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November 8

After a nearly one year hiatus, I've finally decided to make my comeback.

My username, 122 Generation, is inspired by the Passion Conferences 268 Generation. For me, I take the verse "Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says." James 1:22 NIV.

Where do I live? Canada: North America's third largest nation. Canada: home of British Columbia. Where is it...? Canada.

Favourite sport to watch: motorsport, and I seriously prefer Formula One, Le Mans, and GT3-related events sanctioned by the FIA. NASCAR? It's a little too dull for me. No offence to NASCAR fans.

Favourite racing driver: the BMW works driver Jörg Müller.

Favourite car manufacturer: well... it'd be BMW because of their unique image of modernism, professionalism, subtlety, and organization. No offence to Audi and Mercedes, though I respect them too.

Favourite Pokemon: that's a really tough one!

Favourite Pokemon Ranger: Kellyn. Hands down. Although Kate tries and continually tries to be number 1.

September 3, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am currently enrolled in first-year university now, so my writing time is extremely limited.

However, Culinary Rivals is an exception because much of it relates to my university work.

February 24

It has become extremely difficult to continue multiple stories at once. I want to write more, but I have to sacrifice writing time for university.

September 9, 2015

I am entering my second year in university, and I've worked out a decent schedule. If I have the mood, I'll keep writing, but no promises!

June 15, 2017

I made a milestone in my university career, but I'm technically still halfway through my third year. That's fine, since I'm taking it slow, but high-pressure courses means I'm going to have my work cut out for sure.

November 9, 2019

The twilight of my university career is nigh. I've found a good pace of writing and studying, but next year I will face some changes, probably.

March 12, 2020

My birthday is coming up soon! As well as the end of my university career. Gosh, it makes me nervous.

November 28, 2020

To think days after my birthday, the world became a very different place. I finished my university career the past summer, and on this day, Culinary Rivals is complete, and it took longer than I thought!! As I promised, the menu to the story is here:

Arcs (The Culinary Rivals Menu):

1 - 8: Vue sur la Lune

9 - 14: First Pick

15 - 22: Diantha's Dinner

23 - 26: Picnic

27 - 31: Battle Chateau

32 - 36: Fondue Fight

37 - 41: Beach Special

42 - 45: Breads

46 - 50: Astrid

51 - 55: Cindy

56 - 66: Cook-off

67 - 69: Aftermath

70 - 74: C&S

75 - 79: Cynthia Return

80 - 85: Richissime

86 - 88: Casual Cooking


Age: 16 (17 in Christmas This Year)

Career: Pokemon Ranger

Partner Pokemon: Pachirisu, Grotle, Kirlia

A Pokemon Top Ranger who took the leading role in executing the extremely decisive Operation Brighton resulting in the safeguarding of the Almia region from the forces of darkness. He gladly works alongside his co-worker Kate and is very fond of his longtime Partner Pokemon Pachirisu, Grotle, and Kirlia. He is also a friend to Mars, after helping her out with her post-criminal career. He also boasts the Incredible Program modifying his Styler into the Vatonage Styler.

Pachirisu, Grotle, and Kirlia

Career: Partner Pokemon to Kellyn

They might not be large, but they are the most loyal Pokemon Kellyn had ever met. Likewise, these three Pokemon are very attached to Kellyn and won't think twice about leaving not him. Kellyn first met Pachirisu at Vientown's Nabiki Beach, Grotle at Vien Forest, and Kirlia deep in the Chroma Ruins. After a heartbreaking separation and reunion due to a vigorous Quest, Kellyn insisted the Ranger Union allow Grotle and Kirlia to stay with him as Partner Pokemon despite the rules, and soon the request was granted.

Pachirisu's known moves are... electrical.

Grotle's known moves are Grass Knot, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip

Kirlia's known moves are Psychic, Teleport


Age: 16 (17 in Christmas This Year)

Career: Pokemon Ranger

Partner Pokemon: Pachirisu

Co-worker to Kellyn and nearly identical in age to him. She, like Kellyn, played and contributed decisive roles to the completion of Operation Brighton. Although Kellyn may possess the one and only Vatonage Styler, the scientists and researchers at the Ranger Union made use of of all possible materials to synthesize a near-identical program for Kate's Styler, called the VN Program, thus forming the Vatonage Fine Styler. Kate also was responsible for conducting a mass survey of the entire Vien Forest.


Age: 16 (17 in 'Christmas This Year' and 'Eclipse')

Career: Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon: Purugly, Kangaskan, Bronzor, Marill

Reformed criminal and currently resides in Floaroma Town after getting her criminal records and charges cleared by the International Police with Kellyn's aid, and now is a self-employed worker in berry growing/marketing and hopes to develop her efforts into a commercial business. She has had a strong friendship with Kellyn and Kate since. The Marill Mars has was gifted to her by Kellyn shortly before her reformation.

Mars has a strong dislike for cold weather.

Purugly's known moves are: Scratch, Hypnosis, Iron Tail, and Shadow Claw

Marill's known moves are: Bubble

Galactic Energy Limited

CEO: Cyrus, Saturn

Formerly the infamous Team Galactic. After the horrendous actions of Cyrus' plans dealing with remaking all of reality, the Team Galactic headquarters in Veilstone City and Cyrus announced they would radically change into operating as a legitimate energy company. In doing so, they have employed numerous former Galactic grunts who had worked for the disbanded Team Galactic seeing they had no paid work to do.

Hoenn and Sinnoh Banking Corporation (HSBC)

CEO: Lucian

For the first time, Pokemon Trainers would no longer have to keep hoarding their money into their pockets. Not when there is a bank for them to deposit, withdraw, and borrow their money from. Established by commerce corporations in the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions, the HSBC bank was formed and is available to the public wherever and whenever.

Poketopia Authority

The organizing body that governs how the Poketopia resort operates, including the rules of battles and infrastructure of the resort. They are responsible for building and maintaining the 10 plus 1 Colosseums which all Trainers use to battle in the Poketopia Championship season. Poketopia Authority also is responsible for security within the resort. Also, although Poketopia Authority is responsible for sanctioning, creating, and disbanding committees to operate a necessary championship, every championship involving use of Poketopia facilities (including outside organizations) is ultimately authorized and sanctioned by Poketopia Authority.

NOW, the most important part: MY accepted timeline in which I write my posted stories. These are in my canonical order:

Lasting Friendships timeline:

Kate and Kellyn are childhood friends, and classmates in the Ranger School.

Kate and Kellyn meet the two Pachirisu at Nabiki Beach, Vientown but aren't allowed to keep them.

Kate and Kellyn graduate from the Ranger School and are posted to the Vientown base. The two Pachirisu meet them in front of the base, and then become permanent Partner Pokemon to the two Rangers.

The Ranger duo extinguish the Vien Forest fire and Kellyn meets Grotle on the way. Grotle is captured by Kellyn and becomes a Friend Pokemon.

The Rangers carry out a series of investigations in Vientown and Pueltown and become aware of Team Dim Sun's presence.

Kate and Kellyn rescue Barlow from Team Dim Sun, and are promoted to Top Rangers.

Kate and Kellyn investigate the Chroma Ruins with Top Ranger Sven, and Kellyn captures Kirlia in the area.

Kate and Kellyn hunt to extract the three gems of the Tears of Princes (Red, Blue, and Yellow).

The Ranger duo rescue Keith from Team Dim Sun, but are forced to surrender the Yellow Gem in exchange.

The Ranger Union prepares Operation Brighton.

The Ranger Union falls under attack from Team Dim Sun, but Kate and Kellyn fight them off.

The Ranger Union executes Operation Brighton, spearheaded by Kate and Kellyn.

Kate and Kellyn receive performance upgrades for their Stylers, upgrading them to the Vatonage Fine Styler and Vatonage Styler respectively, where the latter upgrade is the one of higher prestige.

Kate and Kellyn recover the Yellow Gem.

Kellyn battles Darkrai, whereas Kate holds off enemy reinforcements.

Darkrai is defeated.

Kate and Kellyn, afterwards, do a series of Quests around Almia.

Kellyn takes the burden of touring Almia for seven Eeveelutions. In doing so, he is summoned to a disciplinary hearing by the Union's internal investigations board, as it concerns him breaching a Ranger rule.

Kellyn subsequently is forced to release Grotle and Kirlia after many weeks of service.

Kate, Keith, and Rhythmi support Kellyn and provide an appeal.

After appeal, the board and the Ranger Union give Kellyn special rights to retain Grotle and Kirlia as permanent Partner Pokemon.

Kellyn then searches the Vien Forest and the Chroma Ruins with Pachrisu to find Grotle and Kirlia once more.

The Quest at Home

Kellyn and Kate do a very homey-style Quest at Kellyn's home.

The Bride's Bouquet

Kellyn and Kate attend a wedding ceremony with their Pachirisu. Grotle and Kirlia stay in Chicole Village.

This is also a point in their career where their relationship is tested. In the aftermath of the mission, Kellyn is demanded by a woman to prove that Kate was his 'girlfriend', mainly because this woman mistook Kate as a 'girlfriend' of this woman's husband. Initially, Kellyn said Kate was his 'girlfriend' only Kate's defence, but the woman took it further. If Kellyn didn't 'prove' that Kate was his 'girlfriend', the aforementioned woman threatened to sue the Ranger Union. After giving a forced kiss to Kate, the two Rangers affirm that they would remain close friends, despite what had just happened.

Christmas This Year

Kellyn and Kate pay Mars a holiday visit, and even do some Christmas shopping together. They also turned 17 at the time.

Catharsis timeline:

Note: this Catharsis timeline blends a bit of the gameverse and mangaverse together. The events in the game do happen, but the characters: not so much. This timeline assumes Cyrus never ended up in the Distortion World, as per the DP Adventure manga (which is what this Mars is based off of), and ends up being an adviser for the reformed Galactic Energy Company. Saturn takes leadership of the company, whereas Jupiter... (I'm not telling! Read 'Losing'!)

Mars, after the events of Stark Mountain, is on the run from the International Police. She meets Kellyn (with Pachirisu, Grotle, and Kirlia) on Route 213. Kellyn sees Mars as not a criminal, but someone entirely different.

Mars and Kellyn go to Veilstone.

Kellyn suggests Mars that she try to make peace with the International Police, and offers his services.

After meeting with the local police and filing their request, Mars and Kellyn have dinner as they wait for the International Police to arrive.

Mars meets with the International Police, with Kellyn to vouch for her, and she receives her pardon. Included in the pardon is the reinstatement of Mars' property rights.

Mars afterwards takes up residence at Floaroma Town, where she begins a career growing berries for income.

Pokemon: Inception

Mars helps out Wes with an extraction mission.

Christmas This Year

Kate and Kellyn (and the four Partner Pokemon) make a surprise visit to Mars' home and drag her out for some Christmas shopping.

The trio begin a long walk back to Floaroma Town.

While passing by Hearthome City, Mars makes a few scarf purchases for Dawn and Lucas, and in effect reconciles with them, whilst inviting them for a Christmas dinner.

Mars, Kate, Kellyn, Dawn, and Lucas have a Christmas dinner.

After Dawn and Lucas leave, Mars reunites with her parents.


Mars reminisces her past and, somewhat uncomfortably, forgives Jupiter and Saturn how they treated her before. She sends Saturn a gift, and sends money to bail Jupiter out of jail.

As of this point: Mars' income is 720,000 Pokedollars a month due to her berry business.

Agent Mars: Codename Eclipse

Mars is recruited by the International Police to deal with a case requiring her experience, because the International Police is short on staff.

Journey to Snowpoint City

Mars heads off to Snowpoint City to collect her final Gym Badge.

OCs (most of them aren't important, but they should be given an honourable mention!)

Michelle Jansen

Age: 22

Career: RCMP

Although she's only 22, she is an RCMP sergeant. Come to that, she's probably one of the youngest officers to have actually reached that rank at an early stage. In spite of that and her age, she's very fond of Kellyn and Kate and treats them like they were her younger siblings.

Chief Superintendent Stevenston

Age: 40

Career: RCMP

A revered veteran in the force, and spearheads the RCMP detachment in Coquitlam.

Michael Fong

Age: (that's classified info)

Career: General Manager and Assistant President for BMW Motorsport

Michael is the assistant president for BMW Motorsport. That's for sure. Usually, he heads the motor sport activities under the directives of the BMW Motorsport director and president. With his role as general manager, he also selects who participates in what with regards to BMW's involvement in motor sport.


Age: (classified)

Career: Jubilife HSBC

In short, Acuity is a banker.

James d'Arc

Age: 25

A fair-haired man with a medium-length haircut and plenty of experience in the culinary field. He's sous chef to Steven Stone's restaurant: the Stone Restaurant and Bistro. He also has a business degree in accounting to manage the restaurant's finances.

Martine Grenadine

Age: 19

She's a young woman with shoulder length red hair. She serves as a (pretty!) waitress at the Stone Restaurant and Bistro and she's instrumental to the restaurant's success. Martine is upbeat, playful, and not to mention loves to get into other peoples' business without due care. She can be quite annoying to a point, and she's fine with it!


Age: 22

Sophie is a remarkably pretty receptionist in the service of the Stone Restaurant and Bistro. A Cyllage City local, Sophie is a member of the Chateau Fan Club and carries a Clauncher with her wherever she goes. She is close friends with her co-worker, Laurent, whom she has an occasional Pokémon battle with. Given the time she spends with Laurent at the same club and at work, it's no wonder Sophie started to develop feelings for him...

In addition to her long black hair, Sophie tends to have things the way she wants to with her so-called 'serious' eyes. Either with her eyes or by pouting, Sophie can get things going. Her weakness, though, is that she can be easily flustered.


Age: 22

Laurent is one of the receptionists of the Stone Restaurant and Bistro, with a handsome complexion. A Cyllage City local, he is close friends with his co-worker Sophie. Prior to working with her, though, they were also members of the same club and occasionally he battles her with his Hawlucha. The fact that they ended up working together as receptionists came as a surprise to him, of course.

He tends to make infrequent jokes and casually flirts with Sophie once in a while, though his weakness is that Sophie can order him around almost however she likes. Laurent's hair is brown.

Henri Matin

Age: 23

Henri is a barista who manages the café and other subsidiaries at Vue sur la Lune. He has five years of experience in the food and beverage industry, and specifically in Lumiose City cafés. Such a record makes him stand out.

Team Green Point


The leader of the somewhat honorary Team Green Point. While completely reluctant to join an exploration team in the first place, he carries a strong sense of service regarding the capture of outlaws. Now without a place to stay, he owes a deep debt of gratitude to his partner Shaymin, who offered him shelter in Shaymin Village.


The intelligence officer of Team Green Point who, apart from providing lots of information for the team when exploring, provided the team some means of residence. Rayquaza owes her a great deal for this, though Shaymin insists waving it off.


Rayquaza's apprentice.

Here are some of my notes proposed for some future story...

A Pokemon Touring Championship involving several teams.

Silph Co. Team Kanto/Johto

Devon Team Hoenn

Team Sinnoh powered by Galactic Energy

BW Agency Team Unova

Team Hoenn/Sinnoh by HSBC

A summaries for some other future stories...

Culinary Rivals

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But what if that 'man' seems to be a way better cook than you are?

Don't Go

Black has finally paid off his debt of fifty paycheques worth of commercials and prepares to leave the agency at last. But is paying off a humongous debt, at the expense of his departure, really enough to satisfy White?

Agent Mars: Codename Eclipse

The International Police is running desperately short on staff and field agents. So when a former criminal is recruited to work alongside a veteran agent and a foregone lab subject, how will this unlikely partnership work out?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky: Team Green Point

Becoming an explorer, having a minuscule partner who pushed him into the job, AND taking an eager apprentice was not what Rayquaza would ever want. Neither was living as a sky-god among commoners on the ground simple either. Slight Rayquaza/Shaymin.

Not an Emergency

"It's a Pokémon emergency!" the little girl cried, but it wasn't in the usual manner Nurse Joy expected. On the contrary, it made her smile. X/Y one-shot.

And maybe I'll write another Mars winter special...

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