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Hello. It's been quite a while now hasn't it. ;;;

Name: I'm KV called Kurama'sVixen. I also go by the names YV (Yoko'sVixen on mediaminer), Tsu-chan/Tsumy/Tsumirenami (In ff.net and devart).

Height: 5' 8"

Age: 20

Hair: Wavy, layered and brown. (Similar to Michiru from Sailor Moon)

Eyes: Blue-green/hazel depends on my mood at times.

Birth day: 2/21

Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day!

School:Debating on different JC's and taking my time happily.

Personality: I'm crazy and hyper. I'm friendly, and love to have fun. I'm extremely outgoing. I don't get embarrassed easily and tend to embarrass others since I'm sooo outgoing. I'm a loyal frined and I'll try anything once (unless it's food). I'm very much a night person and I can't really handle sunlight... -_- It causes me a lot of problems.

Demon Form/RP Form:

Name: Aundrea Tsumirenami

Age: I look the same but am about 307.

Height: 6'2"

Hair: Dark Brown that changes to a dark purple when I move

Eyes: purple with indigo or all purple or indigo depending on my mood and/or company.

Type of Demon: Fox and bat mix.

Weapons/Attaks: I prefere long distace attacks and I'm more defensive. So anything like spiked whips and other long range weapons (including armies) make me happy.

Outfit: A black tank top, some tattered jeans, and a sweater tied around my waist.

Animals: Well I've had a lot of deaths since I last updated this. I have a couple cats, Kiki (Julieta), Titi, and Boi.

Favorite Genres:



Romance (only if it's done well)

Comedy (I also hate it...;;; )


Favorite animes:

~~Yu Yu Hakusho~~

Ghost Hunt

D Gray Man

Soul Eater

Anything by CLAMP

Vampire Knight + Guilty

Kyou Kara Maou

Kara no Kyoukai

Hatenkou Yuugi

I'll come back with a list later since I like so many and my favorites go on for a while.


Again anything by CLAMP

Anything by Kaori Yuki

Black Sun Silver Moon


Pieces of a Spiral

Too many but I promise to add them later.

Favorite VGs:

Guilty Gear

I like older games (Especially RPGs)

Cartoon's: Teen Titans, Family Guy, Southpark, and a couple others...

Tv Shows: Forensic files, Ghost Adventures, lots of random stuff. Anything Horror related.

Favorite Movies: The Exorcist, anything by Ghibli, anything by Tim Burton, I'll add more later

Favorite Anime charecters:

~KURAMA in both forms~ (YYH)

~Kuronue~ (YYH)

Shiki (KnK)

Zero (VK)

Kaname (VK)

Seishiro (TB/X)

Subaru (TB/X)

Hokuto (TB)

Death the Kidd (SE)

Stein (SE)

Kanda (DGM)

Allen (DGM)

Rabi (Lavi DGM)

Komui (And all the Komui robos

Naru (GH)

Will add more as well. (HAPPILY XD)

Favorite Manga Charecters:


Favorite Cartoon Characters:

Favorite tv/movie Actors/Actresses:

Priests-from exorcist

Johnny Depp-He is cool in the Secret Window

Favorite Couples from anime: Will add later

Favorite manga Couples:

Favorite Cartoon Couples: Robin/Starfire Beastboy/Raven

Favorite movie Couples: to be added another time.

Favorite Types Of Music/ Favorite singers:

My Favorite Sayings:

"My shadow is my dark reflection" -mine Please don't take my saying for I created it and use it.

"Hn" -Hiei

"And here we thought you were a brilliant stratagist" -Kurama

"Let me think about it...uh NO!" - my mother

"Sparklies will enhabit the Earth forever and chocolate will be the only source of desert."-Me (When I was 15)

"The Sparkly Choco covered Yoko will rule the world. Bwahahaha!" -Me (again 15)

"I'm the queen of romance." -me

"Mrrr." -Ryuu/Ryuudra

"Do I know you?" -Ryuu/Ryuudra

"It is the bane of my exsistance" -Ryuu/Ryuudra

"HEY! That is so mean." -Me

"I got the whole world in our hands" -me

"Never mind my mind" -me

"I didn't laugh in the face of danger. I DANCED in the face of DEATH!" -me

"I thought they were out to scare us. I was wrong. They want to kill us." -me

"I have an idea." -me "I have an urge." -me (These strick fear into all who know me. Mwahahaa!!)

"Memo to self: never talk with marshmallows in your mouth especially if they are twice the size of your mouth." -me

"I love fried freshman! They go good with choco cake."-me

more to be added.

Likes: I love chocolate cake. Don't touch the cake for if you do I'll kill you. I love foxes, anime, manga, anything asian. I like gothic lolita and baby lolita. Karaoke, drawing, listening to music, dancing, cosplay, writting, learning japanese, animals, my friends and many other things.

My oc's (original charecters): All of these are veeeeeeery old and I don't even use them anymore. So I might delete them and replace them with new ones that I'm more likely to use.















Silvia Unihasa:

Kurosho:The most adorable of my OC's. He is a baby fox/bat demon. He has short black hair (since he is a baby he doesn't have much) He is about a foot long and is soo cute.

Aundrea: Height-6'8'"in demon form 5'7" in human form. Hair-is dark brown w/ puple highlights. No bangs. Skin- pale and smooth. Clothes-black long sleeve shirt with dark purple sleeves. Black pants with vertical purple stripes down the sides. Black boots and a black cloak. Friends-Yoko. Family-brother-Kuronue, parents are dead and she has no other sibilings. History-Was a thief in Makai. Her parteners were her brother Kuronue and her mate Yoko. Brother was killed, then her lover was killed a week after. Left alone she went in search of her brother hoping he was still alive. Then she went in search of her lover. Her story is told in 'Lost and Found Lovers' if you're interested than read the story.

Stories in progress:

Lost and Found Lovers (YYH Fanfic)

In the Typing/Idea Phase:


Kurama's Dark Thought (YYH Fanfic)

Glass Mirror's Reflection (Vocaloid Fanfic)

Surpassing God (Kami-sama SE fanfic)

The Moon's Reflection (Vocaloid Fanfic)



This page hasn't been updated in YEARS. So I'm just gonna spruce it up a bit.

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