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Hey, you! Get off my lawn!

I just typed a HUGE bio and I clicked the button the apply it and it disconnected me from the internet so I lost the whole thing! I can't be bothered typing a new bio right now so I will do it later.


Ok! Well I'm Sophie and I'm related to Walt Disney, really! My last name is Disney! Isn't that cool! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ok, I'll write more later.


I can't be bothered writing anything at the moment, but I really wanna write a fic, but I suck at writing, so I'm not even gonna try, (I changed my mind, I will try!) I'm gonna build my bio up like this, FUN! See ya laaaaaaaaaaaaaater!


I just came in to put a new quote :) Nothing interesting, now go away you freaking stalker!


Well, you couldn't really call this later, it's like, 2 months from the last later.

I DO NOT STALK SHANNON, OK? Shannon's saying that I do, I don't though...really! -Shifty eyes- Ummmm, what should I write about now...hmmmm. I'll get back to you when I think of something.


I had a totally screwed up day today, BEN WON NZ IDOL! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:o) =D IM SO HAPPY! Just to let you know, I'm a 13 year old (dont tell FF Land I read R's) female from New Zealand, I love reading and writing, and I really want to write a ficcie, But I've got no plot or anything, because I'm so very un-original :o( That's sad. :'o(


In Shannon's bio, (HappyNutcase) She said to come read my bio, so I'm saying go read hers! And Shannon, you are not discontinuing any of your fics, you have no reason to, cuz they are all good, if you delete any, I will stalk you, just to annoy you, well, I prolly won't but...
Now, what should I tell you about? Hmmmmmmmm...I wonder...


Now...I'm gonna tell ya'll a, wait...TWO stories...yes ladies and gentlemen...that is TWO WHOLE STORIES! My, my, aren't we lucky?, story number one...this story took place at a quiz night, before the quiz had started (we were early you see) with my friends Tara, Adam and Lisa.
We were talking about tax.
I piped up...
Me: What's tax?
Adam: The money the government takes off you when you work.
Adam: They do.
Me: They do?
Adam: Yea...they get work by getting all the complaints from people like you.
Me: Oh, so I'M the government?
Adam: -Stares at me and shakes his head in disgust-
So...the quiz started and we had to choose a team name...I suggested "The Government".
Well...that's one story...I have to go now...(sister wanting computer for "homework", but I will be back later for the next story!

OMG! All my quotes! They were just deleted! I didn't delete them! Omg! All my hard work! Stupid fu...n bio!


One by one, the penguins are stealing my sanity.


Ok, I just came in to try to start my quote thingee again, sadly, I can barely remember any! I know, TIME TO GO STEAL SOME QUOTES FROM SHANNON! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


The funniest thing happened at school today, I remembered I had to go see my art teacher, Mrs Scholes. So, in the middle of when my teacher was talking I jumped up and said "OMG, I have to go see Mrs Scholes!" All went silent and everyone was just staring at me. And I was all "..." And my class and teacher were all "..." And I was all "...Sooooo, where is she?" And my teacher was all "Oh, she's just out there, and I'm all "Where?" And she's all "By room 10" And I'm all "Where's that?" And my teachers all "By Room 9." And I'm all "Where's room 9?" And she's all "You're standing in room 9, Sophie." And I'm all "Oh...Right, I'll...uhhhh...just, um, get going then..." So, then I...uhhh, went to see Mrs Scholes and, uhhhh...yea. So thats's my story for today! Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for tomorrows story...Help!ICantFindTheSpaceBar!


Well, not really, its about a month later or something because my computer it...uhhhhhh...sorta...broke, but, but, I didn't break it, really!

Todays story: Help!ICantFindTheSpacebar!


~Tomorrow, well, a couple of days later~

I can't think of a plot today either, I'll tell you another day.


Well...this is like, ages from the last later...but oh well...I have an announcement to make: Gothic Bubblefish doesnt love me anymore! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! She used to be one of my best friends...and now shes gone all bitchy at I'm all sad...and it doesn't look like she's gonna get over it...but she will, so I dont care.


Now... is really, a year later...I havnt been in FF Land in ages...I dunno why, but I'm so bored, and sad, Tess (my friend) is going to BDO and I'm not :o( Just thought I'd let you guys know that.) Haha, Me and the Oddbird were talking on MSN, (again) and Oddbird was reading a fic, (Artemis Fowl: The Aztec Incident) and Oddbird thought Holly was pregnant with Artemis's son, and then she goes "But wouldn'tArty sorta...squish Holly?" And we thought about it for a bit...(dirty people aren't we?) and then I went on BRB, about 5 minutes later when I came back I said "But what if Holly was ontop?" LMFAO! (My friend once thought that was "laughing myeffing arm off!" Hahaha.Oh, and since I havent mentioned it yet, I'm a proud supporter of slash fanfiction, thanks to Tess :P I think I might just list all my ships to be random :P.


All are HP...I think O_o

Harry/Draco (Fave ship EVER!)
Hermione/Snape (OK, I know it's Het, but it's still good, especially in Arrmaitee's "Seven Days" go read.
Wood/Mcgonnagal (Another het, but funny.)
George/Fred/anyone (HILARIOUS!)
Ron/no one (Ok, I know it isnt a ship, but I hate Ron pairings, ron is so better off single)
Animal (eg. Crookshanks, Mrs Norris, giant squid)/anyone/thing(HILARIOUS)
Seamus/Anyone (I love seamus as a horny little irish midget, he's so CUTE!)

I hate any Harry/Lucius ships, i dunno why, its not like me to hate any slash fics, but H and L just dont work for me.

Artemis Fowl

Holly/Root (I read a fic with a really good H/R ship, but i cant remember it, its prolly in my faves somewhere.)
Root/Foaly (I don't think I've found any fics with this pairing, but I still think its funny.)
Holly/Trouble (Only sometimes, if it's written well.)
The Oh-So-Famous Holly/Arty. Especially in Artemis Fowl - The Aztec Incident by AgiVega. :)


Next time you're having a bad day think this...You're a siamese twin, your brother's gay, you're not, you brothers' "friend" is coming over tonight, you only have one ass.
-I dunno, me, I suppose, if not, someone else.

One night I was lying in bed (freezing my ass off) looking at the stars and wondering "Where the hell is my roof?"
-Well, I thought this was mine, but I found out Tess had it in her bio, Tess doesn't mind me using her quotes but wait, along came Shannon "God Sophie, You frickin' stalker, that's my quote, you stole it, it's in my bio!" So, for this quote, it's not Shannon's, it's not mine, and it's not Tess's, it's some random persons' that none of us knows.

Children in the back seat cause accidents, accidents in the back seat cause children.
-Me, But...It's not mine :)

We're being led by an idiot with a crayon.
-Commander Root, Artemis Fowl 2, I thought this was quite funny :P

What is the area of the perimeter?
-Me, studying for a maths test

Moisture is the esscence of wetness.

The art of flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
-The Toaster

I'd like to help you out; which way did you come in?
-Some random chain email.

How can I miss you if you won't go away?
-My -cough- friend, Kate

You laugh because I'm different; I laugh because you're all the same.
-Shannon, and!

You have no idea how acutely depressing it is to realize we're from the same species.
-Tehehe, me. Hey! That rhymed! It's not actually mine, i was lying XD

A day without sunshine is like.. well, night.
-My Mum, when I woke up in the middle of the night, screaming, wondering why it was so dark.

Me: Well, as I said, we were backing out of the carpark...
Clancy: Carpark?
Me: Yes, you know...where you park your car?
Clancy: Ohh...we call that a parking lot.
Me: Oh, OK.
Clancy: Carpark, LOL...Where cars play and swing on swings...
-A conversation me and Clancy (The Oddbird...go check out her bio and R&R her fics) had on MSN. This cracked me up, man...I was telling her a story about feeling raindrops on my fingertips when we were backing our of the carpark. See, Clancy's from Canada. BANANAS!(I just had this strange urge to write that...)

Ok, now minors, COVER YOUR EARS!

For fucks sake, I'm a fuckin' teenager! Looking at linoleum fuckin' turns me on!
-Me, and Tess, and the persons whose fanfic it is in, Tess won't tell me who though. :o(

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okay, i know it's been forever since i've updated, but bare with me, i've only just escaped the everlasting pile of assignments which was piled upon me (yes, it was a huge pile, it kept being topped up when i came close to getting out)i'm sorry, forgive m
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