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Alyssa's Bio

Name: Alyssa, AKA: Amaya
S/n: AmayaKagome

Well, I love Anime and Horses!

Favorite animes:

Yu YU Hakusho
Fooly Cooly
Blue Gender
a little bit of Yu-Gi-OH

Favorite anime guys...

Youko Kurama

Anime Pairings:

That is about it!

I also luv reading mangas.
My fave is the Cursed sword.

Stories I wrote:
Beginning of The new tWisTed story
Singing your way into a roses heart
I'll never forget

Ok, Now i have been really really busy. On my InuYasha story, "The New TwIsTeD Story" I have a co-writer. Her name is Alison, AKA, Rin. Most of the chapters are gunna be from her, but all the other stories i made! yay! ok that is it.

Alison's Bio

Name: Alison
Age: 16
E~Mail: Musicangel622@aol.com

Fav Animes:
YuYu Hakusho
Cowboy Bebop
Rave Master
Dragonball Z
Dragonball GT
.hack/legend (it IS a show cuz I watch it on Friday, on carton network, at 1:00 a.m)
Gundam Seed (can u tell i hav no life)
SD Gundam
Duel Masters

Fav Anime Guys:
Kurama/Yoko (also both very hot)
Hiei (hot even though has a attitude problem)
Vash (hot without glasses on)
Vegeta (i luv short guys w/ attitudes who r hot)
Trunks (he's hot too)

Stories I wrote:
The new tWisTed story

I'm interested in a lot of animes they are all mostly at night. I find anime VERY addicting. My friend Alyssa (look above) got me hooked on it and now i can't stop (even though i always watched the dragonball series since I was a little girl). I am very bad at writing stories so I apologize if they really suck. I'm only 13 and not that smart (even though i get straight A's ;p ). I'm only human and try my best although they still suck anyway. I'll try to make it longer and less confusing. I'm going to make a revised version of all the chapters so far and try to make them interesting and longer. Anyho0 I also like to horse backride and I love to sing (i guess i'm ok at it). Also going on a lot of vacations this year (Point Pleasent, Hamptons L.I, a lot of Yankee Games, riding camp, and Mountain Creek w/ friends). Therefore I will not be able to make the revised versions that quickly. Please forgive me. Also YANKEES ROCK!!!!!!!! I'm a huge Yankee fan and if you say something bad about them I will hunt you down! The Yankees are the best team ever! 26 World Series (the most in all of baseball)!! A-ROD AND JETER ARE HOT! OMG THEY ARE SO HOT!! Anyway before I go psyco, (even though that already happened a long time ago) I think thats it.

Stories I recomend:
A Rose Turned Real (YuYu fic) by Nefus de Twilight
Young and Proud (YuYu fic) by Normalgirl
Camp Shikon (Inu fic) by Dustbunny690
He's my Baka! (Inu fic) by x-Rikku-x
Fanfiction from Aoi Kami Sarah (DBZ)
I'm not a street kid + Boyfriends on the beach by Hikari Heijin (DBZ)

Ciao for now! :D

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