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What's there to know about me? Or rather, what would be interesting to you that you just stumbled into my profile for this reason or another? I am a Kraut, who mysteriously ended up in a country with insane animals and people calling me 'mate' alot. And I love stories. To listen, to watch, to read - and to write. My current obsession is with Australias First Lady of Mystery, Phryne Fisher, but I do admit to the use of other drugs occasionally. So there you go, that was more than you even wanted to know, wasn't it? Go and read my stories, they are alot more interesting than my life - or so I hope. ;)

Stories Happen – A Quick Guide to the Phryniverse

After 2x7 I wasn't the only one who wondered how they would solve their issues. I wasn't even the only one who sat down and wrote her way out of the corner the authors so graciously left us in. But I am, to my knowledge, the only one who got so addicted to that chosen path that she's still at the 'what if?' 18 months, seven sequels and over 600 000 words later. And while I am trying to make every story self-explanatory, it gets harder. So for all of you who haven't read the Phryniverse, but are wondering what it's about, here is a quick overview:

A Time for Everything:

Crime-Plot: Jack investigates in the murder of Gangster Victor Browning, finding himself much more fiercely in the cross-fire of the notorious Gangster-family than he'd anticipated when he gets shot and kidnapped. Another murder and a disappeared girl lead Phryne to him. Together with Sanderson they turn Melbourne upside down to bring the Brownings to justice and discover just how far their influence reaches.

Romance-plot: A heartbroken Jack attempts to move on with a life minus Miss Fisher in it, which is severely complicated by the Browning's attack. While he struggles for his life, Phryne gets over her grudge to find him. Of course they'll have to solve their case first before making a hesitant step towards love.

The Art of Taming an Ocean:

Crime-Plot: A colourful birthday party ends with the host floating face down in the lake. But has notorious philanderer Marcel Denier fallen victim to a robbery gone wrong? Or had his wife finally had enough? Phryne and Jack have to dive deep into the past to find the real motive for the murder.

Romance-plot: Jack has moved into Phryne's house but is still struggling to find his place in her life. When evidence points towards her having spent the night with their murder victim, the tensions escalate. Phryne finally discovers that Jack really is a man of his word – and that talking is severely underrated.

Blood and Stone:

Crime-Plot: A young woman is murdered in the very church Hugh and Dot are intending to tie their knot in. The case is complicated by a grumpy Father Grogan and the fact that nobody seems to know anything about the victim. It takes a second murder and an old fairytale to find the truth about why Thana had to die in the house of the Lord.

Romance-plot: After injuring a young man, Jack is thrown back into his war-memories. Phryne has her work cut out to bring her lover back from the edge. Her support causes Jack to make a bold decision for their future.

Side-Plots: Dot and Hugh tie the knot, cold feet and baking frenzy included. Mr. Butler accidentally falls in love.

The Sky Tastes Like Raspberries:

Crime-Plot: A serial killer roams Melbourne, targeting rich and influential people with Jack always a step behind. Phryne meanwhile searches for the identity of a young girl without a memory. Eventually it becomes clear that both cases turn around a secret so dark that people rather die than open their mouths.

Romance-plot: Phryne discovers Jack's intention to propose to her and is very much not amused. When three different women begin closing in on her relationship with the Inspector, perspectives being to shift.

Days of Wine and Sunflowers:

Crime-Plot: A locked room mystery gives the Detectives a headache, especially when the young woman's body disappears, only to reappear – briefly – alive two days later.

Romance-plot: Phryne and Jack come to terms with the true meaning of their pending marriage: family. While Phryne struggles to wriggle her way into the crusty, old heart of Jack's father John, the Inspector has to come to terms with a slight oversight in his plan: That Jane is going to be his daughter. And then there is, of course, the minor issue of the local priest being completely unable to wed them.

Side-Plots: Riya and Mr. Butler hit rocky territory when she reveals that she is soon to leave for India. Dot discovers that she is pregnant. Mac is unsure if to take the risk of falling in love again. Jack and John get over a decade of grudge.

Grasping for the Moon:

Crime-Plot: After they cause a small scandal just when Jack's tormentor is meant to be executed, Sanderson sends our lovely couple undercover to Collingwood to bust an illegal Grog-business. They get sidetracked by the less than comfortable lifestyle and an abortion racket, but eventually find their target: Who happens to hold a personal grudge. Only bloodshed will end his revenge and the challenge remains for the Detectives to not make it their own.

Romance-plot: Jack and Phryne come to terms with a marriage in very different circumstances. Both struggling with their situation, they are soon at each others throat. But in the darkest of places they have only each other to rely on.

Side-plots: Jane tries herself on sleuthing. Hugh grows up.

The Secret of Tango:

Crime-plot: A dancing teacher drops dead in a spectacular way. Soon the culprit is clear: Belladonna poisoning. But who has secured Nicolas Steeger's sweet death? The jealous ex-lover? The temperamental wife? Or the handsome rival? Stumbling through a web of dark passions, the Detectives come across a very old crime but in the end it is Jane who solves the case.

Romance-plot: While Phryne freshens up her skills with a handsome dancing teacher, Jack allows himself to be lured onto the parquet by Riya for some tango-lessons of his own. The mixture of jealousy and secrets soon begins to cause friction in their marriage.

Side-plots: Jane encounters her first romance, much to Jack's disgruntlement. Dot struggles with being a mother after little Tommy is born.

Under the Shade of a Kurrajong Tree:

Crime-plot: The Robinson's head out to the countryside for a horserace and, of course, find themselves in a murder investigation – despite dead equines usually not being their territory. Meanwhile, Phryne is haunted by dreams of a woman who insists she is dead and has in fact disappeared 30 years ago. Could the two cases be connected? Or is Miss Fisher hunting ghosts after all?

Romance-plot: After Jack suffers some minor injuries, Phryne has a dark premonition of danger. The Inspector soon loses patience with his wife being a worry-wart, but could his life be in actual jeopardy? Or is the Detective's subconscious picking up something else entirely?

Side-plots: Dot isn't convinced that Tommy's nurse was a good choice. John runs into an old acquaintance. Iris's is haunted by her first husband in unexpected form. Mac and Hazel find themselves under threat.

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