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Greetings everyone. Reaver of Heaven here to give you the heads-up on... well, me!

Name: Reaver of Heaven
No we mean your real name: That's classified. CLASSIFIED!
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Bio: I'm a rather typical person, with many varied interests in the various art forms that exist in the world today. At present, I am attending college, majoring in Theatrical Performance, as I aspire to go into the field of voice-acting/stage acting. This compliments my somewhat eccentric enjoyment of cartoons and animated films, an interest which dates back to my childhood. With age came a more mature and refined view of the aspects of the various shows and movies, and thus, a more educated and refined enjoyment of them. Many people refer to me as excitable, agreeable, and somewhat forward, details which I wouldn't be able to argue with.

OKay, that should do for the introduction.

One thing that I would like to point out is the one rule of fanfiction that many people forget. Always remember, this is a site dedicated to somewhat original stories about some of the greatest things ever created. Henceforth, many people would write stories that you might find offensive to the storylines you have come to know and love, but please, spare these authors of harsh and unkind words that you might have to say. These are fan fictions. Not real things that are going to happen to your favorite characters. So please, save your rude and unkind comments. With that out of the way I bid you farewell and happy reading.

Favorite Game Genres: RPGS, Action/Adventure, Puzzle/Adventure

Favorite Shows: There are currently far too many shows that have gained my fanboyism to actually have an absolute favorite, though I am debating between SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron and Biker Mice from Mars. They have the best chances at gaining the title.

Authors I recommend:

The Jack of Spades
Kristen Sharpe

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The First by The Third Biker Scholar reviews
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