be featuring some ridiculously tangled love triangles or trapezoids and such. Should be fun though I have to keep churning out one shots to keep the hyperness and angst out of this story.

Future Projects:

Another dark and angsty story is being created this very instant.When Raven was born, she was cursed to a world of loneliness, imprisioned in an elaborate cage, a world seperate from others. But what happens when she reaches out to another child of loneliness and what happens thirteen years later when she finally breaks free from her prison and seeks out her childhood friend, a boy named Robin?

C.C. rocks whatever fandom she pleases, props to the most awesome person ever! Oh and do tell me when the Titans are embarking on their cruise line voyage, please? I go where ever the floaties go!

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As the Petals Fall by ChocolateCurlz reviews
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He liked her and she liked him until their feelings died and obsession set in. Sometimes there is no happy ending. StarfireRobinRaven
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We were all children once, thinking we'd change the world, the future even. But our unspoken words are worth more than empty promises. Raven, I hear the subtle movement of your lips, the sentence damaged over time. Three simple words.
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Giving up all hope that she'll ever have a "soulmate", Raven goes along with Starfire's Valentine tradition... Who knew roses stood for so much pain? Chp 2, up!
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No Regrets by Bloody Fae reviews
[One Shot]Terra was betraying the Titans as being Slade’s apprentice. But just what twisted things did she go through under his reign? Set before “Aftershock”
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Divine Retribution by Mint Dragon reviews
- “Titans.” Over the alarms, the four young superheroes turned to their leader for instruction. Robin’s heart was heavy as he spoke to them. “Terra was a Titan. Terra was our friend.” He paused before finishing, "Show no mercy." RavenBB
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Tainted Love by Twilight Shards reviews
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Dark Lady by Miles Edgeworth reviews
A belated Halloween style story about a dark lady and her fortune telling.
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Macabre by Bloody Fae reviews
[FINISHED] Raven has succeeded where all other villains have failed. In grim endings the Titans fall. Could it be possible Raven has finally gone insane?
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Portrait of Insanity by Velvet Death reviews
The Teen Titans and their friends and enemies: each has gone mad, commiting acts of horror. These oneshots are designed to chill you. Second: a ghastly murder and a drowning.
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Stardom by eventidespirit reviews
(AU) When Dick G., Robin on the “Teen Titans,” begins to confuse reality with fantasy, he finds himself falling in love with the two ladies in his life: his long time girlfriend Raven and Kori, Robin's love, Starfire, on the show. (all pairings)
Teen Titans - Rated: K - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 984 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/7/2004
Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Welcome to Hogwarts reviews
Beast Boy is enslaved as a house elf and Raven takes the Defense Against the Dark Arts job to buy him out. Yet with a relatively attractive teacher the same age as the students, there is bound to be trouble.
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Pantomime reviews
AU: In another world, in another life, the Titans don't exist. Instead, there's only Tim Drake, Kory Anders, Gar Logan and Vic Stone, living in the privileged world of high society. A world that Raven stumbles upon, sent by Slade to destroy.
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Raven is forced to attend the Mayor's party. Emotions run rampant and stress levels are high as she races against the clock to find a dress and learn the arts of dancing and seduction to attract a certain masked teammate. RavenRobin. Valentine's Special.
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A particular event shall be detailed. A very peculiar DATE, to be more exact...Raven finds Terra irritating at best but when she gets stuck to her, Raven must follow Terra around on her date with Beast Boy. Terror ensues.
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Macho Man reviews
When the manliness of Beast BOY is questioned, the guys have a contest to decide who wins the title "Macho Man"...a joy ride on the T-car, dish duty exemption, and a whole lot of Playboys. The judges? Starfire and Raven (whose mood swings plague them all)
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Girls just wanna have fun reviews
The Titans have faded but they breathe her memories still, even after time and time again...until Raven decides to change it all, that is.
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Mirror Mirror reviews
Raven finds herself in an unusual perdicament: Starfire and her must go undercover for the year's largest event-THE MISS GOTHAM BEAUTY PAGEANT. This means fighting the new evils of pink dresses and the dreaded talent and swimsuit competions.
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Madcap Girl reviews
A day in the life of a fellow addled-mind as this flying piggy explores Kitten (or at least her starbolt singed limbs) and Robin's "relationship." Parody of Barbie Gril, by Aqua
Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Parody/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 952 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 1 - Published: 4/10/2004
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