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Author has written 2 stories for Phantom of the Opera, and Naruto.

Name: Steph. I'll omit my last name to keep the stalkers at bay _

Age: 16

Interests: Philosophy, Modern (and some not-so-modern) literature, music of many different sorts psychology, certain Anime series (mostly Hellsing and Naruto), a few Harry Potter RPGs, and parenthesis (I'm madly in love with parenthesis).

Um... I can't really think of anything else to say about myself, so I guess I'll rant about fanfics now.

First and foremost, "A Stitch in Time" is dead. Morte. Fin. Over. It's pushing up daisies. It is an ex-fanfic. It's gone to a better place. I think you get the picture. I reread it a little while ago (a good year after my final update) and I realized that it is terrible beyond repair. I've grown to dislike the very premise that the story is based on (the time-travel fanfic) and I positively despise the main character. The romance was unrealistic and two-dimensional. Erik was so out of character that he ceased to be even remotely phantom-esqe, and I will reluctanly admit that I've honestly forgotten where the plot was going to go (if I ever knew in the first place). For those of you who need closure, I think I was going to have the story end with some sort of climactic scene where the villans (I forget their names) tried to sacrifice Erik or something and ended up sending both him and Carmen back to the late 1800's where they lived happily ever after like the two-dimensional mary-sues I, in my literary youth, created them to be. I'll leave to story up as a reminder to myself that literary disasters do happen, but rest assured, there will be no further updates.

I need to add some Naruto-related stuff to this endless quagmire of inchoherent rambling.

I've only recently discovered the Naruto series, but Orochimaru is such an awesome villain that I couldn't resist writing a story about him. I'm going to say this again here as it's rather important: I really need a beta for this story with a thorough understanding of the Naruto series. Grammar and language stuff I can pretty much handle on my own, but where I'm really falling short of the mark right now is knowing exactly what happens in the series. I'm trying to acquaint myself with all of the episodes , but that's going to take a while and I don't want my inspiration for this story to shrivel up while I'm trying to watch the many hundreds of Naruto episodes circulating on youtube. What I need is someone who can read the story and tell me if I'm doing something that goes blatantly against an explanation of chakra, the shinobi lifestyle, general tradition, bloodline limits, or whatever that's provided in an episode I haven't seen yet.

As of recently, I've decided that setting "Kyoki Sakura" in literary limbo is a dumb idea. Instead, I'm setting it after Orochimaru left Akatsuki and before he attacked Konoha.

And now, some information for anyone interested in helping me out as a beta:

I've already mentioned that beta hopefuls need not be grammar geniuses, and that my primary weakness is knowledge of the series itself. The other things I'll probably need to be beaten up for are 1)not explaining myself thoroughly enough (so be sure you can tell me when I'm not making any sense), 2) not staying true to the original personalities of cannon characters (Orochimaru is my biggest concern here. I know from past experience that I tend to let my villain romances get too "fluffy". Please feel free to verbally abuse me if I let Orochimaru become too nice, caring, et cetera) and 3) overpowering characters (obviously, Narigama is my biggest concern here because she's an original character and she has to be at or near Orochimaru's power level in order to gain his respect, but it's really hard to keep a virtually immortal character from becoming a god, so if she starts kicking too much ass (that is, more ass than any other Naruto character of comparable status has previously kicked), please feel free to verbally abuse me)

As a beta, you also get certain benefits that normal readers generally don't get. Because you're helping me to edit the story, I'll be happy to ensure that whenever there is something you need to understand, you will understand it. That means that, so long as you speak up, you will never miss symbolism or characterization or anything like that. I'm also horrible at keeping secrets, so if you bug me enough, I'll probably end up telling you anything you want to know. In return for your aid, I'll also be more than happy to beta for any of your stories if you'd like me to.

If you're interested, email me at punjabberwocky@gmail.com, or instant message me. On AOL instant messenger I'm lenisvox, on Yahoo instant messanger I'm punjabberwocky. I'm on both accounts fairly often, but if you can't seem to catch me, just send an email and I'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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