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Author has written 2 stories for Beyblade.

Nicknames: umm...AO? dunno

Voice: wat about neat freak?
SO: it's true though
AO: hey! ur suppose 2 b on my side!
SO: meh -shrugs-
AO: Wait! i got a nickname now! it's carmix! i've even got a song-sings- i want chicken, i want liver, carmix carmix plz deliver -sings- i know i know it's a rip off but i didn't come up with it but ain't it still gr8!
Voice/SO: Whatever

Age: Just Turned 14! woohoo! boohoo! I don't wanna grow up! I want my childhood:'( oh well...nothing i can do about it...unless...i bulit a time machine! go back to when i was 7 and live there! it's puurfect!...nah...2 lazy-.-..and dumb... i still feel 7 on the inside though :D
SO: you didn't just turn 14...that was last october!
AO: shhh! makes me- AH! What are u doing SO?
SO: I'm trying to erase this part! YOUR NOT 14 ANYMORE! DODO BRAIN!
AO: SHHHH! U! -protects the keyboard-
SO: It's been like a whole week! ACCEPT IT! You're 15! Fiiiifteen! One, Five!
AO:...-sulks-...u didn't have to put it that way...
SO: ...put it what way? That's what u are!
SO: Hey! -hits AO on the head- HE'S NOT OLD! AND NEITHER ARE U!

Languages: Cantonese, English, French, Vietnamese
Voice: liar!
AO: wat? I am not!
Voice: u couldn't speak Vietnamese if ur life depended on it!
AO: I thought I told u 2 shut it!
Voice: I'm only informing ppl of the truth
AO: fine, fine I can't really speak it...I can only understand swear words...and i'm trying 2 learn Japanese but not going 2 well...
I can like it and obsess over it but thatdoesn't mean I understand a word of it:P...

Fav bands: Evanescence, Linkin Park and most J-pop bands/ listening to alot of Billy Talent now-a-dayz:D
Fav songs: all inu yasha themes, Tourniquet,Hello and from Linkin' Park i like Breaking the Habit, In the End the most...Uh, Voices of Violence and Nothing to Lose from Billy Talent...and Hitori JENGA!...haha:P japanese song, no clue what they're singing about but sounds nice:P

Anime: Fav character
-Beyblade: Kai! Kai! KAI! MY KAI-KUN! BACK-OFF! I will forever obsesse over him. I'll be like eighty and still yelling Kai-Kun, though no1 will know what I'm talking about and think I'm a crazy old lady..hehehe...i'm going to be the crazy lady with the billion cats!
Voice: ha! get those billion cats and you can be that now!
AO: shhh u! ahem moving on :D
-Inu yasha: Sesshomaru, Rin (I wish i was Rin soooooo badly:P Haha, she's a cute little kid that'll never haveta grow up AND she's got Sess protecting her 24/7 her Knight and shinning armor...don't we all secretly want one:P)
-S-cry-edo (lol)
-Naruto: SaSuK3-KuN, KaKaShI-Sensei
-yu-gi-oh:Yami (AO: Ha! Take that Seto! U'r not on the fav list! SO:...-.-I don't think he cares)
-FMA Full Metal Alchemist: The flame alchemist, Roy mustang!..he reminds me of Kakashi
and a whole lot more but 2 lazy to write them all so there are the top 6 in any old order...they actually aren't the top 6 anymore...but I shall keep memory of the first top six:D)
AO: got any problem with me being lazy?
Voice: well actually-
AO: Oh shut it! no1 asked u!
Voice: u just-
AO: la la la i'm not listening -plugs ears-
Voice: god! get a memory check!
AO: still not listening la lal la!..AH!I forgot about my use-to obsession with Cardcaptor Sakura!...It was just one of those shows I loved to obsesse over...especially their movies...I dunno...the only pairing in animes that I've ever agreed with...Sakura and Syaoran forever:D

Fav animals: i love all animals! My favorite is probably the tiger (white tigers! always wanted cousin keeps telling me they'd probably just eat me...-pictures having white tiger...then picures it eating her- mehz, totally worth it!.) or rabbit which I already there nothing alike i know.
Fav Fantasy animals: The Pheonix and Dragon! hehe also wanted one of those...when i was little i used to go looking for them...haha...i was such a stupid child...umm..not much has

Hobbies: Writting fanfictions, reading fanfictions or any book/Manga and drawing anime...and if i may say so myself they look gr8!
Voice: ya right! u sux and u know it!
AO: ya...true but can't u at least let me think i'm good at something, must u always destroy all my hopes?
Voice: hey, some1 has 2 bring u bak 2 reality.
AO:-pouts- reality sux!

Likes: anime (includes fanfictions about anime)...animals... come 2 think of it i don't like many other things...does listening to music and imagining scenarios that will never happen count?

Dislikes: self-absorbed people, perky people, spoiled people, big crowds of people (cause u knowsome ppl just don't act the same when in a big crowd, which is why sometimes less is better:P)always depressed people who are like: "I hate life" and blah blah blah...they just want attention(only if they have no real reason 2 b sad, if they do then i don't mind, i can b a good listener! once u tell me to shut up...), ppl who talk and talk and talk and never shut up! (haha that's me sometimes, but hey you are what you hate...wait i think i just dissed myself so badly-.-' o well:P i'll live!) when ppl say Sesshomaru-sama instead of just Sesshomaru-cough- shessy-obsessed -cough, my dad -mumble- stupid jerk -mumble- (about the one and only thing me and the voice agree on), and i could go on but i'd b here all's lots of things that get on my nerves... i'm such a negative person, i just can't help it:P...

Personnality: Don't like 2 talk that much at times...obsessive and weird...extremly lazy at times...prone to be a little mood swingy:P got a low vocabulary, tend to use the same worlds over and junk and stuff :P... wat else do u need 2 know?
Voice: u forgot crazy!
AO: no i didn't, cause i'm not crazy!
Voice: let's c...u hear voices, u got alternate personalities and the fact that u see things that no 1 else can, just screams crazy.
AO: u think wat u want, as long as i know i'm perfectly sane.
Voice: sure sure...watever ur life.

AHHHHHHHHH! I finished writting my first fanfic:D:D:D:D ME HAPPY!
I'm working on the sequel...uh but it's going slow...very's hard to think like's on hold:P

Oh and this has nothing 2 do with anything but i have 2 say it, Mass populated bunny University, here i come! okie that's
Voice: -cough- CRAZY! -cough-
AO: SHUT UP!...ahem -smiles angelicly...or is it a smirk?-

Feel free to e-mail me or add me 2 ur msn...I'm very bored now a days and would like some1 new to talk to :D
Quote/Advice(or what everI feel like putting) of the week(or till i wanna change it :P):
"You're venting the resentment of youth by knitting that it?"." - lil Anissina to lil Gwendal!

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