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Hi! I'm new on fanfiction. I mean, I've been reading stories for a long time now and I decided to make an account so I could review and follow my favourite stories. I also decided that I should write something, but I still don't know what. Hmmm...nope,no idea. Actually, I have posted the 1st chapter of my first story EVER! Please read if you have time and say what you think!

I am VERY HAPPY that you came to MY profile. Really,thanks, it means a lot to me and if you want a good read, see my fav list because these stories are great.

BUT, I should warn you because I'm a HUGE BB/Rae shipper and I am CRAZY about Teen Titans(I'm obsessed, I really am ; BEWARE)

If you don't like BB/Rae and Teen Titans, I apologize 'cause that's all you're going to find here. Oh,and some Star/Rob, KF/Jinx-they are SO cute together,right?? :screams like a crazy fangirl because I am one: ...ok,moving on now...Jeri/Kole ,Cy/Bee or Jinx or Sarah or OOC or 4ever alone... (you get the picture - Cy/anything female, I don't think he's gay (no offence). It's not that I don't care about Cyborg,I just don't know who he belongs with.

I like other shows,too,like Avatar and Young Justice,but Titans are my fav show. TITANS, GO! I dream about saying that to the real Titans...*(you think I'm crazy now, don't you?Meh, join the club,a lot of people think that - I assure you:I am completely sane *...but I NEVER will :sniff,very loud sob: WHY?!WHY?!WHY aren't you real?!... MOST of the time)

SO, you wanna now somthing 'bout meh,huh? :silence: :cough:

Well,if you must know,I am a girl, I've got reddish brown hair and dark brown eyes (WHY must I be so average??)

I'm from a very small tiny mini country called Croatia (this is the part when you say:"What the - Croatia?!Is that somewhere near Taloghsf?" or "Huh, never heard about it.") No,it's not near some :cough:not real:cough: random country, it's actually in Europe and it is a very beautiful country with only :sniff: 4.5 million people (it is SO SMALL!) but it has got a lot of sights and it is on the Adriatic coast,so it's got a seaside ( YAY!) and i live on it so you better believe me when I say the sea is great and the nature is very pretty. It also has lots of sights and wonderful...ok,this is starting to sound like an advertisement so I'll make it short:

- nice country in Europe,near Italy

- kinda small

- history...is boring.VERY.BORING.Believe me, I've had enough of it (and still having) in school.

- idk what else to say...SO-visit! (I'm NOT advertising my country, why would you say that?!)

Back to me: I'm short :starts dramatically crying: jk, I don't mind it, though I'm only 1m 54cm tall (sorry, but I don't know inches or feet or whatever)

I'm very young, I'm still in primary school (we have a different school system here in Croatia,I'm not THAT young.I'm actually older than 13,but younger than 18)

I have 2 sisters, one is 7 and one is 3 and they are very annoying and real nuisances, but I really love them and my life would probably be very boring if a was an only child.

One of the reasons i love BB/Rae is because I'm a sort of a mix between them.I'm lazy,happy,like pranking and bugging people,love pizza and ice cream,messy,joke-y like Beast Boy and like reading books,don't let anyone in my room,get angry easily,like mystical and magic stuff,not good in comforting people and babysitting, like tea like Raven.

My favourite colours are blue and green, but I mostly wear black(I'm NOT a goth or a punker if that's what you think,I just wear it because it makes you look thinner,that's all)

I LOVE listening to music so idk what's my favourite song; I have lots of them : Hate that I love you-Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo, Safe and sound-Capital cities,Beneath your beautiful-labrinth...

I don't know what's my favourite book because I mostly read fanfiction, but maybe Charlie and the chocolate factoryor The Prince and the Pauper(don't judge.I'm still a kid)

Favourite movie...Hmmm...well,I like comedies,drama,romance,action...basically,everything besides horror(it's scary) and art (it's boring,very boring if you ask me).

My fears are...kinda weird: I'm afraid of lighters,people who stare at me, high windows(What if someone puts a bomb on it?!?!I know, I'm insane.)...

All of this is probably boring to you so you can just go read and skip all this junk...Ha! You stayed! It's not that boring after all :does a weird victory dance and starts saying "Oh,yeah! Aha!":

:clears throat: Moving on...I'm a VERY slow typer and a great student(I should be learning Physics right now, I've got a test tomorrow),yep, a great one(no, really, I've got an A in all subjects.No,I am not a nerd!)I'd like to go to college in the USA. See you soon Americans!

I train volleyball and kickboxing.If you mess with me I WILL.KICK.YOUR.BUTT.

OK, peoples! That's all about me you need to know. If you think I forgot something or you want to ask anything,just send me a message or something.Can you even send messages on this site?As I've said earlier,I am new.

OMG!I almost forgot the most important thing!As it says in my pen name,my REAL name is Ema with ONE m, not 2, just 1, k?

Have a good read,everyone!Oh,and I apologise for any grammar/spelling mistakes,feel free to warn me about them!Oh, and I don't own my profile picture!

BYE! *

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