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I am a total anime freak! My fav. show is Inuyasha. You know, the adorable Hanyou with adorable doggy ears that go twitch twitch. They are so cute. I am also into a new series, Ayashi no Ceres. I have only seena few episodes, but it is generally good. One of my other things is I love Teen Titans. My friend got me hooked on it. I am a loyal Starfire fan.

If you knew me personally you would know I am very weird and like to make inside jokes that no one understands. Like my friends and I make personalities and then talk to eachother in thrid person. Mine are,

Stephanie: Her favorite color is Blue and that is how you identify her. She loves to play clarinet and is a striaght A student. Gets teased by many.

Shippou: From Inuyasha. His favorite color is Orange. He is espaecially cheerful and clingy. He likes to pull peoples hair and then blame it on someone else because he knows that no one can resist his cuteness

Q.T: She is my hyper/cranky side. Her fav. color is red. She is very snappy and cranky if she doesn't have her daily recommened amout of sugar. Beware of her.

Mistress Whips A Lot: Stay away from her. She likes the color purple. If you make her mad she will get her monkey's to attack with their slingshot banana. She always has a whip with her and sometimes a tape roll. She threw it at my frind and she a bump for weeks.

Sunshine: She is always depressed. Her fav. color is black. Nothing much that you need to know about her.

Little Fairy (Aya): She is my most recent person. She is very energetic and takes the liking to the color magenta. If you make her mad she then becomes Loiuse. BEWARE!

Starfire: She is my fav. Her fav. color is green. She is mainly the person I use. My friend, Jen (Robbin) talks to her. Starfire likes to change cotums (like Robbins for examle) and run in circles going WHOOSH! Robbin over obbsses over silverware. He will not give up his spoons. Starfire will not take off Robbins extra costume. It is quite funny. WHOOSH!

Void: This is just my staring in space person.

KONEECHEEWA: This is my HYPER side. Usually she comes out when I want to scare people. Jen and I both love to clasp hands and jumping circles chanting "Koneecheewa" it is quite fun.

Sorry about that. I like to scare people. Oh well. I am currenlt writing 2 fanfics. Both on animespiral.com. My first one and most popular is BAND GEEKS. That is an Inuyasha fanfic. Some of it is published on fanfiction.net. And my other story is a Teen Titans fic. It is called Love is All we Need. Yes it is very cheesy. You should check it out.

Fav. Pairings: Starfire & Robbin
Inuyasha & Kagome
Raven & Beast Boy
Miroku & Sango
Aya & Toya

Least Fav. pairings: Rave & Robbin
Starfire & Beast Boy
Inuyasha & Kikyou
Kagome & Miroku
Kagome & Naraku (yes I have seen such stories)
Aya & You he

Sorry for being so annoying. Thank you

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