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Name: Anne
Nickname: Isabella, Izzy, Isa, Galactic Crystal, Gal, Gally, Galaxy, Just plain old 'hey you' sometimes.
Birthday: December 9th 1987. Yeah I'm old. lol
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Hobbies: Reading, writing stories and poems, singing random songs on the radio and my own, drawing; not that good though, playing with my son Leon (E-mail me fer pics of him!!)
Favorite Colors: Blue, black, red, crimson red, blood red, deep green, lime green, yellow, pink, hot pink, royal hot pink, light and dark purple.
Favorite Original Senshi: Sailor Mars. I can relate mostly to her. She's aggressive, as am I.
Favorite Food: Pizza and Tacos. I love cooking the both of them. :D
Favorite Past Time: Writing stories and poems, and playing with Leon and RPin with Lee (my husband)
Current Trademark Saying: "Boom"

Second FF.NET name LunaBella Seren ( )

I'm back (again) I know no one reads these things so yah. I will we working to re make a lot of my old stries and put them up, and write new ones too.

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