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I'm 14 bwahahahahah! How evil of me...

My fave manga and anime: Inuyasha(duh), Ranma ½, Kare Kano, Beyblade, Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Rurouni Kenshin, .hack//sign, Yu yu Hakusho, Cyborg 009, Yu-gi-oh, Cowboy Bebop, Big O, DBZ (GT and just DB too), Witch Hunter Robin, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Knights of the Zodiac/Saint Seiya. Oh yeah... and I like FF Kingdom Hearts but I don't know if that counts as anime.

Now I will list my bishies and bishonen. Be prepared for a long read. The first ten are my top ten, and after I have a hard time putting them in order.
3.Yoko Kurama (Kurama comes in at 3.5)
4.Legolas (I like Orlando Bloom best when he played him)
8.Ryou(Tokyo Mew Mew not Yu-gi-oh)
After this they have no specific order, cause it's too hard.
Sanoske(or Sagara Sanosuke, whatever), Ferio, Lantis, Elk, Balmung, Sakaki, Rei, Crim, Koenma(But ONLY the teenage one! The other one scares me), Yami Yugi, Joe Shimura, Akarenjya, Shishiwakamamaru, Suzaku, Jin, Miyuiki, Majari, Shura(If he ever grows up...let's just say he's my chibi bishie), Yakumo(1/3 bishie cause he scares me), Touya (1/8 bishonen cause he hurt Kurama, one of my top ten. That isn't allowed!), Zagato, Trowa, Syaoran, Cloud, Sage Date, Rowen, Lafarga, Vash, Yue, Kain Highwind, Clef, Eaglevision, Heero, Hotohori, Izlude, Dias, Gourry, Aya, Aoshi, and Kamui Shirou. WHAT!?! did I count 50 of them?!?! O.o I think I have a problem... I might be turning into Miroku.

My least favourtie episode of Inuyasha has to be #48, Go back to the place where we first met. Then my second least favourite is #7, Sesshoumaru vs. Tetsusaiga. My favourite episode for humour is #16, The wandering hand of the amourous monk, Miroku. And the most sweet and loving one for me is #35, The true master chosen by the noted sword, where we meet Rin(She's sooo kawaii). I've seen episode 51 and 52 recently, and it sorta freaked me out for some reason.

I also like to play on my computer, my friend Jen's PS2, and watch any anime that I can find. I also like to procrastinate from doing any major homework assignments (I.e: Majorly big essays, which I have like, every week *sigh*), even by doing other homework! Lol.

You know what? No? Well then i'll tell you. I'm not a very big fan of yaoi, but I've been learning to tolerate it so some of my fav stories might by yaoi. Or Shonen Ai.

But WHY is the rum gone?
- Captain Jack Sparrow

In a bad situation, always get in the first shot or if you can kick them in the privates, do it and run like hell !
- I forgot... v_v

Why do you stare at me with such an evil expression?
-From somewhere in Inuyasha... I think...

I can yodel people don’t make me prove it!
-From someone

"Traps, is that what you call my simple diversions?"

There's a leprechaun under my bed. He tells me to burn things. But... leprechauns make rainbows. They can't be that bad.
-One of the funny cards on Adult Swim

For some reason I feel like making a fanfic where the people from Yu Yu Hakusho are chibi...

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