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Author has written 8 stories for Sly Cooper, El Tigre, Naruto, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

HI! I'm Nerd of Camelot, but you guys can call me Allie! :) I'm 15 and I currently live in Illinois.

Alright, due to severe writers block, the following stories have been put on hiatus.

- Missing Ringtail

- Cobalt Twilight

- anything that has not been updated within the past year

I assure you, Missing Ringtail and Cobalt Twilight will be updated eventually, but my interest in them has momentarily dwindled to nothing. The second I have been inspired to continue them, I will do so. In the time being, I likely will not be posting anything. However, anything posted will most likely be a oneshot or just something to pass the time until I have been inspired.

Um... About me, I guess.

Well, my favorite color is iridescent green, but I also like crimson. I'm a total nerd for Arthurian Legend and dragons... I'm always trying to further my knowledge of King Arthur and Merlin, but I never get very far because of school... Most of the books have pretty obvious info in them, so... yeah. I like yaoi, get over it. Don't like? Don't read any yaoi stories I put up! Simple as that. :) Also, I am in love with Naruto, but unfortunately I never have time to watch it! I try, really, but school and stories and... GAH!

I have so many ideas and so many fandoms to write for... But I never get farther than 3 chapters.

4LSO 1 RP T3R3Z1 PYROP3, SO 1F YOU N33D 4 T3R3Z1...

I'll do prompts while I wait for inspiration for a full story to strike me though. Here's the fandoms and pairings I'll write for.

  • Please, nothing with spoilers, btw. Some of these I'm still not done watching/playing/reading.
    1. Merlin = Not done with this one, but I'm eager enough to write for Arthur/Merlin, if you like that sort of thing.
    2. Sly Cooper = Finished all the games except for Thieves in Time and the PlayStation Heroes or whatever it was called. I'll write any pairings that you think of.
    3. Ratchet and Clank = Never really played the game, but that's what wiki is for! Once again, any pairings you think of, and I'll do my research to keep them as In Character as I can.
    4. Sonic The Hedgehog = This is something I'm very knowledgeable on, regardless of the number of games I've actually finished. I know the basic plot of almost all of them. Any pairings from this are fine too, but I prefer writing for Sonadow or Sonourge.
    5. Escape From Furnace = I LOVE this series. Any pairings you can think of, though I don't think there are really any other than Lucy/Zee.
    6. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus = I've read them all so I don't think spoilers will be a problem. Solangelo is my OTP.
    7. Naruto= Most certainly not finished, but that's what wiki is for! As long as it does not include major spoilers to the plot, I will write for any pairing, once again yaoi or otherwise.
    8. The World Ends With You = OMJ, seriously, who hasn't finished this?! I'll write anything!

    I'm all out of things I'll write for for now, so... yeah. See you! I am open for prompting right now, because I am failing epically at actually getting shit done.

    My favorites:

    Song: Splatter Party english dub by Ashestoashesjc

    Color: Iridescent green.

    Food: Hm... good question. Let's go with... PANCAKES. Or maybe waffles...

    Person: Hm... another good one. I'll say... Raina, my younger cousin and my moirail. Close behind her are Yuzu and Fireball, and right after them is Rayne, my English buddy I say is my older cousin.

    Character: Nny! Closely followed by Squee, Leo Valdez, Mikey Hamato, the Werehog, Ciel Phantomhive, Zee, Alex, and then Shadow and Scourge. Throw Dave Strider and Karkat Vantas in there somewhere too.

    OC: Sophie, hands down! She's just so fun to write!

    Book: Hm... tough choice... Let's go with... um... I'll say it's probably The Blood of Olympus.

    Least Favorites:

    Song: Baby by Justin Bieber. Closely followed is all of his shit songs and basically anything super popular with the popular kids.

    Color: Pink. D:

    Food: Cantaloupe

    Person: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and, once again, anything super popular with the popular kids.

    Character: Bella Swan. And every other fucking Mary Sue in any godsdamned book I've ever read.

    OC: Hm... I like them all a lot, but my least favorite has to be... uh... hm... um... Oh! ...wait... uh... lemme check my list! okay, uh... hm... Muggsy? I even like him! So... yeah, let's go with Muggsy for now. (I would say Keaton, but he's just so awesome and fun to write!)

    Book: Pendragon: the Quillan Games. (If I woulda actually read past the extremely dreadful beginning, Tristan says it got really good. But I don't do well with boring.)

    "What I lack in compassion I make up for in lack of compassion... In other words, I don't give a fuck." -Me to both Em and Tristan... and half the voices in my head.

    "This is really not the time to pretend we have morals." -Me to Tristan

    "Fyi, at my funeral it is going to be your job to throw yourself dramatically onto my casket." -Me to Raina... often

    "...I'm sorry I kept calling you a pussy... But to be fair, you were being a pussy." -Me to Tristan

    "I attempted to stand up and was quickly reminded by gravity that I am the universe's bitch right now." -Me to Tristan

    Stories of Note

    Ringtail series. General overview: In which Sophia Angelo Caldicot is forced to become Sophia Angelo Cooper and save the world from a maniac trying to blow up Paris. Then, barely a year later, she returns to stop another one... Sophie tells the story of how she saved the world three times and hints at a fourth time, but has yet to tell. "To be honest, it's all kinda #@%£&! up, Allie." "Yeah, sorry 'bout that, Soph."

    Suddenly A Ringtail; Maniacs, falling-outs, break-ups, depression... I'd say Sophie has a lot of problems on her plate. Join her as she becomes friends with her team, stops that psychopath Keaton, and gives up her memory in order to continue helping her team and Sophie Cooper. (Status...Complete)

    Missing Ringtail; Sophie just can't catch a break! Barely a year since the Great Keaton Caper, and she's already up against another nutjob in sheep's clothing. Can this amnesiac newbie thief really stop a second crazy so soon after the first...Without suffering another nervous breakdown and passing out afterwards? (Status...On Hiatus)

    Ringtailed Master Thief; Three years since Sophie took out that last whackjob, and the Cooper Gang has lived in relative peace since then. With the occasional flash of memory from before her time in the Sly world, Sophie now has to deal with a New-Gen Klaww Gang. Oh, how will she manage this?! (Status...Upcoming)

    Possible fourth story; (Status...Being Speculated)

    Legend Of Sonic series. General overview: Excercising her newfound author powers, Allie decides to throw Sonic at the events of Twilight Princess - and various other Zelda games. Sonic's going to have to be both fast on his feet and in his mind to survive all the curveballs she'll throw at him...and he definitely can't trust everything to be faithful to the games!

    Cobalt Twilight; Allie opens a rift and tosses an unconscious Sonic into the Twilight Princess world, effectively shoving Link right out of the story without even giving him the slightest role. She intends to make things as hard as possible for everyone's favorite Blue Blur, and he'd better be expecting it. He doesn't know who's responsible for this, but he wants to strangle them! (Status...On Hiatus)

    Intermediary; One-Shot. Following the events of Cobalt Twilight, Sonic briefly meets a cloaked figure claiming to be the one responsible for his recent adventures. When he demands answers, thr figure tells him he'll find out who and why very soon, and disappears. (Status...Upcoming)

    Wind Waker; Just as everything is settling down and Sonic thinks his days as Hero of Hyrule are over, he finds himself thrown into Wind Waker. With Allie actively throwing challenges his way, he'll have to try harder than he did in Cobalt Twilight to survive. He's quite ready to stand on a cliff in the middle of a thunderstorm yelling, "Come out and face me, you coward!" at the top of his lungs. (Status...Upcoming)

    Phantom Blur; Follow on to Wind Waker. After he finally manages to get through all that craziness, Sonic must face the events of Phantom Hourglass... And hope Allie tones down on the crazy. Oh, and we can't forget his still persisting fear of water! (Status...Upcoming)


    Ashensands; A girl is thrown into a different world, and then thrown right back out as soon as she's done. "Yeah, that's graditude for you." She grumbled. (Status...Being Deeply Considered) (Would be a Legend of Zelda fanfic)

    By A Thread by An Amber Pen reviews
    Sarah's whole world just got turned on its ear. She's lost in another dimension and is all alone on the perilous streets of Megakat City. Little does she know that she's about to cross paths with two guys who could help her out if she could just connect the dots. There's just one little problem: keeping secrets won't help her get home. Rated T for later chapters.
    SWAT Kats - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 17,693 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 19 - Updated: 11/4/2013 - Published: 6/9/2013 - Chance F./T-Bone, Jake C./Razor
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    Missing Ringtail reviews
    Sequel to Suddenly A Ringtail. Sophie's had a pretty rough time so far... But with the memories of her time before the Sly world gone and her bonds with Lindsey, Ritchie, Rajan, and Rudy growing stronger every day, she'll just suck it up and get on with her life! And, maybe, stop a few crazy people in the process.
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    A seemingly abandoned workshop and a strange invention within send a certain blue speedster on the adventure of a, maybe. Now he has to stop a certain squid resembling usurper King and learn how to deal with a very odd and uncomfortable transformation. With the help of everyone's favorite Imp, what could go wrong?
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    Honest To Goodness reviews
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    A girl is taken from her home and put right smack into the Sly Cooper universe... And as Sly's great, great granddaughter, no less! She must go through many trials to prove her worth as a Cooper, but when she does, she'll have earned her rings! T for slight swearing and reference to violence. COMPLETE.
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    Meet Suzuki Fujiko, ninja in training and holder of a long-scorned power. She intends to make the power legendary, and with help and training from a much more mature Nauto Uzumaki, that just might be possible! Older!Badass!Naruto. T for their potty-mouths.
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