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Author has written 5 stories for Peter Pan, and Teen Titans.

Name: Stella

Bday: 29, June 1992

Best friends:(Well...technicaly everyone is my friend) 2005 Note: This you may have noticed some people have been deleted... sigh






I think I've left some people out...not sure...

and so much more...i just cant remember all of them (sorry!)

Facts: Ok, I'm sorta the funyy weirdo one in my group, friend to all.


At the movies

I'm showing Clara, Maree and Ed my ringtones

Clara: Ha, I can just imagine Stella dancing to her ringtone.

Ed: She is!

Stella: Dancing to ringtone Lalala

Clara, Ed and Maree start laughing as do other people who are staring at me


Stella: I just have to cross one road and I'm in Penshurst, no longer Hurstville. Ta-da!

Vicky, Erica and Anika are imagining a little road.

Anika: Oh, so it's like Penshurst, Hurstville,Penshurst, Hurstville,Penshurst, Hurstville,etc.

Stella:...points to roadThat's the road! Come on we just have to cross it and then we're in my suburb!

Vicky, Anika and Erica stare at it open mouthed 0o0.

Anika: puts up a shaking finger You...m...mean that road with all the moving cars and stuff?

Stella: Yeah of course! It's soooooo small, ordinary! Isn't it great?

Erica: Your craz-ee. You think that that road is normal and not at all scary!

Obviously the road is big.

Stella: Cmon, lets cross it!


Stella: be careful!

Vicky: So you cross that road nearly every single day?

Stella: Yeh of course!

Obviously I am the youngest and also the shortest in the group.


Ms Coplin: We are learning Ancient Egypt right now. What are we learning about Ancient Egypt? Looks at Stella, waiting for an answer

Stella: Ummmm...heh...Ancient...Egypt?


Stella: Lalalala...WHEE HYPERNESS...YAY I'M HYPER...OOPS, i just ate the icing off my big sis' cake! AAAAAAhh...oh wellcontinues to eat icing while talking on the phone with Julie P MMM...that's good icing.

Julie P: Your really starting to scare me.

Stella: I'm Ok with that!


Stella: sighs Isn't it funny how when you are little your parents encourage you to go to parties but then as you get older your parents hardley ever let you go!


I went to Momji's house with Panda and we were painting his room blue, that's his fav colour. After we painted his room blue, we decided to paint Momiji with blue poster or whatever paint. We were making him a blue model thingy.

His mum walks in

Mum: Don't get blue paint everywhere!

Stella: It's already everywhere!


Momji is cooking me and Panda something to eat. He cooks really bad, but he's trying to improve! I eat anything so I don't mind, but Panda does! He cooked us a steak thingy with all this stuff on it.

Momiji: So how do you like it?

Panda: spits it out It's really good!

Momji:...Then why did you spit it out?

Panda: It's sooooo good, that I can't eat it anymore, because I don't deserve it, it's too good for me.


For some reason, I'm playing tennis with Momiji and Panda, they teamed up against me!

I hit ball, they go for it, but then they crash into each other. I serve again, and they both go for it and Panda hits Momiji on the head by accident.

Momiji: wtf did you do that for? hits him back

Stella: Panda! You can't play with two rackets you freak!


Momiji, Panda and I are making a video just for fun, I'm stuck with the video camera. They are re-enacting a scene from 'wild boyz'.

In front of a fence.

Panda: Don't worry, with this fence we are perfectly safe.

Momiji: safe from what?

Panda: Gorillas.

Momiji: Those gorillas have huge teeth.

Panda: Getting up close to them is a perfectly good way to get your a kicked.

Stella: Ummmm...guys? I don't think you've noticed, but that sign says ' Child Daycare centre'.

Kids are outside playing around and looking curiously at us.

Stella: And those, my friends, are not gorillas dumbass.


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