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i feel so luved that u r reading this ^_^ anyways i guess u wanna know a little bit about me. My name, as you know, is Jemintra. I AM NOT related in any way to Jemima of Cats, but I AM a jellicle.

Fave movies, animes, plays, etc.: Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Wolfs Rain, Code Lyoko, Inuyasha, Beyblade, Fruits Basket,Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, A Knight's Tale, Remember the Titans, CATS, Zelda, Cardcaptors, Teen Titans, Lost, Flipper, and Oliver Twist

Fave characters: Hiei(YYH), Ulrich(Code Lyoko), Kon Rei(Beyblade), Sohma Hatsuharu (Fruits Basket), Draco Malfoy(Harry Potter), Merry Brandybuck (LotR), Frodo Baggins (LotR), Count Adhemar (A Knight's Tale), Gerry Bertier (Remember the Titans), Alonzo (CATS), Pouncival (CATS), Plato (CATS), Syaoran (Cardcaptors), Charlie from Lost, Robin (Teen Titans)As you can tell, i'm really into guys ^.^ but i'm taken!

Fave actors: Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Dominic Monaghan (LotR), Elijah Wood (LotR), Rufus Sewell (A Knight's Tale), Jason Gardiner (CATS), and Karl Morgan (CATS) They are all so hot! specially Dom ^.^

now (i don't quite know why) i'm goin 2 tell u about my friends
Name:Okami or KooriOkami (penname is Okami the wandering wolf)
Eye color: ice blue
hair color:silver
has silver wolf ears
Type of demon: Wolf
fav colors: blue, black, red, silver

Name:ShadowCat or Neko
Eye color:gold
hair color: black
has black cat ears and tail
Type of demon: Cat
Fav colors: black, purple, and green (^^;)
don't try 2 im Neko cause she doesn't have a computer.

Name: Mikomi
Eye Color: changes frequently
Hair color: white down to waist has white cat ears and tail
Type of demon: cat
gender: female
element: wind
Penname: silentchibi

Name: Ko
Ko is basically the chibi version of Youko (sweatdrop)

Name: Kuroi
Kuroi is the chibi version of Hatsuharu Sohma (he's so kool!!!!^.^)

Quotes (just a few):

Food for the thought requires a brain with teeth.

People who hate cats must have been mice in an earlier life.

You've always made the mistake of being yourself.

My mommy says I'm special.

I hear voices... and they don't like you.

Don't annoy the anger management class dropout.

Your last brain cell must be lonely.

Do you know the Muffin Man?

Your parents lied. You're not special. You're just stupid.

Yah that's 'bout it ^_^

Current status(hopefully gonna be updated somewhere between daily and annually): Doing great. I started school again two days ago, and I'm exhausted. I've been ultra busy, and I'm even busier in the next few weeks, and i DO have a boyfriend, so tough luck *wink*. if ya really wanna talk 2 me, email me at (i check it almost daily). yea, anyone who is already past 8th grade, or in it right now, you'll believe me when i say this: I HATE 8TH GRADE!!!!!! they give us 2 much stuff. *sigh* o well it gets worse (my sister's in college, so she would know)...Oh hey sorry i'm rambling on and on and on again, like i always do (Michael-kun'll agree on that)

I just recently started watching that beautiful show that comes on Wed. nights @ 8/7 central, Lost. IT ROX! Charlie is so kool. ^_^ Hey a random fact: we just finished reading Watership Down in my ELA class, and on the last episode White Rabbit, Sawyer was reading Watership Down. Yea. Just wanted 2 say that.

In two weeks I'm going on to try out for All-Region, for vocals. I'm a first soprano(aka we go really high), and I'm going up against like 150 other girls. Wish me luck! Thanx!

More fanfics (hopefully) coming soon! for right now there's two. please take a look if you want to. I don't care. That's all 4 now. o ya, and that last review for Couple Broken is NOT from me. I'm not that pathetic, i don't review my own stories 2 make myself feel better. I was logged on at the time and my friend Mikomi wanted 2 review. (Probably u all didn't care, but i got confused 4 a second because i didn't remember that she did that. O well) Bye 4 now! ^.^

OH RIGHT! one last thing (sorry *sweatdrop*) anyways if anyone out there is reading my bio, then please hear this! if you have any pictures of Karl Morgan (Pouncival in the CATs movie) PLEASE send them to me! I've only seen like one picture of him, so i really wanna know what he looks like ^_^ whoever manages 2 do that will get many thanks and my everlasting gratitude. Oh, and many cheese wedges. If you are allergic, or just don't like cheese(T.T what is your problem?!), then you'll get pie. If you don't like pie, then you're not gettin nothin, because you're wierd.

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An AU about Merry and Pippin - and practically everyone else now! Chapter 148 - The Story continues! Chapter 56 is a recap of the story to that point. Final chapter - Recaptured! There will be appendices, to tie up loose ends - but this is the end of the actual story! Fifth (and final) Appendix - The Hobbits - now posted.
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A CATS fic. Focuses around an unknown couple. character death. Please R&R. It's my first CATS fanfic, so be nice. Disclaimer inside.
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