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Takeuchi Naoko is the genius creator of Sailor Moon aka Princess Serenity (in the image), it's a wonderful character and a wonderful story. So DO NOT settle for the anime version, go and READ Takeuchi's manga!


January 12th, 2016: Chapter Seventy Eight of "Breathless" my Inuyasha/Sailor Moon crossover has been posted, and I upped the rating to M!

December 18th, 2010: Sixth chapter of my Harry Potter/Sailor Moon crossover story, "The Sailor Wizardry History", has been posted!

September 25th, 2009: Twelfth Chapter of "What Lies Ahead" my Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon crossover has been posted! "WLA" has also gone through some major editing and all around improvement.

March 11th, 2007: First chapter of new story "Uneven", a Sesshoumaru/Kagome future romance, already posted a few days ago in the Inuyasha anime section.

June 25th, 2006: Thirteenth Chapter of "Paths Crossing" my Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon crossover has been posted!


Visit my forums, I'll be posting most of my challenges there.


The Sailor Wizardry History: (Sailor Moon/Harry Potter xover)

A year ago, following the defeat of the Death Busters, the four Sailor Soldiers of the Outer Solar System came upon the Wizarding World by chance, while on their tour around the world. When they came home, they were too busy, helping Sailor Moonand the others in defeating Neherenia, to be able to bring it up. But after the evil queen was vanquished, the four Outers decided to take up the matter with the very Prince of Earth. Without Sailor Moon or the Inners' knowledge, a meeting between the all the Sailor Senshi and Headmaster Dumbledore was arranged.

A meeting that none of them were able to attend.

In Tokyo, Galaxia's arrival prevented that for the Sailor Senshi. Whereas in England Dumbledore was already dead, at the Galaxy Cauldron Sailor Moon defeated her enemy, and her memories and those of her friends' were erased.

Then, a year later, Harry Potter manages to come by Dumbledore's pensieve...

Breathless: (Sailor Moon/Inuyasha Xover)

The moment a certain Butterfly arrived in the Feudal Era, the threads of Fate began weaving a different pattern. The lives of a power-hungry evil hanyou and a cold stoic Taiyoukai will most specially be affected, along with everyone else's. However what most of them ignore is that she didn't come alone, or on her own... Naraku x Usagi(Serena) x Sesshoumaru love triangle.

Paths Crossing: (Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z/GT Xover)

At the end of Dragon Ball Grand Tour, the earth raised saiyajin fighter Son Goku gave himself to the dimension of magical dragons, known as the Eternal Realm, in order to save his home planet, Chikyuu, and its inhabitants. A hundred years later, a female magical senshi known as Sailor Cosmos (the new identity of Neo Queen Serenity) shows up to negotiate with the dragons for his freedom, in order to get his help in vanquishing an universal menace... But things are not always what they seem, and to succeed this time not ony will Goku have to join forces with the survivor earthian sailor soldiers, but uncover secrets about his own identity and an ancient confluence in all their pasts. (NOT a "Goku-was-someone-from-the-Silver-Millenium" kind of fic, though)

Hints: The Janemba DBZ movie - Selene - Lambda Power - Lord of warriors - Spear of Heaven - Valkyria

Also, neither the DBZ characters or the SM characters are the stronger, they are different and fight very differently.

-- Surprise Pairing: Brolly/Buroli and Sailor Galaxia. --

Will be updated soon...

What Lies Ahead. (Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z/GT Xover, side-story and sequel of sorts to "Paths Crossing")

Sixteen year old Son Hikari is the daughter of Usagi (a.k.a. Neo Queen Serenity/Sailor Cosmos) and Goku. Obsessed with the wish to meet her older half-brothers, Gohan and Goten, she convinces her parents to allow her a little trip trough time. The requisite, she can not tell them who she really is... but how long will her and Goku be able to keep her identity a secret? ...Will Diana ever let 'Kari have some fun in peace? ...Will they ever get 'Geta' and 'Junior', Vegeta and Goku's great grandchildren, to behave in this time too? On the other hand, things are gonna get pretty complicated once an enemy from Hikari, Junior and Geta's time decides to follow them to the past.

Hints and clues: Saffer - Saiyanna - Lys Strålende (Splendid Light)


(Only K and T rated stories will be featured in this section from now on... just to make sure my profile adjusts to the rules. If you want to read fics that are M rated and/or used to be in this list and aren't anymore - not because they ceased to be good but because the list here needed to be updated - you can still find them in my C2 community: "Jay FicLover's Nominees", for all that wish a link to those stories, and created for that single purpose.)

Of Hogwarts and Inheritances, by Snowflake Flower, is the best written Labyrinth/Harry Potter crossover I've read since Midnight Lady's The Dreaming Kind. Summary: Toby Williams is living in England with his parents and older sister, where he receives a Hogwarts letter at age eleven. But Toby can't go to Hogwarts unless accompanied by Sarah, so Dumbledore solves the issue by hiring the girl as an assistant for Hagrid. The two siblings' presence there shakes the school's foundations as well as the lives of everyone in it. Toby's friends with Luna since the two can see magical creatures that no one else sees, and Toby's own magic goes beyond wizard magic, whereas Sarah might be the only person immune to magic alive.

The Dark Moon and the Lotus, by Baka Gaijin 30. When a not-yet-corrupted Neherenia comes to meet one prince Siddharta Gautama, the great future Buddha, the results of that encounter end up defining their future paths, along with the different tales each of them are known by.

Reminiscence, by Requiem of Fire, is an excellent story for crossover-skeptics to get started with Sailor Moon/Harry Potter crossovers: "After the defeat of Beryl, Usagi makes a wish on the crystal to bring back her fallen friends. She wakes up in the world of magic as the only Senshi with her memories. But, Voldemort is back, and she must get them to remember before it is too late." Set during the events of Harry's Fourth year in the HP world (Goblet of Fire). Fans of the sub will be happy it uses the sub names and some of the personalities, as well as Sailor Moon manga and Sailor V manga references, without any real clash between the different versions.


My name here is Jay FicLover, I am also "serefan" from The Oracle: Your Sailor Moon Resource's forum. I am FEMALE, and english is NOT my first language. Please keep that in mind when addressing me, reviewing my stories and SPECIALLY regarding any mistakes I may have made in my writing. Writing a story in a different language is not an easy deed, but I hope you're still willing to check my stories out and give them a chance... Who knows, I might be able to surprise you.

Though I only have five stories currently posted, I think it is quality, and not quantity,that counts. That's why I try to focus my energy on working hard in my already existing stories. There's also the fact that I'm half busy and half lazy, and thus don't write down a fanfic for every single good idea that comes to my head. Most of the time, I prefer to help fellow authors out with suggestions and offer challenges, so if you want you can check out my Challenge Section, where I will often be posting challenges, or e-mail me or review my stories stating you'd like my opinion on a story of yours (if I haven't seen it and given my opinion on my own through a review already).

12/03/05: I found a great SM/DBZ site on the net!

Here it is:

www. / sailormoonzstyle /

Try copying the address and pasting it on google, if you can't find it.

BY THE WAY: To see the fanfictions, there's asterisk sign () beside almost every story title, that's the link to open the stories.

(Trust me, I wouldn't be telling you guys if I didn't think it's worth it)

Awakening of the Blood Moon by Heroine of the Valley reviews
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Things used to be clear...until she arrived, that is. Naraku x UsagiSerena x Sesshoumaru love triangle. Spins off IY manga. Chap 78: "Sesshoumaru secretly tests her feelings."
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Because of an act of mercy, Kagome's life might be ruined. For circumstances out of their control, she's become tied to the Lord of the Western Lands... Possible OneShot, not sure yet.
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Paths Crossing reviews
Chapter13!She was left all alone, lost and hopeless, with a grief she couldn't bear. He was trapped in a lonlieness he couldn't overcome. That is, until their paths were crossed.Side Story to What Lies Ahead.
Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 48,896 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 44 - Follows: 34 - Updated: 6/25/2006 - Published: 12/3/2004
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