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I chose this as my username because I want to be kept anonymous. I apologise greatly for my strangeness, but I was young. Don't know why I was on the Internet. Anyway, I'll keep this profile a bit boring. Block me whenever you like.

I am male.

I only tell people I am good friends with my real name. For now, I'm just 'Pies' to you.

I don't visit often, but if you send me a private message, it's very likely that I will visit just to reply to you.

My birthday is on September 26. Please tell me happy birthday because I don't have friends irl to tell me that.

I also like applesauce.

"Instead of talking sh*t behind my back, be tough enough to say it to my face." -Anonymous (When you need to censor curses bc there may be 12 year olds online and you just)