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This is a Bio... right?

Name: KioraEyes... Kiora meaning small and dark... um... AKA Kiki?

Gender: Female

DOB: 5.22.89

Age: You do the math!! I gave you the freakin' date and everything!! (Sorry I'm so pissy... someone stole my puppy!!)

Location: The universe! To be more specific the Milky Way Galaxy... to be more specific earth... to be more specific U.S.A. ... to be more specific Texas... to be more specific, er, that's as specific as it gets...

Fave things: *British Accent* Raindrops on roses and whiskers on bloody kittens... *American Accent* no... not like kittens covered in blood... anyways, I like to sing (TMEA 2003-2004!!), dance, write songs and poetry and stories (otherwise I wouldn't be here!), drawing, reading, watching the tellie, eating, seeing my crush!! Hehehe...

Not Fave things: Seeing my ex (grr!!), seeing my ex with his girlfriend (grr-to-the-second-power!!), seeing my ex with my ex friends (GRR-CUBED!!)... cinnamon, rice cakes, math, biology... school in general... well, except for the socializing... I could do without learning...

Fave Shows: T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S! Teen Titans! Let's go!! Um, mostly Japanime, Will & Grace, Friends, Newlyweds, Real World, anything on VH1, Buffy, Angel, Smallville... yea... that's simple boring me!

Fave Pairings:




So yea...

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