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Hi everyone! My name's Rachel and I'm in high school in England. If you want to know more about me, check out my homepage ... but that won't really reveal much. I have another homepage, but I can't remember the URL for it ... I'll post it when I can remember it. lol

I would also like to encourage people to take a look at my account: http://www.fictionpress.com/~olivetree1I've got six stories/poems up there at the moment, and I'm hoping to write some morein the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check it out! As some of you may be aware from my lack of activity on , I'm starting to break away from writing fanfiction and I'm trying to focus more on creating my own characters. So go to and send me some reviews, because the guys on there seem a little stingy on reviews lol ...


25/03/06 Wow, I haven't written anything for aaaaaaaaaages! I haven't really made much progress on At the Bridgewater over the past couple of months, and I won't have time to write any in the foreseeable future becasue of all the coursework and endless exams I've got coming up. I'm probably going to leave At the Bridgewater and not bother with it anymore ... if anyone wants to take it off my hands, they're welcome to - just email me or something if you're interested in carrying on the story. Apart from that, I haven't really got anything to say, except to look out for some more stuff going on my account.

28/11/05 I haven't had a chance to think about At the Bridgewater because I've been really busy revising for my exams, which start the day after tomorrow. To be honest, I probably won't be spending the whole of my Christmas holidays writing the next chapter of At The Bridgewater ... I might think about some of my own original ficion, though. I have no idea how long it's going to be before I post the next chapter of At the Bridgewater ... maybe I won't. I might take it down if I lose interest ... after all, I'm not going to waste my time writing something that people don't even read and that I don't get anything out of. I'd much prefer to work on my poetry and my original work ... of course, nothing's for DEFINITE, so don't go thinking that there's no way I'll carry on with At the Bridgewater. I don't know. I'm pretty confused at the moment. I'm tired, stressed and I to be honest, writing fanfics isn't at the top of my list right now.

15/10/05 I posted the fifth chapter of At the Bridgewater on Tuesday and I haven't had a single review yet. I'm a bit worried that no one's reading my story any more because I took so long to update it ... well, if they aren't then it's their loss.I tend to write for myself and just hope that others will read it. I'll still carry on posting it, even if I never get another review, because I like to think that I don't depend on reviews to make my writing enjoyable. So, yeah ... having said that, if you HAVE read my story, please post a review because then I can stop feeling paranoid that everyone on hates me and that no one wants to read my stuff any more. I hope to post the next chapter sooner than I posted that one ... although that isn't really saying much lol. But keep an eye out for the sixth chapter!

1/9/05 Wow, it's been AGES since I posted anything! I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who's reveiwed the latest chapter of At The Bridgwater. I've just started writing the next chapter, so it should be up pretty soon. I go back to school next week, though, so there might be a bit of a delay while I get all my schoolwork and stuff sorted out in time for my mocks, which take place in November (aaargh!). So, yeah ... that's about it. A big thanks to everyone who reveiwed my story and remember to keep checking back here to check out any further developments.

17/6/05 YAHOOOOOOOOOO! My computer is FIXED! I'm soooooooo happy! lol, ahem Sorry, I tend to get carried away with these things ... anyway, for a full update, check out my homepage and all will be revealed to you ... okay, that was my attempt at sounding mysterious. Pathetic, right? Anyway, that's all I really have to say except that ... well, I've explained it all on my homepage and I really can't be bothered typing the same thing out twice ... so yeah, go check it out ...

Also, I've decided to delete the big thing of 'RANDOM THOUGHTS' that was at the bottom of the page because no one ever reads them and I think I sound like a bitch (no kids here, are there?) so I've deleted them ...

26/5/05 Since the last time I updated this account, the computer has broken again. This time it hasn't been fixed, and all of my stories are stuck on the harddisk. I can't get to them, and I probably won't be able to. Ever. So I can either try re-writing ALL of my stories, or I can give up on some and try doing the others again. I WILL be re-writing the latest chapter of At The Bridgewater (it was all ready to go - I was going to post it the day the computer died!), and I'm going to have a go at one of my Harry Potter one-shots, since I have a hard copy of it somewhere (that is, I wrote it down). Anyway, none of that will be happening for some time because my computer at home is broken ... I'll have to wait until it's fixed to do any writing.

15/4/05 Our computer recently decided to break for about three days ... it wouldn't even turn on, let alone let me get to my stories! Anyway, the good news is that it's up and running again ... the bad news is that I'm spending the weekend at my dad's, which means I probably won't be doing any writing until Sunday night. So, unfortunately, the next chaper of At The Bridgewater will be up even later than expected and that my Harry Potter oneshot will take even longer to complete. I posted this update mainly becasue I felt that the poor people who have been begging me to update my stories need an explanation as to why it seems that I've been ignoring my account ... so there you have it. My computer broke.

4/4/05 I recently posted a third chaper of At The Bridgewater. It wasn't the one I was hoping to post, but I figured that if I didn't update soon, people would start to lose interest in the story. So I posted what was the original draft of the second chapter as the third chapter ... I really like it, and although I only got a couple of reviews for it, I think it fits in with the story. Anyway, the next chapter SHOULD be up soon, but if it's not up by the end of May then it probably won't be posted until July ... exams, revision, coursework and stuff.

19/3/05 I AM in the process of writing the third chapter of At the Bridgewater, and it should be up soon. Sorry it's taken so long! I didn't expect so many reviews ... thanks again to everyone who sent in a review! I really appreciated it ...

I also replaced my two It fanfics (they're both the same, but under different names. I posted one in the 'Stephen King' section of 'Books', called 'In the Bathtub'. The other one, called 'Stan', is in the 'It' film section).

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