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Date of Birth, 03 Aug 1976
birth place: Elk Grove, Illinois

Normally I don't write fanficiton, sometimes I will write something every now and then just so I don't get a writers block. I write mainly original horror fiction and sometimes; Science Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. Cthulhu Mythos is where I got a lot of my recognition so those who are saying that The Cthulhu Mythos section is on, take the fucking thing down because it takes the credibility away from us -- see the story Darkness From The Skies if one wants to see a story close to how The Nameless City was written. I write for various websites online and a few places my work appear at are and list goes on of where I write at. One can find my short stories at on the journal I once had at diary-x (the entries in part became CollectiveS in A Forsaken Landscape,) and one thing I cannot stand is slash fiction of any kind. The story titled The Fandom Writer is a swipe at slash writers in general. If those of you see my views as being a bit of a caveman. I sometimes post my articles and short stories I will feature some horror fanworks writers on my stand alone blog encouraging them to write original horror fiction and submit to horror magazines or to my anthologies I edit and publish. I discovered a handful of writers on the magazine in the Twilight Zone fandom.

I guess I want to point you to a rather infamous story I wrote called The Fandom Writer -- I rewrote this story two more times. One is a little more abrasive than the last -- the second rewrite isn't available online, but you can read The Bullet To The Head Edit on me. I am actually a Christian believe it or not -- just like to write very dark and disturbing things. I've been featured on the infamous House of Pain in the 2004 incarnation with The Fandom Writer; there was an even more infamous version that was going around on and the version on The House of Pain is the version (the fucker pulled 43 reviews from irate slash writers. I fixed the ending on the early two versions.)

More of my work was found on but that place went black in 2005 so I have some of these in my first collection. If you want to see story, Lake Fossil, send me an email and I will send that link your way. I write on FictionPress and AuthorsDen. Science Fiction was something I always read, but always thought it was a bitch to write though. I have written a lot online and it shows from my years as running a few forums over the years. If you want to see what I am thinking on a day to day basis check out my blog at myspace. For the ladies out there who are attracted to the opposite sex and only the opposite sex, I am very single (yes I am a rare thing in the gothic subculture; a straight male.)

I got published in various genres from horror and non-fiction to most recently Science Fiction. I write cyberpunk and creature style science fiction, sometimes at the same time in one story I will include elements of both. Science Fiction as what I write is something I thrive on what can happen and the possibilities.

Not so much the Star Wars space opera kind -- I like the technology that you know is going to be a reality ten years from now or even 20 years from now. The weird literary fiction I also write will sometimes get placed but I have written more hard horror since getting picked up with Darkened Horizons: Issue 3. The story people can read in there exclusively is titled Damnation Observes. That story was mix between Traditional Horror and Bizarro Fiction, in fact it's considered to be clean bizarro. I am hosting the guidelines for my magazine on now so if you want to follow me there you may if you wish.

Influences: H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Rod Serling, Richard Matheson, August Derleth, Terry Lloyd Vinson, and Algernon Blackwood (mainly horror from the bloody pulp era of the 1920s-1930s.)
Years writing: Since October 19, 1990.

Genre I Write In: Gothic Horror, Supernatural Suspense, Science Fiction, Dark Literary Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
reading patterns: Horror, Suspense, Science Fiction

Currently reading: Half Past The Witching Hour by Terry Lloyd Vinson, Crowley by Bruce Dickinson (yes Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fame wrote a horror novel which is basically known as real person horror.)

Issue 12 and Issue 11 are both available along with the revamped version of Issue 6. I am doing Quakes And Storms 2: Mother Nature Is A Bitch and if you see an asshole named AngryInIllinois, tell him he's fucking liar about everything. Panic Press supports electronic piracy. She calls me the liar well when I sent the video to Brian Keene he will see it for himself.

The Everborn by Nicholas J. Grabowsky (as soon as I am done with Armstead's book.)
Books released: House of Spiders 3, The Writings Collected, More Frightening Than Fiction, Tabloid Purposes 3

I am reissuing House of Spiders 3 in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 14 with the artwork by the artist who did the original artwork for Naked Snake Press. I am still looking for stories for this so if you have anything the guidelines are no m/m, f/f, m/t or mpreg (I don't want to read about shit babies.) Stories be between 10,000-28,000 plus a few that are 2000-6000 words. I am looking to fill a 200 page volume for 14 and will be working with a model for the 14th issue., New Writers Of The Purple Page, Edited By Ronald Hanna. The new story to look for on there is one titled Life Inheritance. I was trying my hand at writing Literary Fiction, but the approach has a gothic horror touch thrown in for good measure.

If you want a copy of Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape, they are available on, a story titled "The Cabbie Homicide" won't be the final story in the editions of the book. If you are looking for Ghosts of War go to Reality Check is available on the two booksellers (this is now on and Books-a-Million -- the editor stopped selling it on his website.)

The spiders from House of Spiders make a guest appearance on a Van Helsing fanfic story titled Van Helsing 2: Shards of Avalon. Enchanted isn't the word I am looking for; viseral would be the better word. Bite of the Spider and its sequel House of Spiders are both written in 2004 (House of Spiders was my mother's birthday present.) I wrote my first science fiction story about this time.

Also available on Lake Fossil Press will be a brand new collection of short stories and novellas titled The Writings Collected: Vol 2. You can grab up a copy of that book by going to I will be still hosting the Lake Fossil Fan Fiction competition, and contest is ongoing -- fiction for this contest must be within the Lake Fossil Canon meaning no slash and you must have read the three sequels since the two sequels are available in print, pick them up from the site in the magazine or the collection. The stories will be published an anthology hosted on Lake Fossil Press. My fan fiction policy is published on I will publish Lake Fossil Fan Fiction in the magazine, and that's the only place it will be allowed. I will consider some real person horror for the magazine but no fatalities on the subject.

Available for purchase right now on is The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five, and the ink just dried on the contract so to speak for my story BLOOD CONTENDER and it is published in Diabolic Tales II. It comes out in October. This is a cutting edge horror anthology, and the story is inspired by Robert E. Howard with the level of brutality. Think if he wrote a vampire story in the modern times and this spans a period of years. Issue Six been out a while now too so if you want to grab that one you can get it on

Tabloid Purposes IV is out now and if you want that one go ahead and grab that one up on Issue Six is available but reworking the back cover as soon as I get the tools to do so. Tabloid Purposes 5 available for purchase on -- the title is Tabloid Purposes: Book Five. The versions on of Tabloid Purposes IV has a line up change and a revised cover work I've done as a photographer. It's a more Gothic than the other books before it, and Tabloid Purposes: Book Five owes itself to Phillip K. Dick's movies.

Inquire to my e-mail address for more details and go over to the mag and this issue I am looking for local authors for it -- authors must be at least 18 years old or turning eighteen to be considered because it has violent content. No sexual content of any kind will be considered. Stories being neo-noir, Horror, Science Fiction, and non-fiction will be considered. I do local author editions every fourth odd numbered issue.

If you see something here that means it was written from a public domain or a character created by friends of mine based on their notes. I am working on Tabloid Purposes: Book Five and trying to edit Issue Seven of my magazine too. I am pleased that I am working on new short stories right now too and a tone of them are very controversial in nature. I just finished a short story titled I.O.W.A. and Cyber:Terror:Machine which are both novella length works. I

've been also toying around with journalism again too, and my journalistic efforts were published on Associated Content. My new articles are found there. I've been working on new material lately if you want to keep up with that -- add my sorry ass to facebook and I will give you more information. I appeared on Withersin 1.1: Birth Issue and reprinted this story to my own magazine in Issue 10. You can grab the issues via but if you have a hard time finding the fucking things, go here -- if you want to submit to my magazine you must not be a slash writer and must write original horror fiction.

I am more active with so if you want to fan me over there, go and join. I have a new short story that is a work of non-fiction up there called Witch's Party. You can find some of my other works on my official website, Writings From The Grave (I am in the process of building the website on a domain along with my imprint on -- I am not about to join the fucking wordpress bandwagon with having a domain. I am an old school webmonkey. Some of my works on here got pulled on this site for being too original. Writings From The Grave has a mirror site on and

An Open Invite: Who Wants To Be Published?

Hey anyone in the horror fandoms looking to get published, listen up. I am looking for horror stories that are quite original in nature and never before published either. I am looking for horror within the vein of Twilight Zone (1985 version) and the magazine called Weird Tales, I want strong horror being this is a print anthology all bets are off when it comes to the horror subject matter, no erotic content period and this will be a 4theluv anthology that I am going to use to send around to other publishers in it's printed form to see if they want to take a chance on writers who emerged out of the fan fiction circuit. If anyone is interested -- send submissions to as a .odt format (since this site and suggest Open Office, and this is my editing program when I put anthologies and magazines together along with my own written books.)

The editor's choice story in this anthology will be getting one signed book from me as well as a signed copy of the finished anthology. If you write in the ghost story horror fandom, this will be a good vehicle for a fictional ghost story. I announced this call to's writer site on facebook. I am looking for 3000 to 8900, then two that are 10,000 words. I am trying to make this anthology into a 295 page anthology out of the box. The contracts for publication are e-mail exchanges and contributors will see a .pdf of their story in the anthology. I don't quite have a title for this anthology as of yet because I don't want the trolls going around stealing my titles for their abominations. I want to be competive with two anthology publishers with this one.

What I don't allow and this will be an automatic blacklisting from my publications or related publications. The blacklisting of authors will be if they submit a slash oriented story or its perverse relatives. I will not read stories about shit babies (aka Mpreg type stories because I don't want to read about a baby being birthed out of a man's hairy ass. I am borrowing a few from another publisher here, and nothing I want to see is anything to do with a servered penis. I am guilty of writing a story like this when I was in my mid-20s, but here I am in middle of my 30s looking for other writers of horror.)

Stories that have current copyrighted characters (sorry Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, other writers in these fandoms. I don't mind reading them but I will not consider them for publication. The Twilight Zone fandom has the most loopholes for original horror works and so does Night Gallery. I will link The Statue from my official website with the original photograph that goes with it.)

I do want some visceral horror content but no slash, femslash, yaoi, yuri, or mpregs in your submissions. I will publish current writers who use stories that were based in the public domain, and I will allow real person horror with this though when you do that, handle the subject matter just don't do anything that invades the subject's privacy. Just don't go offing the real person subject in the story. Those you do with a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits type delivery. I don't want to read about a man giving birth out of his hairy ass aka a shit baby. has my policy on fan fiction of my science fiction story, the rule and condition that I will allow it is if I get to publish it.send the stories to is the e-mail address to send and query to for submissions for the magazine.

I broke in two writers from the Edgar Allan Poe fandom on here in my magazine along with two fiction press writers. You can make reference to pop culture in your story or take the story right from the headlines as I did with a story I am submitting around for consideration. I am also working on a sequel to my story, The Fandom Writer, but I am not going to include this sequel in the untitled anthology. The anthology will go to press when it's filled. I am looking to redefine what fan fiction is when I do this anthology because I am original horror / science fiction writer from out of the box. Doing science fiction for me is considered my little parlor trick. I am rooted in both science fiction and horror.

I just hope they don't pull an H.P. Lovecraft fandom because that will discredit every Lovecraftian Horror writer out there. I am doing this so I can show the world that there are talented writers out there and they are still undiscovered. I have a famous hobby and that's scout this site and for writers and would invite them to write original fiction for my magazine. There is no set deadline for this anthology, I just want some strong quality stories for this one. I don't have many stories on here, but the story that's listed in the comic book section is a character a good friend of mine is developing, and he's aware of my dark horror delivery so I went by his notes to write the story then actually set the story in the Lake Fossil Lexicon. That is a sample of my shorter science fiction works, but I would usually write longer stories when I write Science Fiction when I don't have many science fiction titles to my name. I was famously published on Clive Barker's website in 2000, and I am not influenced by him.

I will be operating out of, lulu and as my hubs then using facebook often to interact with people here.

My book Dirty Black Winter is available for purchase and the namesake anthology is carried in the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. I am working on the sequel to the namesake, and my system was down so I had to send it in for repairs.

The namesake can be purchased on too. The story of mine in the namesake is titled Ghosts In The Tornado. I am going to be scouting writers on this site here to see if they'd be interested in trying their hand at doing original horror based upon the horror fiction they learned on here. I have the second namesake published and for sale on and You can read my other freebies up on An Author's Journal where I post a lot of my nightmares for people to read and they can sign the guestbook to leave a comment. Information about my social network and the blog are linked to there too as well as to get copies of Dirty Black Winter. The second namesake has the works of HORNS and some others in there -- it is about 85 pages longer than the original when it was rebooted. I published the second namesake on with the help of -- you can get a preview of the stories there. I have my fan fiction policy posted for those who want to be published for writing fan fiction. I ask possible contributors to buy the memoir from and the second namesake where I write a gothic metahorror story featuring me as a character called Wandering In Darkness. the second namesake is on too now too -- if you want notes on The Pattern of Diagnosis, check out as I will blog on

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Misc. Comics - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,159 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 12/17/2007 - Complete
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