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I took about a year and a half's hiatus, due to lack of computer access. But thanks to my new laptop, I should be here to stay this time, if I can ever be happy enough with anything I've written to post it...XD

I plan on a revamp of Dark Waters. I believe I had posted a version of that before, and I don't remember why I took it down... its on a floppy disk right now so it's going to be awhile before I have it re-edited and posted. I looked into getting a USB floppy drive for my laptop at Best Buy and it was actually 30... I mean, I'd use it enough, because I loooove old school floppy disks, but I still don't think I need to pay that much. I'm keeping an eye out for on on ebay.

I have a second chapter to Beauty and the Beast drafted, but it needs ALOT of work before it's posted. I meant to address things reviewers mentioned about it, but it's a little shaky at the moment. Don't expect it anytime soon... I kinda forgot about it in light of my two current projects.

UNTITLED: A family war drama thing I suppose. I don't want to summarize it. I don't think I can. But it's a HUGE fic. Lots of things going on, lots of characters. It will be awhile before chapter 1 is up and a while inbetween chapters... I'm really working hard on this one; I want to know all of my characters. I think that's my main problem with fics... I get off to a good start and then just go on and on without stopping to think anymore. Hopefully I can cure myself. I was going to write as a career, and then my fail at fanfiction turned me off to it... but maybe I do have some potential after all... I just have to learn some disipline and paitence.

UNTITLED: I STILL OWN INDIGO PENUIN A FIC!! I have NOT forgotten!! The problem is the prompt is calling for a romantic story about Tifa and Vincent hailing a taxi in the rain, and I have never lived in a city nor hailed a taxi... I have a great framework for the story, just none of the substance because I have no idea how to hail a cab and don't know of all the little steryotypes and jokes about hailing one. All I can think of is that one episode of Sex and the City with Carrie and Mr. Big when she can't get a cab and he drives her home. XD

But I will do it! I just need to do some research and keep writing it over until it feels right.

I'm currently making time between finishing high school, my part time job, and my boyfriend (who comes with WarCrack... XD) to work on fics. So I will be slow... but hopefully the wait will be worth it.

(Used to be Myhi)

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