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I'm Aly.

Allow me give a little info on myself. I'm a 22 year old student in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. I have just posted my first Bleach fanfic, and I hope people enjoy it. It revolves around my OC, Azami Donnelly. Check it out. Here are the reasons that I'm on, besides the obvious posting of my first fanfic.

Harry Potter: I love HP. I love almost every character in the series. I enjoy Sirius Black/OC fanfics, they make me feel like maybe he had a slightly happier existance than what you see in the books. Seeing as my favorite character is Sirius Black, I always feel as though he got a little screwed as far as his hand in life goes. I also like Lily/James fics. I have always felt like I wanted to know more about all of the marauders and that whole era right before the first war. Fan fics help me fill in that space, how ever off it might be from what J.K. is actually thinking happened at that time , haha.

Bleach: Oh Bleach, where do I even begin? I love Bleach, I love the story line, the charaters, and everything about the show. I love the Manga, and check it every week. I watch only the japanese versions of Bleach, or any anime. I really prefere subtitles to dubbed english stuff. Bleach is actually the first anime show that I've REALLY ever gotten into. Though, now that I've started watching anime, my anime collection seems to be growing rapidly. My favorite character is Renji. I love tattoos (I've got a half sleeve and several other individual pieces, and have designed several tattoos for my friends local shop) So Renji is kinda, like, my dream guy? Haha, I totally do love him though. He's followed (not in order of attractive qualities) by Ichigo, Shinji, Grimmjow(hott), Byakuya, Yourichi, Urahara and of course Rukia (loove her!). I dont like the Renji/Rukia pairing. I always thought they loved each other, but not in a romatic way. I always got more of a "Brother/Sister" vibe. I do very much like like Ichigo/Rukia shipping though, but I have yet to read a fic with that pairing that I have really enjoyed.

Things I love:

Music, Music, Music



My dog Rosie


Hiking, backpacking, anything outdoorsy

Micro-brewed beers (we have some of the best in CO)

My friends


The Environment


Frisbee Golf

Riding my Fixed Gear bike in the city like a bat outta helllllllll yeah!

Denver (is my city)


The Mountains

Road Trips

Things that upset me:

Paying bills

When people touch my face

Drunken idiots


Eating animals

Maybe someone will accidentally stumble across this one day, and check out my favorites or my fanfic, and discover something that they really love! If (on the off chance) anyone ever wants to chat about their fic, or a fic that we both happen to enjoy, or my fic, you are more than welcome to PM me here on or you can E-mail or IM me at ACL4HORSES@AOL.COM. Peace people!

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