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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Silmarillion.

I write Mary Sue-ish stories. Alright, no 'ish' about it. I write Mary Sue stories. But before you tie me to the stake consider this: Luthien was the biggest Mary Sue of them all. She was flawlessly pretty, did everything perfectly and every man wanted her. She ended up falling for perhaps the ugliest and most unlikely of the bunch. She had an overbearing dad who locked her away to keep her from the rather sad and nosy bastard. She outsmarted daddy and escaped then proceeded to befriend a talking dog and beat not only Sauron (who was only a general at the time) but Morgoth as well, who by the way wanted to shag her. Ah and if you've read the unfinished tales, there was also a rather talkative cat involved, to you know, entertain that talking dog. Exquisitely planned, I think. So then she saves her unfortunately time challenged boyfriend from the big horny Vala and he sends his own talking dog after them since they stole something(A silmaril) of his, and apparently everyone of consequence has a talking animal of some kind. Manwe has those birds of his that save Maedhros...who also loses a hand. Unfortunate, hope it wasn't his right one, oh wait. Apparently losing a hand not only makes you a better swordsman, er elf, it also subjects you to the scrutiny of masses of fan girls who can't believe that your cousin would save you if you were naked and dying unless he wanted to shag you. Touching. Anywho, ugly mortal loses a hand, pretty girl marries handicapped boy and gives up that long span of years ahead of her to spend forty years with said handless beau. Which she would wouldn't she? Forty years with him means escaping an eternity of irrationaly crabby and overbearing daddy. On that note, Eowyn and Arwen both fit into that feared category of stereo-typical 'Mary Sue'. So it is my absolute belief that if it is written believably and respectably, Mary Sue is in fact, passable canon.

Also on the note of respectability. Don't be cruel. There's no point in it. I don't mind being flamed, but you best give me something I can use. I do not appreciate being subjected to pointless bullying. I don't live my life in such a way that I thrive on the acceptance of my peers, nor have I ever been afraid of speaking my mind in turn. Use your head, that's what it's there for. There is a vast difference between constructive criticism and pompous hot air. Also take into account that we're here to enjoy ourselves. Everyone does that differently, some people live out their romantic fantasies, some people just want a good story and yet others just wanna see a really well written action sequence with plenty of blood and guts and the unlikely Hero saving the day. I, on any given day, enjoy any of those, but understand that tastes differ as widely as anything else in this world. I will not tolerate the degradation and unabashed bullying of other writers. I don't mind playing the tattle-tell if it's warranted. Keep in mind that while bad writing may be offensive to you, cruel jokes and blacklisting is offensive to just about everyone else.

A side note: I am a twenty something property manager(landlord), wife and mother. I have very limited free time and plenty of other hobbies to keep myself busy. I will update as often as I am able, none of my WIP's are abandoned stories. Check back at least once a month for updates if you're interested. I will do my best to give you something new at least as often as that.


- the invention of the 'Thu' persona(credit to Frotu)

- Twinkies

- solitude

- Forests

- Solitude in a forest

- bunnies

- starwars


- the last & first page of a book. Why are they blank?..there could be more writing there..

- graphic sex scenes. If you've had sex at least once, you already know everything that is about to happen.

- mathematics

- thug-life

- dresses. Any dresses.

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"Everyone knew Lucius Malfoy baked the best cookies. It was an old family recipe." -Voldy Goes to BYU by the author Backroads

"My mother said, Craig! If you eat one more banana you're going to turn into a banana! I was five! I freaked the &# out because she'd only seen me eat two bananas. There were another two she knew nothing about!" -Craig Ferguson 'Wee Bit O' Revolution'

"You know you're getting better at rehab when you can beat all the other junkies at jenga." -Craig Ferguson

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"I thought it was for life, but the good judge gave me a full pardon." Katharine Hepburn- The Phildelphia Story( in reference to marriage)

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The Lion in Winter

The Philadelphia Story

Roman Holiday

The Big Country

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


Narnia chronicles(the newer movies)

Harry Potter Series

Diary of a Mad Black Woman


The One

The Hero

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Drunken Master

Star Trek the Next Generation: Nemesis

Mean Girls

The X-Men 1,2 & 3

Updates Section:

8/17/09- My hard drive got wiped. My stories were lost. Luckily, I have everything in rough draft form in the many notebooks that litter my house. I have five chapters of All The Stars of Heavens Field written. I just need the time to type it out and post it. Stay tuned. Into the whirlwind lost. I have to rewrite. Boy does that sting.

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