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Author has written 12 stories for Digimon, and Haruhi Suzumiya series.

STOP PRESS: I now have a TV Tropes page. This is the greatest moment of my life!

If you're not coming to this profile having read one of my fics, I'd like to welcome you, and shall introduce myself: my pen name is Blazing Chaos (B.C. for short), and I'm a writer, probably best known for my Dimensions saga (although Deviations is weirdly my most popular fic hit-wise). And if you have read one of my fics and adore them, I still welcome you to this profile. And if you hate my fics, I still welcome you and your criticism - it takes a real level of good bad writing to get people who hate you visiting your profile.

Dimensions follows on from the end of Digimon Tamers (and later Digimon Adventure) and covers the lives of our heroes as they grow up, going through terrible tragedy, destructive battles and the foibles of maturity, all the while trying to find the truth about this world they inhabit, the true nature of Digimon, and the true nature of those in their group who are not entirely as they seem. Can they trust newcomers? Is it right to kill? And what does the future hold in store for them, a future which has a strange way of getting in contact with them? Obviously, I'm not going to give many spoilers here since it's likely you haven't read it at all. But honestly, I think you really should. But if you don't want to, that's fine by me. Dimensions is planned to have fourteen books and a number of spin-offs, detailed below.

The Curiosity of Haruhi Suzumiya is my first foray into a series other than Digimon, namely The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It's a book about how Haruhi's curiosity about what Kyon gets up to with Nagato, Itsuki and Asahina all the time ends up with her wishing for an unfortunate thing to occur. One which, shall we say, leaves Kyon in a difficult position (like everything that Haruhi does, of course). It's suffered from lack of time to update, but once I've got Dimensions suitably back on track it's my first priority to update again.

Finally, also suffering from a lack of updates due to a lack of time (and loss of the original inspiration), I also write a Digimon Tamers 'What If' fanfic called Deviations which regards what the world of the Tamers would have been like if Rika and Takato were the only two Tamers. Hopefully one day it'll be updated again, but it's officially on hiatus right now.

I live in the UK, hence expect use of British grammar and terminology over the American style. Ask if you don't understand what I mean, or check a dictionary. As for the cultural references, well, some will be worldwide, some will be British, and some will be so obscure that no-one other than I understands them regardless of where they live.

I hope you enjoy my stories, my mysteries and my writing as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Who am I?

I'm in my late teens and I'm from the UK, as you already know from above. As you may also have guessed, I'm male, and I am deeply interested in writing. I also love deep plots like those in several of my favourite television shows, but I am certainly not limited to that medium, as I enjoy books, fanfiction, radio shows, et cetera. I'm a tolerant, intellectual and optimistic individual overall, or at least I like to think I am.

On, I simply plan to write good stories that interest people, to tell a tale I've had in my head for a while, rather than to be the 'best' (a subjective idea at best) or to fulfill my own desires. I love original ideas, and relish reading stories with a genuinely original plot to them, as well as new takes on old and opt-repeated plots.

My Favourites

With Digimon, my favourite coupling is Rukato. As for the other possibly couplings in Digimon, I'm less set on them but regardless of coupling, I like them to be written well. I also don't mind Jurato, as several stories have convinced me that, when this coupling is written as a realistic coupling rather than a default, it is very good. Some stories, like Crazyeight's 'Tamers Requiem' (amongst some of his other stories) and Black/Regless' 'After Thoughts', manage to do both Rukato and Jurato at the same time in a fantastically balanced formula that feels very realistic.

Now, regarding some of the couples, I have one key request from my readers, and that is that I don't want any bickering over Adventure couplings in my stories. For a writer, operating in such an opinionated and difficult environment is frustrating, and if you really want to encourage good writers, be a good reader and take the rough with the smooth. After all, with love triangles like DavisKariTakeru, you can only go to one side by letting down the other, and someone is always going to be irriated. With Dimensions, I implore you to keep reading, however, otherwise you will not only miss out on what is a terrific yarn of tales, but also potentially on further developments in such triangles that may change the playing field significantly.

With the Digimon series, I'm (possibly) one of the few people who actually doesn't hate or dislike any of them. Sure, some, like Tamers, hold a special place in my heart and are what I mainly write for, but I still like the others regardless. I also do not mind the dub at all, and hate when people simply put down the English version merely for the sake of putting it down, particularly when the same faults may have been in the original as well.

Dimensions (and where it's going)

Dimensions is divided into 14 books, although this may change. The parts are as follows, and are accompanied by 'Extra Dimensions', which adds a new layer of storytelling to the saga. There is also an anthology called Stratagems, set during Book Twelve. I'm going through and rewriting a few of the earlier books too.

Book One: Links


Links between story arcs, people and Digimon define this story. Takato and co head back to the Digital World to rescue their Digimon. At the same time, romance brews in the group. When a creature follows them home and threatens to tear a hole in their group, can odd occurances regarding a member of their team protect them?

Book Two: Powers


Two years after Links, when the group discover an incredible truth about their team, the battle is taken to the next level. At the same time, they have a go at dimension hopping.

Book Three: Evils


A war against pure evil begins. As Tokyo is turned into a wasteland, twice, can anyone stop the Demon Lords?

Book Four: Gods


A new enemy surfaces. As the Tamers fight against a seemingly unbeatable force on two continents, new problems arrive, but as enemies become friends who become enemies, who can you trust when you're stuck alone?

Book Five: Demons


While one person grapples with the truth, another with morals and another with matters of love and war, can they all face their Demons, both metaphorically and physically, that will change their lives forever?

Book Six: Tricks


Right when life seems to get back to normal, the Tamers and Angels are thrown into their deadliest battle yet. The choice? Kill the ones you love, or they kill you. Let the battle commence...

Book Seven: Escapes

In progress

The strings of a terrible plot draw together, as the Tamers are forced to escape as far away as possible. They discover death, history, purpose, love, secrets and how deep a bond can run, but the odds are stacked against them, their world quickly vanishing beneath a cataclysmic storm...

Book Eight: Parallels

Book Nine: Sorrows

Book Ten: Darkness

Book Eleven: Threats

Book Twelve: Truths

Book Thirteen: Realities

Book Fourteen: Ends

Feel free to PM me if you need writing advice, or want to ask about the story (although reviews and using the forums are also a method of contacting me, although avoid off-topic reviews as well as ones that could spoil things for others).

And so, I hope you enjoy my twisted yarn of tales, and are both perplexed by its mysteries and surprised by their answers.

Keep on reading/writing/reviewing/breathing!

My other random things related to Dimensions:

Dimensions Wiki

TV Tropes



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Digimon Continuity: Brave Tamer by Vylantze reviews
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