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Author has written 2 stories for Diablo, and Buffy X-overs.

I am a Fourteen year old guy bored with his life and has chosen writing for something to do.

Fav Movies: The Lord of the Rings: all three of them, Resident Evil (WTF is all i have to say about appocalypse!), Dog Soldiers, Underworld, Signs, X-men, X2, The Hulk, DareDevil, The Mummy (first one, the sequel, don't even go there), The Matrix (again, really bad sequels, what were they thinking?), Alien, Aliens, Predator, Predator 2, T1, T2, Leathel Weapon 1-4, Die Hard 1-3, Touching the Void, Equlibream (properly fav movie of all time), Moulin Rouge and Chicago.

Fav TV Shows: Buffy (I know it's ended but i don't give a crap), Angel (Spike RULES), E.R., Jake 2.0 (I CAN'T believe it's been cancelled in America, but hopefully us brits will get it), I would say Star Trek but now it's a load of Sht, Family Guy, Roswell (Why the feck did they cancel that?)Hex and Dark Angel (Dito from the roswell brackets).

Fav Actors: David Boreanez (Ignore spelling), James Masters, Scott Speedman, Billy Nigh, Antony Stewart Head (All these actors have unspellable names, did i just make up a word?), Keano Reeves (Again, i can't spell), whoever plats Kovach in ER, Huge Jackman, Ben Affleck (HOORAY, he escape that fat arsed one!), the guy who played Conner in Angel vincent something, Collin Farel, Jack Black, Christian Bale and Ashton Kutcher.

Fav Actoresses: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kate Blanchet, Jennifer Gardner, whoever plays elizebeth in ER, Halle Berry, Keira Knightley, whoever plays Jean Grey in X-Men and Milla Jonivich

Fav Books: Salems Lot by Steven King, The Stand by Steven King, Harry Potter 1-5 By J.K. Rowling, The Lord of the Ring by J.R.R Toilkin, The Animorph books (except for the last ten, they were SO bad) By K.A. Applegate, Everworld by K.A. Applegate and The Hobbit by Toilkin.

Fav Bands: Linkin Park, Evenescene, Muse, Nelly Furtado, Lost Prophets, Justin Timberlake, Dido, P.O.D, The Matrix movie album and The Matrix Reloaded Album, Alex Parks, The Rasmus, Billy Talent, Fanz Ferdinand, Marylin Mansonand Beyonce (MMMMMMMMMMM, Bootylicious).

What I Like generally: Reviews, Women, Men, Marvel Comics, Buffy (FECKING RULES), Ireland, England (not the weather though), Comedys, Myself, Computers (when they work) and Myself.

What I Hate: Ignorance, George W. Bush (Bigest Twt in the world), people who hate Gays, Evil Dark lords that forge rings to try and take over fantasy universes, Hitlor, Sadamm,The KKK, Alot of my family and Ignorance.

My Fav Band At the moment: Dastinys Child

Fav Movie at the moment: Equilibreum

I would also just like to tell you of a huge new project that i'm working on, it's called: The Chronicles of the Super Slayers, it'll be posted under Buffy crossovers, and will be over 50 chapters long.

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The Dream Trilogy Book 1: To Dwell On Dreams by Helen Jay reviews
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Slayer War reviews
The destruction of Sunnydale's Hell-Mouth was a great victory for the side of Light. But little did the mortal realm know, that that was just a taste of what was to come.
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