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Author has written 4 stories for Danny Phantom, and Ben 10.

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Likes: video games and watching tv.

Watches shows like Danny Phantom,(All Series)Ben 10, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man,Sword Art Online,Naruto,One Piece, Supernatural, Arrow, and Jimmy Neutron.

Favorite Color:Blue

I like to read DannyXEmber fanfics for reasons that I'll like to explain

1.Because I hate DannyXSam couple there arer too many of those fucking fanfictions.I mean seriously why do people like that couple.

2.Why I hate Sam is because she's to clingy and that she's has major jealously issues.

3.Because everyone knew they were going to be a couple from their friends,family(minus Sam parents),fellow school mates (especially Paulina,Dash,Kwan,Star,and Valerie),us the viewers, and even the ghost knew; which I don't know why they want to know Danny's love life.
4.Plus I kind of hate that Sam made everyone eat that gross bread grass just because she's an Ultracycle Vegetarian.People should have the right to eat anything they want to, whether it's meat or veggies/fruits.
5.The reason I like DannyXEmber fanfics is becuz they have similar personalities like they're both stubborn, hardhead, and have power over some kind of element.
6.Usually opposites attract like fire and ice (literally) they're both teenagers, it's like a batman and catwoman situation;Danny's batman to Ember's catwoman.But sometimes it would be a Spiderman and Black Cat scenario.
7.Lets face it; alot of relationships based on great friendships don't live to live last.And the fact that they were a forced couple doesn't help their case.
8.Plus Danny&Ember make a cute couple.DxE!

Yeah I was really mad when they cancelled Danny Phantom it was the best show on Nick.Like where would they go from there(Phantom Planet) ,do Sam and Danny stay together forever or do they break up (which I prefer),and does Danny become the new ghost king?

I only just read and review stories not that I'm lazy to make one myself it's just that I don't have a computer to post stories.I only read fanfictions on my phone which can't post stories.

My favorite authors for fanfiction.net are Invader Johnny,Kixen,pirfly8, blackwood108, Whitefox209, and the best of all DanPhan1324.


My challenge for anyone who accepts it, is to make a DxE fanfic.It can have lemons but not any gay shit.For this particular fanfic I want Danny to have a 4 year old daughter from an alternate future who comes to Amity Park five days before the episode "Reign Storm" When she send to Amity Park the first person she's gonna look for is Danny, but at first Danny is not gonna believe that the ghost is his daughter (well he's still teenager so of course he won't believe her) the daughter in the starts crying so Danny feeling bad for her gives her a hug. But this causes him gain his memories from the future and about the little girl(but he doesn't know who the identity of the mother is because the memories only showed him about his future father self and his daughter) and he also gains new powers and advanced combat skill that would make Batman proud. He then calms down his daughter and tells her that he'll never forget her again.After two days he changes his usual human attire to red sneakers, dark blue jeans with a black belt with a skull, white muscle shirt, white&red sweater with a hoodie, two diamond earrings, and a black&green wireless headphone with the DP symbol on each side(he mostly puts his headphones on his neck) and for his ghost form he wears black&white steel toed combat boots,black jeans with a silver chain belt with a punisher skull buckle,Black skintight shirt,black&white sleeveless leather jacket,black&colored tattoos on his arms,torso,back,and neck;and his snow white with green frost-tips.He also carries two swords similar to the Dark Repulser and Elucidator from Sword Art Online.During the first two days before the costume change Danny hides his daughter from his parents but Jazz finds out and helps him (Jazz tells him she already knows his secret instead of telling him during the Ultimate Enemy). When Reign Storm does happen the Fenton Ecto-Skeleton was never built.Also when Danny's enemies come, some ghost(mostly from Ember) comment about his change of appearance, and instead of Danny getting jumped(which that really did piss me off on that episode) and beaten up he counters every attack and attacks his opponents like how Sonic uses his homing attacks, when the ghost start to circle around him Danny uses his legs like if he was break dancing and creates a whirlwind(looks like a light-blue tornado) which sends the ghost flying. Later on Danny creates two clones (one for school and one to take care of his daughter) while he fights Pariah Darks army that are in Amity Park. When it goes to the part where Skulker and his companions are, they see Danny taking slicing through each and every skeleton;Danny sees them watching smirks and winks at Ember then fly's away in a sonic boom. When Danny later on try's to find Skulker at the warehouse his daughter follows him and his friends which raises questions with the ghost since they all get shock that he has a daughter and how the daughters full ghost instead of half human. Whens Ember sees her she starts to feel a connection to her and she finds out she's her mother when the little girl flys straight towards her and yells "MOMMY".Eventually the same thing that happened with Danny happens to Ember which causes her to become more powerful.The first person to recover from her shock is Kitty which she coagulates Ember on being a mom and causes Danny and Ember's daughter to say "Auntie Kitty" along with "Unkie Johnny" .Also Danny slays Pariah Dark instead of trapping him and he becomes the new ghost king but he still the good guy and with Ember as his Queen. Their daughter has combination of both of their powers. She mostly looks like Ember with Embers skin color and features but her flamming hair is white with blue bangs and blue highlights and her eyes are blue like Danny's human form(though their red when she's angry).Her attitude his playful and innocent that could melt the meanest of hearts and she also has a bit of both her parents attitude. She also wants to play guitar like her mother when she gets older and fight evil ghost like her dad did.Her teleportation is like he mothers.(Danny teleports like a flash of blue light.) PhantomRocker!!!

PM me if you decide to take my challenge!

-Danny(of course)

-Ember(of course)

-OC(4 year old daughter of Danny&Ember of course)





-Johnny 13


My challange for Ben 10; for anyone who accepts it, is to make a Ben 10 Fanfic that has the pairing of Ben and Charmcaster/Hope(BxCC).For this fanfic I would like Charmcaster to fall for Ben.Basically I would like a villianous and hero realtionship,but the Ben thats a teenager(as in Alien Force[15 teenager] or Omniverse[16 teenager]) and for Charmcaster as her teenage self(the orignal way she looked in Ben 10 when she was 15 with the long white ponytail and light pink eyes[which by the way are pretty sexy,just saying]) or adult self(20 year old self) from Alien Force or the one in Omiverse(basically she looks like her teenage self except she's 21 and that she has pink highlights with her long white hair and purple eyes instead of the light pink ones). The one I would REALLY like is if someone had Ben time travel to the past because of some time paradox or something else that was destined to happen to him and Charmcaster. And meets his past 10 year old self and past Gwen and past Grandpa Max, and sees past Charmcaster as her teenage self and start to like her and after a few 'encounters' and starts sneaking off to find her or helps her when he sees her hurt one day or being left by her uncle Hex.Or Better yet, have Ben go back in time and revisits the day he first met her or the second time he encounter her in the past(the episode where Charmcaster tries to switch places with 10 year old Ben to get his Omnitrex but accidently switches with Gwen).Wait, even better idea, have it where Ben goe to the past and sees the young 15 year old Charmcaster robbing banks or something and then Ben tries to stop her and after a while they fall in love.Another idea is if u had Ben time travel to the past during the Negative 10 EPISODE and he meets Charmcaster and changes her ways and helps his younger self in that battle with all of his old enemies using the Utimatrix and the help of his now girlfriend Charmcaster and his past self and past Grandpa Max and past Gwen and Cooper. My last idea or ideas is to have the grown up Charmcaster captures him and takes him to her place in her dimension and keeps him as a prisoner in her home him til' Gwen arrives so she can finish off her rival or seduce Ben or put a spell on Ben and try to make him help her takeover the world or something like that, but after a while starts really liking him and they become girlfriend and boyfriend. Or just encounter her one day and they start fighting but eventually like each other(In the OMNIVERSE universe). Also, I DO NOT want any gay shit. The story can have lemons but no more than one girlfriend, so no BxCCx?x?xect, basically no harems.And PLZ don't go overboard with any OC's.For the ones that invlove Ben going back to the past; u can have him either stay in the past with her, bring her to the future with him(makes the other 'grown-up' Charmcaster disappear or merge with her), also she keeps the style of her teenage self when her and Ben grow up to adult hood(pretty much I want her to look like the Ominverse version(21 year old self instead of the Alien Force version of herself until she's in her mid-thirties and I also want Ben to look like his Ben10K version). Also for their future I want them to get kids but don't go overboard with it and for each of them (boy/girl) to get the first alien watch when their 10 and help their dad, but start training their magic when they first show their magical abilites(most likely when their 6 or 7) with their mom(Alien Force version) and aunt Gwen (Gwen10K version) and play with their uncle Kevin and Great Grandpa Max.The kids can also have pets, mostly the golem hounds/dogs Charmcaster had.(BxCC)!!!

PM me if you decide to take my challenge!


This challenge is for anyone who would like to do a one of a kind pairing.The particular pairing I mean is Cole McGrath&Livewire(Leslie Willis), so a good guy and bad girl relationship.So I want to see a Good Karma Cole from Infamous 2 fall in love with the criminal Livewire from the Superman the Animated Series show.I want it to leave off where instead of Cole McGrath using the Ray Sphere and dies for him and ONLY him to be transported to DC Universe and lands in Metropolis in a flash of light.Like he meets her one day as she's stealing(Superman is with the Justice League doing something important so that's why he's not doing anything and this is also in the Young Justice series.) and they fight while Livewire flirts a little while discovering they both have similar powers.Check their powers on Wikipedia and have Cole have all his iconic powers plus add Kuo's and Nix's powers to his and let him and Livewire find a way to not have a weakness against water.So yea that's about it for now.ColexLeslie(Livewire) CxL!!!!

PM me if you decide to take my challenge!

Favored Pairings:

Danny Phantom





Ben10 (All Series/Especially Omniverse)





(Arrow)OliverxSerra(Black Canary)


Adventure Time

FinnxFlame Princess


I'M BACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Challenges/Ideas 4 DxE Fanfics

An idea I had was for Danny to own a club that's in a cave with a waterfall and some rivers which he makes a bar, fight club, Night Club, pools, hot tubs, and some other stuff but none of his classmates,parents,sister, or even the ghost AND HIS BEST FRIENDS KNOW about. Until Ember,Johnny 13,and Kitty hear about a teenage club and find out Danny there too when they hear him sing "The Good Life" by Three Days Grace. They then find out that he owns the club and (you can choose what happens after). Ember and Danny perform together and sometimes separate and Kitty&Johnny are the bartenders at times. Later on Danny and Ember become a couple .(since Ember kinda likes Danny's new bad boy attitude and she starts to see him in anew light even though he's a good guy) I wanted this fanfic to be an M RATED fanfic and have some explicit scenes/Lemons.Due to it being a club and a place for wild parties was the reason its a M rated. Also want this as a DannyxEmber too.

The third one was for Danny to make a restaurant because Johnny 13 accidentally gave him an idea that caused the restaurant.It all happen when Johnny had to set up a last minute date with Kitty due to the Lunch Lady being pregnant with Box Ghost Child and her ghostly restaurant being close for 3 months. So he then was like screw it so he went to have a fight with Danny but when he came to the portal he smelled something good and find out that Danny can cook.So he asks for a favor and so Kitty&Johnny have a date at Danny's reorganized house and Danny cooks them a wonderful meal and plays some good music with the piano and his electric &acoustic guitars while he sings.This all happens in the Summer when Danny's parents leave him to go to a 3 month long ghost convention while Jazz is at college and his two best friends are with their parents for summer vacation. Danny is 16 and when he later starts to cook that's when Johnny comes in. A week later more ghost come and have dinner at his restaurant including's some of his enemies besides Vlad. 3 weeks later Ember and Skulker set up a date and Ember threatens Danny to have a reserved night for them but when the date does happen and Skulker still isn't there Ember starts to feel sad and crys a little due this scenario being similar to the one she had when she was human that caused her to die. Ember most likely knew this would happen since all Skulker likes to due is hunt but thought she might be able to get him to go out on a date. Danny seeing her goes towards her and asks is she minds if he sat with her.She reluctantly agrees and they both start a conversation that later causes Danny and Ember to look at each other in a different way.Danny also comments about how good Ember looks in her dress and Ember tells Danny he's pretty cute. Ember then tells Danny about how she died which was why she was crying and after Danny hugs/embraces a crying Ember they look into each others eyes and slowly start to kiss. Ember later on dumps Skulker and her and Danny start to go out with her also preforming in his restaurant. They become a full blown couple and one day they do the deed.(Doing the Lemon is your choice).4 years later they get married and have a daughter and a son.

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