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Author has written 2 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hello! Welcome to our profile! Our stories are written in a messed up round robin style (see details below) and they were co-authored by three sets of authors:

Adventures in Nowhere – Bekki & Cisca
The Plotless Chronicles – Cisca & Lauren & Meara
What REALLY Happened in POTC (new title coming soon) – Lauren & Cisca
Tortallan Stories – Cisca & Lauren & Meara
The Lupishone Wolves – Lauren & Cisca

Meara, Bekki, and myself (aka Cisca) also write a series of original fiction under the pen name "The Binder Mafia" on with a bunch of other people. Check us out, we're even crazier there than we are here!

In addition, Meara, Lauren, and myself (you know who I am) write slightly more serious original stories on as well. Check us out and review us!

Ah, plugging...


It's like this. Someone starts writing an story and sends it to another someone through e-mail. Then that other someone send it to another other someone and on and on until it returns to the original author. In Lauren and Cisca's fic we used a notebook instead, but we're considering using e-mail considering we're in different places all summer (she's going to New Zealand, lucky duck). So that's all. We have a fixed order, mainly cause we're only two or three authors. And that's all. The stories still get pre-tty crazy, but they're much tamer than the ones in "The BINDER". MUCH tamer...


HI! IM BEKKI! IM A PSYCOTIC TEENAGE GIRL WHO KILLS ANYONE WHO ANNOYS HER! yes, I have a lot of deaths on my hands. well, I wish i could kill people that really annoyed, but I can't because it is against the law, and prison would not be friendly place for me. BUT, I am known as Death to my friends, just because I'M WEIRD! hehe. That's enough about my death and fetishes. Anywho, I am special person not used to writing and not a very good writer. I usually just write whatever is on my mind, and work it into the story and that's where a lot of the extremely random stuff comes from. I am also a humorous person, (could you tell?) so I do try to lighten up these stories and stop them from becoming scary all too mushy love stories. YES, so that is the mind of me, Bekki. Well, not really the mind of Bekki would take up like about 3 more sentences, but that's just WAY too much typing for me, SO you all have to be happy with what I give you, or you die. (no you don’t die, you just annoy me and I can't kill you, unfortunately...)

Hmmm. What to say... Well. I'm the one with no life who types and posts all this crazy writing we do. Yes. I like to laugh, play the cello, love watching European soccer/brazilian soccer (BASEBALL SUCKS! SOCCER RULES!), and swim. Even though my horoscope says I'm supposed to like fire, not water. W/e. Oh! I'm a bit superstitious, speak Portuguese cause my parents are Portuguese. Yes. I love fantasy novels and adore history of all types (excluding American history which is boring). You can find me under "Laughing Fountain" on and "Marie Black" on (we're all such awful pluggers).

My name is Lauren. I am also known by such names as “the Kleptomaniac”, “Yizzle”, etc. I like Orlando Bloom, and all his counterparts. I come up with the ideas for these crazy stories and such. And some of the names. So basically, I am the Plotmaster and Cisca and Meara just happen to be on my writing staff. I’m kidding. Well, sort of. Anyway, I like acting and singing. Musicals, plays, SHAKESPEARE! Yay. I go to school purely for social reasons.

I'm Meara. Convenient pronunciation guide: MEER-uh. I defy you to screw it up now. The Plotless Chronicles is one-third my fault. The random math is all my fault. There is nothing wrong with being on math team, dammit! And soccer is a horrid sport, so ha, Cisca. Baseball forever! No, this is not supposed to make sense. You can find me and my assorted nonsense under M'cha Araem at both Fictionpress and Fanfiction.

(Cisca, who is typing this up, wishes to have it known to the general public that soccer is THE BEST SPORT EVER and that baseball SUCKS.)


1. THE PLOTLESS CHRONICLES: Lauren, Cisca, Meara, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Trist the Sexy God of Mischief, and many more are on a quest to find the Sword of the Gods. Will they ever succeed or will they be plagued forever with a villain that doesn’t laugh right?

2. ADVENTURES IN NOWHERE: It all started like the Plotless Chronicles until things got VERY different when a man (is he really a man?) in a black cloak arrived on The Black Pearl. Soon our friends are traveling the wonderful lands of Nowhere, Somewhere, and Anywhere where they find many strange places. Humor, randomness, and craziness abound!

3. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN POTC: Elizabeth and Kiley Swann have been kidnapped by the ghost pirates of the Black Pearl. Will they be rescued by Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Margaret Swann or will all the character be lost in an endless battle against invincible pirates?

4. TORTALLAN STORIES: The tale of three sets of siblings who begin studying magic together as the northern border of Tortall is attacked. Will they be able to help save Tortall? Why do all these summaries end with a question?

5. THE LUPISHONE WOLVES: Kira, Allie, and Andrea go to one of the most prestigious Quidditch schools in the wizarding world. To their surprise they are chosen to be part of the youngest team of Quidditch players ever to play in the North American League. However, a sinister figure seems to want their downfall. Will they be able to overcome the pitfalls and win the cup? Read to find out!


1. ADVENTURES IN NOWHERE: Is at a standstill cause Bekki hasn’t sent it to me yet. *rolls her eyes*

2. THE PLOTLESS CHRONICLES: I have it, so there will be an update soon. I think it’s wrapping up, but we shall see.

3. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN POTC: The new title is coming as soon as we think of it and the first edited chapter is up. We have recovered the files from the no-longer-virus-ridden laptop, so as soon as stuff's revised it'll be posted!

4. TORTALLAN STORIES: It’s being edited and messed with, but because we have so many other project it’s going to be on hold for now.

5. THE LUPISHONE WOLVES: It’s also being edited and is on hold for the same reason our Tortal fic is. It’s the story where this pen name came from; ironically it’s one of the later stories to be posted. *laughs*

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