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Author has written 23 stories for Pokémon, Phineas and Ferb, Walking Dead, Mario, Walking Dead, Animaniacs, Gravity Falls, Five Nights at Freddy´s, Death Note, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Giver, and Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Personal Quote(s)

"Don't question my weirdness, question my sanity."

-087-B 2015

"Roses are red, shut the fuck up, what did I tell you, shut the fuck up."

-087-B 2017

"Oops I exist still."

-087-B (Dec. 31) 2018

Hello there. I call myself 087-B after the monster of the same name. Don't know what it is? Look it up.

I mainly write crossovers, but nothing too sexual (typically I don't write sexual things, usually stories with occasional sexual themes). Nothing stupid or cliche or downright crap. If you have a question relating to any of my stories, go ahead and PM me.

Name IRL: Jake

Sex: M

Date of Birth: April 1, 2001 (Yeah, no lie.)

Current Age: 18

Current Residence: Greenland, NH, USA

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American

Orientation: Homoromantic/Asexual

Marital Status: Married

Religion: Agnostic

Status: Active-ish (Trying my best to get back into the swing of things, I still write but I publish elsewhere!)

I'm typically dark in my writing but I can write lighthearted if I want (I have mixed interests). I'm usually writing T, sometimes M, but never K or K-Plus. Those stories are too lighthearted for me and are not my style.

About Me

As you can see, I'm not exactly very old, I'm only 17. I'm a dark writer, but I have some seriously mixed interests.

That's... about it.

Things I like in a fanfic:

-Actual thought and time put into it and not a horribly written story.

-A very detailed plot that keeps me hooked.

-Long yet interesting chapters with great character development and plot advancement.

Things I dislike in a fanfic:

-Mary Sues/Gary Stus

-Horrible OOCness at random intervals in the story (when it's unnecessary or uncalled for and not in a situation where it would make sense. I know I've made characters OOC in the past, but only when I felt it to be necessary for the current situation).

-Self insertion (Ironic considering one of my fanfics. Then again, that one was written as a joke...).


-Chapters written with under 1000 words.

-6 million chapters between the first instance of plot advancement and the next (Exaggerating here, but you get the point, right?).

-Stories that feature The Snag (see definition below).

The Snag:

One big personal annoyance of mine when it comes to reading is when I come across a story that contains a Snag. Here's what The Snag is in a nutshell: The Snag is a character, thing, place, object, or anything, really,that immediately steps in and prevents a character from finding something out just when they were about to get some crucial information, thus halting plot development in the worst way possible, like a mental kick to the nuts.

Whenever this happens, it's like when tension is built up, only to have it ripped away like a punch to the gut that somehow results in three broken ribs and a punctured lung; the tension is released, but not in a good way. You aren't happy when a snag appears, it just takes away from the story.

:Story Statuses:

Gravity Falls: Sinnoh Adventure

-In Progress

Season 4: Things are changing for everyone as plots collide and paths cross!

Description: A crossover where the characters from Gravity Falls go to the Sinnoh Region in northern Japan on Pokemon journeys! This story is nowhere near halfway done and will be very, very long, and I hope you enjoy it the whole way through! I assure you that there will be no filler, only plot, character development, and anything else you may enjoy. Everything in the story matters!

Gravity Falls: The Thousand Year Door

-On Hiatus (NOOOOO--)

Arc: Chapter 5: The Key To Pirates!

Description: Yet another crossover, this one between Gravity Falls and Mario. When everyone in the town of Gravity Falls is pulled into the Mushroom Kingdom after Dipper and Mabel find a strange pipe in the woods, everyone is separated and Dipper is left with Pacifica in a raft in the middle of the ocean. After they stumble across the port town of Rogueport and meet with a man named Mario, this is only the start of a very long adventure to find their friends, collect the Crystal Stars, save the royalty known as Princess Peach from wherever she is, and answer the one question that's tugging at everyone's mind; "Just what exactly lies behind the door?"

A New Day


Stay tuned for the sequels, "400 Days" and "All That Remains"!

Years Later

-On Hiatus

Writers block. ;_;

Ed Edd n' Eddy: Johto Journeys

-Indefinite Hiatus

A Family's Struggle

-Indefinite Hiatus/Possibly Discontinued

The Walking Dead: Season One and a Half



-Indefinite Hiatus

Generation VII

-Indefinite Hiatus

Remember Me

-Indefinite Hiatus

Michael Schmidt is here to tell the tale of his life and "death" in the span of five nights.

Pokemon: True Reality


True Reality became a burden to write and my writing sucked back then, so I gave up on this story.

-Planned Stories-

As with many other authors, I have multiple stories planned/in the works (same thing?), so I'll share brief descriptions of them here:

Phineas And Ferb: Legend Of The Star Rod - The prequel to "Gravity Falls: The Thousand Year Door". Due to spoilers, I won't mention anything about it.

Redemption - A Walking Dead Game fanfic starring Clementine. Due to spoilers, I won't mention anything about it.

I also have two other cartoon/Pokemon crossover stories planned that are set in Hoenn and Kanto, but those won't be out til late 2014 to early 2015 for a very long time.

Gravity Falls: Sinnoh Adventure

Character Bios

Mason "Dipper" Reginald Pines

Age: 12

A young boy with a big head and heart, Dipper tries his best to make the most of any situation whether he understands it at all. His skills as a trainer begin to show faults as time progresses, which is shown in his first battle against Gardenia, but he brushes this feeling of his off, even though this leads to anxiety issues and serious stress problems. However, he does not stop fighting for his friends and family, and he continues to journey through Sinnoh with his Pokemon by his side. He is quite fond of the Steel-Type.

Pokemon On Hand: Monferno, Staravia, Magikarp, Vespiquen, Bulbasaur

Pokemon In PC: None

Badges: 2

Mabel Alison Pines

Age: 12

Mabel is usually silly and absentminded but can be serious when needed. She has a close relationship with Waddles, her pet pig, and thinks of her Grotle as a temporary replacement for him. When it comes to adventuring, Mabel is an excellent source of happiness, but in battles, she can be brutally tough, hiding her strategies behind that silly innocent smile, throwing her opponent off guard at times, and when it comes to Team Galactic, Mabel drops the childish act and becomes serious in an attempt to defeat them once and for all. For some reason, she adores Ground-Types...

Pokemon On Hand: Grotle, Bibarel, Mothim, Egg, Gastly, Mudkip

Pokemon In PC: None

Badges: 3

Jesús "Soos" Alzamirano Ramírez

Age: 22

Soos is strange to say the least, but he's funny and very kind hearted nonetheless. His battling skills are pretty decent even though they have room for improvement, but he never cries over a loss, seeing it as something he can learn from. Although his intentions are good, his main goal is to find the ledgendary Pokemon of the Verity Lake, and as such, has joined up with Team Galactic without realizing it. Even though the entirety of Team Galactic know of him as a member, they keep it a secret from Soos himself so that the act can press on for a longer period of time. He is fond of Normal-Types.

Pokemon On Hand: Prinplup, Luxio, Munchlax, Murkrow

Pokemon In PC: None

Badges: 3

"Li'l" Gideon Charles Gleeful

Age: 10

A young, rather pompous boy, Gideon at first seems to be sophisticated yet adorable, speaking with etiquette, but he's got his secrets and a dark side. His journey keeps him off the stress of his home life with his con-man and business hog father, and his abused mother, but he hides this under his rivalry with Dipper, though he does help him in rare situations. If anything, Gideon plans to get to the Pokemon League and become Champion before Dipper can, but if he wants to do that, he'll have to trust Dipper first. His starter Pokemon, Mudkip, was stolen from Professor Birch in the Hoenn Region. He favors the Psychic-Type.

Pokemon On Hand: Marshtomp, Golbat, Kadabra, Regirock

Pokemon In PC: Klink, Meditite, Graveler

Badges: 3

Pacifica Elise Northwest

Age: 12

Pacifica is the self-proclaimed most popular girl in Gravity Falls. She came to Sinnoh to expand her popularity and power as per her parents rules and expectations but she quickly became interested in Pokemon battling and becoming a trainer, having a Torchic delivered to her from Hoenn. She holds a secret she dare not tell anyone, and she's worried that this Pokemon journey might thrust it out of her mouth. Her rival is Mabel Pines, and she always tries to battle her every time they meet, and when they do battle, she tries to win but it usually doesn't end well for her. As of recent, however, Pacifica and Mabel's rivalry is now somewhat friendlier than it once was. She enjoys using Fairy-Types.

Pokemon On Hand: Staravia, Furfrou, Feebas, Carbink

Pokemon In PC: Roselia, Beautifly

Badges: 3

Deuce Amadeus Rodriguez

Age: 21

Deuce is the complete opposite of Soos, being his rival after all. He works for Gideon at the Tent of Telepathy and quickly became his right-hand man on their way to Sinnoh. In the early days there, he acquired the Coal Badge and battled Dipper and Soos alongside Gideon. His starter Pokemon is a Treeko, which currently has an unknown origin point. Deuce's goal is not to complete the Pokemon League, but it is to acquire the three legendaries of the lakes, then use them for his own purposes. After learning of Soos' plan to acquire one of them, he quickly made haste in trying to collect them. He likes the Rock-Type.

Pokemon On Hand: Grovyle, Noctowl, Wooper

Pokemon In PC: None

Badges: 3

Wendy Blerble Corduroy

Age: 15

She isn't a newbie at Pokemon battling and training; when she was 12, she left on a Pokemon journey in Sinnoh with her starter Pokemon Squirtle. Since then, she evolved it into Wartortle and earned the Coal Badge only. That same badge may be rusted over but it's all she has from her previous journey. Now she's back in Sinnoh with Robbie as her traveling partner, showing him the bear basics of a Pokemon journey. Her knowledge of the Sinnoh Region is quite extensive despite having a short first journey, even knowing the history of Eterna City beforehand. She is fond of the Ice-Type.

Pokemon On Hand: Wartortle, Flareon, Rotom, Nuzleaf, Egg

Pokemon In PC: None

Badges: 2

Robbie Stacey Valentino

Age: 16

The newbie to the Sinnoh Region, Robbie barely knows what he's doing. His starter Pokemon, Totodile, was imported from Johto, and with it and additional help from Wendy, he caught a second Pokemon, Kricketot, both of which have evolved since then. He sticks with Wendy to learn from her, but he usually tries to take matters in his own hands, thinking trial-and-error will help him learn. He's mostly quiet, and prefers to listen and learn rather than talk (though as previously stated, he will try and take matters into his own hands at times). The only two battles he has had during his journey were against the first two gym leaders, Roark and Gardenia. Recently, however, he's been thrown in prison for attacking Dipper. He prefers the Dark-Type obviously.

Pokemon On Hand: Feraligatr, Kricketune, Mightyena, Electrode, Togepi

Pokemon In PC: None

Badges: Revoked (Originally 2)

Candy Chiu

Age: 12

A smart and strategic girl, Candy's main goal throughout Sinnoh isn't collecting all eight badges, but rather to complete the Pokedex, and she takes that goal to the fullest extent, catching any new Pokemon she comes across. Not all of them she uses for her team, but the ones she does like, she tries to use them strategically and competitively. She also likes to partake in Super Contests with her friends Grenda and Mabel. Her starter Pokemon was Chikorita, a Grass-Type native to the Johto Region. She likes Electric-Types.

Pokemon On Hand: Chikorita, Buizel, Magneton

Pokemon In PC: Bibarel, Kricketune, Graveler, Starly, etc. (she has a lot more Pokemon as she does want to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex.)

Badges: 3

Grenda Mackerel Grendinator

Age: 12

The strongest between her and Candy, Grenda is the kind of trainer who uses Pokemon that are physically bulky and can still pack a punch. She wants to travel through Sinnoh mainly for the experience of the adventure and excitement. A fan of Super Contests, she competes in them along with her best friends Candy and Mabel, usually against Pacifica. Her starter Pokemon was Cyndaquil, a Fire-Type native to the Johto Region. Her favorite type is the Fighting-Type.

Pokemon On Hand: Cyndaquil, Kecleon, Machop, Barboach

Pokemon In PC: Cherubi, Aipom, Wormadam

Badges: 3

Lucas Diamon Walker / Tajiri Kōki

Age: 22

Being the regional champion of Sinnoh, Lucas has a lot of responsibilities on his plate, though that doesn't mean he can't ever find the time to explore and relax. His recent walk through Sinnoh has allowed him to witness a battle between Dipper and Mabel, and after introducing himself, he quickly befriends the group and joins them for a time. He helps Dipper train to become stronger, as he knows the boy aspires to one day be like him. He once took a journey throughout Sinnoh ten years ago, and since then, he has held on to his title as Champion after conquering the league, and his current team is the one he's had since childhood. Lucas is said to be an unstoppable force in battle, with a very strong and advanced team and skilled usage of Mega Evolution. He is fond of all types of Pokemon.

Pokemon On Hand: Torterra, Charmander

Pokemon In PC: Clefairy, Kadabra, Grotle, Monferno, Prinplup

Badges: 8

Stanford "Stan" Maximus Pines

Age: 60

A Pokemon trainer from when he was young, Stan picked a Charmander as his starter. It's now a Charizard that resides at Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh. Nothing else is known about his journey but it can be assumed he travelled through Kanto and collected the better amount of 8 badges, as well as encountered at least one legendary Pokemon that's native to that region. Stan does mention his journey every now and then but refuses to talk about it directly.

Pokemon at Rowan's Lab: Charizard

Stay Tuned!


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Slight AU. "I remember that day, June 26, 1987. What a horrid, horrid day. It was going so good too...it's been 20 years since then. I've decided to go ahead and get a job over at that pizzeria as the new night-guard. I needed to see them again. My name is Michael J. Schmidt, and this is my tale."
Five Nights at Freddy´s - Rated: T - English - Horror/Mystery - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,356 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 78 - Follows: 85 - Updated: 12/28/2014 - Published: 9/15/2014 - Mike Schmidt, Foxy, Freddy Fazbear, Phone Guy
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AU. The animatronics are more than you think after hours. Read to find out the lives of the anthropomorphic animals as they deal with abuse, mental problems, disorders, and life itself. These robots are truly alive...and they aren't robots. Rating may change. (Experimental Story) (Discontinnued)
Five Nights at Freddy´s - Rated: T - English - Angst/Horror - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,394 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 11/6/2014 - Published: 11/5/2014 - Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy
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[Generation 2] The Eds, Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf go to Johto on Pokemon journeys, but as they travel to collect 8 badges, they'll have to deal with the environment, the length of the routes between towns, and the diabolical Team Rocket. Will they make it to the Indigo League? Rated T to be safe. Contains spoilers for Heart Gold/Soul Silver. (Story WILL be finished. Promise.)
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In the remote Valmio region, a new trainer is assigned what is called a 'special' Pokemon. The assigned trainer has to take care of the Pokemon. The trainer goes out on a journey, but along the way, the trainer is hunted by an 'evil' corporation who want him for reasons he doesn't know about. Of course, the trainer and his Pokemon will be fine...right? (Will get cover image soon.)
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After Rick Grimes wakes up on the side of the road, he realizes his so called friend Shane Walsh has left him for dead. It turns out a new group as taken him in to care for him until he had recovered. Now in this post-apocalyptic world, Rick must survive and take care of an entire group along with an unstable 18 year old that seems to know what he's doing. Will Rick survive?
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After Phineas dies in a meteorite crash, monsters start popping up all over the world. Now, with his new psychic abilities, Ferb realizes he must come out of his shell if he wants to defend the world and avenge his brother.
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Although Lee knows Kenny to be "lost to the horde," Kenny sees it otherwise. Now with a new group of people he knows, Kenny must escape Savannah in search of Clementine. Trust issues rise, supplies deteriorate, and everything dies. Will Kenny survive? Or will he really be lost to the horde? Contains language usage. Rated T for now, maybe M later on. (Discontinued)
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It's the year 1932, the Great Depression is upon all Pokemon in the world. This is the story of one family and their survival through these tough and deadly times. Contains language and sexual content. You have been warned!
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Oneshot. This is what Ben experienced before meeting Lee. Traumatizing and scary, Ben lost his innocence way before he was starved for help.
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In the real world, you don't expect a lot of things. Especially not this. A series of events mysteriously unfold to reveal Pokemon in the real world, and this boy is going to solve all of this. My first fanfic but I'm writing for you guys. Will be updated when I can. (Discontinued)
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