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Author has written 7 stories for Doctor Who, X-overs, Star Wars, and TV X-overs.

I am a 33 year old sci-fi fan (and some fantasy) who has way too much fun writing crossovers and setting up character interactions. I am new to due to a combination of laziness and perhaps a little snobbery, but I got over it and decided to put one of my least serious fics up when I posted "Power of a Name" earlier this year; my first full entry into the admittedly-Stuish subgenre of Self-inserts. In my defense, I quickly established the narrator of that story as someone very different from me due to the effects of regenerating. Honestly, I think the main pull I had for the story was that I really wanted to write the Doctor (as in Doctor Who) and none of my other projects were going to have him around any time soon.

I have since also added the Undiscovered Frontier series, which is imagined as a "TV show in prose" format with a pilot and episodes and seasons instead of short stories, novelettes, and novels. The main characters in that are original (with a few exceptions) and it's meant as a Star Trek-style space opera with multiple crossover elements.

There are other stories I've written, but a number of them involve collaborative efforts with other authors who are not on FFN, and I do not plan on posting them here.

Aside from FFN, I post my fictions to the forum (where I have been a member for over 15 years) and the forums (over 12 years of membership, I was one of the first registrants).

I hope everyone enjoys the products of my runaway imagination.

Swords of the Motherworld by Tomyris reviews
Elrood Sector Force is displaced during an attempt to rendezvous with Admiral Betl Oxtroe at the Empress Teta System using technology in development based upon Gree research. After the death of Akal Zed in combat against the Rebel Alliance, Captain Tanda Pryl, Thunderflare Commanding (and a secret Force Sensitive), assumes command and quickly realises they are not at all alone.
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