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Hey! I'm Fox Slave, coming to you from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Please, call me Fox, after Fox McCloud from the Starfox series. Only my Master calls me Fox Slave.

I owe it to my Master for allowing an asshole like me to live, so thanks!
On to my profile:

Favorite Actors~
Fox- Jackie Chan, Jim Carrey, Jack Black, Bill Cosby (doesn't start with the letter 'J' but still...), John Ritter (I love you, John)

Favorite Movies~
Fox- School of Rock, Shallow Hal, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, anything with Jackie Chan in it

Favorite Teen Titan~
Fox- Robin

Favorite Football Team~
Fox-Denver Broncos (I've never been to Denver...)

Favorite Baseball Team~
Fox- Chicago Cubs (GO SAMMY!!)

Favorite food~
Fox- Peperoni Pizza, Sardines, anything my Master cooks and forces me to eat.

Favorite place in the world~

Since you like school so much, Favorite Class~
Fox- History

Annnd... Favorite Teacher~
Fox- The history teacher

A-HA! You like him!~
Fox- Do not, I hate everybody.

Fox- HEY! Don't call me a liar!

Fox 'n' Alfred* sittin' in a tree...~
Fox- GAH!! SHUT UP!!

Nah-nah-nah... You can't harm me...~
Fox- Oh, yes I can...

What? No! Fox! Put that down... AKKKK!!~
Fox- Phew...


Hey there Fox--WHOAH! What happened to him?~
Fox- Sleeping. He's very sleepy...

But why is he bleeding?~
Fox- He bleeds in his sleep. A lot of people do that.

Okaaay... Favorite Musical Band~
Fox- Good Charlotte

Favorite Songs~
Fox- 'The Anthem', 'Bloody Valentine'-Good Charlotte, 'Everything Louder than Everything Else'-Meat Loaf, 'Happy Together'-Simple Plan/The Turtles, 'I Wonder'-Diffuser, 'Growing On Me'- The Darkness, 'Are u Going to be my Girl?'-Jet, 'This Love'-Maroon 5, 'Honky Cat'- Elton John, AND ANYTHING IN SCHOOL OF ROCK CAUSE SCHOOL OF ROCK IS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER!! R U EVEN LISTENING??

wakes up* Uh... Gender~
Fox- Tomboy

So, that's a female.~
No...That's a TOMBOY. I hate dresses and makeup and being told that I'm pretty. I see all the girls at school freaking out for some zit. If I ever got a friggin' zit, I'd never cry over it. I hang out with guys and play guy video games and lift up stuff to test my strength and talk like a guy and walk like a guy, and all the people I've ever looked up to are guys, so DON'T CALL ME A GIRL! I'M A TOMBOY, AND THAT'S LIKE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SEX!!

blinks* Okay then... Weight~
Fox- 127 lbs... all muscle (no joke)!

Fox- Why should I tell? No way!

C'mon. Just say it...~
Fox- ...I was born on October 28, 1989...that makes me...fifteen.

There, that wasn't so bad... See, you have to get the idea that your personal life is private out of your head.~

Fox- *cuban accent* Say hello to my little friend.

Fox- Send in the next one!


HOLY CRAB CAKES!! What happened to those guys?!~
Fox- I dunno. They were like that when I got here.

They were dead in your bathroom floor?~
Fox- ...Yes.

Uhh... Favorite Drink~
Fox- Root Beer

Favorite Quote~
Fox- "Growing old is unavoidable, but growing up is optional."

Anything else?~
Fox- "A wasted youth is better by far than I wise and productive old age." "I think, therefore I am." And anything Robin said in 'Date With Destiny'.

Places you're a member of~
Fox- Okay, I always register as "Fox Slave", so look for me at:

And, I am known a "Fox_Black" in .

Hey we're almost done!~
Fox- *rolls eyes* Goodie.

Just one more question, who's this Master you speak of?~
Fox- I'll never tell.

Why not?~
Fox- I might get sued.

But we--~


I'll finish the rest of my profile by myself...


-When you buy a new video game system and a better comes out a month later

-Public Toilets that don't flush

-Not being perfect like my sister


-Being treated like a little fragile girl

-Being abducted by aliens

-Modern Puerto Rican music

-The sound of people sleeping (not the snoring..I mean the PEACEFUL one)

April 5, 2004:
I'm in a bad mood. My master got rid of his e-mail address so I can't chat with him. Bastard. I luv Jables.

April 7, 2004:
Jackie Chan's B-Day. Have dedicated a chapter to him. My master has moved away, and I have no idea where...yet.

April 22, 2004:
My master has become evil!

May 9, 2004:
Yes, I'm back from Washington DC!

May 14, 2004:
Today is the last time I will probably see my master. I'm gonna miss him a lot. At least I know where he lives now, and I have his e-mail address. I'm not all sad and deppressed. My master isn't at all evil. He is the coolest dude ever!

July 16, 2004:
Still recovering from the last time I saw my Master. Miss him so much...but little by little I'm comming back to life...

That's it! Please read my stories!... OR ELSE!

Don't sue me; I'm funny.

That's it for now!


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