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Hello! My name is Abigail-Alberta, (Abi for short) and I am a writer. I usually identify myself as an original writer, because a majority of what I write is original fiction. Fanfiction has always been a tug-and-pull for me. On one end I love reading it... On the other hand most of the time I am too much of a perfectionist to attempt to write it. This is mostly due to my issue with making everything as cannon as possible, as well as my unhealthy obsession with research. For me to even attempt to write Fanfiction about something I have to be positive I know every last drop of information about the topic. Which leads to very scarce postings and loss of sleep (as it is 2:09 in the morning as I write this).

I have been writing since sixth grade, when I discovered Quizilla a place-- before it's great downfall-- which was full of wondrous stories. I had been looking for future books to read with titles which wouldn't have given away the content matter (as a very much disliked teacher had warned my mother of my obsession with monsters as abnormal in girls my age). Having found series like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Babysitter's Club disgustingly girly, compared to my R.L. Stine addiction, I stumbled across an unlimited number of stories I wouldn't have to worry about hiding under my bed! Now, years and millions of typos later I am attempting to work on new projects which will take me out of my comfort zone.

Here's a few fun facts:

  1. The first story I ever read online was a vampire Panic at the Disco Fanfiction. At the time I had never heard/seen Fanfiction before and it took me a good year before I realized: a. What Fanfiction even was & b. that Panic at the Disco was a band!
  2. I have accounts on Quizilla, Wattpad, Quibblo and Mibba, all of which have different stories, rps, etc from different stages in my life, and writing ability lol.
  3. I have written four pieces of fanfiction in total: a Naruto (GaaraxMatsuri) piece which I will add a chapter to like once a year or try to reedit, two drabbles one for Afterschool Charisma and the other for my best friend's original fiction, and last but not least Like an Acorn.
  4. Superheroes are my new passion.
  5. I am majoring in Elementary Education and want to become a Second Grade teacher!

Favorite List:

  1. Food & Drink- California Rolls, Green Tea Cheese Cake, and Water
  2. Book- Cut by Patricia McCormick
  3. Writer- Kelley Armstrong, is absolutely my favorite writer ever! I love how she is able to write such in-depth worlds all connected and swirling around each other!
  4. Movie- Gone with the Wind & Chicago
  5. Song- Paralyzer by Finger Eleven
  6. Band- Framing Hanley (now), My Chemical Romance (as a young teenager), Hilary Duff (as a child) --Yes I am quite transverse in my musical loves--
  7. Superhero- Static Shock is my favorite but my addiction to Raven got me into collecting comics and Blue Beetle is my favorite Young Justice member.
  8. Super Villain- Poison Ivy (Duh)
  9. Comic- Teen Titans (2003 version not the new 52) You know the series before Tim Drake became a tool.
  10. DC Animated Movie- Batman under the Red Hood-- Two words: Jensen Ackles!
  11. Actors- Sasorsi Roan, Jensen Ackles, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Logan Lerman, Nicole Kidman & LeeLee Sobieski
  12. Animated T.V. Series- A tie between Static Shock and Young Justice
  13. Directors- Hayao Miyazaki & Guillermo del Toro
  14. Foreign Movie- Tie between Persepolis, Battle Royale & Pan's Labyrinth
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