Goza and Frieu
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April 11, 2005:
Hiya! This is CoD! Sorry for the lack of updates and all...We forgot the password and have been rendered...something...Okay well, just wanted to let everyone know we haven't died...and we may be back in a little while...maybe...

First Update:
Hi, this is Ashii and CoD, and if you don't know who we are, don't worry. We don't either.
So my full name is Ashii Black (married to Sirius Black) and I write mostly Harry Potter fanfics, but I am in love with DBZ and Lord of the RIngs and Pirates of the Caribbean too. Oh yeah, and I like yaoi.
So anyways, CoD found out that I liked DBZ and now, she is holding Sirius hostage and forcing me to write DBZ fanfics with her against my will. lol
Oh, CoD, you are so funny. I love writing DBZ fanfiction, especially fics like Ashii and CoD in DBZland...
CoD: Or whatever you want to call it, because I was sorta like, half awake when I named that.
Ashii: HUGZ!
CoD: What? Unicorn!
Ashii: Sorry, typo...
Ashii: Wait, what:Looks at AOL buddy list: Oh.
CoD: I want Vegeta.
Ashii: I want Sirius, but you don't hear me complaining. Wait, nevermind. You can complain.
CoD: But I don't get to cuddle him as often as you do.
Ashii: You get Remmie, remember?
CoD: I get alot of boys.
Ashii: Sut! Oh well, I get MY Vegeta.
CoD: smiles proudly I'm a sut and love my sut germs. pouts Vegeta?
Ashii: I think I'm confuzzling everyone, so let's stop this converse and talk about our fics and such.
Eventually, we will have the ever-famous Jumping on the Bed 3: THE REJECTED ONE put up, but until that horror appears, you will hafta be engrossed in our strange-but-funny fic "Ashii and CoD in DBZland!" (or whatever CoD named it when she had 2 much orange juice)
If you like Serious-but-funny-but-weird-and-strange-at-the-same-time, try "Wet." It is not as perverted as it sounds, okay?
It does get some pretty steamy stuff, but its not a porn thing or anything...but if you wanna check out the Adult fanfiction.net site, we should have that up there soon...lol
We also have a few other ideas and our fics MAY not be just DBZ...we might have a Harry Potter one...:D
Okay, well, I think this is long enough...
But CoD kinda wants to talk, so I'll give the keyboard to her for once...lol
~Ashii Black

:CoD pouts: Ignoring most of my comments while you write on! "Just Commenting!" No Dumb-Butt! I was actully trying to say things to our fans!
Ashii: Like we have them.
CoD: One day, we will be as famous as Vegetto, the @$$. Yeah, that's right! Don't you dare THINK I forgot about YOU! My children will hear of you, You Hear Me Veggeto? HEAR OF YOU! I'll tell them stories. You Know what? I'm gonna Write a Fanfic about YOU! Oh, What Now Little Man? What Now:Does Homie gestures: WEST SIDE! Actully, I think I live on the south. And NO Ashii! If you don't let ME Comment, then you can't comment while I write!
Ashii: I just wanted to tell you, we live on the South-East Side.
CoD: We gonna get shot...I love you Homies!
Ashii: I think that might be enough for them now.
CoD: Okay, but it was my dream to have a Bio as long as Christina's.
Ashii: Maybe that dream will happen, very soon.
CoD: How so?
Ashii: after we type our fics we'll have more ideas. How long is hers?
CoD: I'll show you. It's loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.
Ashii: You know FF.net is going to get rid of all those O's.
CoD: Damn you FF.net! I MEAN! I love FF.net! I love you so much!
Ashii: I think we need to go know CoD.
CoD: Okay. bye! And Vegeta? I LOVE YOU!
Ashii: bye!

~Ashii Black and Child of the Dragon

CoD: ASHII! We're supposed to be Goza and Frieu to these people now! We signed our names wrong! We blew everything! They were sappost to guess!
Ashii: Opps! Oh well. They had to guess sometime, and who reads these anyways!
CoD: Still, we were GOZA and FRIEU to these people! We Crushed their hopes and dreams!
Ashii: They'll get over it!
CoD:goes into a corner and pouts: veeeggettaa...

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