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Heyy people! Yes, it's me the, horrible, horrible girl who hasn't updated in ages, but promises to do so soon...

I just LOVE fanfiction. This place is the best for reading and writing stories...Some of the people here write so well, they should consider taking over the Primary Goddess, J.K. Rowling! Check out some of my stories if your bored- my personal favorites are Pawn on the Chessboard, and Crucifix Traitor, but no one else seems to like Cruficix Traitor, cos it gets hardly any reviews :(... anyway, a sequel to POTC is up, it's called Whose King Shall Win- featuring HERMIONE THE CON ARTIST! Lol, I just love that! And while your at it, please read the stories under my Favorites, cos they were written by amazing, talented people, and they rock!

FAM (Facts About Me)-

I'm Kayla, I live in DeLhI, InDiA...

I'm going to be 15 on the 24th of November! Less than a month to go!

I study in the 10th grade and believe me I hate it...

I have a dog who's adorable, but stupid...Her name's Muffin, and she's a labrador. Dogs can be do cute sumtimes!

My all time favorite actor is John Abraham. You probably wouldn't know him cause he's an Indian actor, but WhAt A HuNk...

I am not exactly the tallest person around...(join the club dracosgirl2515)

I am currently on medication, and IT SUCKS. You have no idea how bad Hemfer and Stretonal tablets can be.

I have a little sis who bugs me most of the time...

I like cute guys, choclate cake, the smell of rain, pink lipstick and books written by JK Rowling, Jonathan Stroud, Michael Crichton,. Arthur Hailey, PG Wodehouse, Jeffrey Archer, Douglas Adams, Agatha Christey, Dan Brown, and for some strange reason Valerio Massimo Manfredi (The Alexander Trilogy). I also love the books To Kill a Mockingbird, and To Sir With Love.

I hate bitchy girls (including one who lives in my block who could get the Nobel for bitchiness), people with attitude, baby pictures of me, medicines, pokemon, guys in pink shirts, the second Artemis Fowl

I love the poem Ode to the West Wind by Shelley, though everybody else I know seems to hate it. I like Macbeth, by Shakespeare...ok, I'm a bit of a nerd.

I have annoying hair. It's all frizzy.

I'm sarcastic. Oh well, you're born with somethings you can't get rid of...

My best friends on fanfiction are Lilly ( my favorite reviewer) and dracosgirl2515 who is a literary genius as far as I'm concerned. What's more she can always picture Draco as the most adorable person ever...

If you like my stories, please email me, and I'd love to talk to you!

~Bye for Now~

PS- I finally updated Whose King Shall Win and Crucifix Traitor! It should be up soon! And I am so sorry for taking so long.

Hey people it's me again...I haven't been updating but I will soon, I promise! The thing is I was just reading some of my stories (POTC and RLDH) and I DONT LIKE THEM. No really, now that I'm reading them there were a lot of points I thought I could change...and there was loads of room for improvement! I think I'll be re-writing RLDH...but personally I hate the way it's going right now. WKSW is gonna get over soon too...and then I start the third part of the POTC trilogy! Anyway, thanks for the lovely rewiews and bye-bye for now!

PS- My birthdays coming and I'm getting a kitten! A kitten AND dog, yay!

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A Fire in the Night reviews
He visited her one night, but now she can't remember his face. They made passionate love, and his smile is in her mind...but who is he? She fights a battle to find him...a fire in the night.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 8 - Words: 12,423 - Reviews: 92 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 41 - Updated: 2/3/2006 - Published: 1/4/2005 - Hermione G., Draco M.
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It was Hermione who found the corpse of a Gryffindor, murdered and doused in pig blood. It was Ron who said it was Malfoy. It was Dumbledore who asked them for help. Will they ever find out who Hogwart's Crucifix Traitor is?
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Beauty is only skin deep. Makeovers are cliche. The mind, not the body counts... Hermione's alone. Maybe it's time she should reconsider...?
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Mione meets her superhot, one-true-love over the summer, and immediately falls for him. but when she leaves him and retursn to Hogwartz, she begins to realize that maybe he wasnt who she thot he was...maybe he was darker, deeper, and more evil...for eg, D
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