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An Author's Vow
by Tenshi Androgynous

Upon my honor, by the sacred powers granted me as Author, I hereby swear:

To use my Powers of Authorship only for good, and to claim not ownership nor material gain by the works of my pen. Furthermore credit shall be given where it is due, and all things originating not with the Author shall belong therefore to their respective owners.

To love and respect all that which the Great Professor has laid down before me, so far as I may descry it, and thereby take no unjustifiable liberties without due cause and warning.

To remember my canon and keep it holy, and thereby make no foolish mistakes. [And in keeping therein, to accept and be glad for correction and honest criticism from my peers.]

That any two or more characters, whatever their kind and manner, shall shaggeth not without justifiable cause. However, if cause be given, then shag away.

To plan ahead and remember always that a tale hath these: a beginning, a middle, and an end. But the greatest of these three is the End, and therefore the Author shall begin not the tale to which there shall be no ending. Nor shall the Author abandon their works before the End be made known.

To remember and make use of the Spell-Checker, and to use clear prose and acceptable grammar, that errors shall be few as they may. For it is said that excellence of style shall improve the modest tale, yet a fine tale poorly told be too great a pain to read.

That I shall hunt down and destroy the beast Mary Sue, the fell creation of Morgoth; whithersoever she shall be found, she shall be slain. And to her shall be given neither aid nor comfort, nor sexual favors.

That I the Author shall undertake to clearly establish the region and timeline from whence a tale is sprung, that the confusion of my Readers shall be as little as it may.

That my original characters shall never, in any part or form, become in any way a love interest of canon characters, upon pain of death, and to create no children thereof, nor any issue out of such unholy union, nor to add in part or parcel any beyond the told numbers - that there shall be no Tenth Walker, nor Fourth Hunter, nor Third Tower, nor any other such nonsense. That furthermore all original characters shall be purposed only to enhance the tale, not to change or overtake it, and they shall be struck dead and ground into dust should they attempt such a thing.

That canon characters shall be, to the extent that I am able, true unto themselves, as they were made by the Great Professor who came before. In this the Author shall take no liberties of any kind or manner, save to enhance what is already laid down of history and manner. And as the Author I shall not prematurely end their lives, nor whisk them from their own world. I shall lead them not unto Mary Sue, but deliver them from evil.

That if, by reason of artistic license or the sake of the tale-telling I should take greater liberties than canon law allows, then I shall give in ample amount both warning to my Readers and justification for my alterations. Let those who accept such liberties as aforewarned in good faith follow me in my tale, and let those who do not pass on unflaming. For if I fail to give due warning for unjustified liberties, then all flames be upon my own head.

And that if, by some mischance, I shall be overtaken by Legolust, or the need to shag any other canon character, I shall pray Ilúvatar grant me the fortitude to overcome it. But if I am found wanting for strength, and can defeat not the malaise, that I shall instead be granted the courage and wisdom to abandon my tale, for it shall then be beyond all hope of salvation.

These things I swear by all that is righteous and good, for the Lidless Eye is ever watchful. May I have true and respectful fandom forevermore.


A little bit about me:

Age: mid-20's
Occupation: toiling dawn 'til dusk
Location: beside the eastern sea
Ambition: all shall love me and despair
Favorite published work by JRRT: The Silmarillion

Current favorite passage:

'Be he friend or foe or demon wild
of Morgoth, Elf, or mortal child
or any who here on earth may dwell
no law, nor love, nor league of hell
nor might of gods, nor binding spell
shall him defend from hatred fell
of Fëanor's Sons, whoso take or steal
or finding keep a Silmaril.
These we alone do claim by right,
our thrice enchanted jewels bright.'

From 'The Lay of Leithian'

Currently I have several projects going in a couple of different fandoms, though my favorite fandom to read is Tolkien's Middle-Earth. I read/write both slash and non-slash.

Current Projects: (as in, have actually begun writing)

Very long Weiss Kreuz fic, 75% complete, will begin publishing soon.

Owner's Guides to Thingol, Luthien, and Ereinion, with Theresa Green's permission.

HASA Tag-team Challenge co-authoring with Bow-(Quinga).
Two stories at present: 1) Celebrimbor and Narvi and the building of the West Gate of Moria. 2) Gil-galad and Oropher and the forging of the Last Alliance.

HASA 'I'll Drink to That!' Challenge fic featuring Merry and Pippin.

'The Countless Stars' First Age AU fic featuring Celebrimbor and Gil-galad.

The New Owner's Guide to the Care and Training of Elves - In order to comply with ffn posting guidelines, the original essay has been re-written into the tale of a failed Mary Sue and her quest to find the lost scrolls of the Annals of Catoë. Believe it or not, I've actually put some thought into this story! Mary Sue will actually change into a real character on her journey and learn important lessons about writing fanfiction. She will travel across Middle Earth and will even pick up some reject sidekicks, and by the end she will have learned the lessons I hope to teach with 'The Care and Training of Elves.' Feel free to skip the story part and read only the essay, but for those who take the time to do both I promise it will not be a waste of time.

Silmarillion: The Owner's Guides and Maintenance Manuals - featuring a side-story of the further adventures of Mary Sue and her sidekick Dîm. Currently contains the Guides to Finrod, Eöl, Túrin, and Maedhros/Fingon.

Tolkien Plot Bunnies #1-12 are still waiting in the hutch. Some romance, tragedy, humor, and an epic action-adventure are on the way.

FANART - Now a member of deviantART! My gallery page:

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