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Cheers from people all over the world! Miss Incest signing in.

A letter of apology for my readers:

To all of my readers (whether it be in the SE fandom, PJO fandom or whatever fandom I decided to write on),

I am so sorry if I have not yet updated my stories. The million words instilled inside Webster's Dictionary are not enough to express how much I regret neglecting my duties as a Fanfiction writer. A lot of things happened this year. I also learned many lessons from my friends, teachers, family and even people I do not like much. The mistakes of my past shall rebuilt my broken pieces back whole. This summer, I intend to give my best shot in writing! So beware, dearest readers, Miss Incest shall rise from the dead.


1. One Big 'Happy' Family


2. The Quietus of Olympus

To be posted soon! (Being Pre-Written. Beta is MeridaAtMidnight)

And the clock striked 12, Dionysus choked. Hermes disappeared. Apollo fell ill. Artemis' golden blood was spilled. Hephaestus burned. Aphrodite committed suicide. Athena and Ares battled to death. Demeter wilted into a coma. Persephone ate her seeds and slept eternally. Poseidon drowned. Hera was murdered. Zeus gasped for his last breath. And the eldest -Hades and Hestia jumped in Tartarus.

3. Through the Dark

To be posted soon!

For SoMa Week 2016 Prompt: Red String of Destiny

It was dark when she traversed the halls, her only guide was the enchanting music and those glimpses of red strings. The yarn bounded them as they shook hands and formed a partnership. Maka pulled Soul and vice versa wherever they wanted to go. And now, as they decided to leave Shibusen for its own sake, their only map through the dark was the glowing blood chains.

Pairings (Plus, explanations why I ship them):

Greek Mythology: Apollo/Artemis, Ares/Athena, Zeus/Hera, Dionysus/Ariadne, Hades/Persephone, Hades/Hera

1. Ares/Athena

Goddess of War plus the God of War? Sounds a good pair to me. They balance the scales of war. The Defensive side and Offensive. Athena is a calm, wise and collected goddess who bases upon reasoning before instincts/feelings. She relies on logic more than her own emotions. One could say she was inhumane that way. She is Zeus's favorite princess, always listening to her thoughts that surpasses him. Ares is a hot-headed, bloodthirsty, mighty warrior deity of Olympus. He acts on his own intuition and kills everything at sight, regardless of the consequences. He cannot be easily tamed, he's a wild fire enveloping the forests. He is Zeus's legitimate child, a true Prince of the Heavens but he's the most hated god there because of his bloodlust antics. Athena and Ares are two sides of a coin, they can't live without each other. Because there will be no defense if there's no offense. No winner if there's no loser. She tempers his wrath with her own silent fire. They brawl and battle on the field, their fight about strength and pride. But at night, they kiss each other's wounds and lick the scars they inflicted clean. Or so I'd like to believe.

2. Zeus/Hera

King and Queen of Olympus. Hera may just be a woman out of the countless fishes Zeus caught in the sea, but she's the one whom he crowned Queen. Zeus could strip her titles away for another woman, but he didn't. No matter how many women Zeus sleeps with, he will always end up in their bed. In my little dirty fanfiction mind, everything is a game to them. Zeus flirts with another woman, Hera punishes the unlucky woman. He constantly makes her jealous, always begging for her attention. Hera doesn't seem to mind because when SHE's the one making Zeus jealous, all Tartarus break loose. This is just a chess game for them, they move lots and lots of pieces. Eating and killing each other's foes. The Queen strikes on her own while the King is protected by everything else. It's a board they play with feelings at their stake.

3. Dionysus/Ariadne

I read a good fanfic about them. It's a retelling of their love story by one of my favorite Fanfiction authors: The Muse of Fanfiction. If you have time, go check the story out. It's a typical love story. Boy and Girl hooks up. Boy leaves Girl on an island. God finds her and they fall in love. They had many trials both as an individual and lovers, but in the end, they trampled them and succeeded up to Olympus. Dionysus asked for Ariadne's immortality. To be TIED with her forever. And out of all the gods, that is something rare to find.

4. Hades/Persephone.

Greatest love story at Greek Mythology. Twilight is definitely crushed by this. Need I say more? Fine. We all know the story about them. Persephone is Life. Hades is Death. She was Innocence, and he's not one bit innocent. He saw her and abducted her when she was supposed to be loveless and untouchable. Kore is a young girl restricted of freedom by her Mother. But when Hades brought her down to the Underworld, I'd like to say that she grew up there to be a fine, respectable lady. She started to learn things on her own, discover the other side of the world. She was taught new many things by Hades. She was taught to love, to hate, to stand up for her own, to claim her position. She was usually doted by her mother, Demeter, but after she rises from the dreaded dimension, she bites back at her. She wants to have some freedom that Hades provided her. And Hades...he's dark, and sad, an enigma of the Olympians. Persephone is his light, his connection to Life. When he first saw her, he knew he should have her. Because she was the only thing Hades wanted.

5. Hades/Hera

It's insane. I know. Again, I have read a fanfic about them. A really dark portrayal of the gods and it is so fascinating. I can't remember the story title actually. It's been a long time since I read it. I reserve this pairing for occasional situations, I am planning to have an AU PJO/HOO fanfic featuring their relationship. The King of the Underworld and the Queen of Olympus. Imagine the terror and catastrophe it will bring if they ever had children. Again, this pairing is for darker purposes. HAHAHA. Yeah, let's insert the evil maniacal laugh. So I was thinking that if these two little darlings had a relationship, maybe they'd start when they're on Kronos's belly. Or just after Kronos spewed them out. Hades and Hera have this forbidden spice in them that I could resist. Same with Hades/Demeter or Hades/Hestia.

6. Artemis/Apollo

I had to bold it, and I had to write this last. WHY? BECAUSE DUH. THEY'RE MY ONE TRUE PAIRING. And nobody will stop me. Twins? Think before you speak, honey, incest is a culture of gods. It's in their own roots. Everyone is related one way or another. And did you know, Science also claims that we're related with 3.14159265 percent chance. Artemis's vow? Oh, damn, this is where it starts. They're polar opposites, Apollo, a philanderer and Artemis as a maiden. But why would Apollo protect Artemis when she thought of breaking her oath to Orion? Why? Why did he have to trick his sister into killing her own lover when he could have shoot the guy himself. It's so fishy. If Apollo didn't fool her and went into directly killing him, I'd be dismissing it as a brotherly gesture. But no, he HAD to make sure Artemis kills the guy. And why couldn't Apollo marry? Didn't you realize that no matter how many girls and lasses Apollo chases, he'd never have a wife? He longs for maidens. MAIDENS. Hestia? Check. Daphne? Check. Why was he running for them? Why was he vying for a love that he knows wouldn't be returned? Something screams Artemis. And it's not only Apollo who killed one of Artemis's potential lovers, she did the deed too. Koronis? Major. Chione? You probably don't know her but she's one of Apollo's lovers who boasted her beauty above the Moon Goddess. WE all know Artemis wouldn't be insulted by such proclamations about physical things, then why did she instantly pointed her arrow and killed the woman? It's unlikely for her. My theory is she's just waiting a perfect moment to smite her. Apollo and Artemis are said to be Man and Woman, Husband and Wife (Sources from Theoi.com, bitch). They're brother and sister. Many sources have already cited that among of all gods, the twins had the closest tight-knit relationship. "For there is also a tradition that Apollo was infatuated with Artemis, his sister, and ravished her on his altar at Delos." (Larousse 121, 144; Willis 139). I declare this ship canon and you are obviously not stopping me.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Reyna/Jason, Leo/Piper, Percy/Annabeth, Nico/Thalia, Nico/Will, Frank/Hazel

1. Reyna/Jason

Isn't it sad that Reyna and Jason almost had an almost? "Upon seeing her, Jason felt an incredible pang of guilt. He'd let her believe they had a future together. He had never been in love with her, and he hadn't led her on exactly...but he also hadn't shut her down." Jason, House of Hades. Of course Jason and Reyna was my personal favorite ship since they remind me of a certain love story (ehem* raises hand *ehem). It's not canon. Rick made it obvious that Reyna has no chance for love again. And that Jason and Piper is a living thing. Reyna withstood the pain, war and heartbreak. Which I am very proud and inspired of her. She's one of my favorite demigods. But...let's look back, what if Hera didn't switch Jason with Percy? Yes, they have a future together. Even if only as friends. They could have been something but Aphrodite plays a game that no one else could touch. I suppose it is the will of the gods, for Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano totally overcame her fears and everything. RARA is the QUEEN. She accomplished many things. And Jason, too. He became a better person with Piper. He found his true self that maybe Reyna only managed to glimpse most of the time, but not everyday. It is the will of the gods that they didn't get together. And because of that, they became better versions of themselves. They're fire and gasoline, they'll only end up hurting each other. That's why Unrequited Jeyna touches me the most.

2. Leo/Piper

The same case with Jeyna. I read a headcanon that it was originally Leo, who was Piper's boyfriend before Jason came into picture. He was her bestfriend. *Cue the 'Lucky' song by Jason Mraz* They had known each other since they were children. They memorized each other's quirks and gestures. They had fallen in love along those lines, probably. They could have had a steady relationship. The reincarnations of Charles Beckendorf and Silena Beauregard. But they didn't. Another tragic love story. It was Leo whom Piper spent a night with watching the constellations and stars. It was Leo whom she loved the most in the entire world. But again, it is the will of the gods. Their will to separate them to set things in motion. They found new people and maintained their camaraderie towards each other. Somewhere in their friendship, I could feel Leo's lingering gaze at Piper. And Piper's hesitance to comfort him, she wanted to hug him because it feels so right but the current circumstances stop her. This is wrong, but it feels so right.

3. Percy/Annabeth

Aha. The most canon ship. They grew into me. I knew from the start that they're going to get together. It's pretty obvious. It was only when the Heroes of Olympus happened that I relished them. Percy remained loyal, even if he forgot her. Annabeth was the only thing in his mind, the one that anchored him through the murky path of being Roman. And did I need to mention the whole Tartarus thing? "As long as we're together." DAMN, I want a boyfriend like that! Literally falling in Hell for you! And the Misery Goddess thingy too. She's the only one who could stop him. He can destroy the world but Annabeth is his limiter. Percabeth. Can't see one of them without the other. No one will argue with me here.

4. Nico/Thalia vs. Nico/Will

Before Solangelo came into picture. I can always see Thalia with Nico. Why? Other than Thalico fics that I have seen, of course there's the matter of Chemistry. Nico and Thalia are dark beings. Nico, was the epitome of darkness. Thalia, a PUNK, she was dark regarding physical stature. They're both powerful. A son of Hades and a Daughter of Zeus.

Jormungand: Koko/Kasper, Chequita/Lehm

Soul Eater: Maka/Soul, Black*Star/Tsubaki, Kid/Liz/Patty

Vocaloid: Rin/Len, Kaito/Miku, Luka/Gakupo

Vampire Knight: Yuuki/Kaname, Yuuki/Aidou, Yori/Aidou

Seven Deadly Sins: Diane/King, Ban/Elaine, Meliodas/Liz

Red Queen: Mare/Maven

Attack On Titan: Levi/Hange, Levi/Petra, Levi/Mikasa, Mikasa/Eren, Connie/Sasha

Black Butler: Ciel/Lizzy

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia: Nova/Felicita

Magi: Morg/Hakuryuu, Morg/Alibaba, Solomon/Sheba

Basically all the crazy, crack ships I have.

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