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Okay, I lied. This bio will, almost definitely, not change your life, especially asspaces keep disappearing which isREALLY annoying me! However,if by some inexplicable reason you are enlightened by my pointless drabble then I suggest you back away slowly and hit your head against a wall until the feeling passes- oh and please don't sue for any injuries this may cause. If you still feel that Vamoose's bio has had a drastic impact on your life after this procedure then seek medical help, please.

Anyway, as you can see I (I being just one half of the almighty Vamoose) have decided to update the bio. "Why is she updating the bio when she should be updating 'Will You...?'?" I hear you cry (almost). Well, as I have just said, Vamoose Part Two is missing! Well no, she's actually at home doing whatever it is she does, but without her by my side Vamoose cannot procede to create Chapter 6 of our favourite story 'Will You...?'. But, by the various virtual objects that are being thrown in my direction at the moment, I can tell this excuse does not suffice the angry mob of fans' needs, that is if I may still call them fans after eight months and not a single update on our part. Yeah... sorry about that. But it's not just Vamoose Part One's fault! (i.e me) Ifit makes you feel any better I'd be glad to throw a few REAL objects at Vamoose Part Two! He he...

So, let us leave that touchy subject behind, as those virtual objects are beginning to hurt, and discuss something else- such as my knew found love for Yu-Gi-Oh! Okay, I do find the show a little over dramatic, but that normally just adds to the fun, and I would also like to bash Yuugi Moto's little head off a conveniently placed fist/wall/metal spike (ducks more vitual objects). Sorry to any Yuugi fans, he just annoys me with his Heart of the Cards rubbish. But I suppose I could get over that for his Yami who is MUCH more interesting. However, neither Yuugi or Yami no Yuugi has anything on the ultimate character of the show, you know who I'm talking about! I hope. Well, if you don't I'll tell you. The ultimate character of the show is of course one Seto Kaiba. Three words to describe him. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Those three words could also describe the second sex god of the show Ryuuji Otogi. So you've probably already guessed that I'm a complete Mastershipping fan(Seto x Otogi). I'm also happy with any yaoi side pairing of Yamis and Hikaris because they're all HOT! Apart from Yuugi. Eww.

In conclusion, you could expect to see a few Mastershipping one shots from Vamoose in the near future because there simply isn't enough of them, right? Come on now, throw your hands in the air if you want to see more Seto/Otogi action. Are you doing it? I hope so or I will have to set Yami no Malik on you. Only joking, I'd never do that to you guys! Well, if you really annoyed me maybe... Anyway, time to go. Come on Malik let's go and find a few more occupants for the shadow realm...

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When Everything is Right by Mirai Shiranui reviews
After a fight the BladeBreakers decide that they should spend some time apart. With nowhere else to go, Rei is forced to stay with Kai. KaixRei.
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Rei is protecting something that could get himself or anyone around him to get into some trouble...what happens if a certain Russian accidentally gets a hold of it? KaiRei
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Kai and Rei are happily together, but will a few house guests and a flaming table be too hot to handle? (yaoi KaiRei, others) [COMPLETE]
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ReiKai. Rei boosts cars and sells parts to make moneymost ends up in the orphange out of guilt, and Kai's a badass who boosts cars for the hell of it. When a deal goes sour for Rei, the only person he can turn to for help is a guy he just met.
Beyblade - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 17,564 - Reviews: 110 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 7/30/2004 - Published: 12/31/2002 - Kai H., Ray/Rei K.
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it’s like this: rei and kai like each other, but kai’s being his usual meany self, so rei’s getting all upset, but he vows to get to know kai, it’s just hard cause kai keeps ignoring him! kai/rei, max/tyson.
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Life sucks by starshards reviews
Everyone has a few secrets and a few problems. Rei is certainly no exception, so what happens when he gets drunk and spills them all to his friend? Including the identity of his crush? BL [KaRe], YuuBo, a bit of YuuRe
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Tyson challenges Tala and his team to a pranking competition. The Demolition boys accept and the contest is on. Who will win and who will end up in dresses? KR TM TOC. Complete
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It's been 3 years since the bladebreakers have seen each other but their back for a little reunion. Not even a day in the vacation goes wrong when Ray and Max go missing. All that's left is a note from... Yaoi KR TM Complete
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Golden Phoenix 2 by darkkixie reviews
For my 1000th review here is the sequel u all asked for. Rei has a new mission, how will this involve Kai.KaixRei
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Untold Truths by Ladya C. Maxine reviews
Ray's flight out of Russia is canceled due to bad weather, meaning that he has to stay with Kai for a while. He soon realizes that the personal life of his captain is anything but perfect, but will he, or anyone else, live to tell the tale?
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KaiRei. Happens right after Rei's battle with the allstars. after that, everything's around and inside out. Poor Rei gets raped, and Kai's going to grill some when he finds who is responsible. FINISHED!
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Rei's needed to get to know Kai to figure out the mystery of the missing Golden Phoenix. KaixRei. *Completed*
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Will You? reviews
Kai's thinking of proposing to Rei. However, he makes the huge mistake of letting Yuri help out. Will everything go smoothly or will problems arise. And what about the wedding...?
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