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Just another apology for not writing for a long, long time, but as usual, LIFE HAPPENS! I had two surgeries and they send you home on the second day to 'take it easy, rest and recuperate' but it doesn't work that way, especially when you have to care for yourself, some cats and do things like laundry, etc. Also, it has been hot as Hades here and my AC was broken for 8 days and it took three visits by the AC people to finally fix it. Then I got the bill. I had a case heat exhaustion in my own house despite the fans because the average temperature inside my house was 82-88 degrees, and I couldn't do anything! Then Peeves did his usual thing and is still doing the odd and end to annoy me. Hence, I couldn't write even if I was in the mood, which I wasn't. However, I will try to post something today if Peeves doesn't decide to do mischief.

Revised Profile as of 7/23/18

I want to apologize for not answering e-mails, publishing new chapters, etc. My excuse is I have been sick due to horrendous allergies and the stifling heat and humidity. A friend moved and I help friends move or try to console them when they have problems. There have been a lot of problems happening and some of them were mine. Peeves likes to act up when it is hot and did. Also, I had writer's block, at least for the stories started, but I am almost finished with a one-shot and the start of another. I know, I am a bad kitty but when I get an idea I tend to start another story.

As to the complaints that I haven't updated or when I will be doing a sequel to stories like Heirs, I am having to make some decisions. One of the reasons I haven't updated certain stories is because they have not been received too well. If a story has less than 10,000 views, they will be put on hiatus and some might not be finished, as why bother if a story has only 2,000, 3,000 or so views. Heirs and The Changeling are both under 10,000 so I can't see writing a sequel at least at the moment.

I will try to write some chapters in the over 10,000 views categories and finish and load the one-shot. Thanks for the concerns for my health, the kind reviews and your patience. Hope you are someplace cool or at least livable.

Revised Profile as of 12/16/17

I will attempt to finish a few stories by New Years. I will not start and/or update any sequels or a new story until I have finished 5-8 stories. I hope I can keep to this schedule but life, with its little surprises, does happen, Christmas is coming and it is my sick season and I was sick the other week. Thanks for reading my stories and as have mentioned before, those stories with the most hits will be worked on first. Have a Happy, Safe & Prosperous New Year.

5/29/16 Profile (which I have added to on 12/16/17)

It seems I have a lot to explain so here goes. For the past few years I have been rather sick as well as having many other problems but that is life! I've read other fan fiction besides Harry Potter and decided I was going to write something on him. I got carried away and started story after story once I got an idea. I tried to write things different from other people's stories and I always felt that Harry was too wishy-washy and let people walk all over him. Granted old Dumbles has him on a tight leash and from some of the stories I read (okay a lot of stories) Dumbles was a sinister figure and did more than just manipulate Harry for the Greater Good. So most of my stories are Harry fighting back, usually with a vengeance, depending on my mood or what was happening in the world that annoyed me while I was writing it. It was my outlet for venting against things I couldn't control or fix, so I have Harry "winning" whereas I and others can't do anything in the real world to fix things.

I have an old computer who I have named Peeves because he does what he wants to for no real reason and even the IT who came over to fix my computer said she never saw a computer act the way Peeves did (he cooperated for once and did some strange things while she was here and she couldn't figure out why). Sometimes for no reason Peeves "does something weird" and I can't correct it. If he is in a good mood after a few weeks of me cursing him out, the something rights itself. That is why I could never post any stories beforehand and even the IT had trouble finally getting me set up and even then following directions didn't work when I tried to post a single chapter until one day - TA DA - Peeves took pity on me and I was able to do it. That is why some of my earliest postings are weird and one day I will correct things completely by redoing the Diet and Hidden, etc.

Anyway just when I am going to receive money (like a tax refund or a big rebate) and buy a new computer the roof needs fixing or the plumbing or my car and you don't mess around with your car, roof, plumbing and the medical bills that keep popping up for not only me but also Nigel Cat and his buddy Drusus Cat. Last month I was involved in an accident and I am still not completely recovered which is why I haven't updated a lot lately. The main reason for my not finishing a story was I was afraid Peeves was going to die and although I put most of my stuff on a flash drive, I wanted to post what I had written so I could see whether or not people liked the story or not and if I should continue with it. I don't get many reviews so I have to rely on checking the amount of people reading, following or favoring them.

Some stories like The Complete Diet (an early messed up chapter), Exodus, Sorry About that Harry, Expelled, etc. are finished and I promised a sequel. I started writing a few chapters for the some sequels, but not many because people say FINISH WHAT YOU'VE STARTED BEFORE POSTING ANOTHER NEW STORY. I took a survey on The Last Straw and the few votes I received all say make a sequel to it, so I will - when I finished some of the other stories.

Now for some of the reasons why I write about certain people. I like certain Harry people and dislike and/or downright LOATHE certain people and the reasons why.

HERMIONE: You may not believe it if you have read some of my stories but I actually like Hermione. But she is such a unique and complex person and sometimes she is laughable and sometimes sinister, depending on her opinion of a subject. That is probably because she is so intelligent and well-read, praised by her parents (she is their only child) and a teacher's pet that she thinks she is always right and never wrong because of her smarts. I've met people like that: bosses, at least two relatives, and have had two good friends just like Hermione. One moved away and the other is still here but if you don't agree with them then you are wrong. I don't know why JKRowling paired her up with Ron and considered Fred, as the only things they have in common is Harry and being Gryffindors. If you "fight like an old married couple" doesn't mean you are 'meant for each other' it just means you don't agree on things and fighting like they do means...well in my experience romances and marriages don't last long.

WEASLEYS: I loathe Ron, plain and simple. He's a leech on Harry, is extremely jealous and lazy and treats Hermione horribly, which is another reason they shouldn't be together let alone marry. He's also a bully, opinionated, stubborn and believes he is always right on a subject - especially when he is not, such as "ALL Slytherins are evil". Also there are so many things he could tell Harry about his new world, especially Harry's position, but he never does whether from jealousy or "on orders" and it is evident in the books that he wants Harry all to himself and be the ONLY best mate, which is why he belittles Hermione and everybody else.

MOLLY: I don't like her because she is controlling, bigoted, opinionated and a bitch. In the entire 7 years of knowing Harry, she only had personal contact with him for less than 3-4 months. Yet very early on she was boasting that she considered him her 7th son. It was also obvious that she was a Dumbles plant at King's Cross with the Weasleys all apparently just hanging around outside the barrier, wasting time and asking what was the name of the platform and saying it loud enough for Harry (& Muggles) to hear. I've known people like Molly. Her contribution to society and her life is bound up with her children, but she treats them like possessions. Just because you have child(ren) doesn't mean you know how to raise them properly but Molly's attitude is that she is the world's best mother and all should heed her advice even if they are as old as Dumbles. Molly rules the roost and Arthur is mostly ignored by his own children & flees to his shed when things get to be too much. Molly will not let go of her kids, wants them to do what she wants them to do, such as choosing their careers, wanting them to still live at home and if her treatment of Fleur was any indication of how she treated other potential girlfriends, I can see why her sons aren't bringing home girls to meet Mummy

GINNY: I loathe her also. She is a fan girl and only sees Harry as the Boy-Who-Lived. Why JK matched them together I don't know but they are WRONG FOR EACH OTHER. I won't read any stories where she and Harry hookup no matter how interesting it looks.

FRED/GEORGE: I like them but at times I don't as they are too into pranks and think nothing of physically or emotionally hurting people if it makes them laugh. When they prank other Houses, such as Slytherin, the innocent Slytherins suffer the same humiliation and discomfort as the baddies, such as Malfoy and his lot. They are bullies and are mean to Percy, Ron & Ginny at times, and some of the things they do are cruel. Think about it: would you like to be the subject of a Weasley prank especially if it lasts a long time? Plus their "product testing" is done haphazardly not knowing (or caring) if a victim is allergic to an ingredient or mentally or emotionally "on the edge" and the embarrassment might push them over.

ARTHUR/BILL/CHARLIE: I like Arthur as a person but he is too wishy-washy and henpecked for my taste. Bill is okay except when he allows his mother and Ginny to insult, belittle and disrespect Fleur. Fleur deserves better treatment and if her fiance/husband lets his mother and sister insult his wife before the wedding, it won't stop after it. He should be ashamed of himself. Charlie isn't used much but it seems he got as far away from his mother as he could and would rather face dragons than play Quidditch in England and be near his mother.

JAMES/SIRIUS: According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of a "player" is a male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex. Possibly derived from the phrases "play him for a fool", or "play him like a violin". Wikipedia describes it as: Player (dating) - a man or woman who has romantic affairs or sexual relations or both with other women or men but will not marry or commit to any one relationship. James and Sirius are "players" in every sense of the word. No doubt due to their families and standing in their world, they have been spoiled although it is said that Sirius fled from the tyranny of his evil parents...well he always was a rebel but was it because he wanted to do things "his way" and didn't want the responsibilities that come with the perks of his birth. The same with James and since he was the precious only child and last heir he was spoiled more than a Malfoy and knew he could get away with anything by "his charm" or his family defending him. The Weasley Twins are much like the Marauders but due to their proverty have limits BUT Dumbles' protection. I just don't like James & Sirius for these and other reasons I state in my stories.

Did James really love Lily or did he want her because he couldn't have her? Did he date and eventually marry her because he could consider it the best "prank" against Snape and totally crush his spirit? Wouldn't any father whose family is in danger have at least sent his wife and son out of the country to a place of safety? Wouldn't it have been logical to make Dumbles or LILY (who was in hiding and couldn't be captured unless she left the house) the secret keeper? James did so many stupid things that no wonder people suspects Dumbles of manipulations. But what I loathe the most about J&S is that they singled out Snape at the very beginning and made his life a living hell simply because they could and Dumbles let them. Sirius exposing Snape to a fully changed werewolf was unforgiveable and I bet he wasn't even punished. And most of all, they never apologized to those they had wrong. Life seemed to be a big joke to them and they never grew up. Sirius is still torturing Snape, taunting, embarrassing him and, it seems, almost getting praised for doing it.

REMUS/PETER: Since he was so desperate for friends and acceptance, Remus turned a blind eye at James & Sirius' actions despite being a Prefect. Peter...I feel sorry for him. He was noticed because he was friends with the Marauders but after graduation, he ended up in a dead end job and was probably forced into joining the Order. He probably got a few "leavings" of James & Sirius, but no doubt he knew he could die and they wouldn't care. Perhaps, like Snape, he joined Voldie for power and respect and to get revenge. If Voldie hadn't died on the 31st, Peter might have prospered, or not, but he would have had his revenge. I never understood why Remus didn't go to another werewolf-friendlier country, especially after the 31st.

LILY: Lily was supposed to be so very intelligent yet she didn't bother to acquaint herself with the ways things worked at Hogwarts and the Magical World. She kept telling Snape not to associate with his housemates but what was he supposed to do? Considering the politics of Slytherin, he risked a lot having a Muggleborn as a friend and when she abandoned him to his fate because of one word, he only had Slytherins for a support system. Just one word said in the heat of embarrassment and she wouldn't even listen to his apology. Some friend, huh! It is easy (at least to me and apparently others) to believe she was spelled, given Amorenstia, etc. to ignore Snape and to fall for James. I think she was a bigot and believed her way was right and didn't even try to understand the position Snape was in. She was also known for her fiery temper but did she ever really defend Sev against the Marauders or report their behavior to McG? I wonder how things would have turned out if she and Snape were sorted into Ravenclaw.

McGONAGALL: She is a terrible Head of House!!! Doesn't she notice the condition Harry is in, both physically and emotionally? She got him a good broom (but did she pay for it or take the money from Harry's vault) so he could play Quidditch & win for Gryffindor, but assigns him and others a detention in the Forbidden Forest AT NIGHT & with Hagrid. She ignores him in first year; second year doesn't care he is being called the Heir of Slytherin; fourth year doesn't do anything about those Potter stinks buttons or the abuse he is receiving even in his own House; fifth year does she agree to help him be an Auror just to spite Umbridge and/or because James & Sirius were Aurors? Does she see him as a (disappointing in her view) clone of James like Sirius, Remus & Snape? She just seems not to care about Harry or even other members of her House like Neville. It does make people wonder if she is under orders from Dumbles to ignore Harry & the abuse he receives.

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The war is over but Harry is treacherously killed. He gets to meet his Mum but not to "rest" as the Powers that Be don't like how things turned out. Both Harry and Lily are sent back to change the world and right the many wrongs done by certain people. Voldie is not totally evil but others definitely are.
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This is a continuation of Hidden and Hidden - More Chapters. Please read them first.
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