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Note: If you have an opinion or questions on anything I've done, I enjoy getting feedback and love answering questions, so please leave your comments and I'll get back to you in my forum:

Hi there.

I currently have two stories up, that are quite different in tone and structure, so to help you choose:

Out of the Dark is based on a role-played character. Because of the way character development happened in the game, my stories are mostly delivered in the form of significant events in the character's story arc and background spanning several years of their lives, and often not in chronological order or contain time jumps, but I actually kind of like how that turns out sometimes.

The Shadow of the Mountains is a more traditional narrative, though it was also based on RP events. It's an easier read and for the most part it's better written too. It's also a lot less angsty, though it contains its share of tragedy, the central character is better equipped to deal with it. Most people prefer this one.

Although I'm not the kind of person who generally plays RPGs I have loved Middle Earth since I read the Hobbit as a child so I found it really compelling to try to fit characters into the cracks in Tolkien's canon through playing on a Middle-Earth RP server for NWN. What are the Princelands like? Who are the Dunlendings, really, and how do they see the world?

Whilst I have a lot of affection for the canon characters (who are generally far more complex and less black-and-white than Tolkien is usually given credit for), I usually leave them alone out of respect and instead create my own cast to play out their stories in the parts of Middle Earth that were sadly underused in the canon.

I painted portraits of my main characters, and I will try to use them on each corresponding story, though if you prefer to imagine them differently, then feel free. The paintings are just how they appear in my head. Also, don't steal them, or I'll chew your face off.

Note: I should probably add in the interests of transparency that many of the names and some ideas for Shadow of the Mountains were inspired by Manda Scott's Boudica series. This is mostly because her characterisation of Iron Age Britain was highly appealing to me, and helped to flesh out my ideas of Dunland. I have, however, mixed those elements in with Tolkien's amazing vision and many more of my own, and the characters are at their very worst, only reminiscent of her works. Nevertheless, thought I'd point that out in case someone has read her stuff and thinks I'm just ripping her off, because I'm not.

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