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i'm ¢¾blind¢¾fate¢¾ or as i am called by my parents an friends since they've known me Ruby Moon.
i have been reading lots of fics and well decided to try my ow for once, so here i am writing my first fic the sight.
i would like to thank all of my reviewers Darkhope, gensotenshi, demnted insane spirit, clyde007, shadowstalker666 and chibi-kari!!!!!
i'm really to tired to say much, and have nothing much to say.
my profile:
gender: female(duh!)
birthday: fabuary 13 1989 (this year it was friday the 13th it was awesome!!!)
Hair: Dark brown, almost blackish, now with blond highlites straight with some waves
Skin: tan
eyes: change, normally chocolate brown, blue, or emerald green
Food: chocolate, chocolate is the cure 4 everything!and well lots of othe foods :D
Friends:(these r my back-up pplz 4 my fics) Ashley(thats her website up there) kamiko, Cleo(actually named Cleopetra,i always found that cool), my puppy will make coments, black-dragn-rose is currently helping me on a soon to come fic!
Where: CANADA!I AM CANADIAN!and damn pround of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
personality: hyper, violent, impatient, sometimes anti-social, slight perfectionist, easily depressed, loyal friend, truthful, i always fight for what i believe in, slightly nieve :)
thats me, exciting eh!
well i can say something else...
okay now for my fav pairings, okies!



Yu Yu Hakusho:
Yasuke/kayko(spelt kayko, not keiko)

favorite bishies!!
inu yasha

yup thats about it

ya the rest aren't important... just like you...HA...j/k, no i doesn't hates ya, i luv ya(not in a homo way)
anywho read my fic plz!
luv ya lots!
coming soon:
Ruby is on vacay ashley and kamiko and cleo will fill in, how will thy messure up to Ruby's writing??? wait and see!!!!
sneak peeks:
Cyoa:Lost in a dream
this will be a cyoa for yu yu hakusho :D always wanted 2 do 1 :D dont be mad @ us for not updating the sight first!!!!
neways perfectionist looking to find herself, thats what ur all about, but what will happen when you find out who, or should i say what you really are, will you atill want to find yourself???read and see :D
co partners Ashley, kamiko, black-dragon-rose, and cleo!!
the sight:
"you shal not pass" a female voice said.
"death awaits all who try" said another.
"no one escapes our wrathe" said the 3ed.
"we wish to see the fortune teller,Tamara" i said, knowing that there would soon be a battle that some one probibly wouldn't walk away from.
"does she want to see you???" asked the 2nd voice.
"it is about slvaka and morgra, if i must i will fight all three of you to see her" i wrned them.
"that vile name, whom might i ask wishes to speek to an old woman, about such a rechid thing??" asked the 3ed.
"tell her Meskenet, daughter of Zahara comes for councelling" i said.
"impossible!" hissed the 1st voice.
"how so?" i asked.
"Zahara has no hier" she hissed again.
"but if it is not possible, then i must not be here, but i am, so it is"i replied.
"you lie, i know that her children died" hissed the 3ed voice.
"and i shal correct you again, two did, but one still lives, and i am her"
"you lie! do not lie about who you are!" hissed the 1st voice.
"how dare you say you are related to the honorable Zahara!!! you will pay!!! DIE!!!!" Yelled the 2nd voice, charging at me, full speed.
thats all for now!!! you'll just have to wait and find out what will happen!!!!! :D
oh im evil!! making you wait!!!
i love it:D

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