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Friday, March 24

So sorry for yet another delay in the writing process. Expect the next installment for Nine Months in the coming week, most likely.

Keep a lookout for The Last Sunrise, upcoming Hiei/Sango fic.I am determined to have the whole thing done BEFORE i post the first chapter. Expectthis soon as well since it is currently my top priority. =)

I assure you, you will see updates from me. I'm currently on another one of my writing binges. . .


_Where the Heart Is: Second chapter finally posted on 24 March

_Vixen's Discovery: Mindless Sano/Megumi semi-fluff

_Final Blood: Posted July 11 for Crimmy-Kun's contest. Sango&Hiei all the way.

_Nine Months: CHAPTER FiVE P0STED! as of June 5, 2oo5 i think. . . Chapter Six 1o finished v_V

_Demon In My View: I'm finally working on the next chapter. . .slowly

_It's All In the Game of Love: Next chapter in the works. . .Whole story was mapped out a few days ago.

_The Gladiator: 0N H0LD

_Runaway: Yayayayay. my first Final Fantasy 8 story . Actually, it's only a one shot to oil up my rusty old writing skills. >. Pairing is Rinoa and Squall (Only cuz i luff him) It's actually the most pointless, worst story i've ever written but hey, i dun care. XD If you value your IQ, DO NOT read >

_Unbreak My Heart: ONE SH0TAfter the death of their unborn son, Hiei, in a blind rage returns to demon world. Forgetting that the portal would be sealed that day, he is stuck in his old home. Two years later, the two seperated are still very much heart broken, but will Koenma be the one to bring them together?

If TimeWould Go On Forever:ONE SHOTRomance one shot songfic for Rosette and Chrono of Chrno Crusade. To the song Because You Live.


CHAPTER STATUS (Existing stories)

_NiNE MONTHS: CHAPTERSiX .. Yes, i am writing it right now.From the looks of it, we shall finally have a semi-eventful chappie -_-


Incomplete: Songfic&One-Shot. I've finished this, but it was supposed to be a prequel to Where the Heart Is. Unfortunately, I've changed many things and until i know where it will fit in (if it does at all) i won't be posting it anytime soon.

_All Cried Out: Hiei&Sango One-Shot. Its coming. . .slowly

_Coldplay: Pretty Girl One shot songfic. I have everything thought out...except for the story .That's not anything is it:/ It should be coming out within..a long time.

_Tell Laura I Love her One shot songfic that should be a tearjerker. But it's definately a one shot concerning Harry and Hermioneof Harry Potter. I haven't finished it, and am not even in the middle of it yet :( . . .okay, i'm hardly at the start. .


_Fairy Tales: Hiei style Almost finished. . .

_Of Love and Eyeliner mindless Kag/Inu fluff

_Reflection Kaoru&Kenshin more mindless fluff

_Tear of a Koorime It's coming. Im writing it as we speak, rather as i type. But yah. It's definately another one shot. Im basically writing this right now to once again dust off the old writing skills so I'll be in shape to continue Nine Months. Which i l0VE and i don't want to screw up even more. A "heartwarming" (hopefully) brother sister fic. Kurama and Yusuke grow weary of the whole Hiei keeping things from the anxious to find her brother Yukina. So, in a rather cruel plan, they tell Hiei that she's dead. The pain consumes Hiei (poor guy) and he runs off. Only to be followed by a confused Yukina. Upon finding him, she sees that he's crying... crying the tears of a koorime.

_What if...The stories untold Hee hee. YuYu Hakusho fic that Im dying to write. Humor all the way baby.

_To Be Young Again Hee hee another Yu Yu Hakusho fic that I shall have a ball writing. I'm not entirely sure which character to use as the main one, but Im thinking either Botan or.. hee hee get this, Kuwabara x.x But yah, one of them goes back and sees the YYH gang as youngsters...and completely different. o.o


_Spellbound I've started it and I'm having a ball writing this.

Pairings:Sango&Hiei. Yusuke&Kag.

Joy Ride Inuyasha and Kagome fic.

Pairings:Inuyasha&Kag -_- obviously

_Conditions of Love untitled In honor of the amazing Korean soap opera, i will have to make this fic sometime in the future. Im not sure what I will call it but if my thoughts are that jumbled, I'll be forced to use that title (Conditions of Love) The rating will either be R or PG13 but im leaning towards R. This will most likely be a crossover, a big crossover. IY, YYH, and possibly FY. Maybe more which is probable but they won't have as big of parts as the others. This story won't debut any time soon because of my love for one shots and the stress of making up for the stories I didn't update in almost a year. I am currently thinking of manipulating some of the events of the series into my existing stories instead of making the whole thing into a story. Otherwise, I'd be writing it for ten years. Still not sure though.

Pairings:Sango&Hiei;Kagome&Kurama;Yusuke&Keiko; Inuyasha&Botan maybe

_The President's Daughter Possibly a crossover. I have the whole thing planned out for this one. It probably won't be very long.

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days FF8 fic. Hee hee im gonna have fun in this one. Will not debut in a LONGwhile.


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[YYHxIY X-Over] Wasn't life hard enough for Kagome? You would think that fighting demons and homework was enough. But no,now she's somehow pregnant with a certain spiky haired fire apparition's baby... and how will Inuyasha react? KagHiei
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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 16,740 - Reviews: 152 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 12/28/2004 - Published: 2/5/2004 - Kagome H., Inuyasha
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