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Author has written 15 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Naruto, One Piece, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, and Batman.

Sex: Female. Surprised? You shouldn't be :)

Previously known as Sir White-Socks Whiskey

Not much to say my stories and drop off a review, that makes me pretty damn happy. I'm easily pleased, I know.

I tried yaoi and it didn't work out too well. But I do like including them as side couples. Just because yuri is thrice the awesome :D Proof of this is On the Corner of Riddle Street. Well, uh, what can I say? My vocabulary and grammar are very slowly improving. But I do find it helpful for people to...correct me.

My email is up there too so don't hesitate to drop off a review or a message. doesn't seem to like me much and yeah. I do like looking at the profiles of reviewers and stuff. If you drop off a message I will reply for you :D

As for my pen name, it's not inspired by alcohol, trust me. Actually, Whiskey's my cat and he has white socks. Anyways he's an adorable tuxedo cat, a real wimp at that. It takes him forever to jump from one ledge to another. And he drinks out of the toilet D: Identity crisis! But despite looking like a disgruntled mobster, he's much more affectionate than his white pretty-boy companion.

Oh, and after SC&BL I'm going to stop writing Naruto stuff. Because honestly, I'm not even a fan of Naruto. I just thoroughly enjoy screwing with Kishimoto-san's characters.

If I don't update, it means I am occupied with life. But unless I've noted it here, I will continue to write.

The link to some of my artwork for my stories:

A bit about my stories here...

Double Life (on hold): This story is the one that got me fired up when I started summers ago. I got the idea one Sunday morning and toyed with the idea a lot. So I just had to get it down. I reread it the other day and realised the plot was a bit shaky and some parts didn't quite fit with holes everywhere. But I will finish it sooner or later, it's nearing the end anyway.

Silver Chains & Black Leather:I started this when I believed I have polished my skills enough from Double Life and decided to start something else. At first I thought it was going great, but recently I just didn't believe it was good enough. I may just rewrite some chapters later on. Truth be told, I had just started planning it after the upload of chapter 6. I'm still figuring a lot of things out and am trying to twist it as much as I possibly could. I'm hoping this will cross the borderline of cliche. But it is a lot of fun to write so I will keep working on it! :D

Edit: 17 chapters later, and I've begun to hate it. I guess being a kid is no excuse to ignorance in the world. What I've written has been read, and what's been read can't be taken back. I will try my best to turn things around. This has very much left a mark on me after all the reviews and such, which did help me open my eyes a bit. I have to apologize, and I didn't mean for it to turn out this way. Poor editing is no excuse. I've let one runaway thought destroy this entire story, and it's going to be tough cleaning it up. But I will try my best.


Rouge (Previously Angel for Three): I started this when I was bored one day and was thinking about doing a one-shot. I had a notebook out during a free block or something like that (with bubble tea I believe lol! That's how Asian I am)...and I started matching careers and stuff, whatever I thought would make a good story. First I remembered, I had to have a firefighter. Because it's hot, y'know. But somehow that lead to café owner + near homeless single mom. Either way, I fell in love with writing the story after I started. I'm quite attached to it now, but god knows how it'll be in the future. I just know that I wanted something real, and this real as it gets for me, haha. Guess I got a lotta living to do :D

Above all, this story is my redemption for SCABL.

Pin Your Wings: I skimmed over it a bit just now (months and months after post) and godDAMN was it ever cheesy. Either way, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I've worked on it the hardest in comparison to any one-shot or chapter. There is a lot of room for improvement, I know that much. I tried not to prolong the storyline, which resulted in a lack of sex, hahah... The title was inspired by Copeland's Pin Your Wings. Original, isn't it?

High Voltage: I...totally don't remember what caused me to write this. But it was definitely NOT inspired by Linkin Park. I just found out they had a song by the same name. But I love LP all the same, haha. Anyway, this is, for some reason, my most favourited story. Personally, I think it's pretty crappy. I feel like a pretty hardcore pervert for writing it, not that you guys are much better for reading it! Still, its popularity a mysterious phenomenon, haha.

Ten Below Blazing: First, a confession: the title was stolen from M-flo. Lol! This was originally me testing the waters, experimenting with the High Voltage phenomenon. But it ended up being a little too different. And let me just say, I really, really don't think I'll be doing first-person again in present tense. Especially since it had sex. Awkward. The plot seemed pretty brilliant to me at first. Then I realized it...wasn't so much. Still, I like it. More than High Voltage, with a little suckier plot. It makes me feel like a one hit wonder though, making my debut then never being able to top it, haha. One day. Just watch me :D

Current story I'm working on: Rouge Epilogue + Side story

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