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Author has written 30 stories for Descendants, 2015, Twilight, and Disney.

Hello, guys! I am George Delavinias and I am from Greece. I am a big Descendants fan.

Favorite Actor: Mitchell Hope, Booboo Stewart, Cameron Boyce, Jason Dolley, Judidiah Goodacre, Zachary Gibson, Thomas Doherty

Favorite Actress: Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Sarah Jeffrey, Emma Watson, Dianne Doan, China Anne Mcclain Brenna D'Amico

Favorite hero: Mickey Mouse (of course), Donald Duck and Goofy

Favorite villain: Maleficent (LOVE HER)

My OC: Malice, son of Maleficent. Mal's twin brother.

Appearance/Actor: Malice is 6' 7' Very tall for his age and has blond hair with a purple bang. He has green eyes and pale skin. Portrayed by Jason Dolley.

Age: 16

Favorite color: Green and purple, just like his sister

Hobbies: He likes to sing, dance and compose songs. He also is very flexible due to his fairy genes, something Mal also has got. He plays Tourney to exercise it, unlike Mal who hates cheerleading.

Character: Malice is a very good-hearted person and always protects these who he loves. He pretended to be evil and emotionless while he was living on the Isle, so he could protect his sister and his friends from his mother. He was very courageous and always stood up for what he believed.

Abilities: Malice contains very powerful magic. His magic is stronger than his mother, the Evil Queen, Jafar, Ursula and Dr. Facilier's ones. His special abilities is:

Twin telepathy: He communicates with Mal telepathetically so they have the perfect timing when they are up to something.

Shape-shifting: Malice is a shifter. He can change his appearances and make himself look like anyone he wants.

Precognition: Malice is a seer. He can see the future, based on decisions. He receives them as visions.

Dragon shifting: Malice is the only one of the twins who can transform into a dragon. His dragon is bigger than his mother's due to him being male and is black with green stripes unlike Maleficent's who has purple stripes.

Likes/Dislikes: Mal, Ben, Evie, Doug, Jay, Carlos, Audrey, Lonnie, Jane, Jordan, Chad, Uma, Freddie and CJ are his best friends. Together they go under a lot of adventures. He hates Harry Hook, Gl and Zevon after they tried to attack Mal and Evie once. He tries to forgive them but not so quickly. Malice hates being called Mal because he feels like he is female since his sister is Mal and a girl.

My OC: Malevolent 'Malev' Lysander Faery, son of Maleficent. Quadruplet of Mal, Malice and Amy (pinksakura271's OC)

Appearance/Actor: Malev is 6' 5' tall. He has blonde eyes and green eyes, that glow red when he is run by emotions, just like his sister Amy. He is portrayed by Jason Dolley

Age: 16

Favorite color: Blue and green

Hobbies: Dancing and cooking.

Character: Malev was adopted by Ariel and Eric, when they found him at Triton's Bay, in the water at a basket. Maleficent dumped him as a baby because he had blonde hair and the absence of purple or even pink hair, meant that there was no magic, for her. Malev is a very emotional boy who loves his family and friends, deeply. He can be mischievous at times.

Abilities: Magic, enchanted hearing, and some powers:

Telekinesis: He can move objects with his mind and a movement of his hands.

Aura reading: All of Maleficent's children have this trait. They can read if someone is upset or happy, etc.

Lie detection: Just like Amy, Malev knows when someone is lying.

Dragon shape-shifting: Malev can turn into a dragon, the second most easily after Malice. (Mal is third, while Amy is fourth due to her dragon being more calm)

Likes/Dislikes: Malice likes tea, just like Mal. He also loves reading, practicing his dance routines, and doing magic. His friends are Evie, Doug, Jay, Lonnie, Carlos, Jane, Chad and Audrey. He doesn't like bullies and liars, as he has the power to recognize them. Malev seems to have a rivalry with his sister Aria, but they both care deeply for each other. They just enjoy fighting with each other, something Ariel and Eric always scowl them for. He hated Uma due to her acts on Cotillion but once she returned and apologized, they became good friends.

My other OC: Maverick, Maleficent's younger son.

Appearance/Actor: Valin Shinyei

Age: 2

Favorite Color: Red, light blue and yellow

Hobbies: Maverick is still a toddler.

Character: Maverick is a sweet child and always calm. Due to Maleficent ignoring him, he has Malice and Mal as his parents figure. He is very friendly and never fights.

Abilities: Mav possesses only one ability but it's dangerous. He can bring back the dead, thus making him more powerful than all the villain kids. His father is Hades.


Mav loves his siblings. He views Mal as a mother and Malice as a father. He absolutely adores Ben and Bree. He also likes Evie, Carlos and Jay (even though he was afraid by him at first). He also has a strong connection with Queen Leah who shockingly seems to love the child once Mal brought him to Auroria. Mav likes to play with his dragon staffed animal. He dislikes broccoli and strawberries something that shocks his sister.

My OC: Skylar, daughter of Scar

Appearance/Actor: Skylar is 5' 7' tall with black hair, tanned skin and green eyes. She is portayed by Maia Mitchell

Age: 16

Favorite Color: Black and gold

Hobbies: Extreme sports, cheerleading and running.

Character: Skylar was one of the most feared teens at the Isle of the Lost. She changed when she met Malev, when she was invited to Auradon. She is shown to be caring and sweet to these who she cares about, especially when it concerns Malev.

Abilities: Shifting to lion and back to human, in free will

Likes/Dislikes: Skylar loves water (ironically enough) and everything that has to do with extreme sports. She loves Malev and spending time with her friends. Her best friends are Amy and Freddie. Her ex-boyfriend Hadie is still a great friend to her and Malev. Skylar has a lot of enemies at the Isle, including C.J., Gaston Jr., Gaston the Third, Mad Maddy, Ginny Gothel, and Anthony Tremaine.

Maleficent's family: Malice (16, older quadruplet), Mal (16, younger quadruplet), Amy (16, 3rd younger quadruplet) and Malev (16, youngest quadruplet) Their father is Stefan (they were kept on the womb by magic because of the battle with the heroes after she seduced him to get revenge on him)

Malia (15 years old) Her father is Scar.

More OCs:

Rose, daughter of Anita and Roger Radcliffe

Sean, son of Simba and Nala

Pete, son of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling

Phoebe, daughter of Esmeralda and Phoebus

Quinn, son of Queen of Hearts

Marta, daughter of Mordu

Pairings: Mal and Ben (OTP), Malice (my OC) and Bree (Bal-Breelice09121994's OC) Evie and Doug, Jay and Audrey, Carlos and Jane, Chad and Lonnie, Amy (pinksakura271's OC) and Henry (Bal-Breelice09121994's OC), Malev (my OC) and Skylar (my OC)

In relationship with: Irenecaskett

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