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O.k. this is the 11th time I am changing my bio.(Though it should be the 20th because it kept deleting on me.)

Hi friends, and readers. My name is Grace Catherine Marlyn Vinchinsa Klco. (Vinny is short for Vinchinsa, and I love vampires. Hence my lovely pen name, vinnyvampire.)Well Im sorta out of the vampire stage, but I do love the pen name. Im fifteen years old, and I live in Clevland Ohio, America. I haveshoulder lengthblonde hair, green eyes, and a cute smile. I wrote several stories on this site, however I deleted them because I felt ready to move on to new and better things...which didnt really happen...but im gonna try and writeagain to this site. better however. It helps my creativity more.

I love the eighties, skynyrd, Queen(The one with Freddy Mercury), England, queer eye for the straight guy, ice cream, Halloween, Harry Potter, Broadway, stand up comedy, snl, Kids in the hall, New york, Movie stars, tap dancing, and...PEOPLE! o.k. thats my new lame bio. Enjoy the fanfiction, and eat all your ice cream before it melts. K! And never underestimate me...or the power of johnny depp...Or ...Oh I'll shut up now. Somebody needs to smack me. Thanks random pot head. :) :) ow

Oh, and if you review me. I will read your story. Promise. Its kind of an exchange thing. so...use it to your advantage.