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I am a three-foot-tall alien hybrid who likes anime, coffee and fantasizing about Zechs Merquise...isn't he dreamy? My ultimate goal is to win the award for Most Zechs & Noin Stories Written by One Author. Considering eight of my nine stories are Z/N fics, I’d say I’m definitely in the running. I also like Cowboy Bebop, Weiss Kruez and Blue Sub.6, in the anime category, and just about anything Sci-Fi. Other than my staggering amount of Zechs & Noin fics, I am also working on an original Sci-fi story called "The Healer's Handmaiden" [see ]. I'd appreciate feedback!Thanks for reading my stuff!

SPECIAL NOTE TO THOSE WHO ENJOY MY STORIES: First, thank you! Second, NutNatz ( ), has started a discussion group for my fics! Wow, I'm so flattered. Anyway, if you are interested in expression your opinion of my stories, want to be updated, receive previews and see great upcoming illustrations for my original story, The Healer's Handmaiden, go to and sign up!

Have you SEEN what they did to the Weiss boys?! Oi…okay, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the rundown. The series was given another season (woohoo!), but apparently no one bothered to check with the original character designer who caused a rukus and the producers had to have the characters redesigned. I checked out the sight for the new series to see what was up and…oi…

Here’s what I think:

Ken: Well, okay, noting too different here. He looks like he’s wearing eyeliner and they put him in a fugly space coat thingy. Otherwise he survived pretty much in tact.

Aya: Weeeeellll…he’s…okay, I guess. I mean,he’s still hot but they took away his trench coat!!! Argh! And there’s something wrong with his eyes. I dunno, they seem too soft? Too alive? One of the most striking details about Aya was the hardness in his eyes. Like I said, the new design is still hot, but Aya without the trench coat and hard eyes? It just ain’t right.

Omi: Okay. HIGHLY APPROVE of the changes here. I mean…damn. He’s a stud now. I liked Omi before in a “oh, isn’t he a cutie,” kind of way, but to tell the truth, Omi always disturbed me a little. The change? Well, instead of looking like a sexually ambiguous nine year old, Omi looks like a real live GUY, and a hunky one at that. His hair is black now, he dresses in actual SUITS, and he’s just all around grown up. Apparently he is in politics now and has taken Persia’s place, though none of the others seem aware of this. Now don’t let this next comment scare you, but he actually looks as though he was born a Taketori! Definitely two thumbs up!

Youji: Oh my poor Youji!! [sob]…I’m being a little more dramatic than necessary, but they…[gasp]…they…cut…his…hair…[faint]… Really! He’s still shirtless quite often [yum, but they cut his hair and stuck him in a funky hat. Not good at all…

If you want to see for yourself, go here:

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