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Wow, um, it's been awhile.

I think that many people are going to kill me, especially everyone who had Memories of Hatred on their favorites list. You might be wondering, oh why, oh WHY DID YOU DELETE IT? Well, it's because I hated the story. Actually, hate is such a strong word, I think dislike is more like it. Bottom line is, I read better stories. Way better than mine. And I got discouraged. Please don't kill me, even if I did leave it up there, nothing would ever be added to it. And I think that is wrong. However, even though not as many people like it, I have left Holes in the Floor of Heaven. I still like it. I won't be doing a prequel, though. And that's because I'm no longer a Yu-gi-oh girl. Nope. I'm an Inuyasha girl now. Whoa.

So now, I'm coming up with a new story. Yes, it's an Inuyasha story. You have no idea how hard it is to create a new, original story line, with the 50 thousand+ stories in that category. Some wonder why to even try. But I've read too many good Inuyasha stories, and I want to create one. And, I think I got an original plot, and if it's not, let me know, because the last thing I want is to be accused of plagiarizing, or my story to get deleted. It's going to be called The Power at Hand, and I think I'm going to actually finish this one. Why? Because I've all ready written an outline for every chapter, and unless I get major writer's block, I should be able to get out regular updates.

So, my profile, since I'm headed over to a different anime:

Actual name: Lauren Moeller

Age: 18

Birthday: May 20, 1987

My hometown: Somewhere in Missouri, U.S.A., about an hour from St. Louis. Don't get any ideas, any of you stalkers, because I'm not currently there.

My current address: Somewhere in University of Missouri, Columbia. Try and find me with 27,000+ students, it will be difficult

College: Duh. I'm majoring in Atmospheric Science a.k.a. meteorology for all of you that don't know that

E-mail address:, or either or, you can reach me there. Feel free, I love getting e-mail.

Um, if there's anything else you want to know, e-mail me, I don't think that there is anything that you need to know. And, my favorite animal is dolphins, before somebody asks me (it happens.) Enjoy my stories, well, story, the first chapter of The Power at Hand should be up in the following week.


Okay, actually that only took me a mere few hours. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm so excited, I got an Inuyasha story up!


Um, don't be afraid to review, because I probably won't update until I get a review. . .you guys are leaving me in suspense, I don't know how anyone likes it. I know you are reading it, I got some hits, and someone actually put it on their favorites list all ready : ) But I would really like some reviews. Please?


Happy Labor Day, everybody! That was a nice 3-day vacation, how was yours? If you had not had one, je suis desolee. Pardon my French. I got one review so far, but it's from my sister. I HAD TO BEG TO GET MY FIRST REVIEW! So, it's kind of sad, but I think that when I post my new chapter, I'll get some more reviews. Speaking of which, I'm planning on starting to write the second chapter here, so I'll get off and get to that. If you read my story, please review, that way I know if I need to make any changes or not.


Okay, next, more interesting chapter is up, and I'm more hopeful as far as reviews go. Must go eat lunch now before Calculus 2, I spent more time on here than I meant to. Gomen to myself. R&R, pretty please!


Yay! Third chapter up. I'm so proud of myself. It's going really good. I'm sorry, I'm bad about updating, but it's only going to get worst. I'm currently trying to get into a sorority, and there's a lot of activities I have to undergo. I will keep trying. If i get more reviews, I'll make a bigger effort! Toodles. Hi Tara!


I just noticed something. I changed the rating from K+ to T on my story, and then my story got three times as many hits as before. Coincidence? Donno. I don't know if i'll be able to update this weekend, it's family weekend here at my college, and I will be busy with all the activities that entails. Don't worry, an update will be coming, I got plenty of ideas.


Okay, I know, you are wondering, where is that fifth chapter? Especially since it is so crucial. Well, I just had a bunch of tests, and a big emotional trial, but I took a nice long break, so I'm back. Kind of. Keep in mind that I'm not a writer. It's not my passion, it's just a hobby I like doing when I'm inspired to do it. No inspiration=no story. But I got a lot of ideas for this story, and the fact that I still kept coming up with ideas (especially a good one about how to finish it!), shows me that this story is one worth working on. I notice that I don't get as many reviews as my other story (Memories of Hatred). That's okay, except for now, with a handy-dandy feature of FFN that you authors know about, I know how many people read this story, or at least hit it. And,I can make an educated guess that only about 15 to 20 percent of all my readers actually review. Yep, that's right. I don't know if this is the average or not, but I really would like to know what you think. Please don't wait until the end of the story, because it's going to be awhile. I tend to move the plot kind of slowly, but oh well, that's just the way it's going. If you do review, I tend to R&R your stories. . .not kidding. . .ask Melinda-chan. . .unless it's in a genre I know absolutely nothing about, then I will read it and review. I'm a review giver. So. . .

Oh yeah, just to let you know, the fifth chapter took more research than usual, and was extremely hard to write, since it is the crucial chapter. It sets the rest of the story up. I got it all written up, now all I got to do is type it up and edit and upload, so I'm looking at it to be out tomorrow afternoon. It would be sooner, but I'm too tired. It'll be up tomorrow, let that be good enough.


There. I've updated. Also, I know I used more Japanese words in Chapter five than usual. If you don't know what it means, I'll post it up here on my bio, and I'll address your question in the next chapter. Plus, I can't believe I made a mistake in my plot! I thought it was well-thought out. It's okay though, the story is not forever messed up, or otherwise I would stop working on it! Enjoy!


Oh, wow, almost two weeks all ready. And I'm really sorry, but it will be at least another week. It's a little something called four college midterms, plus homecoming weekend on top of that. And homecoming may not be big for some people, but I'm going to Mizzou. The place that INVENTED homecoming (Did you know that? That the first homecoming ever was here at the University of Missouri-Columbia? So if you don't like it, blame us, I guess. Or Thomas Jefferson, because the university wouldn't be here without him.). So, homecoming is big, to make an understatement. Pile midterms on top of that, and I'm surprised that I can get on to warn you guys. It will be at least one week, if not a week and a half until the next chapter's up. Plus I had to find my sixteenth episode, because of something that Melinda-chan brought up. . .

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