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Hi! you wanna know more about me? How sweet!

Well lets see...Im 26 years old.. Ive been watching Anime sence I was 15. My favorite Anime is Dragon ball Z. Favorite Charactor is Vegita. He Makes me the maddest of all the charctors on the show when he decides to do something stupid but I love him the most. Thank you Mr. Toriyama for making such an fantastic Show!

Fav Food: Chinese

Fav Drink: Sprite

Fav Flavor: Chocolate

Fav Hobbies: Well, Writing I guess sence I am on Fanfiction.net. Talking about DBZ (Im So up for DBZ Trivia! I bet I Can beat Anyone! Except Mr. Toriyama >. ) or anime in general.

Fav Anime: I like Anime that mostly involve Kicking ass. Im not too much into the whole girls running around waving their little sparkling wands around and turning bad guys into faries. if there is no kicking ass, there is no watching.

1.) Dragon Ball Z

2.) Dragon Ball-Was O.k.

3.) Outlaw Star

4.) Inuyasha

5.)Family Guy- Stewie is going to #@&

6.)Sailor Moon- Some what, just A bit

7.) Chobits- I know I know, No ass kicking but chi is soooooo cute!

8.) CowBoy BeeBop

9.) Trigun - Vash is EFFIN Hot! (Donuts forever ^.^)

Un Fav Anime: I Hate anime that is just too hard to pay attention too or makes no sence at all.

1.) Anything Gundum- Gundum wing most of all. I mean damn relina get a life. Dude she is obsessed with tried to kill her and she just keeps following him like a lost puppy..I watched the series 3 times and I still dont get it. you should have seen the look on my face on that one episode when Qutere(sp I know > ) started fliping out.

2.) Dragon Ball GT- Im Sorry but when Mr. Toriyama Ended is part of the series, so did the tallent. In General, GT Sucks. I Felt so imbarssed when G.T came out because I was bragging about it to everyone I knew like " I Cant wait to See G.T" "G.T This and G.T. That" and when G.T Came out, they laughed at me!( My opinion). its like Dragon ball gone bad!

3.)Big O- ...No comment...Just watch it.

Favorite Movies ( of all time!)

1.) The little Mermaid

2.) Princess & The Frog

3.) Sex & The City


5.) The Goonies

6.) Lord Of The Rings (Series)

7.)Spiderman (series)

8.) Twilight (Series)

Other Shows (Out side if Anime) That I like

1.) Dexter

2.) Sex & The city

3.) 30 Rock ( I keep lookin for a Liz & Jack par up but *Laughs* I dont think its ever gonna happen!)

4.) True Blood (Sookie & Bill are so hot togeather!)

Future Plans with F.F

1.) A Trigun action & adventure/love story between Meryl & Vash

2.) A Dragon Ball Z forbidden fan fic (Forbidden ff is a term that I made up. it means a f.f between 2 charcters that dont belong togeather that involve a lemon. for example, a Vegeta & chichi lemon would be a forbidden fan fic.) I already have 2 charcters in mind thats going to blow you guys away!

3.) A love story about how I think Vegeta & Bulma ended up married.

Stay Tuned ppls!

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